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Thursday, December 24, 2015

2008 - Players Pen Portraits

2008 - Players Pen Portraits

Australian Defence Force (ADF) Tigers CC (Penang, Malaysia)

The Australian Defence Force Tigers Cricket Club is based out of Penang, Malaysia. The team is predominantly made up of ADF personnel with a few expats thrown in for good measure. On slow decline from the glory days of 2006, where we beat all in our path, to 2007 where we were runners-up in both local comps, to 2008 where we have only won one game… against 14 year olds… who didn’t have a full team. The club’s motto; “We’re a drinking team with a cricket problem”, is one all players truly live by. We’re a team that celebrate a loss just as much as a victory as we’re all here for one reason; we love playing, watching and talking cricket.

Gary ‘I need a bigger bat’ Youl
Our vice captain and manager and left arm orthodox bowler, who’s wrong ‘un is only surpassed by his batting ineptitude. His claim to fame was bowling out NSW opener Phil Hughes. Enjoys sunsets, long walks on the beach and strawberry daiquiris.

Joe ‘Pass me the hairdryer’ Dowling
Captain and top order batsman and medium pace bowler who never seems to get any runs or wickets. Voted captain because of his drinking abilities and nothing else. Currently hoping to follow in Brett Lee’s footsteps and release a hit Bollywood song.

Greg ‘Don’t tell my wife I smoke’ Mathers
Medium pace bowler who doesn’t mind dropping in a short one. Only problem is they’re so short they almost bounce up and hit him in the head! Good fielder with a great arm. Enjoys spending time away from the wife and kids.

Dane ‘My eyez… ze goggles do nuzhing’ Carter
Middle order batsman built in the Matty Hayden mould… minus the skill. So tough he doesn’t even bother with pads half the time. His favourite song is ‘Karma Chameleon’… ‘nuff said.

Daryl ‘It’s just not fair’ Johnston
Opening batsman and medium pace bowler. The one member of the team everyone loves to hate. Concentrates on throwing tantrums and jumping on his hat during a game more than batting and bowling. Hobbies include whinging, complaining, moaning and groaning. We only put up with him because he has a hot wife.

Andrew ‘I’m no Simon Katich’ McKelvie
Middle order batsman who would have to be the slowest bowler in history. We thing he’s on our team, but with the amount of sixes hit off his bowling, we’re not entirely sure! Enjoys getting hit for six, dying his hair and drinking beer while his wife works.

Grant ‘I have anger issues’ Morgan
Middle order batsman and medium paced bowler who has never, ever blocked a ball in his life. We’re too scared to argue with him on that! Enjoys swearing, torturing small animals and wearing the tightest footy shorts he can find.

Mick ‘Who dair’ Fuller
Wicket keeper and middle order batsman. Mick thinks catching a ball with his gloves is too easy, so he just uses his head instead. Looks like a leper with the amount of bumps on his forehead. Enjoys stamp collecting, bottle rockets and 17th century poetry.

Bahrain Camels (Bahrain)

The boys from Bahrain are back in town! Having turned down lucrative offers from the IPL due to the clash with the 2008 Sixes, we look forward to defending our title as 2007 Plate Champions (as the erstwhile Pocari CC). To show our support for the tournament sponsors, we bring in a squad packed with tour virgins who are sure to boost the ‘tourism’ establishments of Patong!

Feroz Khan
Team manager, who will be playing mainly a support role at this year’s Sixes although may come on for the occasional game to blast the ball into Karon beach (have the rules changed this year?). Still reeling from last year’s post tournament celebration party, where the team drank through sponsorship funds collected for this year.

Sandeep Soneja
Dashing all rounder, and Player of the Final in the 2007 Sixes Plate, not to mention two spectacular catches in the Twenty 20 game. He has retired from the longer version of the club game, in order to specialise in the Sixes format.

Sanjay Rathod
Cricketer/businessman who has recently gone ahead of Bill gates in the net worth stakes, owing to the rising cost of Gold. Travels extensively around the world to play the game on the back of his Frequent Flyer miles.

Sreekanth Bhavadasan
Batting ability; stylish. Wicket keeping; excellent. Bowling; *******! Who can forget his last ball six in the semis last year… only himself, as he went AWOL for the remainder of the tournament! Sole member of the squad who is licensed to ride pillion on a Thai moped.

Darshan Vinnakota
Tour virgin #1. Lethal bowler and specialist in hitting sixes over cow corner… spectators watch out on the field (as well as on the floor at Banana Club).

Vaibhav Mahendra
Tour virgin #2. Although being Sanjay’s nephew, this title is sure to disappear quickly! In training to make a smooth transition from Z Club in Bahrain to the Tiger Disco. Will keep the opposition guessing with his crafty left arm spin.

Siddharth Kamboj
Tour virgin #3. A welcome addition to the squad although his cricketing ability is being kept secret at this time. Expect to bump into him at various joints on Soi Bangla in the company of Vaibhav.

The Bounty Buccaneers Drinking Cricket Team 
& Kadu Bar Cavalry Drinking Cricket Team (Malaysia)

Clark Bowl winners at the Philippine Sixes, winners, whiners, wino’s.. Indoor cricket specialists from Malaysia, we are coming off or coming down off something from our first win at Clark, Philippine Sixes against the CBBs in the Bowl Final. At last a trophy!! Unable to play Indoor cricket for around four months may have honed our outdoor skills..? Or not… The dream team from HK have not been able to keep their promises so again we draft in a Kelawar player, Ben, actually becoming quite a regular with the Buccaneers.

Dave ‘Florence’ or ‘Flo’ Nightingale (Captain); England? Zimbabwe? South Africa? Who knows?
Will play for beer and not a lot of that. Batsman/bowler/wicket keeper/belly dancer/thrill seeker and raconteur of note. Knows the right end of the bat to use, a bit, only recently got his new bat working properly, well he said it was the bat! He’s not quite as good as we make him look. Tactics and skill allowed us to pull off the win against the CBBs in the Bowl final in the Philippines; although Imran and Reds hitting the ball in the air to the only Buccaneer who can catch was a nice contribution.

Graham ‘Bomber’ Witt (Tour Manager); Australia
Doesn’t have a coach anymore, as he found he wasn’t getting edges for 4 anymore. Fielding position is aon a chair by the bar with Jack Daniels. Spectators are strongly advised to don helmets and watch the ball very carefully when he’s bowling. Managed to be part of two diamond ducks in Hong Kong in one game. “I didn’t do it” (Although it was about time that Matt and Geoff had one… each). If the team needs 7 runs from 1 over, he’s certainly not the one to call on!

