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The Phuket Cricket Week comprises of the ICC Award Winning Phuket International Cricket Sixes and the Thalang International 7's (formerly known as the Kata International 7's)

The Sixes were first held in 2004, while the 7's made its first appearance in 2012. Both events have helped raise substantial sums through the kindness of its worldwide participants to assist in the next generation of Thais falling in love with the game through the Phuket Cricket Group's Junior Development Fund. The ACST would like to thank the PCG for their continued and invaluable support as the Phuket Cricket week continues to flourish.

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

2010 - Day 2 Report

“Women Cricketers in Action at Karon Stadium”
Thai boy’s team makes great first showing

16th April 2010

The plot became clearer at the end of Round One in Cup, Plate, Bowl and Spoon Divisions and women’s cricketers were in the thick of the action on Day Two of Phuket International Cricket Sixes 2010

Twenty four teams, including eight sides new to the tournament, are contesting this seventh annual Phuket International Cricket Sixes at Karon Stadium, Phuket, Thailand.

It has been an action packed day at Karon Stadium, which saw Custom Cockatoos of Adelaide, featuring former Australian captain Karen Rolton, take on the Singapore Slingers in a ten over women’s Cup match. Batting first the ‘Toos put on a challenging 128/1. In reply the Slingers reached 88/3, Rajesh hitting a stylish 20 not out.

In an entertaining encounter the Darwin Stubbies took on the PCDC Natives, a team of local Thai boys. The Stubbies made 70/1 in their innings following some containing bowling from the Natives who made 47 run in reply, with Duong scoring an unbeaten 23 runs.

The Natives also gave the experienced sixes unit the Leeming Spartans 1 a run for their money. Leeming put on 84/1 with Hacky retiring on 34. There was a strong reply from the Thai boys who fell 10 runs short of their target, Mack retiring on 31. They were very encouraging performances from the young Thais who are coached by Michael Way a local school teacher and cricket enthusiast.

ACST Player of the Day was awarded by the tournament panel to Dhanam of the Singapore Slingers, one of the women’s teams competing in the Phuket Sixes, after she took two wickets in one over against St Francis de Sales from Australia.

Round One was completed today and in the Cup, Lamma CC of Hong Kong lead the pack in first place following their two wins on Thursday, closely followed by former champions the Corner Tigers from Pakistan. Of teams new to the tournament, St Francis de Sales from Australia are highest placed in 7th, with Curtin Victoria Park placed 8th. The top eight teams are in the Cup & Plate Divisions, the next twelve ranked sides play in the Bowl and the bottom four teams play off for the Spoon Trophy. Interestingly the Custom Cockatoos Ladies team placed higher than their men's team.

Play continues tomorrow at 9am with a Bowl Division match up of the Power Packers from India against the Bennett Hotel Centurions of Australia.

Entry to the Karon Stadium ground for spectators during the tournament is free and refreshments are available.

Fixtures and Seedings after Round One

1 Lamma CC
2 Corner Tigers
3 CBB Postels
4 Leeming Spartans 1
5 Gauhati Town Maroon
6 Royal Maratha
7 St Francis De Sales
8 Curtin Victoria Park
9 Power Packers
10 Gauhati Town White
11 Leeming Spartans 2
12 Baulkham Hills
13 Bennett Hotel Centurions
14 St Georges River
15 Toorak Prahan
16 Karon Seasanders
17 Normanhurst Warrawee
18 Custom Cockatoos Ladies
19 Wild Men From Borneo
20 Perth Postels
21 PCDC Natives
22 Singapore Slingers Ladies
23 Custom Cockatoos
24 Darwin Stubbies

Fixtures Friday 16th April

16.45: PCDC Natives v Darwin Stubbies. Spoon
16.45: Custom Cockatoos v Singapore Slingers Ladies. Spoon

Fixtures Saturday 17th April

1) 09.00: Power Packers v Bennett Hotel Centurions. Bowl Group 1
2) 09.00: Gauhati Town White v St Georges River. Bowl Group 2
3) 10.15: Leeming Spartans 2 v Toorak Prahan. Bowl Group 3
4) 10.15: Baulkham Hills v Karon Seasanders. Bowl Group 4
5) 11.30: Lamma v Curtin Victoria Park. Cup/Plate
6) 11.30: Corner Tigers v St Francis De Sales. Cup/Plate
7) 12.45: CBB Postels v Royal Maratha. Cup/Plate
8) 12.45: Leeming Spartans v Gauhati Town Maroon. Cup/Plate
9) 14.00: Normanhurst Warrawee v Power Packers. Bowl Group1
10) 14.00: Custom Cockatoo Ladies v Gauhati Town White. Bowl Group 2
11) 15.15: Leeming Spartans 2 v Wild Men From Borneo. Bowl Group 3
12) 15.15: Baulkham Hills v Perth Postels. Bowl Group 4
13) 16.30: Bennett Hotel Centurions v Normanhurst Warawee. Bowl Group 1
14) 16.30: St Georges River v Custom Cockatoo Ladies. Bowl Group 2

Fixtures Sunday 18th April

09.00: Toorak Prahan v Wild Men From Borneo. Bowl Group 3
09.00: Karon Seasanders v Perth Postels. Bowl Group 4
10.15: PCDC Natives v Singapore Slingers Ladies. Spoon
10.15: Custom Cockatoos v Darwin Stubbies. Spoon
11.30: Loser Match 5 v Loser Match 8. Plate Semi Final
11.30: Loser Match 6 v Loser Match 7. Plate Semi Final
12.45: Winner Match 5 v Winner Match 8. Cup Semi Final
12.45: Winner Match 6 v Winner Match 7. Cup Semi Final
14.00: Bowl Semi Final. Winner Group 1 v Winner Group 4
14.00: Bowl Semi Final. Winner Group 2 v Winner Group 3
15.15: Spoon Final
15.15: Bowl Final
16.30: Plate Final
16.30: Cup Final

Bowl Groups

Group 1
 Bennett Hotel Centurions
Normanhurst Warrawee
Power Packers

Group 2
 Gauhati Town White
St Georges River
Custom Cockatoo Ladies

Group 3
 Leeming Spartans 2
Toorak Prahan
Wild Men From Borneo

Group 4
 Baulkham Hills
Karon Seasanders
Perth Postels

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