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Sunday, December 20, 2015

2010 - Team Pen Portraits

2010 Team Pen Portraits

Perth & CBB Postels (International/Australia)

Perth Postels

1/ Ken Acton
Mild mannered Ken will once again be showing his controlled and measured leadership skills from behind the timbers while others flap around in front of him. A genuinely nice bloke who loves the sixes and touring.

2/ Brian Shaw
Captain Ken’s sparring and golf partner, Brian is the perfect tourist. He’s helpful to all and great company whether it be on the golf course, the bar or at the cricket. Flemo is no mean performer once he dons his whites.

3/ Earl Brown
Earl is making his debut amongst his mates. He has pushed Chops into second place in the “spot the stereotypical Yorkshireman” competition. A top bloke who loves his sport and socialising in equal measures.

4/ Tim Caimakamis
Socrates is another perfectly suited to the demands of touring life. He hails from Newcastle NSW and his skills on and off the park are invaluable to his club back home and the CBBs. He will be attempting to avert another Greek tragedy like in Bangkok last year when he bagged himself games for two teams and was a shadow of his former self by Monday morning.

5/ Neil Eggar
Neil is a steady all rounder from Barry, the home of Gavin & Stacy. His Welsh spirit shines through at all times. For the last two years he has been a great tour companion to Chops as they discuss what actual penalties they’d really like to see inflicted on Leeds United.

6/ Andrew “Bigbug” Beeley

7/ Rob “Chops” Bernard
Chops is back for another month long extravaganza, hopefully having learnt how to pace himself after last year. After an attempted diet that was on and off more than a light bulb (make your own decision on the result) and extensive cricket training, he hopes this will be his year in Postel colours.

8/ Steve Katipodis
Listed in the top 5 Greek cricketers at ACST Towers, Steve will once again smile his way through the week, making pals on and off the park. Would be the Godfather of the CBBs if he was Italian and not Greek!

9/ Mahmoud “MGA” Abdulla
Mahmoud is a really nice man who has toured the ACST events with his Falcon team, and may be staying on to make his Postels debut this year after enjoying the CBB closing function at Bangkok in November and making even more friends.

CBB Postels

1/ Shayne Steenholdt
Shayne could well be coming back to the venue of his triumphs last year. Got stuck into everything and had a whale of a time. Will he be as strong without his brother.

2/ Dixie Joy
Dixie is back to spread happiness with his radiant smile wherever he goes. A top fella who tends his pitch by day and his favourite bars by night. He makes sure the wicket plays true so he can show off his full range of shots.

3/ Saurav Chatterjee
The true all rounder legend from Kolkatta comes back to town. The bar owners and cricket fans will all be whooping with delight as Dolly lets loose. People are still talking about his astonishing match winning innings in the Cup Final of 2008.

4/ Kenny Jackson
Kenny is a flamboyant South African former first class player, who always makes sure the event never stands still. His beach cricket event is legendary, before he gets stuck into the real thing. Will be having a celebratory beer with any Poms after his half-brother, Jonathan Trott’s, contribution on England lifting The Ashes.

5/ Michael Maher
The man of a thousands of friends bowled liked a legend last year with his offie’s. He will be on hand at all hours offering friendly advice on all subjects. Cat’s staying power astonishes all who meet him. Surely he employs stunt doubles?

6/ Jeraj Puvaneshen

7/ Stefan Vucens
The Western Australian played a blinder last year in Phuket with massive hitting before being called away from the Cup Final to attend a wedding. Stefan should have his priorities right this time around, so watch out bowlers and spectators alike.

8/ Tim Bignall
Tim has toured Phuket before with his Entertainers team from New Zealand and will hopefully be along with us again. He’s an excellent opening bowler and all round gentleman, serving as the ACST rep for the Land of the Long White Cloud.