Jean ‘Mighty Mouse’ or ‘Tiny’ Daniels; South Africa)
Specialises in longest drive golf tournaments, has been known to hit it a long way, although it is a golf ball. Now a regular with the Buccaneers and an integral part of our attack, defence and drinking team. Hit one over the clubhouse and road in Singapore. Hope that he realises that over the stadium is out in Phuket! Has a soft spot for Bacardi, which is getting softer by the month!

Iain ‘Diamond Duck’ Cockin; South Africa
Travels from Vietnam to tournaments to test out the medical facilities. Bloody Mary intolerant, beware CBB tent come Sunday morning. Would rather be playing with Matthew’s sister than the rest of the team. Working hard on his cricket in 2008, he’s been hit on the head twice (not that it makes a difference) and has injured most parts of his body so far. One of the best run out specialists we have ever seen; it’s a shame it’s always one of us he runs out.

Ben ‘Trixie’ Webb; England
Kelawar opening batsman and another bloody Pom, although we have managed to weed them out of this team. Better equipped for the longer version of the game, he likes to take five or seven overs to play himself in and has Boycott like disdain for cross batted shots. Not opposed to cross dressing however (hence the nickname). Light weight in terms of drinking stamina.

Lee ‘SS’ Kennedy; Australia
Last played in the 2007 Phuket tournament with the Buccaneers, so likely to again in social aspects of the tournament. Known to sabotage teams, including his own – expect more of the same this year. Postels, Kelawar and CBBs reject, only early commitment from SS secured him a spot in this year’s Buccaneers team. If he makes the field this year it will be the first time that he has played for the same team twice in any tournament. SS will play with anyone!

Matthew ‘CAT Catcher’ or ‘Blue Boy’ Nicholson; England
It won’t be the same without our Blue Boy. Cheeky bugger has decided that work comes first and therefore will miss his first ever official Bounty Buccs tour. Hit a 6 in Phuket last year, so we think he may be retiring on his 2007 Phuket high. We still think his bat needs checking for illegal fittings. His sister plays better, but she also couldn’t make it as much as we begged.

The Black Swans (Western Australia)

Formed after a bitter pay dispute with the Southerners, the rag-tag bunch of rebels from that team and assorted blow-ins are determined to have at least two thirds of the team sober for most games of the Phuket Sixes.

Toro (shirt no. 36)
The elder statesman and co-captain of this rabble. Toto is a Sixes veteran having debuted for the Southerners ‘youth policy’ in 2005 as a precocious 85 year old. Flew planes for the RAAF in his youth but not so quick on the cricket pitch – in between the wickets he makes Inzy look like Phar Lap. While all of the other Sixes playrs are adding up how many sixes they’ve hit, Toro (Toby One Run Only) is counting how many two’s he’s run!

2-Ball (2)
Son of Toro, co-captain and manager of the Swans. 2-Ball’s nickname stems from his average stay at the crease. Played for Thailand about ten years ago when they were a super power of world cricket (like Fiji) – not now where they have slipped to be more like Uzbekistan. Was a Southerners stalwart in Bangkok in the late 90s where one of his fast balls is still reaching the other end of the pitch.

Spike (13)
Owns the oldest bat in the southern hemisphere and had to check it out of the WA museum before coming. Has a knack of sustaining the strangest of injuries (often tapas bar related) and is now recovering from a fractured eyebrow which happened as 2-Ball hit him out of the nets once more at training. His wife Celeste is here in her capacity as registered nurse to keep him in one piece over the week. Does the beep test in 2 hr, 57 minutes.

BTB (4)
Has been described as the worst cricketer in Australia, but that was before Prawn came on the scene. Has played twice for Southerners in Sixes where he didn’t distinguish himself, didn’t do the little ‘one percenters’, didn’t put it all on the line for his team and didn’t bring his ‘A’ game. Now OFF the cricket pitch… well that’s another story… Don’t let him near any Jack’s and coke.

RooDog (24)
Not half-kangaroo/half human but the only known canine/human hybrid to have played Sixes (twice for Southerners). Guaranteed to bring his ‘D’ game to these Sixes. Bowler of the longest over in international Sixes history – 23 balls in 2006. He will probably be keeping for the Swans! Like BTB, if you mix Jack Daniels and coke with this guy’s Man/Dog stomach acids, a frightening chemical reaction takes place – so be warned.

Prawn (17)
This crustacean always finds the middle of the bat – when bowling! Playing in Phuket suits him as he can’t be away from salt water for too long or his hard outer shell may crack (although it seems that Leo is an effective substitute for seawater). Was Muay Thai champ of Western Australia a few years back so don’t get him mad – just kidding – just don’t tell him lobster jokes – his second cousin is one. His wife Frida and daughter Kennedy are here offering much appreciated support.

Minton (22)
The Swans found this self confessed ‘substance abuser’ on the floor of the men’s room of a seedy pub in Kalgoorlie and immediately saw him as ‘Swans material’. A former AFL player, he racked up nearly 100 games for the Crows, including two flags, and a best and fairest award. Unfortunately, he can’t play cricket. Has to be told which end of the bat to hold (and still gets it wrong most times). Honed his mediocre skills with 2-Ball in the backyard of Coombe Place. Loves ‘Swensens’.

Posswillow (5)
With great support in the stands in family Elaine and Shannon, Posswillow is the ‘mystery spinner’ of the Swans – the mystery being ‘how can he call himself a spinner?’ Has an armoury that would put Warnie and Murali to shame – leg break, wrong ‘un, slider, flipper, kipper, doosra etc… Unfortunately they’re the all the same delivery – a waist high full toss on leg stump. Even if he gets one on line umpires can’t give him an LBW because the ball is travelling too slowly to knock the bails off. Bowls better than Prawn.

CBB Postels (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Michael ‘Cat’ Maher
Back for his Phuket ‘Fun in the Sun’ Tournament. Cat is keen that the CBB Postels learn to play cricket close to water and with the fresh air around. It seems that this fresh air just does not work with their preparation!

Kenny Jackson
Has decided to support Cat in his quest and will work hard to develop a formula in this challenge of fresh sea air and the implications of the team. Possibly some kind of drink mix may be just what the team’s need to cope, so good luck Kenny. We need this solution.

Dixie Joy
After a number of years working on the wicket and perfecting this sea environment, maybe Dixie with his expertise may be able to offer to this complex weather pattern problem of the CBBs. A former Cup winner, he has arranged some real youth for this year’s team, which is difficult for us to understand.

Jack Joy
Has brought the average age of this team down an incredible amount and adds some legs to the non-existent speed of the team. Also known to hit the ball a long way, we look forward to welcoming young Jack.
Steve ‘Crunch’ Christie
Well known for his lightening left arm fast balls, as well as hitting it pretty well with the bat. Enjoys the game still even getting it through to the veteran stage like most of us.

