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Thursday, December 24, 2015

2009 - Players Pen Portraits

2009 - Players Pen Portraits

Bahrain Aspara Camels (Bahrain)

The boys from Bahrain are back in town! Coming into 2009 in spite of recession to show our support for the tournament sponsors, we bring a squad packed with tour-virgins who are sure to boost the revenues of the “Tourism” establishments of Patong!

Feroz Khan: Team Manager
Will be playing a support role at this years Sixes although may come on for the occasional game to blast the ball into Karon beach (have the rules changed this year?). He’ll definitely make up for the lost time last year.

Sreekanth Bhavadasan: Man on a Mission
After leading the team last year to the Cup semi-final, Sree is determined to go one step ahead and clinch the Cup this year. Watch out for his bowling skills in addition to his excellent display with the bat. Sree is well known for his taste and calibre at picking the best. Banana and Tiger will be rocking to his groovy dance moves.

Sandeep Soneja
A dashing all rounder who always comes up with special performances in crucial games, ‘Sandy’ is our most experienced player at the Phuket Sixes, and waits to show special performances this year on and off the ground.

Sanjay Rathod
If cricket is believed to be a religion, this is one member who can be worshipped as a God with the bat. A prolific scorer at every event, Sanjay is an excellent team member who keeps the motivation up all of the time.

Darshan Vinnakota
Not a tour virgin anymore! A lethal bowler and specialist in hitting sixes over cow corner. Watch out for his moves at the Banana Club every night.

Ashwini Sharma
‘The Entertainer’ is always great fun on every tour. An excellent batsman with a sound understanding of the game. He plays the game to win and enjoys every moment on and off the field. Watch out for his excellent batting and bowling skills.

Safrane: Tour Virgin #1
A right handed version of Chanderpaul; the only difference being that he scores at the rate of an Indian auto rickshaw. Safrane will keep the bowlers guessing with his shot selection.

Surange: Tour Virgin #2
A welcome addition to the squad, albeit his cricketing ability is being quiet at this time. Expect to bump into him at various joints on Soi Bangla.

Black Swans (Australia/Thailand)

Toro: Cap #1
This Sixes veteran is still dreaming of running more than a single when batting and landing a ball on the pitch when bowling. This said, he was the leading wicket taker for the Swans last year with a huge three wickets. His cricketing hero is the legendary Donald Bradman who was two years below him at Bowral Primary School. His nickname ‘TORO’ stands for Toby One Run Only.

2 Ball: Cap #2
Played cricket for Thailand with ‘Uncle Vaughny’ in 1999, where he got his nickname from his average stay at the batting crease at No 11. Can’t bowl either and fields like Phil Tufnell’s grandma. Probably the Swans best player…

BTB: Cap #4
A veteran of Sixes cricket, this very unattractive man has played in every Black Swans campaign since their beginning in …2008. Finds it hard to get to training, what with being the Premier of Western Australia and all. Ended up with the Swans best bowling average last year, which is a mystery as he doesn’t know a cricket ball from a bottle of M-150 (he has been known to head-butt the ball when batting). Likes jelly.

Prawn: Cap #5
Stints on an Armenian seaweed trawler, Croatian Idol and then as a female Elvis impersonator called ‘KP’ (King Prawn) in Bristol were followed by six months in rehab for a rampant M-150 addiction (where he was met by the tall guy from the second ‘Star Wars’). He was the Swans leading run scorer in 2008 and hit the most sixes, with a mighty total of seven. Hates flotsam.

Woosta: Cap #9
Woosta (or DK) has played international cricket for Puerto Rico amongst others. He single handedly built the Bangkok Sky Train with his bare hands and now lives in the USA, where he has learnt to love ice hockey. Unfortunately, he tries to play cricket the same way, and just like football, cricket does not work on ice – just ask Ben Cousins. His cricketing heroes are Craig Sergeant and Sam Gannon. Likes to go on safari when in Thailand..?

‘Uncle’ Vaughny: Cap #10
A stalwart keeper- batsman for Thailand and a vastly experienced Sixes player. ‘Uncle’ is hoping that his aging hammys will stand up to a week of Sixes cricket. His ancient body is finally crumbling under the weight of his massive ‘poong’ – a product of too much Thai food and too few quick singles. There is a very real danger that one day he may well squat down when keeping and never be able to get back up again. Likes prunes and collecting rare Barbara Streisand records.

The Bounty Spirits (Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore)

Phuket 09. Indoor cricket specialists from Malaysia team up with outdoor specialists from the Spirits of Singapore, to defend the Bounty’s Bowl title from 2008. With star batsman Dave Nightingale still missing, he still maintains he’s recovering from shoulder reconstruction but in reality, maybe he’s sunning himself on a beach in Zambia. Some Bounty regulars are back for more punishment sporting injuries.

We made the Spoon Final in Bangkok in October with a similar team but were crap enough to lose it.

Graham ‘Arf’ Witt: Australia
Having busted his ankle before the start of play at the Philippine Sixes in Clark and spent half the weekend in a wheelchair, he should almost be fit for Phuket. Look out for his famous flipper. It’s bowled ever Kelawar member. Normally bats 10 and bowls one over, so very suited to Sixes cricket.
Favourite player: Saurav Chatterjee.

Iain ‘Diamond Duck’ or ‘Apothecarist’ Cockin: South Africa
Travels from Vietnam for tournaments to test out the medical facilities. Iain has amazing ability to lose everything from the wallet; phone, passport and even games; although he still hasn’t been able to lose his virginity. Matthew’s sister should be coming to make heat compresses for him. One of the best run out specialists we have ever seen; shame it’s always one or more of us he runs out! In Clark he even managed to umpire for three balls and gave Jean out run out in the semi!
Favourite player: Matt ‘Blue Boy’ Nicholson – but only because Kallis was taken.

Jean ‘Mighty Mouse’ or ‘Tiny’ Daniels: South Africa
Captained the team in Clark after the skip went down injured. Did a good job although he was late for the first game. Jean managed to play every game fully tanked. Specialises in longest drive golf tournaments, and has been known to hit it a long way, although ‘it’ is a golf ball. He doesn’t remember a whole lot about Clark. An expert wheelchair driver. Also coming off an injury, caused by what? No one seems to know? Prone to injury, but nothing Bacardi cannot heal. Has a soft spot for Bacardi, which is getting softer by the month!
Favourite player: Jacques Kallis.

Matthew ‘Cat Catcher’ or ‘Blue Boy’ Nicholson: England
Blue Boy makes his second cricketing appearance for 2009 sporting a hole in the head scar from dealings in China. We are expecting big things from our Matthew after he got some practice in Clark, although none of us can remember what he did? He may be moving to Singapore, so we may actually be seeing more of him in KL. His sister is definitely not coming with him this year, even though Iain has pleaded with her.
Favourite player: Iain ‘Diamond Duck’ Cockin

Lee ‘Superslut’ Kennedy: Australia
Lee is injured and unavailable due to a broken leg in the Dubai 7’s rugby tournament, but maybe appearing to support the event.

The Spirits CC

The Spirits CC is Singapore’s premier multi-racial social cricket club, that was formed by a number of Singapore league cricketers back in 2000 to enjoy and promote social cricket. The philosophy of the Spirits is simple; we strive to keep the spirit of cricket alive, both on and off the field, while consuming copious amount of spirit in doing so.

A good game of cricket means staying behind after the match to enjoy a cold beer with the opposition and partake in the banter. The Spirits cricketers hail from varied backgrounds, countries and cricketing acumen. We all enjoy playing together showing our fading cricketing prowess and making new friends when touring overseas.

This tour is special to us, as not only is the this the first Spirits tour to the Phuket Sixes, but also the tournament is run by our friends the ACST. We also combine with our old cricketing friends from Malaysia; The Bounty Buccaneers to form the Bounty Spirits. Add to the warmth and charm of the Thai people and cheap beer – what else could one ask for? Cheers!

Ken ‘Flash’ Gordon
The pillar of the club, participates actively in all club activities. Best supporter of our pub sponsor, he ensures that the beers are overflowing and the brains are ticking over at the quiz. Don’t be fooled by his white air, he really can be a Flash Gordon with his bat and ability in the field. Has a great support from his wonderful family in all he does, they will add colour to our days on the lovely island.