Bennett Hotel Centurions (Newcastle, Australia)

The Bennett Hotel Centurions are a group of mate’s form Newcastle NSW. Most of the players have been playing cricket for over 10 years, with some going back to junior days. With over 800 combined games and a combined age of over 300 years, we have entered the Phuket Tournament with a wealth of experience but limited ability. We are here to enjoy a great family holiday and to play in this wonderful International cricket event. Our team is looking forward to playing and meeting the other players and having a great time.  We will be the best supported team in Phuket as we have 33 players, family and friends in our touring party. Our team will be managed by big Rod and Nafan, who will be responsible for keeping the player’s fluids up. Player to watch, Linc-in the field.

Scott 'Jarv' Jarvie #12
Our long suffering Captain entered this tournament in the hope of winning something before he finally retires ie. Spoon final. He is a great player but sucks at being Captain.  He has not won a toss all season. The only reason he was made our Captain was to bring the kit to our games. 150 Game veteran for the club who can destroy any team with his big hitting and quick bowling. Scored nearly 3,500 club runs (3,300 edged through slips) and taken well over 120 wickets. Club legend and allround nice guy. Father to Lacey.

Cameron 'Cam' McDonald #3
This robust player had a stella season with the gloves & is regarded as the best wicket keeper in Newcastle B1 comp. Years ago he was originally handed the keeper gloves to keep him away from bowling & soon became our keeper of choice. Although keeping for many years he still has a preference in stopping the ball with his pads & must be the only keeper that needs to replace his pads at the end of the season. Big late order hitter capable of destroying any bowling attack and racking up quick runs. Another long time serving veteran with 150 games & no sign of slowing. Father to Ryan and Hunter.

Sean 'Birdie' McBride #6
Many players have come & gone but Sean - Birdie as he is known is one of the few original players left from the start of our long lasting team of 20 years Birdie has held the most wickets for a large number of years & only been over taken this year, but will endeavour to reclaim his mantel with his medium to slow very sloggable claytons spinners (the spinner you have when you don't actually have a spinner). Although not to interested in chasing the ball in the field, Birdie has good hands & quick reflexes made for close in fielding. Father to Richard and Angus.

Darren 'Twoheads' Wilton #23
With his hulking size, ranga hair and self confidence, he promises so much but delivers so little.  He is capable on his day of winning any game with the bat and ball. The comedian of the team and a player who everyone loves to be around. He should hit many sixes on this tour. Had an article in the local newspaper last season about his fine 89 runs. By the end of the tour every local and opposition player will know who he is.  Another 100 game veteran with the club who will not retire until he scores his first century. His nickname 'Two heads' comes from his town of birth, Kurri Kurri. Where the town folk are born with 2 heads.  Father to Jordan, Katie and Hayley.

Darren 'Linso' Linsley #33
Chief editor of the Centurions Cricket team reflects & comments on the weeks games in his much anticipated match reports. As any good journo knows you don't let the truth get in the way of a good story & this is what he bases these reports around. Linso is also known as T Rex on the field because his arms don't seem long enough when attempting to catch or field the ball, A handy bowler/wicket taker & big hitter when he gets going Linso has become a respected & appreciated member of our club on & off the park in the past 6 years. Father to Kieran, Jacob, Hannah and Callum.

Terry 'Tezza' Edwards #47
Champion bloke and one of our more experienced players in our team. Also known as 10 ball Tezza due to his lengthy one over bowling spells. Terry is an asset to any team due to his  flexibility and willingness to help out at any time. Looks technical correct and when the glasses are clean and focussed, he can keep the runs turning over. Tezza's most famous sporting moment came in the Waratah 7's when he cleaned bowled former Australian great Trevor Chappell. He is fast approaching 100 club runs. Every team needs a Tezza! Father to Mel and Kate.

Mick 'Buck' Rodgers #50
A very, experienced cricketer, Mick has a lot to offer the team both on and off the field. Mick over the years has enjoyed a great deal of success , but age and a widening girth have begun to slow him down (just a fraction).  When given his chance to bat, can bat for a long time.  A great runner between wickets.  The only person who can turn 3's into 2's, and 2's to singles.  Is very dangerous with the ball.  He was recently ejected from the bowling attack for his numerous head high deliveries, even though they were lucky to make it to the other end . Mick has also graciously helped with some sponsorship and is our major sponsor through EJE Architecture.  Father to Linc and Harry.