Wayne Morrison
A ‘dark horse’ when it comes to the game, Morro has vowed to make things happen this year, which we all know he can. Loves taking tournament photos and video coverage, we hope that he excels even more for this year for a fine 2008.

Ian ‘Reds’ Liddell
A dedicated CBB member and treasurer, recently had a part to play in the fantastic Philippine Sixes. Is President of the Waratah-Mayfield CC from Newcastle, knows cricket very well and loves the game. Has a mighty baseball arm, I have seen him run people out by half a pitch length.

Corner Tigers (Pakistan)

Corner Tigers was formed by a bunch of friends in October 2004. In its first outing, the team won the Lighthouse Phuket Sixes in 2005.

In the 2006 Phuket Sixes the Corner Tigers reached the finals without losing a single encounter, and lost the closely contested final to receive silver medals.

The Corner Tigers are the only team from Pakistan who has ever won a club Cricket Sixes tournament internationally.

Haroon Shahid Qazi (Hungry Tiger)
Professionally an orthodontist, but has been playing cricket since childhood. Loves to hit the ball out of the park. He was named as Player of the Tournament in Phuket 2005. Cricket relaxes him and he is looking forward to ‘Fun in the Sun’. When not at the Karon Stadium, you will find him at Patong.

Aamir Saeed Khawaja (Tan Tiger)
Born on the 23rd November 1968 and recently completing his Bachelors in Business Administration, from the University of Western Illinois, USA. Currently works as a top tea importer in Pakistan. Always interested in playing and watching cricket. You can never get bored if you’re sitting with him, because he always has so much to talk about. You can always find him at the Tiger Bar.

Muhammad Ali Saeed (Roaring Tiger)
Sports in general are part of every Pakistani individual and fortunately Ali started playing cricket at the age of five. The game of cricket has provided him more contentment in life than the two Masters in Economics. He can stand behind the stumps, bat a little bit and for the sake of team mates he would never bowl. He loves travelling to Thailand.

Humayun Malik (Thirsty Tiger)
His job actually is to fly planes. Cricket has been his favourite sport. He loves to bowl fast and hit the cricket ball as far as possible. Mr Malik wishes luck to all the teams participating. He hopes for real fun in Phuket.

Asad Jamal (Psycho Tiger)
Works as a pilot for Pakistan International Airlines. A great motivator and loves to play under pressure. Super Sixes is pressure all the way, so this is ideal for his kind of game. Watch out for Mr Jamal, guys.

Abid Abbasi (Injured Tiger)
Whenever he has time you can find him climbing a mountain. Loves to bat and swing the ball. Phuket conditions are tough for him. Missed the 2007 season due to injury. Hoping for a comeback and looking forward to competitive cricket.

Imran Idrees (Hong Kong Tiger)
Basically belongs to Pakistan but lives in Hong Kong. A great cricketer and great personality. Has become friends with the Corner Tigers, playing for us in 2006 and 2007. We hope that he makes it from Hua Hin, so that he can have a swing with us as well.

Waqas (To be a Tiger)
New entry. Young blood. Maybe he will find better things to do in Phuket than to play cricket.

Delhi Medical Association (Delhi, India)

DMA is a club of doctors of Delhi and NCR who play as amateurs in an annual DMA inter branch cricket tournament in Delhi. There are no other cricketing credentials attached to our name. We are participating in the Sixes event to play against other non-professional teams and thus become a team of international stature. The purpose is not only to win in cricket, but to win hearts and make friends. We want to have a total blast in Phuket, before, during and after the matches. We will love to live fully to the slogan of the tournament; ‘Have Fun in The Sun’.

Dr Vipul Jain
The captain; has been holding onto the post for years. A very laid back and docile leader. He thinks all his team men respect him, but actually no one cares a hoot. Very humble on and off the field.

Dr Navan Kumar
The money machine and old warhorse. Very fit but never stops a ball in the field. Desperate to lead in Phuket and very particular about clean orifices.

Dr VS Salhotra
The gentle giant of DMA CC. He will screw you without letting you feel the pain with his subtle comments. Joining us from Nepal where he is currently employed.

Dr Shankar Narang
The corporate boy, moves in a higher league, but keeps his feet on the ground. An expert hooker and swinger. The style icon of the team.

Dr Shashi Singh
The glovemen who will get under your skin with his witty and nasty comments. Too competitive on the field and hates losing. Drinks like an elephant and stings like a bee.

Dr Neeraj Sharma
The good boy of the team. Coming with us to gain experience on and off the field. Probably our best player.

Dr Ramakant Maggon
The darling of the side, popularly known as ‘Ronaldo’. He is the livewire of the team. An adorable character who wants to enjoy beer only on the Phuket beaches.

Dr Rakesh Chaudhary
A hardcore beer drinker who you can find almost drunk from morning til night. Team leader off the field.

Entertainers Cricket Club (Wellington, New Zealand)

Formed in 2002, the Entertainers CC plays out of the University Cricket Club and is a collection of guys who have an immense love of cricket and enjoy all the social aspects the game brings out.

The emphasis of the Entertainers has always been about enjoying the game, but this ethos has also bred success. The team has moved from playing in the lowest social grade possible in 2002, to now being promoted to the ‘serious’ two day grades.

In 2007 with the help of House of Travel, The Entertainers embarked on their first ever overseas tour, to Australia. Playing in 42 degree Victorian heat was an eye opener for the team, and a 200 run loss in the first game of the tour could have spelt doom for the remaining two fixtures, but in true Entertainers style, the team responded strongly with a last over T20 loss before winning their final match in Sydney by a healthy margin.

In April 2008, another chapter in Entertainers history will be written when seven players fly to Thailand to play in the Phuket Sixes. The shorter form of the game will mean the Entertainers have more time to partake in some of their other favourite activities while on the island.

Once again, the Entertainers would like to extend an appreciative thank you to the team at House of Travel Lower Hutt for their knowledge and know how in helping us get these two memorable trips off the ground.

Brian ‘Ernie’ Gardner
One of the finest Scottish experts since Gregor Townsend played in the Super 12s, this kilted assassin is the most deadly left arm spinner of Northern Districts and a batter with as much guile and stubbornness as the great Blair Pollock.

Tim ‘Jimmy’ Bignall
Like a gremlin that has been given a meal after midnight, this man is an absolute maniac with red ball in hand and should not be approached. With the bat, he doesn’t shy from the tail end mentality one iota, swinging sharply at every delivery.