Walter ‘Trinidad’ Persaud
One of our very special overseas based members adds spice and flavour to the club, with his constant chatter and team support. A die-hard tourist, the man from the Caribbean inspires us to greater heights while he tries to emulate a spinning version of Dwayne Bravo with enthusiasm. He has been working very hard on new tactics for this tour! Watch him pacing the boundary when the team is playing.

Patrick ‘Smoking Roo’ Newlyn
A recent addition to the club, he brings the ‘Oz’ to the front every minute. Never without a comment (he needs a censor!) or a cigarette dangling from his mouth, he belts the ball and helps it along withy a sweet four letter word. Knows the value of the world wide web and can teach us a thing or two about its benefits. Watch out boy, he’s going to chew and spit it out! A team man, if ever there was one, contributes like hell.

Jeremy ‘Enigma’ Davis
Tour enthusiast and team man, is on his second Spirits tour. A great shopper, especially for fancy footwear, he is a delight to have on the squad. Will help empty the ‘eski’ superfast and will make us run even faster…ooh that hurts! Looking forward to his exploits and watch a new Spirits legend being created. Welcome to Thailand, senior!

Amar ‘Shane’ Hanspal
Amar is a founder member and current President of the club. Fulfils his dreams of taking a massive amount of wickets, (like his hero) by bowling to social drunken cricketers, while also getting hammered by fat blokes who swing the bat at everything. Organiser and planner for the Spirits with key cricketing social contacts in the region. You will find him networking at Phuket, building bridges for the future and making new friends. An original Spirit with his hands full.

CBB’s & Perth Postels (Thailand & Australia)

This is the third year that the CBBs and Postels have combined to enjoy the social atmosphere that is the Phuket International Cricket Sixes. The Postels Club from Perth is approximately 115 years old and has a great tradition in cricket. The CBBs were formed in 2000 and offer various friends from the Chiang Mai Sixes decided that they would like to tour more often to Cricket Sixes Tournaments. We have also had full tours to North America (2006) and India (2008) which have been huge success stories for the club.

CBB Postels

Michael ‘Cat’ Maher
The Cat will no doubt be on the prowl in one of his favourite destinations! If you don’t see him during the day, you might have a chance at the Tiger Bar or Safari just before sunrise. How he still manages to successfully wear so many hats is quite amazing!

Brett ‘Kanga’ Bastow
Rumour has it that Kanga has stopped going for too many runs and has bowled a maiden over! Well, surely some of his team mates will try and lure him into a good boy’s night out while in Phuket! But, on the other hand someone in the team needs to play cricket!

James ‘007’ Billington
Double O returns to the island of Phuket after a 3 year absence. After a week in Chiang Mai with the other legendary Pom Postels, no doubt he will be in good form. Though, now his son Jonathan is a little older, maybe it would be a good idea to pass on the playing mantle to a more capable Pom!

Stefan Vucens
Stefan returns to Phuket after a year’s absence to the scene of his many crimes. A stag night might ensure that he might not get out very often hitting out of the stadium, but Scruffy Murphy’s and Safari will be waiting to welcome back one of their pillars from 2007.

Kenny Jackson
The Phuket Sixes would not be complete without the effervescent presence of a certain Kenny Jackson. Last year, Kenny ensured that the beach cricket was both competitive and fun. Apart from his support for the event, Kenny supports the whole tourism and entertainment industry in Phuket. And, of course, provides plenty of entertainment himself.

Troy Sutherland
Troy is finally touring after many years of convincing by Cat and Slydog. A real Postel and is looking forward to learning from some of the exploits of Dolly and Kenny on tour. Hits the ball a long way and bowls tightly as well, so this game will suit him. Sharing with Slydog maybe his downfall however!

Saurav ‘Dollywood’ Chatterjee
The Dollywood returns to his favourite ACST venue. Scruffy Murphy’s will be stocking up on its Sambuca’s, as he promises to lead the charge come sunset. Keeping his eyes open during the day wil of course be a problem, but the Phuket Sixes only comes once a year.


Ian ‘Reds’ Liddell
Reds threatens not to play this year, but most of his team mates will not agree to his request. After all how many people can play, organise, commentate, be a treasurer and auctioneer, and still manage to make his mark on the field. But, it’s not the only place makes his mark! Hope he’s carrying his own box again!

Steven ‘Crunch’ Christie
Crunch has reserved his place in CBB folklore for leading the CBBs to its most famous win in Hong Kong. A top notch cricketer and bloke, Crunch doesn’t have the best taste in English football teams though. But, like his good mates Reds and Bunny, he does have a soft spot for Brazilian talent!

Wayne ‘Morro’ Morrison
Morro or the ‘Sperminator’ as some of his friends call him, will no doubt be delighted to be back top the land of plenty. Armed with his camera, Morro manages to find his way into strange fielding positions, though all the photos he takes are of on-field action. One would have to take his word for all the other action he talks about.

Jonathan Cooke
Jonathan joins us from England, another one from Mud Island to join the crew. Plays regularly in the Norfolk League and has played for Barnes Cricket Club in London. Loves the game of cricket and has been trying to join us now on tour for a while. He’s also a photographer, so he’ll somehow make us at least look good.

Chade Steenholdt
After touring Phuket a few years ago with his chool, Kent Street Senior High School, Chade has been hanging out for a return. He was too young then?? But has come of age, so who knows what may happen? He’s worling on Karon Stadium with his brother, so he’ll play a big part in this year’s event.

Shayne Steedholdt
The older of two brothers touring, it will be a pleasure to welcome him on tour. Being guided by their Dad Val’s wicket preparation background, they are sure to do a good job. Shayne however has serious experience of Phuket, so we are concerned on what may affect his plans for the week’s cricket.

Craig Hodges
Craig comes to us from the east of Australia. He’s keen to join in the fun in the sun of the Phuket Sixes, so has been looking forward to Phuket 2009. Hopefully he will be able to add some special advice that could aid the team on this tour.

Bob ‘Big Bob’ Phillips
Not as yet confirmed, but is a man made for the Phuket Sixes, as shown by his Man of the Tournament award in 2007. He’s what the spirit of cricket is all about and enjoys being part of the event, be it as a player, umpire or helping out wherever else he can on and off the pitch.

Perth Postels

Ken ‘Taj’ Acton
Ken is known for his low profile style of captaincy. He loves cricket and loves visiting Thailand. A cool character who enjoys to lead by the social graces that the game deserves.

Brian ‘Flemo’ Shaw
The organisers are delighted to know that Flemo will be in Phuket again. The guy was always the first to find all the missing balls that were hit into the middle of nowhere (the free beer for each one recovered had nothing to do with it!). Enjoys a game of golf and of course a slammer session as he showed in Bangkok.

Gary Boyes
Touring with Leeming Spartan, however rightfully in the Perth Postels after seeing the form shown by the lads last year. He’s a very relaxed person and enjoys a good time and relaxing in Phuket with his wife Sandy.

Kenny Boyes
Young Kenny is very keen to show again his exploits of 2008 on the field. Played very well then and promises to do so again. Loves a game of cricket, particularly the game of Cricket Sixes.

John Croysdill
The Pom brigade will have another representative, or should we say spokesperson. Yes, JC will certainly have a word or two to say and keep all in splits with his stories. Some of them are not meant for this family magazine.

Rob ‘Chops’ Bernard
Sorry Darren Gough, Michael Vaughan and Geoffrey Boycott. Current ICC rankings have Chops at the top of the list of their most popular cricketer from Yorkshire charts. His bowling certainly makes him popular with all opposition, though he has been working on his mysterious slower ball.

Neil Eggar
Returns to the glory of last year of the Perth Postels from the UK. Enjoyed it so much we could not keep him away. Is a firm supporter of Chops and the England cause. He was a very good contributor off the field last year in his quiet but effective action movements and abilities.