Lincoln 'Fabio' Rodgers #60
A young bloke that has progressed from juniors through the ranks to senior competition. His inclusion in the team is for two reasons. Firstly, to do all the running and secondly to try and drop our average age below 40. Just watch him run from deep fine leg to long off to field the ball.  By the end of this tournament he will have run the equivalent of an Olympic marathon. Fine medium fast bowler, although his main ambition is to outscore his father (Mick). He will learn a lot about cricket playing with the above mentioned finely tuned athletes. Fabio's long flowing hair will be a big hit with the local lasses. 

Gauhati Town Club (GTC) (Assam, India)

Established in 1906, one of old oldest sports club in India, is now more of social institution in Assam for its immense contribution in various field of the society. Most of the leading stalwarts of the State got involved with this century old club’s activities, which can now boast in maintaining a National Second Division Football Team as well as a good cricket team comprising several first class cricketers in its rank. Recent additional in its repertoire is starting of a football academy with 30 young talents under a Brazilian coach.  

GTC White

Samarjit D. Neog
A former 1st Class cricketer, and presently a corporate manager, Samarjit is a diehard cricket fanatic.  ‘Mamu’ as he’s known to his friends, would be willing to give up an arm and a leg to play in a game of cricket. He’s a person who lives to party hard. He is on his 3rd trip to the island of Phuket. Never misses any opportunity from utilizing his inborn arguing talent who can start a fierce debate on any issue ranging from the colour of a napkin paper to the environment policies of the nations.

Devajit Saikia
Another 1st Class cricketer, and presently a leading advocate of the Gauhati High Court, Devajit is a go getter. ‘Lon’ (as he’s popularly known) has been the man behind ‘Phuket Sixes’ being so popular and much awaited event for the Assam cricketers. A strong man with even stronger belief and will power. He’s on his 5th trip for the Phuket sixes.

Amarendra Nath
Being a civil servant, Amarendra supervises everything in life except being supervised at home. After relentless efforts, he has acquired the ability to be tough contender for ‘most obedient husband’ title of the universe (without her consent he even does not look at the beer bottle (sorry, whiskey nowadays).  This high profile Cotton College Girls Cricket team coach, is now more involved with GTC football team. It’s an irony that he could not explain the dynamics of his bowling to the Brazilian Football Coach in GTC. He too is on his 5th trip for the Phuket sixes.

Satya Dev Goswami
A businessman of repute, Satyadev is the happiness quotient of the Team.  ‘Kosu’ as he is known, is the liveliest character in the Team. Do not go by his size, he’s dynamite, ready to explode anytime and anywhere. Always in great demand in Bangla Street for his table dance. A party man to the core, cricket is only an extension of the endless parties and life. He too is in his 5th trip for the Phuket sixes.

Rajdeep Oja
A former cricketer, Rajdeep, life is on the fast lane for this young successful entrepreneur. He’s business interest ranges from fast cars to earthmovers and heavy machineries. A very serious cricketer, he just loves to take out time from his busy schedules to play in Phuket every year. But Rajdeep hates to lose a game… winning matters. He’s on his 4th trip for the Phuket sixes.

Dipak Das
A successful entrepreneur, Dipak is a fun loving person. He’s the undisputed ‘Food Manager’ of the Team. Loves his food and tries experimenting. Dipak is a fitness crazy person who keeps his body strong and muscular. He’s on his 3rd trip to Phuket.

Kalyan Kalita
A successful young entrepreneur, Kalyan is into the road and construction business. He’s the cricketing novice of the Team. KK, as he is popularly known, is gutsy as ever to try on the Phuket Sixes. He’s on his 2nd. trip to Phuket.