Andy ‘Mr Perfect’ Burt
Pure professional, this man has the defensive technique Mike Gatting would be proud of and a cut shot that would put Mark Waugh to shame. Together with his years of experience (fifth form was the best three years of his life) and intelligent cricket brain, he is the total package.

Bruce ‘Spruce’ Hearfield
Swashbuckling batsman once motivated. Thinks a block is for building a wall and not on a cricket pitch. A tidy keeper will be tested by the local conditions as an avid beer drinker.

Ben ‘Guy’ Fawkes
Perfectly suited to Sixes cricket, this player can pitch the ball on a dime with his sharp medium fast bowling and knows how to slog a cricket ball. Could be the star of the tour.

Ryan ‘Muncher’ Wilson
Consummate professional and everyone’s favourite uncle. This man demands respect wherever he goes, he could walk into the Australian dressing room and tell Ricky Ponting to shut his mouth and Punter would instantly comply. Sixes is a frantic game, and Ryan’s level head maybe desperately needed in those crunch situations. Outside of cricket, Ryan’s favourite pastime is snakes.

Stuart ‘Disco Stu’ Davenport
Known to enjoy a good taste of the Orient, this will be Stu’s second visit to the Thai Sixes. A lanky all rounder who plays the cut so late that he hits it out of the keeper’s gloves. Takes full advantage of his 6’3’’ height by bowling dirty, slow medium skidders. A handy squash player.

Gauhati Town (Assam, India)

Biswajit Mazumbar (Biswa)
A former 1st class cricketer, executive with one of India’s best known drilling companies and genuine cricket lover, Biswa has been enamoured by the Phuket Sixes to the extent that he has vowed to be back every year. This will be his second visit to the Sixes tournament. A whiskey guzzler to the core, he keeps an amazing check on his health and his fitness. Also a great entertainer who likes to be entertained at times.

Sajjad Hussain (Sajjad)
A former 1st class cricketer and realtor by profession, and a fashion freak. He enjoys the good things in life. Sajjad will be one of the main stays for the team in its aspiration to reach a podium finish this time round. In his second innings at Phuket, Sajjad hopes his new born girl will bring in the luck for him and the team. A teetotaller, Sajjad is great company with his choice of exotic mocktails flowing.

Darag Das (Darag)
A former 1st class cricketer an railway man who was a terrific cricketer in his younger days. Along with Sajjad, Parag will be bearing the mantle for seeing the side off to a good show. A stylish man, who would like to entertain all at Phuket with his stylish batting,. A whiskey drinker in moderation, but a party man.

Samarjit D Neog (Mamu)
A former 1st class cricketer and a crazy cricket person, who never loses an opportunity to play the game. On his second trip to Phuket with the team, he hopes not to be the weak link in the line up. A heavy smoker and a die hard Bacardi fan and party man who believes in living life to the full.

Bibekananda Das (Bibekda); Team Manager
A softly spoken high ranking police official, Bibekda has been keen about this tour for over a year, after having to miss out last year. He’s the manager of the side and members are only hoping that he does not carry his baton and cuffs with him to Phuket.

Dipak Das (Dipak)
A businessman with varied interests in nature and metal scrap dealings, Dipak is a deeply religious and God fearing person. A supporter that any team would like to have in their ranks with an unlimited supply of bites and encouragement. Widely travelled and on his second trip with the team to Phuket. A whiskey drinker when he is not fasting four days a week.

Rajiv Das (Lambu); Supporter
A businessman with varied interests in wines and scrap metal dealings, Rajiv is widely travelled and on his second trip to Phuket with the team. He has a voice to match his frame and his shouts can be heard by all team members on the field (and also off it) from a distance. A whiskey guzzler and smoker, if ever there’s someone with a spare fag to offer.

Karon Seasanders (Phuket, Thailand)

Raju ‘Rajasaurus’ Seemant
Fifth year at the Phuket Sixes, known to take wickets on funny balls after mastering the art of hitting the rock under the mat. Just love the game and would be ready to play anywhere, anytime with little motivation.. just cold beers and good company. That’s all it takes.

Martin ‘Fozzie’ Foster
This is the second Sixes for Fozzie, having been a runner up in the Bowl last year with the Seasanders. He’ll be looking to carry on the form with the bat during the Island Furniture League here in Phuket with the Patong Cricket Club. Fozzie recently held the record for the highest score on the island with 163, only to be beaten two weeks later by one run. Only recently represented the south of Thailand for the Inter-Regional Tournament in Chiang Mai. He’s looking forward to some good games of cricket and hot and sunny temperatures at the Karon Stadium and letting off all the steam with a few cold beers with friends afterwards.

Joshi ‘Joe’ Kumar
Second time at the Sixes for Joe. He is playing for Patong CC in the local league and has been quite successful with the ball. Loves a cold beer (or a warm one!) after the match and tends to make a few outrageous bets when he’s had a few. If you are a betting man, have a punt with Joe after he is liquored up.

Mehra ‘Vicky’ Deepak
Claims to be a prolific batsman, but scores more runs off his pads than bat. Plays for the Indian CC in the local league. He doesn’t like to run much, that’s why he keeps wicket all the time. On the bowling front he might turn out to be our secret weapon.. only time will tell.
Jon ‘Crow’ Essex
A first time at the Sixes for Jon. An honest description of his batting would be that it’s like watching paint dry. He turned down big money offers from the IPL in India to play in the Sixes. A specialist close in fielder and in running his own team mates out.

William ‘Willy’ Kerr
Back again for the fourth year in a row, Willy is set to take the Phuket Sixes by storm. His motivation being his fellow Irish countrymen at the World Cup. After his off field performances at the Hong Kong Sixes two years ago, Willy Kerr has a lot to prove, hence he will never again be Tour Manager. Look out any Aussies.. the Irish are back!

Lamma CC (Lamma Island, Hong Kong)

From one island to another, Lamma CC is back for another shot at the Phuket Sixes. The distractions of the sun, sand and fun won’t stop our seasoned amateurs at looking anything but er… hey, what’s that over there?

Ian Harling, Captain
The old hand of Lamma CC tours, knows how to get a good result in the bars and some on the pitch occasionally too. Loves playing in Sixes as it’s his only chance to bat as high as No. 6. His idea of drinks sophistication is beer in a glass. Is musically challenged and can’t even play the triangle.

Brad Tarr, Wicket-Keeper
Wicket-keeper, batsman and Tournament Director, he’s a total all rounder – and it’s all too easy to see when he wears those tight fitting (XXL) shirts. Ironic that he managed to get Lamma CC sponsored by an excellent internet radio station as his musical taste is limited to Hannah Montana and The Wiggles.

Mark Burns
Let’s hope he doesn’t fall asleep on the pitch as he opts not for late nights in the bar, but late feeds for his new born. Loves to sing lullabies and will now start to cry involving any movie that has a child in it. Very alarming.