CN Global – Baulkham Hills LOBATs (Australia)

Baulkham Hills LOBAT is a team that plays in a competitive league in Sydney; in a suburb called Baulkham Hills. The team consists of mainly old boys that started their failed cricketing careers in the subcontinent. LOBAT’s strategy is to make the lower order do all the scoring and the wicket taking, while relying heavily on the opposition to capitulate for no good reason. This strategy has worked like a charm. LOBAT has made it to the Grand Final in the league.

The Players:

Charuka Abhayawickrama
The team Godfather, all decisions are passed through him. He has been masterminding team selection and strategy for last seven years. He also contributes with the bat and behind the stumps on the field. He is a Sri Lankan turned Aussie lad who gets batting tips from his two little girls and bowling tips from his little son. His favourite shot is the pull shot – first ball.

Aneesh Trikha
AKA Rambo; Aneesh is the team’s hunter gatherer. His job on the team is to gather as many scalps as possible. He takes his job very seriously and often has to be restrained from trying to decapitate opposition batsmen. He’s also known for spending time in the gym working on his biceps and calf muscles. Rambo is famous for bringing injuries to the game and can be counted on to have cramps in the calves about five overs into each match. His favourite ball is still a mystery.

Neshan Dias
Neshan is the most senior member of the team, in age rather than experience. As such his job is the team scribe. He takes notes of all the ridiculous events on and off the field and then gives everyone a hard time about it. He’s other job is to ensure everyone has enough refreshments to get through the day. He loves to bowl but is never required to. His favourite shot is the forward defence which he hopes to master any day now.

Ricky Kapoor
Ricky is the team’s life blood. He keeps the team together. He can be counted on to be padded up and be ready to bat at any time and all times. He’s also the team’s most noticeable fielder, in all places at once, but never where he should be. As one of the few young boys on the side, his harem keeps the team appropriately entertained. There’s never a dull moment when Rickster is around and he’s never far away.

Amit Chauhan
Amit is better known as Amitab, and is the man that the team look to when everything is falling apart, which is pretty much every match. When they need someone to fix things, they call Amitab. He never says no and never says die. He just gets the job done. With the ball in hand, he’s got a wicked swing and with the bat in hand he swings wickedly.

Rajitha Wijesekera
A seasoned veteran who is famous for sleeping through most matches that he attends. Between his sleeps, he can be counted on to knock the ball around and baffle the opposition batsmen with his wily off breaks. In his younger days he represented his school, Royal College, in Sri Lanka, but that was back in the 1950’s. Nowadays he represents the LOBATs

Corner Tigers (Pakistan)

Cricket is quite a popular game in our country. We all love watching it, and of course playing it. Almost all young boys are a member of some local club. It’s a pity that very few of these young aspiring youngsters get the chance to play internationally and show their talent.

The club was formed by Dr Haroon Shahid Qazi and named ‘Corner Tigers’ in October 2004. Since 2005 Corner Tigers have been a regular feature of the Phuket Sixes every year. The team in its first outing represented and won the Lighthouse Phuket Sixes 2005. In the year 2006 the Corner Tigers reached the Cup Final without losing a single encounter. However, it lost the closely contested final of Phuket Sixes and were awarded silver medals. The Corner Tigers are the only team from Pakistan who have ever won a club cricket sixes tournament internationally.

The Corner Tigers love to play in Phuket, and Karon Stadium seems to be a lucky hunting ground for them. They have an amazing record at Karon. The Tigers hope to put up a good fight again in the 2009 tournament.

Regular players include Haroon, Aamir, Humayun, Asad and Kaleem. Some other new members include Abid, Jamil and Haseeb. Our star guest player Imran can never be forgotten.

The Custom Cockatoos (Australia)

Variety is the name of the game and you would be hard pressed to find a team that offers more variety than the Custom Cockatoos. From the very young to the (not so) really old and incorporating the good, the bad and the ugly… we have it all. The Cockatoo (pronounced Galah) is known for looking good and making lots of noise, and when it comes to our cricketing abilities we definitely resemble a bunch of Galahs, but hey, be it good, bad or ugly we are sure to entertain.

Introducing the Custom Cockatoos Team:

Jason ‘Hollywood’ Kohlmorgen #23
The name says it all…action, suspense romance and at all times a little horror… and this is only in the bar after the game. You should see what happens on the cricket field! A good medium paced bowler who insists that his batting style has been greatly under rated (and the mirrors on his bat are really there to help with his batting!). The ‘Top Gun’ of the Cockatoos and just like all Hollywood stars, probably the biggest Galah.

Mark ‘Fast Eddy’ Thamm #8
Although he is the doyen of the team, it is nearly time to go to the old folk’s home as he is starting to smell funny. The fasted man on earth over 22 yards (just ask him – well he would be except for the knee, the ankle, the old ball and chain..) who still wields a mean cricket bat and watch out for the late cut (all timing and nothing to do with the failing eyesight I’m sure). The ideas of the man of the team and would be a cricketing legend except for none of us have a bloody clue what he is talking about half the time.

Sarah ‘Rah Rah’ Thamm #25
Sarah is the youngest and not so dainty of the team. Don’t be fooled by her looks and sweet smile, she has abilities in advance of her years. She has already been seen on the Adelaide Oval with her hero Mitchell Johnson and the rest of the Australian team (no she was not stalking him again, she was the best official flag bearer, just ask Grandma). Rah Rah is a mean medium pace bowler who often surprises the batsmen with her wide variety of deliveries. Hey, if she doesn’t know where they are going, how the hell could the batsmen!

Rachel ‘Ratchet’ Thamm #18
Rachel has played for a number of years, but if it wasn’t for all edges, she could still sell her bat on EBay as a new item. She hasn’t hit a thing since hitting the jackpot with her husband Mark. Banned from bowling knocking out the batter two nets away so as a safety precaution will probably take up keeping duties! Ultra competitive and often known as Ratchet the Hatchet; don’t get in her way if things are looking like a win for her team (particularly if she has a bat in her hand).

Cohen ‘2 Cool’ Thamm #2
Cohen always has an excuse why the ball doesn’t come off the middle of the bat, 2 Cool does however terrorise batsmen with a long and fast run up. It would be good if could let the ball go at anywhere near the pace that the run up suggests, but the advantages for the team are that; often the batsmen fall asleep waiting for the delivery aned (More importantly) he wears himself out during the game and is such a hyper handful during the game celebrations. He refuses to sweat. You guessed it; it’s not cool.

Heather ‘Reggie’ Marshall #6
Reggie is a little injury prone at times (mostly in the bar) and hence has taken the last twelve months off from cricket in any form so will live off her past reputation as being one of South Australia’s finest young female cricketers (Glory Days perhaps?). Reggie has led her local Northern Suburbs team and has also spent time serving the State as a Scorpion. She is making a big comeback in Phuket so look out for the sting. Watch out if she lives up to her nickname ‘Reggie the Wedgie’ as the rest of the team hope she is a pain in the backside for all the competitors.

Kylie ‘Plugger’ Tulloch #21
Cool, calm and collected on the surface, but nothing seems to phase Plugger, but don’t bait the bear! Can hit the ball as long as the best of them and backs this up with nagging, medium pace bowling attack. Has chosen to leave Australia for the very first time and travel to the Phuket Sixes, initially to participate in the parties and the shopping. However, as the time gets nearer she’s displaying a competitive streak even more vicious than ‘Ratchet the Hatchet’. Plugger wants to win (or else) and the shopping can come later, after the IPL contract has been signed!

Alexia ‘Rexy Rexy’ Blackwell #24
A Hollywood starlet and part time cheerleader, Lexie has been included in the team purely for her aesthetic appeal. With pom poms flying (hopefully very distracting for the other teams) this queen of Adelaide Fringe Festival will in reality probably do nothing other than look good and more importantly get ‘Hollywood’ to show up to the game after a hard night. Regardless of what she does, no doubt she will do it in style.

Ashton ‘The Badger’ and Brooke ‘The Ferret’ Thamm: Cheer squad #0 & #00
The youngsters are being brought along to distract and annoy, the two cheer squad members will reek havoc when least expected. Just when you thought it was afe to go back to the cricket field.. remember that the ‘Ferret’ or ‘Badger’ could be lurking anywhere. Highly recommended that you don’t feed them (they have been known to bit – especially the Badger). The Ferret, a cute little blond 7 year old is on her way to being the next Head of the United Nations, and could talk an Eskimo into buying ice. No refunds; you have been warned!

Darwin Stubbies (Australia)

Greg Pickard (Picko)
Has been a wicket keeper (wrote his own book), a good sledger and slightly aggro.

Daryl Colbert (Grumpy)
A great all rounder 30 years ago, but now burnt out, although he can still hit a ball a long way if he sees it.

Ken Johnson (Kenny)
An opening bat who uses the biggest bat in the world, but with very little effect.

Tony Lindsey (Tiger)
Tony is a passionate Richmond supporter (read long time loser) and part time triathlete who can’t run, ride or swim. A dangerous number 3 bat.

Craig Fildes (Fiddles)
Craig is a one time fast bowler who now limits himself to guest appearances due to aging and weight problems.

Murray Holland (Muzza)
Former Darwin superstar now falling apart. Capable of hitting sixes if he makes it to the pitch.

Trevor Burke (Burkey)
Comeback king, a great left arm swing bowler. The new sleek slim version is only half the man he used to be.

Peter Geier (Bomber)
The king pin of the team who with his brilliant batting, bowling and fielding abilities will probably be the Player of the Tournament (or so he tells us).

Entertainers (New Zealand)

Brian ‘Ernie’ Gardner (RHB, LA Orthadox Spin)
Returning from the 2008 tournament. Ernie has been busy in the off season perfecting a number of new deliveries to unleash on the spongy Karon wicket. More importantly, he is desperate to become re-acquainted with 44 Thai Kitchen, re-stock his supply of Oral Jelly and smaple the whiskey on offer at Scruffy Murphys. Outside of cricket, Ernie’s favourite pastime is bird watching.

Ben ’40 Fags a Day’ Fawkes (RHB, RA Medium Fast)
After coming close to buying the island of Phuket out of all its supply in 2008, Ben Fawkes (esteemed social issues reporter from Wellington’s daily newspaper The Dominion Post) is back to break his record of 1041 cigarettes before breakfast. On the cricket pitch, Fawkesy likes to bowl fast and straight.. and has a penchant for digging his team out of deep holes with the bat.

Dan ‘Poo Bum Darling’ Shenton (RHB, RA Medium Pace)
The only new addition to the Seekers line up, this soujourn to Thailand will be the first overseas experience for Dan Shenton. After being duped into taking numerous shots, vaccines and purchasing malaria tablets for the trip, the big man is looking to take his anger out on the cricket pitch. Known for his unerring Gavin Larsen like line and length, the former Wanganui age grade rugby representative can also pack a lot of power into his batting when his 110kg frame connects with the ball. 

Andy ‘Docco’ Burt (RHB, RA off spin)
Another returnee from 2008, the Doc is back and desperate to bounce back from his dismal performance in last years semi-final, where he carried his bat to a Test like 14 not out. Formerly a demon fast bowler, back injuries mean Docco will come back to Phuket as a re-invented off spin bowler. Let’s hope his concrete back will hold up under the rigours of the Phuket Sixes. Yeah boy.

Bruce ‘Willis’ Hearfield (RHB, RA Medium Pace)
This man loves to hit a cricket ball. Big, strong and with a good eye… the only concern lays over Brucies fitness levels and speed between the wickets. If this issue can be sorted, look out for the big man to be one of the most exciting players on display in Karon Stadium. He also loves box.

Mark ‘Scarfy’ Whetton (RHB, RA Slow)
The local Phuket Kiwi of the side to add some much needed stability into the Entertainers ranks. He will assist with advice on local conditions, on and off the field. Known as a dour batsman who can lift things to another level if required. Been drafted to fill the team, however could end up a very important cog in the link needed for the prize. Scarfy will certainly add to the impressive social aspects from last year of this team.

Frinton (England)

Pat Patel, ‘Gunga’
Short for Gunga Din the water carrier. Gunga has been known to throw a few pies (when he could get his arm up), and eat a few pies (hence the current physique) in his time! Likely to score runs a plenty and take wickets galore from the clubhouse.

Nikhil Patel, ‘Pies Junior’
The son of the self proclaimed ‘master’, and heir apparent to the Patel corner shop empire. Look out for the highly unorthodox out the back of the hand bowling action, with plenty of tit action in the follow through which is highly affective! Not far behind his father in terms of lifetime aggregate pie eating stakes, at such a young age!

Paul Berry, ‘Ginger Paul’
A relative newcomer to Frinton-on-Sea, this flame haired, portly Mancunian has been accepted into the local community for what he is! An ex County cricketer with Northants (in the days before pre season training and laps around the outfield), Paul is no mug with the bat. In a short space of time he has developed a reputation as a heavyweight in the bar, and a potential dark horse when it comes to lady boys?

Robert Everson, ‘Le Rouge’
By far the quietest and most sensible Frintonian on tour, ‘Robby Le Rouge’ is a solid, highly dependable, all round good egg. Every now and again one may see a slight hint of aggression from this young man, just a split second, before returning straight away, to the polite, mild mannered guy he is. This could be the tour to see him let rip?

Dennis Bacon, ‘Big Den’
The Frinton tour skipper, host extraordinaire, and tour guru. Rasher, or Big Den has always had an abnormal  passion for curries. Despite dotting between Norwich and Thailand, the big man’s loyalties remain at Frinto-on-Sea, who he still plays for where possible, and where he started out as a young colt, long before curries were heard of in the UK!

George Bacon, ‘Crispy’
One of two sons of Rasher on this tour, Crispy looks set to bamboozle all and sundry with his crafty spin bowling. Well known of an early age at the Star of India, Frinton, having his first Korma there, before he started teething! Determined to make a man of him, father Dennis successfully weened him off Korma and onto Vindaloo where he has remained ever since!

Ed Bacon, ‘Smokey’
The eldest of our skipper’s two sons at 19 and by far the coolest. Smokey has disappeared off the cricket scene of recent times, despite bags of promise as a junior. Image is of huge importance to this young man, and has been ever since he was a youngster and another heavyweight of curries. This sibling also missed out on alphabetti spaghetti and breast milk, preferring Chilli Masala and Cobra beer.

Russ Everson, ‘Evo’
Started his tutelage under our skipper at Frinton as a colt, being hosed down in the shower after games by Ned Kelly and taking his punishment like a man! Russ is a ginga, but a top man, an accomplished cricketer with a batting average only surpassed by his blood pressure. Current club captain at Frinton and a huge part of the club’s recent success. Watch out Soi Bangla!

Galah CC (Australia)

The Galah Cricket Club was founded in 1975. The Galah CC was named ABC Grandstand Radio Australian Cricket Club of the Year in 2007. The Galah Cricket Club is essentially a touring cricket club and has travelled the world playing in some 27 countries. It was the first Australian Cricket Club to play against such national sides as Chile, Croatia, Slovakia and Paraguay. The Galah Cricket Club toured South East Asia in 2008 playing in Singapore, Malaysia and Phuket. Having enjoyed the hospitality so much in Phuket the Galahs have come back once again to be involved for the first time in the Phuket International Sixes. The Galahs are also travelling to England in July 2009.

Tour Manager and Captain; Alan ‘AB’ Boyd
AB is the founder of the Galah Cricket Club and has been on each and every tour. A leader, a confidante and father figure to all Galahs brought under his wing. A left handed opening ‘noodling’ batsman and right handed off spin bowler who recently took 5 for 3 in a Galah XI match. A man of many talents and whom seldom forgets a name or a game.

Co-Captain; Mick ‘Moey’ Maher (not the Cat)
Moey possesses the same name as one of the Tournament Directors, Mike ‘Cat’ Maher, but don’t let the name confuse you or deter you. He is one of the senior Galahs on tour and therefore is tour hardened and has consistently played over the years sleep deprived. A caressing arthritic top order batsman and right arm orthodox ‘nudey ball’ bowler.