Paul Hutchinson
What better excuse than to get away from the tropics of Newcastle-upon-Tyne than a cricket tourney in Phuket with his old pals. Thoroughly enjoys a Newcastle Brown in a Martini glass and umbrella while listening to Kevin Keegan singing ‘Grand Old Duke Of York’.

Sher Lama
We have our very own Nepalese player just to show off what a multi-cultural club we are. Favourite tipple is yak milk and vodka, and his favourite movie is ‘The Sound Of Music’. Will sing along to ‘Climb Every Mountain’ at any given chance.

Trevor Chappell
An honorary member of the mighty Lamma CC, he has now finally conceded to playing for us. Not sure what the bribe was to have this honour, but having two Tournament Directors in the team probably helped! Knows a thing or two about batting and bowling, but is hopeless if asked about garage, hip-hop and jazz – and probably how to cook steaks too.

Peter & Helen Burns, Team Managers
Parents of Mark and grandparents of Luke, this duo will doubtless be found managing the team from their poolside office. Alex Ferguson need fear nothing from these team managers, although Helen has been known to be handy with a hairdryer.

Luke Burns, Team Mascot
The Lamma team mascot, a new addition for 2008, thios vocal individual is rarely seen without a bottle in his mouth.

Kim ‘Kimbo’ Burns
Captain of the Lamma side which won the Bowl in 2004, the teams only silverware in Phuket to date, and bowler of the most memorable wicket in cricket history. Kim is taking a back seat from cricket these days with her hands full of the team mascot rather than a set of pens.

Leeming Spartan CC (Perth, Australia)

After narrowly missing out in a thriller on last year’s top prize, the boys are back and ready to go. Returning to Phuket will be Brad Mant, Graeme Bond and Stuart Hennessey and they will bring some new talent; (new only to the Phuket Sixes not necessarily in age) Mark Atkinson, Will Badger, Nick Leavy and Kyle Putland.

Bradley ‘Manty’ Mant
Clearly the loudest cricketer returns as the Leeming captain. Can he perform two years in a row? One thing’s for sure, the markets in Karon won’t be the same after he has finished.

Graeme ‘Bondy’ Bond
This year he has thrown the gloves away and fancies himself as a bit of a bowler. Only time will tell if he has any talent. Might have to borrow some of those gadgets that ‘Q’ makes.

Stuart ‘Stuey’ Hennessey
This year Stuey is putting some young blood into the keeping position. With less pressure on him this year, the quiet achiever may prove to be a gun with the bat.

Mark ‘Ako’ Atkinson
Mark has some proven ability as a cricketer appearing for Western Australia, as a bowler, in the Sheffield Shield in the 90’s (for those too young to know it’s now called the Pura Cup). But the big question will be, can he handle the Phuket Sixes.

Will ‘Badge’ Badger
King of the kiddies. This larger than life character on his first cricket tour to Phuket may be a handy asset to his team if he can get his mobile out of his ear. Will definitely give manty a run for his money in the talking stakes.

Nick Leavy
The first of our ‘Young Ones’. His awkward batting style makes it appear that he can’t bat, but looks can be deceiving. An all rounder who could come in handy provided he doesn’t try too hard to keep up with the boys the night before.

Kyle Putland
Kyle is the second of our ‘Young Ones’. He has apparently got the talent and ability but has still to find it (or use it). Might be a surprise package. The only issue the team may have will be waking him up to play.

Leeming Supporter Crew: ‘We’re here for the holiday!’

Bond, Tabitha Bond (Tabby Cat)
Back for her second year and is ready to let her hair down, relax and drink.

Kylie ‘I wear the pants’ Atkinson
Kylie is ready and raring to help boost Thailand’s economy with her shopping ways. (Mark may need to bring a bigger cricket bag).

Gary ‘Boys will be boys’ Boyes
A bit of a night owl. Gary enjoys sunsets as this is when the real party begins. He also enjoys sunrises, well he must do as he is always awake for them!

Sandy ‘I always score’ Boyes
Sandy is a bit of a party child, but her biggest mistake is trying to keep up with the boys. Good luck Sandy.

Kenny Boyes
A bit of a mystery ids Kenny. This is the tour where the rest of us will be able to find out a little more about him.

The Kids – Cameron Bond & Mia Atkinson
Don’t be fooled by their cute looks and charm, these two have the ability to turn into little monsters when sleep time is calling.

Liquid Lounge Lizards (Phuket, Thailand)

Roddy ‘Rooster’ Meyer
Retired WHO! Currently living the Thai dream. Played his first league domestic cricket in South Africa where he was bowled by Alan Donald three times.

Nifty ‘First Mate’ Catts
PE Instructor, Aka Nicholas Catts Famous Expressions; ‘What was that mate?’ ‘Oooaahhh’. Aka ‘The Stud’ as he was recently auctioned at a recent Charity Event!

Jeremy ‘3-Boats’ Stokes
Retired Telecoms Magnage who lives in St Tropez and Sai Taan with family Lauren and Claude. Plays golf, tennis and triathlons. Soon to be relocation near to Phuket Prison.

DJ Daryl Orchard
Schoolmaster BCIS, Aka ‘DJ Ska-Master’. Once was No. 1 in the Philippine charts. The best goalie that the Lizards possess. Loves football and boxing (a good combination then!). Up the Pompey!

Russell Loughland
Marketing & Sales Director of Liguna. Played county cricket in England. ‘He knows best!’ His son Jack will soon be appearing for the Lizards senior cricket team. Nicknamed the ‘Fly-Catcher’.

Steward ‘Sleesy’ Lees
Retired movie stunt double (Gandhi/Hitman etc). Reasonably new to the sport of cricket and plays golf, sails and is a ‘one man run machine’. Father to Tiger Lees, Surin Beach’s favourite male.

Ben ‘D’ Over
Uphill gardener who takes no prisoners. The Liquid Lounge Lizard enforcer who hosts famous BBQs overlooking the beach. Email ben@tropical-landscaping.com for invites.

Dave ‘The Ghost’ Kelleway
A retired wheeler and dealer, Aka ‘Dave the Rave’. Always Ecstatic. Likes boating. A Singapore wine importer (please don’t tell customs). Interests are golf, girls and gigs, oh and ganja.

Perth Postels (Perth, Australia)

Ken Acton
A verty keen Cricket Sixes follower with good memories of the last shot. Loves Thailand, the golf courses, as well as nightlife. His first visit to Phuket and I’m sure that there will be many more.

Alex ‘Blekboy’ Brown
Starting a world tour in Phuket, he has become a very keen CBB tourist since his first tour to Shanghai. Loves the banter, laughter and good times.