Co-Captain; Aaron ‘Etc’ Etcell
‘Etc’ travelled with the Galahs in 2008 and cannot wait to get back to Phuket. He is another battle hardened tourist whom also does not believe in too much sleep. A devastating all rounder who will at any chance seek to place any bowler over the fence. If you don’t see it happen, be sure he’ll tell you about it. He will be the lead bowler with his immaculate line and length bowling until he pulls an injury or gets tired. Will always be seeking to come in from the fence and position himself at first slip (in sixes maybe not!)

Ross ‘Rosco’ Beasley
Rosco is another senior Galah whom is probably the most versatile player on and off the field. An adventurer and alternative man, a speaker of many languages, some dialects little people in the world understand. Probably the most accomplished batsman in the side, an accumulator and more than handy keeper. (He hasn’t been told he’s keeping yet!)

Geoff ‘Snake’ Johnson
A first time tourist with the Galah’s however not his first time to Phuket. A mild mannered quiet chap without a beer in his hand,  fitness fanatic and hard practising student of the fine game of cricket. In a recent 7’s Tournament in western NSW he was never dismissed and hopes to carry this form over to the Sixes tournament. A player most likely to excel in Phuket on and off the field.

John ‘JC’ Colwell
JC deserves a mention as he owns the clubs major sponsor; ‘Gearing Up Sports Store Dubbo’. This man is a serial pest, a man most likely to be arrested or left at the airport (but never is?). He would simply not be tolerated in most sides if he wasn’t such a good cricketer. A confused man who only decides in the morning whether he is going to bat left or right handed. Hopefully he can make the trip but if he doesn’t, our eyebrows, luggage and mobile phones will be safe!

Jarrod ‘Choppy’ Simpson
Choppy has toured with the Galahs before and was particularly impressed with the ladyboy fashion on his last trip to Phuket. He has never been seen with a girlfriend but continually purchased women’s clothing on tour for one. He wears foundation but tells us it’s sunscreen and he’s not gay! An odd fella who simply cannot go for a dump unless he is at his own toilet. With all his failings he is a fine fast bowler and when he last played at Karon Stadium (after been told repeatedly not to), he hit his first delivery over the grandstand onto the beach.

Hong Kong Longdongwongs (Hong Kong)

Manoj ‘DJ Mojo’ Cheruparambil (Captain)
When Mike Myers was looking for a famous saying for Austin Powers, who would have known that a chance encounter with Manoj would lead us to his nickname and legendary womanising skills to be used in the international hit. No stranger to the 6s format having played in the Beijing and Hong Kong International Sixes. Manog is keen to showcase his bat and ball skills during this week, both in and out of Karon. The original Hong Kong Longdongwong.

Roy ‘Fei Tsai’ Lamsam
Returning to his home island to showcase his golf (sorry cricketing) skills. Fei Tsai has been always known within the cricketing circles in Hong Kong as ‘one for the future’. Having represented his adopted country for over a decade since making his debut as a teenager, he has been on more tours than your average international cricketer. Hits a long ball, bowls seamers or off spinners or whatever takes his fancy. Don’t get on his wrong side if he has an hangover…

Sean ‘Bonesy’ Brierly
Secretary to the Longdongwongs since 1996, he has drawn the short stick for this unfortunate role on far too many occasions. Also going by the alias ‘Bonemmeister’ and ‘See-Ann’, this lanky and moody cricketer has continually played second fiddle to the superstar Longdongwongs during their junior days. Known as a nurdler, don’t be surprised to see this reputation being changed over the cricket week.

Alex ‘Schtick’ French
Frenchy to his mates, Achtick to himself, this nomadic cricketer has had more trials than OJ Simpson. Cricket trials that is! Alex holds the highest ODI score by a Hong Kong cricketer of 201 not out, albeit while slogging to 40 yard boundaries. He can sometimes bowl useful offies, seamers, leggies – you name it, whatever takes his fancy. This boy likes a Brains beer having become an adopted Welshman, he is no stranger to the Sixes format.

Grayson ‘Taniels’ Tyndale
Taniels to his mates, Grace Daniels to the ACC cricketing fraternity, this Weird Al wannabe has not been seen by has mates for a number of years. He was last seen on a cricket pitch with a cricket bat smashing Clive Rice in the Beijing Sixes and following up by yorking him with the ball. Not bad company, Taniels is the ‘Stag’ on this trip, quite literally.

Tim ‘Tiny’ Williams
Tiny is our resident corporate high flier and there is nothing about numbers in insurance that this man doesn’t know. We don’t know where the nickname comes from but I’m sure that the rumour mill has more than a few stories on this lovable Aussie. Bowls right arm, bats left handed, loves his beer, women, rugby, Aussie Rules, Soccer, FT, WSJ, Insurance Weekly, Heat Magazine, Playboy, Playgirl – the list is endless.

Karon Seasanders (Phuket)

Seemant Raju (Rajusaurus)
Age: 34
Nationality: Indian
Employment: Hotelier
Batting Style: Right handed
Bowling Style: Slow with long run up
On Field Role: Seeking shade
Off Field Role: Drinking beer
Drinking Style: Beer is the best rehydrate
Cricketer you most resemble: Yet to come across a specimen like me
How will the Sixes benefit from your participation? I’m very well versed with bars and night hangouts so my local knowledge can be very handy.

Richard ‘Dezzie’ Desmond
Age: Who knows?
Nationality: Brummy
Employment: High flying property developer
Batting Style: Nudge and nurdle with the occasional spank
Bowling Style: Erratic
On Field Role: Annoying the opposition with his Brummy drawl
Off Field Role: Mirth
Drinking Style: Loads when not driving
Cricketer you most resemble: Chris Tavare
How will the Sixes benefit from your participation? Social chameleon of note

Rich Brown (Brown Dog)
Age: Forget
Nationality: British Bull Dog
Employment: Eh?
Batting Style: Bottom hand whipper
Bowling Style: Underground
On Field Role: The shade is always mine Raju!
Off Field Role: Pool bar resident
Drinking Style: Kamikaze
Cricketer you most resemble: David Brent
How will the Sixes benefit from your participation? A master class on how to pinch a quick single

Martin ‘Fozzie’ Foster
Age: 44
Nationality: British
Employment: Quality Control manager for the Village Coconut Island
Batting Style: Aggressive
Bowling Style: Up and down
On Field Role: To stop the ball
Off Field Role: Pool bar resident
Drinking Style: One after the other
Cricketer you most resemble: Matt Prior

Andy ‘Bigbug’ Beeley
Age: 41
Nationality: English
Employment: Consultant financial services/ Bar Owner in Patong
Batting Style: Much improved
Bowling Style: Usually in pain after the first over, however, has learnt how to overcome this for the Sixes
On Field Role: Sweeper in the covers
Off Field Role: Drinking then sleeping
Drinking Style: With a glass
Cricketer you most resemble: Myself
How will the Sixes benefit from your participation? I am a member of the CBBs Cup winning team from the recent Philippine Sixes

Ian Lenton
Age: 41
Nationality: Aussies
Employment: Freelance graphics guru
Batting Style: Versace
Bowling Style: Wild
On Field Role: To chase everything down
Off Field Role: Recovering from fatigue
Drinking Style: Right arm orthodox in quick succession
Cricketer you most resemble: Darren ‘Boof’ Lehman
How will the Sixes benefit from your participation? I’m not sure that it will

Simon Samaan
Age: 36 (almost 37)
Nationality: Australian
Employment: GM Newspaper Direct
Batting Style: Style? I wasn’t aware that you needed to adopt one…hmm…very unstylish right arm forehand hitter
Bowling Style: Varies depending on weather conditions but generally very unorthodox right arm super slow
On Field Role: Ball obstacle (for blocking ball’s progress) mainly with my legs and generally sustaining injuries in the process
Off Field Role: Living
Drinking Style: Anything with alcohol (and sometimes without)
Cricketer you most resemble: David Boon, but nothing to do with most batting ability, mainly the moustache and beer gut
How will the Sixes benefit from your participation? Is this a joke?

Rishi Sadarangani
Age: 29
Nationality: Indian
Employment: Desjoyaux Pools (Area Manager)
Batting Style: Right handed hitter
Bowling Style: Orthodox, improved on wides, improved!
On Field Role: Long on/long off
Off Field Role: Posing
Drinking Style: Still under practise
Cricketer you most resemble: I am unique!
How will the Sixes benefit from your participation? Should have excluded this one! Famous for that!

Lamma CC (Hong Kong)

A long time ago, on an island far away… The Lamma Cricket Club was inaugurated at a beery meeting at the original Waterfront Restaurant and the first practise session was conducted on a disused helipad on Lamma. A Lamma cricket team played its first game in 1990. Today, even though Lamma CC does not have the attraction of its own ground, it has a large and keen membership and it is the only Club in Hong Kong without a ground to field both a League Team and a Social Team. We tour a lot!

Paul Hutchinson
Tall, dark and handsome. Well he thinks so. Paul has played with the best and worst of players in many sports. Guess which type he fits in with the best! Very handy cricketer, drinking buddy and room mate, not in that order. A long standing Lamma member who helped mould the club into what it is today.

Chris Coombes
Chris is a natural cricketer and athlete, but despite that considerable drawback still fits in well with Lamma’s unique and fluid (alright – liquid) sporting philosophy. Keeps, bats, bowls, catches – we hate him! A Lamma original.

Trevor Chappell
Always happy to play for Lamma (we hope), we have heard that TC actually enjoys wearing the horrendous Lamma club shirt. He is always fun to be around and a pleasure to watch playing cricket. One of cricket’s favourite players and a true character. Welcome back to LCC TC.

Brad Tarr
There’s nothing like a magnificent cricketer in full flow – and Brad is surely that: nothing like a magnificent cricketer in full flow. Watchful, focussed, sober and nimble – just some of the adjectives that won’t be springing to mind when Brad’s on the pitch. A legend!

Mark Burns
Known for a run up that is quicker than his fast ball, Mark cuts a languid and debonair figure as he slides beneath the table during the post match drinks. A stylish and dashing middle order batsman – at least in his dreams. Watch and weep.

Neil Runcieman
Grizzled midfield maestro with a cultured left foot and – oh hell, wrong game. A true student of the game of cricket – just a pity he’s never shown any sign of graduating. Neil wields the willow like a swordsman, namely with the sharp end pointing out.

Leeming Spartan CC (Australia)

Formerly known as Spartan Cricket Club we were established in 1918, as a one team club playing in the Churches Cricket Association, and celebrating our 90th anniversary in 2009.

We boast seven senior teams and approximately a dozen junior sides in the South Metropolitan Cricket Association (SMCA).

Our 6th Grade (under the captaincy of Gary Boyes) are the 2009 Premiers after a magnificent win against the previously undefeated Phoenix Cricket Club.

The club’s 1st Grade side thrashed CBC by 9 wickets to move into this year’s Grand Final, being played on Saturday 28th March, so ask us how they went when we get to Phuket! The Spartans also hosted this years 1st Grade Grand Final.

Most of our players and support crew have been before, and all are looking forward to soaking up the wonderful experiences of Thailand.

The Players:

Brad Mant; ‘Manty’
The old fella of the team and definitely the loudest. Manty doesn’t like to run much, preferring to hit boundaries instead – he doesn’t run singles. Good with his hands, but he hurts!

Graeme Bond; ‘Bondy’
The jet setter of the team, now presiding in Singapore. May be rusty with the bat, but his elbow should be in good form. Looking forward to seeing his wife and boys.]

Will Badger; ‘Badge’
The big amn with the mobile phone addiction, this larger than life character gives Manty a run for his money in the loudest stakes. Be sure to get a hefty deposit if you rent him a jet ski. Big Badge is a right arm fast bowler, with plenty of kick off the seam.

Nick Leavy; ‘Nicko’
The quiet achiever, watch out for the cheeky grin. He’s fond of Swedish meatballs, followed by jelly for desert.

Glen Hack; ‘Hacky’
This character is keen to have the ladies play Hacky Sack. Making his debut in Phuket in 2009, a bit of a slogger, he will be one to watch.

Wayne Fontana; ‘Fonty’
Fonty is this years Club Medal winner who will talk you out of your wicket, if he doesn’t bowl you first. Our ‘idol’ may even sing you a song if you vote for him. He’s everything you never knew you always wanted.

The Support Crew:

Gary Boyes; ‘Boyesy’
The 2009 SMCA Premiership captain; Gary is here to support not only the Spartans, but the Thai economy, especially in the bars.

Sandy Boyes
Poor Sandy always scores…what a champion. She always has a smile on her face and ready for a laugh.

Kenny Boyes
Back for his second appearance, ‘young’ Kenny is ready for a great holiday once again.

Tabitha Bond
Quiet reserved Tabitha… hmmm not quite! Looking forward to seeing Bondy to ensure all fielding positions are still working. She’s looking forward to a great holiday before leaving us to join Graeme in Singapore.

Cameron & Lachlan Bond
The blond assasins, Cameron and Lachlan are looking forward to seeing Dad, eating lots of prawns and doing bombies in the pool.

Lindy Mant
The ever suffering Cricket Widow, Lindy can’t even have a holiday without involving cricket (and yes she wrote this). The quiet one of the mant family, will be missing her champagne in Phuket.

Hayley & Alyssa Mant
These two will have you playing cricket or any other sport they can get you to play. They hate shopping much to their mother’s exasperation but dad is very happy (for now).

Royal Maratah CC (Mumbai, India)

Vickrant Chougule; AKA Vicks
Vicks is the self appointed captain of the RMCC. Has yet to win a competitive or (social) game this season. His batting position depends on answers to a thousand questions posed on the quality of the bowling attack and self defence. Possesses a very stylish technique and cover drive, but that’s only when the ball manages to find his bat…

Shailendra Aingh; AKA Babs
A true showman to his core; counts several of the worlds top celebs as his drinking buddies and will keep you entertained with his one liners and legendary stories of his exploits. Sets very high standards on the field and has ready advice for all. You, me Ricky Ponting and Sachin Tendulkar included. Has stopped giving advice recently due to its reverse effect. Has a say in everything from team selection to room mate, to local massage parlours!

Charan Shetty; AKA Cherry
A restaurateur and makeshift skipper by profession. An opening bowler and batsman who hits the ball a long way. Brings out the ****** best in the opposition. His new found love earrings and mean haircut makes him a menacing player on and off the firld. He’s a key members of the night brigade.

Harrinder Singh; AKA Harry
The elder statesman of our team. A brilliant bowler in his younger days. Responsible for polarising the phrase; ‘GAHDE’ (donkey), as he called the legendary Dilip Vengsarker after clean bowling him in a Masters game. The branded assassin of RMCC (Armani, Oakleys, etc) find a regular space in his bag. The only thing in doubt is his showing up for the game.

Sunil Tanwani; AKA Sun Tan
The right arm off spinner who has played 25,000 cricket matches – the only man on earth to do so. Gets most of his wickets by turning more himself than the ball when bowling. A brand ambassador for Amul Butter on the field. However, others recently seem to have taken over as the ball does seem to find his hands.

Toorak-Prahan CC (Melbourne, Australia)

Jeremy Skiba
New to this format, Jeremy could be described by just one word; DYNAMIC, or so he would tell you. One of the most exciting players when it comes to the shortened form of the game, Jeremy will be looking to emulate some of the big hitting players of the past. With his leg spin that sometimes resembles hand grenades, and his fielding prowess, Jeremy could have a breakout tournament.

Darren Bray
After an excellent tournament last year, Darren will be looking to continue the form that saw him smash 20 in the last over of the Plate Final to take us to victory. The fiery redhead will also be looking to recapture his form with the ball that saw more than one batsman scurry to the sidelines looking for their helmet.

Shaun Bray
The part time wicket keeper, part time batsman, full time bowler capped off a brilliant ’08 Sixes by winning the Player of the Final award. The surprise packet of last years tournament he has become one of the key members of the side and we will be looking to him to emulate his lofty feats of last year, especially when he has drink in hand!