Brian Shaw
Enjoyed Chiang Mai so much last year, he decided that Phuket may be just the place to venture to for his second tour. Is keen on the fast flow of Sixes cricket so that he has plenty of time for a round of golf or two.

Rob Bernard
Loves his cricket, loves his touring and loves coming to Thailand, especially after those long days in London working on the Underground. Lives for cricket through his involvement at Lord’s where he helped to ensure the smooth running of the place.

Doug Rey
After enjoying the last day and closing dinner with the Postels, Doug has decided that seeing as his Shanghai mates cannot get a team together this year, why not join us! A nice guy who enjoys a laugh, many beers and generally a good time.

Sandip ‘Dominator’ Rakhit
After the expected CBB membership in Chiang Mai, Dominator is looking forward to his first tour with the virgin label around his head. Could be very interesting with nothing holding him back.

Phuket Cricket Association (Phuket, Thailand)

Mr Firoz (Mike Kahn) Captain
Shake well before use. Has lived in Phuket for ten years with a tailor business and loves to play cricket and cricket. He is a good all rounder and good fielder as well. He was Player of the Tournament in the Spoon division at last year’s Sixes, where his team won the final.

Mr Rishi (Richie Rish)
Lives in Phuket and is a good designer of swimming pools and has done many for hotels and resorts on the island as well as in Asia. Rishi is Yuvraj Singh for the team and no one can predict his batting form. He is a big hitter of long sixes and a handy bowler as well sometimes. He has played in the last four Sixes in Phuket.

Mr Robin
A good cricketer from Goa in India. He has played for Pattaya CC and now for PCA in Phuket. He is very dangerous in practice but sometimes dangerous in a tournament. A good hitter of the ball who spins the ball on a good line and length. He is a happy man on the field who you’ll always find laughing.

Mr Rubel
Has lived in Thailand for fifteen years. A good cricketer who played lots of cricket in his childhood. He started to play again and he is the ‘Shadapthi Express’ with the ball.

Mr Sachin
An IT professional, designer and programmer of websites. He can be a real Tendulkar sometimes with bat and ball. He loves to play cricket under the sheds rather than playing in the hot sun. He keeps himself away from sunburn.

Mr Vipul
He is a good programmer and IT professional. He is a good all rounder but can sometimes confuse his spin with medium fast. He is very good with the bat.

Mr Vijay
A good wicket keeper and does very well behind the stumps. He is very talkative behind the stumps if the batsman can keep their cool and bear him. He is a very good hitter of the ball and once he gets going, he’s very dangerous.

Mr Andy
He has lived in Phuket for nearly twenty years. He is the youngest man in our team, aged 45 plus. He loves cycling and cricket and is a good spinner.

Mr Nathan
Living in Phuket for three years and busy managing a resort. A good all rounder who likes to play a lot of cricket.

Toorak-Prahan CC (Melbourne, Australia)

Based in the inner south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Toorak-Prahan CC was formed in the season 2001-02 when Toorak CC merged with Prahan City CC, bringing together a rich history of two neighbouring clubs and almost 40 years of co-operation.

In the 2007-08 season Toorak-Prahan fielded six senior sides (making two Grand Finals and winning one), 14 junior sides (winning 4 Grand Finals, and one runner up, 40 children in an internal under 10s competition and 75 children aged 6-8 in the Milo Have-A Go’ program.

The largest club in their league, the Southern District & Churches Cricket League (SD&CCL), Toorak-Prahan has extensive ties to former juniors playing at elite levels after learning their craft under the watchful eye of an extensive array of volunteer coaches. A club with a thriving junior program, successful seniors and an enjoyable and busy social calendar, Toorak-Prahan is a club that enjoys celebrating its history, its present and future successes and is the envy of many others.

Darren Richards
Darren is a hard hitting left handed batsman and sometime right arm off break bowler. Well known for his love of a good straight drive, the same cannot be said about some of his fashion choices over the years with a hot neon pink being a favourite of recent times. Renowned for his ‘good eyes’ in the outfield and late at night, Darren always looks the goods for a long innings before and after dark.

Neil Gumley
Neil is a solid right hand batsman, not entirely devoid of flair, but he does save most of it for off the field. In the Sixes format he will definitely go down swinging, not necessarily connecting, but definitely swinging! With no real bowling form to speak of apart from the 15 degrees ‘chucking’ argument, Neil shows his turn of speed behind the stumps with the gloves. Using extensive previous dance floor experience, Neil’s sideways movement as a keeper is phenomenal.

Glen Coote
Some have compared him to Shahid Afridi, but this devastating right handed batsman and medium pace bowler can be far more brutal, with actions and words. Always up for a bit of a chat, the reigning 1st XI champion will find the game a lot tougher now that sledging has been banned by the ICC and he is staring down the barrel of a big fine. Look for the signature bourbon and coke to be close by his side at most points during the day and night.

Shaun Bray
The first part of the brother act to get in on the action, Shaun will no doubt tell you that he is better than his brother, and he could be right. Not known for his patience at the crease, his patented cut shot will put fear in the hearts of his own team mates. His ‘whippy’ action when bowling will come under scrutiny as will his extensive use of ‘laughing at his own bowling’ to distract the batsman. Better known for his willingness to build a big innings after dark, look for Shaun to avoid pillows as they spell the end of any night for him.

John Wilson
The long suffering President of Toorak-Prahan, John is not quite the example of the modern athlete, but a fine example of a park cricketer nonetheless. A mixture of flowing cover drives and eyes-closed pull shots pretty much cover s the batting, but his career destroying off spin will cause unfortunate embarrassment to whoever is unlucky enough to go out to it. Well known for his ability to fall over in the middle of a run, it will probably be more than likely be his falling on this occasion will be due to his good friend Mr James Bean.

Darren Bray
Darren Bray will be able to tell you how good Darren Bray is. Fond to referring to himself in the third person, Darren Bray would tell you that Darren Bray is a stylish right handed batsman with excellent footwork (lerant from many a blue light disco) and bowls right arm medium pace (that can be found on any lawn bowls green in Melbourne). The reigning Club Champion, Darren Bray was clearly the best player on and off the field this year. Darren Bray might be right.. This year anyway!

Uni Wanderers (Perth, Australia)

A part of the University Cricket Club (PCA), the club (‘Uni’ as we are affectionately known) is an amateur Perth club, rich in tradition and history. The club was founded over 30 years ago, in 1974, by a motley bunch from the amateur University Horribles Rugby Club, who wanted a means of keeping fit over the off season.