Darren Richards
After an injury plagued ’08 Sixes, Darren will be out for redemption. The lanky left hander is known for his lusty hitting down the ground and for his part time keeping skills. Hopefully he will start to gain form and confidence after a less than impressive year back home where he and one of the clubs most honoured and treasured Duck Award with a total of 4. I’m sure he’ll be back at his best by the time of the fist ball.

Steve Tanner
The rock of the side, as he is known, is making his debut here at the Sixes. The most technically correct of all players, Steve will be looking to anchor the side through the innings taking away any advantage the opposition might gain with the shine on the new ball. Not only is he a solid batsman but he is likely to leave even the best batsman bemused (including himself) when he takes the pill in hand and lets go with a couple of his intimidating bouncers.

Neil Gumley
Neil ‘The Orient Express’ Gumley was one of the elite players from last year’s successful campaign. Known universally as the greatest cricketer ever with Chinese, Scottish and Australian blood running through his veins! However, the 08/09 season started horrendously for the great man with scores of 0,0,0 and 0. Yes, that’s right. 4 blobs from 4 starts and he is currently with the Duck Award winner Darren Richards. With William Wallace like courage the great Scot turned things around in late season with consistently big scores ending the year with an average of 110. So for all batsmen in the camp there is one message concerning the Great Wall of China…Get him early or you will be chasing plenty.

Kristian Fahey
Another debutant to this year’s Sixes, Kristian is one of the cleanest strikes of the ball we have in the side. It will be daunting for any bowler to see the solidly built right handed batsman striding to the crease4 as he has the ability to retire within the over! While his strengths lie with his batting there is not much that can be said for his tame leg spin. Once regarded as the best nets bowlers south of the mighty Yarra River, he has tended to focus more on his keeping skills of later years, and that’s where he will most likely slot into the team.

John Smith
The big hearted all rounder is making his debut in ’09 and we are looking forward to him making an immediate impact, whether it is in the field or in the bar! With his probing left arm swingers and his lusty right handed striking, ‘Smithy’ will be out to dominate all that come before him. Our only problem at this point is, where an earth are we going to hide him in the field! Fielding has never been the big fella’s strong point and he will be most likely hiding himself in the bar!

Rodney Whitehead
The unknown talent of the side, we have yet to see Rod play a game of cricket. But what he might lack in experiences he will more than make up for in a supportive capacity! You can be sure to hear the big fella barking instructions from the side with a smoke in one hand and a tinny in the other. I’m sure the highlight for many at this years Sixes tournament will be, and when, Rod make his well overdue rookie appearance on the cricketing field. I’m sure his cricketing skill would be more at home at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

The Village Cricket Team (Phuket, Thailand)

A Part of the Phuket Cricket Union (PCU) League in only their second season of playing. They pride themselves on their ‘spirit of the game’ award received last year, enjoying cricket and the occasion equally.

Mark Ashman is the team leader and also does an extremely good job in ensuring that the league is a complete success and keeps afloat. This is a team which will fit into the excellent ‘Spirit of Cricket’ that the Phuket Sixes promote and of course a part of the ‘Fun in the Sun’.

Weraroa CC (Levin, New Zealand)

Weraroa Cricket Club was established 90 years ago. Today the club has clearly become one of the strongest in the Horowhenua-Kapiti region of New Zealand. We are based in a small town of 18,000 people in Levin, one hour north of Wellington, our capital city. Our home ground and club rooms are based on the Weraroa Cricket Reserve Levin.

Weraroa has three teams playing in individual grades from social to Premier level. Throughout the history of the club we have been extremely successful. Our club has been Senior/Lower Grade Champions on many occasions.

Being our second year at the Phuket Sixes this year, we have a young team here and are all ready to enjoy the fun in the sun at the Phuket Sixes 2009.

Weraroa Cricket Club may be one of the smaller cricket clubs at the Phuket Sixes this year, but we are a very proud club and will always make sure that the Weraroa White Heron is flying proud at all times on and off the field.

Paddy; ‘The Silent Assassin’
RH opening batsman. Opening for the Weraroa Senior A’s, Paddy is a quiet achiever, ticking up runs at will with masterful stroke play. He can also take the aerial route. Give him a few drinks and the silent assassin is not no silent.

Ben; ‘Mav’
RH top order batsman. Arguably the biggest hitter in the Horowhenua. An excellent fielder whether he is in the slips or outfield. Once the ball comes anywhere near those baseball mitts he has for hands, you know you should start walking back to the pavilion.

Brett; ‘BC’
All rounder RH batsman, RA medium. Captain of the Weraroa Senior B’s, BC is playing a grade below his potential. When his big bat hits the ball it stays hit. A cunning bowler with great change of pace and various types of delivery. Watch out as he is Jesse Ryder like on and off the field.

Matt; ‘Blacky’
RH top oreder batsman, RA off spin bowler. Small in stature, big in skill and a masterful stroke player, Matt is able to bamboozle top quality batmen with his off spin. If you have any problems off the pitch then Dr Blacky is your man, even if it’s to diagnose syphilis of the eye..

Dylan; ‘Dildo’
Wicket keeper batsman with sharp reactions behind the stumps. A good person to finish off the innings with a great strike rate with the bat. It’s not his game on the field that we are worried about; it’s more off the field. Being our youngest member of the team he will be expected to put in the big nights as our team gofer.

Huka; ‘DJ Huks’
All rounder and RH batsman, left arm bowler. The opening bowler for Weraroa Senior A’s, he has the ball on a string when it comes to swing. A decent batter in the middle to lower order to help steady the ship if things aren’t going too smoothly. He is cool, calm and collected.

The Wild Men From Borneo (Borneo)

Yes, it’s true. The WMFB boys are back and ready to rock ‘n’ roll. Oh yeah, and play cricket as apparently that is why were are here. The line up includes some new blood and we also see the return of some previous tour legends. This year there will be two teams with equal amounts of prowess on and off the field. Team 1 will be led by BP and Team 2 by Drambuie. The infamous ‘shot box’ will reappear as will the daily helpings of WMFB ‘Jungle Juice’.

The Wild Men will be well supported by a couple of great sponsors; Angus and Arfur O’Tools in Karon and Sustainability from Perth. Without their support, the teams would be without pants or shirts on their backs – not a p[leasant thought I must say. Anyway, on with the show!

You can check us out at: www.thewildmenfromborneo.com


Captain Circket (Mark Stirling)
This is CC’s 5th consecutive Phuket Sixes Tournament and is looking forward to return to the shores of Phuket and brave another week with the WMFB. CC is hoping to be able to bowl a complete over without a wide and not make BP work too hard and actually put bat on a ball for a few runs this year.

BP (Troy Harvey) – Captain of Team 1
This will be BP’s fourth consecutive year to grace the Phuket field as a WMFB player, and as usual will bring something nice and juicy to keep the som tam sellers happy. BP will again take residence behind the stumps as he was found to hit the middle of the bat too much – when bowling.

Drambuie (Nigel Van Cuylen) – Captain of Team 2
The great Drambuie returns for a 3rd consecutive year as a WMFB and will again lead Team 2 into battle. Will lead the team on and off the field as a good captain should. Can actually land bat on ball even when not bowling. Will ensure that the team has the right sort of fighting spirits to compete at the fun level.

Ginger Rash (Ian Farrer)
We see the return of the legendary Fines Captain, who unfortunately will only be available for half of the competition. This year will prove to be a test for GR as last year’s fine sessions were the stuff of legends, with the longest session going on for 2.5 hours, calling for refilling of the jungle juice.

Tuk Tuk (Ross Broun)
Back for his second attempt at international Sixes in Phuket. Tuk Tuk made a great start in Phuket and soon worked out that the best way to enjoy the beautiful Thailand culture was in a Tuk Tuk. On field Tuk Tuk could be seen flashing the bat like a long lost musketeer occasionally putting it to the fence. Playing some cricket in the non Phuket Sixes season should give Tuk Tuk an edge and rise to the occasion and make his mark on the game.

Back Door (Jason Van Cuylen)
Back Door joined the WMFB in 2008 and showed that he had some talent from the start with bat and ball. He was almost the first WMFB to walk away without a name (No Name), but at the last moment was landed with Back Door. You had better ask him about that one. Anyhow, watch out for his talents on and off the field.