Since these inauspicious beginnings, Uni has developed into a well run competitive club with three grades playing in the Perth Cricket Association. Our chief objective is to uphold the status of this fine old game of cricket (both off and on the field) and enjoy as many fine alcoholic beverages along the way as possible.

Murray Buzza (Muzz, Buzzy, Beefer)
Right arm medium bowler well past his prime who keeps playing because he loves the game and his wife doesn’t want him home on Saturday afternoons. Has been known to hit a ball when he can remember which way to hold the bat. President of the UCC for the past seven seasons because no one else wants the job.

Greg Higgins (Thumper)
When you see this guy swing a bat you’ll understand his nickname. Past his prime but it’s still hit or bust. A useful right arm medium bowler (that’s his real talent), life member of the UCC and a dead ringer for Wal from Footrot Flats. We may see him perform well if we can keep him away from the bourbon.

Trevor Higgins (Nudge or S.O.T)
Trev is a very useful right arm medium (when he gets some steam up) and is a very good left hand bat. Son of Thumper, he got his nickname of Nudge as he is a little Thump. He has now played eight seasons of senior cricket with the UCC and is probably currently the clubs No. 1 player. Like his Dad, we will need to keep him away from the bourbon and can only hope he’s through his duty free before the games begin.

Rowan McKenzie (Macca, Big Mac, Thumper’s Daughter)
Big Mac is a right arm slow medium bowler who drops the ball from about ten foot with some useful movement when he is in full swing. He has also been known to knock a ball a fair way when he gets onto it but less common these days, as since he has been skipper of our 8th Grade he doesn’t like to bat higher than 9 (got something to do with head butting a ball earlier this season). Spends more time at the Higgins’ house than at his own, which explains his third nickname. It has a lot to do with the bourbon. 

Mark Parry (Stumpy, Jessie’s Boyfriend)
Wicket keeper and very good right hand bat who made a heap of runs this season when he wasn’t been run out without facing a ball. He only really started playing again this season (after a couple of years off in pasture) on the promise of coming to Phuket. A boyfriend of the UCC’s President’s daughter, he has been exposed to a lot of emotional blackmail to get him to play, but is now really enjoying his cricket again (or at least he had better be).

Chris Dias (CD, Sheik, Christal)
A right arm spinner, Chris makes a great wicket keeper. Very good behind the stumps but also a very aggressive left hand bat who can swing the willow with the best of them. Don’t let his looks deceive you, he’s not that old. My only advice to opponents is be careful where you pitch the ball and lock up your scotch. He and Johnny (Walker) spend a lot of time together.

Rod Hemley (Phoid, Fishnrod, Rodders, Rocket, Indian)
Don’t let his distinguished looks deceive you as this bloke is not the oldest in the team – he just looks it. A useful all rounder who can bat a bit and bowl a bit. He will be well suited to this style of cricket. Five overs a side is just his fitness level because, fair dinkum, if he was a horse he would have been shot a while a go. His ankle may just stand the test of one over. He bowls a very deceptive Rodney Hogg type delivery where he face plants the pitch and completely distracts the batsman. Returned to the UCC after 20 years with the RAAF this season and is on a final hurrah before leaving the services. If we can keep him off the red wine for long enough he will be a useful contributor to the side.

The Supporters:

Meganne Buzza (Megs, Tweetypie, Mrs President)
Long suffering cricket widow of Muzz and kiosk operator for the UCC. Pretends to support her husband’s cricket addiction but really just likes having the house to herself on Saturday afternoons. The only real reason she is coming on the tour is to find all the shoe shops she missed on the last trip to Phuket.

Barbara Hill (Barbs)
Very much the better half of Thumper and mother of Nudge (but we don’t blame her for that). Loves to shop and will no doubt find her in the markets rather than at the cricket. An inveterate explorer of all things shopping she will no doubt be directing Megs to shoe shops she may have missed.

Brenda Dias (Mrs D, Mrs Dias)
Another long suffering sports widow who probably bowls better than her husband. Brenda is up for a bit of R&R on this trip and will no doubt also be found shopping when not relaxing by the pool. She has a great sense of humour (she has to have) and will be the one always laughing and smiling (and shaking her head) at CD after his fifth scotch.

Barbara Dean (Barb, Mrs Hemley)
Is the Barb to Fishnrod. Just recently married, she is fairly new to this cricketing thing. She must be or she wouldn’t be regarding this as a honeymoon. She knows something, though, as she has cleverly retained the name of Dean instead of aligning herself to the Hemley gene pool. Will be found around the pool and on the beach sipping a quiet chardonnay.

Jessie Buzza (Jess, Mark’s girlfriend, Little Buzz)
Has grown up around cricket all her life and can usually be found scoring on a Saturday afternoon and trying to close her ears to the sordid stories of Mark’s team mates. A very well travelled young lady but on her first trip to Phuket. No doubt she will be torn by the need to watch the game and her desire to shop ‘til she drops.

Crystal Dias (Criddle)
This young lady hasn’t been much exposed to park cricket and I don’t think she really cares too much either. Her first trip overseas since coming to Australia so no doubt she will be focussed more on the delights of shopping, the pool, the beach, the tours and everything else that Phuket has to offer.

Giordan Buzza
Another well travelled young lady whose focus will be the beach and the pool. This kid would swim in a puddle and has recently developed gills. Not immune to the shopping bug but would rather do it at night when she can’t be swimming. She has recently developed a taste for cricket and can also be found on the occasional Saturday afternoon with her head in a scorebook if the surf is no good.

Sheldon Dias (John Cena)
From all the evidence is a better bowler than his Dad already (we think his Mum taught him) and it’s just a pity he isn’t old enough to play in this tournament yet. He may have a bigger future in footy or, judging by his nickname, the world of wrestling. No doubt he will be a keen spectator at the matches as it will get him out of going shopping.

Weraroa CC (Levin, New Zealand)

Weraroa Cricket Club was established 90 years ago. Today the club has clearly become one of the strongest in the Horowhenua-Kapiti region of New Zealand. We are based in a small town of 18,000 people in Levin, one hour north of Wellington, our capital city. Our home ground and club rooms are based on the Weraroa Cricket Reserve Levin.

Weraroa has three teams playing in individual grades from social to Premier level. Throughout the history of the club we have been extremely successful. Our club has been Senior/Lower Grade Champions on many occasions.

We are a very young club with players ranging from 16 to 35 years old. This will be the first time our club has ever sent a team overseas, so we hope all goes well and we continue to play overseas again in future Cricket Sixes events.

We have brought eight very young players to Phuket of different cricketing levels and skills, some of our players range from social to premier level. This is the first overseas trip for most of the lads, and this will be a great eye opener for them and hopefully a start to their future world travels.