Ting Tong (Matt Breslin)
The man is back from a self imposed exile in the UK wilderness to strike fear into the hearts of lesser cricket mortals. Ting Tong is making his way over the globe to again step out into the ‘Land of Smiles’ in an attempt to reignite his status as a Sixes legend, and we definitely look forward to some masterful displays of pole dancing, bar dancing and other old favourites. Welcome back TT.

Dipper (Mark (Max) Rowswell)
Dipper also joined the WMFB in 2008 and immediately stunned the cricketing world with his diehard approach to the game. With Dippers unorthodox bowling action, he bamboozled batsmen and fielders alike. No one was safe. Dippers first real go at cricket showed great skill with the bat and scored on many occasions.

The Virgins

Luke Richards
A new boy to the scene of international cricket stardom who will undoubtedly leave his mark as a WMFB. Luke’s backyard cricket talents are well known around the local neighbourhood and amongst friends, but will he be able to replicate that form in the middle? We will wait and see what unleashes in Phuket.

Tony Webster-Smith
Another new boy on the scene, TWS leads a pretty busy lifestyle as CEO of Sustainability and decided that this is the time to rekindle some boyhood memories of cricket and decided to join the WMFB for a chance to establish himself as an international legend as part of a select group of individuals from across the globe. We look forward to seeing Tony in action on the field and off. Fines sessions should be interesting.

Jesper Doepping
Jesper is Danish and somehow got suckered into playing for the WMFB. However, he is definitely looking forward to actually seeing cricket before having some pads thrust upon him and sent into the middle bat in hand. The usual complimentary 2 minutes coaching session should enable this quick learner become an instant star.

Bernard Schenk
Little is known about this new WMFB member; however he is a mate of Tuk Tuk so he can’t be that bad, or can he? We all look forward to see Bernard in action as urban myths say that he can actually play the game and so we hope that it is not just urban myth as we need someone to make our scores look reasonable. We also hope that he can hold his own as we are not going to hold it for him. I am sure that he will fit right in with the guys to set in a new standard across the teams.

Worcester & City Police (Worcester, England)

No one can be sure of the exact date that the Worcester Police Cricket Club was formed. We do know however that a team has played in the Worcester Evening League since it was formed in 1933, and continue to do so after another successful season in 2008.

The club holds the Evening Leagu’s record for a first wicket partnership, when back in 1986 Graham Blomfield and Brian Lewis scored 214 runs in fourteen 8 ball overs against Spetchley, with both batsmen scoring centuries.

The club first toured in 1988 with a tour to Trinidad and Barbados and its players quickly developed a taste for playing abroad meeting many new friends in the process. One of the most successful tours was the 1989 tour to Western Australia when we took the ‘Cinders Cup’ (which now sits in the WACA ground) winning the majority of the games thus making us the holders of this version of The Ashes.

Resulting tours and visiting touring teams to Worcester led to the concept of the Police Cricket Festival in 1994, where 8 Police teams from across the world took part. This is now a bi-annual event so far being taken to Australia, West Indies and South Africa.

Worcester Police Cricket Club plays its cricket in the spirit we believe the game was intended; as a competitive social event which allows us to meet new friends. It is our policy to involve all players in some aspect of the match, giving opportunity to do something (even if it is just to receive one ball) as they say, it’s nice to win, but it’s even better to take part and the result doesn’t really matter. The supporters of the club are very much looking forward to their inaugural visit to Thailand.

Thanks go to the Phuket Cricket Union and the ACST organising committee for not only inviting us to attend, but organising our hotel and all our cricket fixtures. It is the sort of comradeship which makes cricket unique to all other sport around the world.

If either the PCU or any other team partaking in this event ever consider a tour of England, then rest assured we will provide you with a great game and hospitality that only touring cricket clubs can provide.

Unfortunately, I cannot be with you, but good luck to all involved and I wish you an enjoyable and successful event.

Graham Blomfield


Kevin Powell
Was a top order right hand bat capable of some hard hitting and taking quick singles, now reduced to the middle order and gentle singles. Age has reduced him to a a variation of slow, very slow right arm spin. Really looking forward to the festival and playing some cricket again, as the team Captain my main ambition is to win a game somehow! With a squad average age of over 40 with waist lines to match, we will be taking on board plenty of fluid after each match, and hope our opponents can join us. On a serious note, we are here to play cricket in the spirit it is intended, enjoy a beer or two and make some new friends on and off the pitch.

Chris Holt
A right handed hard hitting batsman, well he used to be anyway, having reached 50 not out in years now more of a gentle stroke maker, also in recent tours have been called upon to bowl off my long run of 4 or 5 paces. Off the pitch I like to share a drink or two, and have a chat. Nickname, Holty, but I don’t know why people call me that.

Ian Hope ‘Hopey’
Right hand bat, right arm medium to slow bowler. Been on intensive training for the tournament for the past three months and a strict diet to get down to optimum cricketing weight! I’m looking forward to some good fun cricket and even more socialising and enjoying the Thai atmosphere.

Dave Bradley
Right hand bat, right hand pedestrian bowler. Have played for a small village team for 47 years, and still no good. I once hit Glenn McGrath for a 4, but did not see the next ball. A sports commentator for BBC Radio covering all Worcestershire games, Worcester Warriors rugby etc. It should be a great tour but I hope I don’t have too much to do.

Richard Allen
Right hand fast bowler who likes to hit the ball a long way. Third overseas tour for the Police and looking forward to meeting fellow players and sharing a few beers. My tour ambition is to hit a six, take a few wickets, make lots of new friends and have a great time.

Duncan Cooper
Right hand bat, not sure if his nurdling will be any good for the Sixes, but will give it a whirl! Right hand slow bowler… mainly offie’s but the occasional big ripping leggie as well! His enthusiastic approach to the game means that he can be often heard when out on the pitch! A dedicated tourist, WPCC is one of five teams he turns out for in the UK. He’s looking forward to playing some cricket, drinking some beer and relaxing on the beach! Also hoping that his girlfriend has a good time on her first ever cricket tour!

Dave Cole ‘Coley’
Left hand batsman, right arm occasional bowler on a fifth consecutive tour for the club, and second to Thailand having previously played at Chiang Mai in 2003. Looking to hopefully score a few runs and to enjoy the social scene, making a few new friends along the way. A qualified UKCC 2 Coach. Although he’s playing for the Police, he’s in fact a Prison Officer.

Ashley Barrow
Hard hitting right hand batsman who likes to hit straight and long, right hand occasional slow bowler on a first tour for Police and looking forward to making new friends and sharing a beer or two as only cricket tours can do. Tour ambition is to enjoy and relax and enjoy the sun, sea and sand.

Dave Price
Right hand middle order batsman and off spin bowler. Together with wife Lyn, this is their second tour with the Police. Dave is looking forward to the competition and associating with fellow players from across the globe both on and off the pitch. Tour ambition is to enjoy the cricket, and have a great holiday with Lyn.

Charles Heritage
Tour ambition is to meet new folks and get into form for the new season. This will be my third year as 3rd team captain and Coach for the juniors.

Mark ‘Goochie’ Graham
Right hand bat, left arm slow bowler who was seconded to Phuket to assist the UK Police following the Tsunami Disaster. Hoping to score at least one run and take one wicket, which according to the score book has been difficult to do on previous tours. Regardless, I will enjoy the cricket and the country.

Robin Longmore
Right hand bat slog sweeper and very slow right arm bowler. To get through the tournament uninjured would be a real bonus. Having attended the Chiang Mai Sixes in 2003 I know how tough the conditions will be, and I’m sure that there won’t be too many quick singles. Meeting new cricketers from around the world will ensure that I have a great time on and off the pitch and having my wife with me this time to keep an eye on me will help me stay focussed on the games in hand!

Also Touring:

Adrian Dowling, Kim Dowling, Debbie Holt, Mandi Bradley, Meggan Graham, Lyn Price, Lyn Longmore, Claire Powell, Jane Crawford, Jenny Gibbons, Anne Greaves, Taryn Green, Diane Cole and Helen Hope.

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