Even though we have set no goals on results at the Phuket Sixes, we have a lot of support back home in New Zealand and many Werraroa club members and also the local press will be keeping a close eye on our results.
We may be one of the smaller cricket clubs taking part in this great cricket event, but we will make sure the Weraroa White Heron is flying proud at the 2008 Phuket Sixes.

The Wild Men From Borneo (Borneo)

The Wild Men From Borneo (WMFB) have returned for the fourth consecutive year at the Phuket International Sixes for some fun in the sun and to try and play a few games of cricket between copious amounts of ‘jungle juice’ beers, burgers (will leave that one alone) and fines from the infamous ‘Shot Box’.

This year the WMFB have decided to increase their chances of winning a game by entering two teams that will undoubtedly end up playing each other at some point.

During the year some hard recruiting failed to find anyone who could actually play, so we ended up with this bunch below, as they were the only ones with the right qualifications to fill the roles required for the team – barman, fines, captain, jungle juice maker and so forth.

We have been honoured to have been joined by the Applecross lads to bolster our chances at getting some sort of silverware as the only stuff of date has been flogged from the local pub, two knives and a ford, with no spoon in sight.

Captain Circket (Mark Stirling)
Stirlo, Hypo or Captain Circket is back for tour number four with the WMFB. Having started the legendary team some years ago he is back again having a swing of the great 4 x 2 and hopes to hear the crack of ball on bat. He is hoping that he only hears it when batting this time. CC is back this time to lead forth with the WMFB to actually obtain a few victories.

Drambuie (Nigel Van Cuylen
A proven warrior from 2007, Drambuie has chosen to come along and try his hand at Phuket again and to set the off field pace for the team as his o field pace and legendary long overs don’t do justice to the awe inspiring capabilities of this man.. or do they? The man with the vodka liver and great catching ability is the one to put fear into umpires hearts having to lift their arms again and again causes them distress and much fits of laughter from the rest of the team.

BP (Troy Harvey)
The man is back for a third consecutive appearance for the WMFB, a rare feat in BP’s clubbing history (we are worth it though, BP). The only player to actually get any sustainable runs that weren’t in his shorts. We are glad BP is back to be the team support this year. Should we change your name to jock strap instead matey?

Ginger (Ian Farrer)
2008 is Ginger’s fifth consecutive year at the Phuket Sixes. Ginge was sidelined through injury for the last two years, but he didn’t let that slow him down in the ‘apr├Ęs-cricket’ scene. A true cricketing tart, he is making his comeback with his third team at the tournament. “I’m addicted to Jungle Juice”, Ginger admits, “so when the opportunity to join Stirlo and the Wild Men came along I jumped at the chance”. Ginger has a record of having received silverware from every Phuket Sixes tournament so far, but sadly no Cup win yet. “If we can be in bed by 9pm and stay off the booze, we can lift the Cup this year”, Ginge confides. Roughly translated, “wish us luck in the Spoon”.

Legend (Phattrapon Phonsoranant)
Our original Thai member of the WMFB is back yet again to have a go at that batting and bowling thing. A great team member and supporter of the local night life (he has walked out of many night clubs as the sun was rising) and then marched on into the daylight to play cricket. Legend is also one of the teams main party leaders, finding out where the party is happening before it starts… amazing!

Mad Dog
After a string of three titles with the Applecross team, the Mad Dog from Perth is to become a Wild Man From Borneo. Faster than the speeding bullet, Mad Dog’s bowling has the potential to strike fear into the heart of any batsman, but he’s too nice a guy to bowl short. So quite how this mild mannered gentleman by day transforms into a rabid killer by night nobody knows. Some say that it’s the copious amount of Jack that he can consume. Others believe it to be linked to the fullness of the moon.

Windmill (Boonchuay Chumsri)
The man with the winding arms is back to amaze the crowds, bowlers and maidens alike. With an action more common on a thresher, this Thai guy gives it his best. 2008 will be Windmill’s second year at Phuket and he is looking forward to having abnother chance with the bat and ball. His ability is not only boundless on the field but has great stamina to take on the Legend for a big night out, but come to continuing the saga for a consecutive day the lad fades and needs a nap. This year he is primed to last the WMFB five day challenge.

The Virgins

Jason Van Cuylen
Yes, the first to be broken in is Jason, brother of the infamous Drambuie. Jason is fresh out of Oz and into life in Bangkok and has quickly become used to the climate and operating conditions of Thailand. A shy but motivated bloke who has reportedly held a cricket bat at sometime and at least knows what a cricket ball looks like. He is known to have staying power to get him through the nightlife.

Rick Adkinson (Ferret)
This is Rick’s first time at the Phuket Sixes. The main thing that sets Rick apart from the rest of the Wild Men is that when he tells the girls he’s a pilot, he knows what he is talking about. As an ex RAF serviceman, we’re sure that he has been involved in several covert missions into dark, deep crevasses, so he should fit in perfectly in Patong. We look forward to seeing him in action.

Mark Rowsell (Max)
Another virgin who has recently made Bangkok his domain and is keen to wield some willow and chase down a fast moving piece of leather. Max is a full on Manchester City fan, but we won’t hold that against him, particularly as they can’t play cricket. Max has been known to hold his end up on occasion, but usually in the bar.

Tawan Wisetsutthichai
Our third player to join the WMFB and relatively new boy on the block on the block in relation to cricket (he has seen a picture) and will be a sight to behold out in the middle. Tawan is a quiet lad, but will definitely come out of his shell when faced by a few fines from the Shot Box. A new life experience awaits him.

Paul ‘Fat B...’ Walters
Another Sixes virgin, Walters is one to watch in this year’s tournament, largely for the pure entertainment value of seeing a fella with no cricketing ability whatsoever take to the field. He does, however, have one essential skills for the Phuket Sixes – and for being a Wild Man – he can (and usually does) drink copious amounts of alcohol. Worryingly, Walters is a barman responsible for the WMFB Jungle Juice production, which is like asking Gary Glitter to babysit your child. Watch this space…

Ross Broun
A mate of Captain Circket for many years with a few handy cricket seasons under his belt. Ross will definitely be put to the test as he lined up for making the Jungle Juice on day three. Many shot box fines await those that fail the Jungle Juice duty. He has been known to bowl the odd maiden over and score a few. The hot Phuket sun and Wild Men traditions will put this tour virgin to the test.

Mark Wood
Little is known of Mark Wood in the Wild Men camp, however he has been known and observed from afar by the team and has been deemed fit enough to join the ranks of the WMFB as he meets the team criteria (can open an email and drink beer). He has appeared in several Sixes competitions for another team, but we don't ’peak those names in public. He knows what sort of five days he is in for…

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