Parag Mahanta
Another former State cricketer, is now a top level civil servant of the State. His face is enough to give sleepness nights to the building law violators. This ‘demolition man’ of Guwahati is in a mission to “discover a passion” in Phuket and sure about discovering many other passions other than cricket. This first timer also desires to shatter a few opponents in the field. 

PCG Maroon

Gautam Dutta
This old warhorse in Assam Cricket has now discovered two new passions in life …. tattoos & heavy metal music, both causing a threat for his love for bat & ball. The wife of this newly married guy is losing sleep for his regular updates and upload of FB.   A regular beer guzzler in “Corner Kick” the GTC pub, is making his debut in International Cricket Sixes.  Watch out guys as when GD roars in the cricket pitch, only rain can stop him!

Subrajit Saikia
A former Ranji Trophy player of Assam & presently its coach. Earlier, he was counting his run in the matches & now involved in counting figures of the Nation’s revenue being an executive in the Central Bank of India. First timer in Phuket Cricket Sixes. This southpaw batter will definitely make a mark in the very first go.

Deep Bora
Someone told him that running laps in the stadium will increase his score in innings. He followed that advice & if any mile meter is attached to him, it would have indicated that he has already made 27 laps of this Earth till now. A good all-rounder who loves to boost his long list of G/Fs if given a chance to do so. 

Rana Sarma
Well known for his talent with bat & ball, now engaged with Indian Postal Department. Although claimed he never sipped a beer (claims) but his vital statistics speak otherwise.  Don’t misread his deceptive size as he’s lightening quick in the field and his batting strokes are a feast to the eyes.

Hirakjyoti Das
Another first timer in Phuket Sixes, well known for his guile. His batting prowess can be a triumph card for any team.

Mriganka jyoti Sarma
Wicket keeper in the team is also a d├ębutante in Phuket Sixes. This Indian Rail man is also a hard hitter which can turn the course of a game at any moment.

Gaurav Jain
The only non-cricketer in the team, is an asset for any team for his strategical inputs during team meetings. This happy-go-lucky guy loves to party hard but in business he plays a totally different ball game.   One of the key person for GTC to field two teams in the tournament.

Sanjive Narain
Known as the original ‘Cable TV man’ in Assam, visited Phuket on several occasions for business meetings (or anything else ??) but, for a change, is here for cricket. A hardcore cricketer who can leave anything to be a part of the real action in a cricket field. Only failure in life is to infuse interest for cricket in his beloved’s mind in spite of his relentless efforts…keep trying buddy, as you have never learnt to lose in life!!!!

Karon Sea Sanders (Phuket, Thailand)

The ever popular, hard partying Sea Sanders return to the Phuket 6s for the 6th time.
Having won the spoon at our first attempt in 2006, we got to the bowl final the following year & the plate semis in 2009. With the talent at our disposal this year, expect us to take the Spoon by storm once again.

We would like to thank our sponsors, the Karon Sea Sands Resort & Spa for their continued support.

The team boasts stars from around the globe, this year we have cherry picked talent from 4 continents:

Seemant Raju - India (Captain)
The driving force behind the Sea Sanders, Raju honed his craft in the Sub Continent before moving to Thailand in his late 20s in protest at the Indian government raising beer taxes. Nicknamed Rajusaurus since he runs like a dinosaur, Raju longs for the time when training consisted of 10 pints & 40 fags a day.

Richard Desmond - England 
Won his place in the side after his wife was recently voted 'Miss Farang Phuket 2010'. The tallest & least fat member of the side, Richard keeps fit by hillwalking around the North Eastern Quarter of the island, which he owns. Richard doubles as team Psychologist, a job which entails telling very average players how very good they are. 

John Whetton - New Zealand 
'Whetts' is from good sporting stock, having two All Black greats as cousins. Whetts himself played for the 1981 New Zealand U14 Girls Netball Team. A degenerate gambler, he lost a fortune backing the All Blacks win the last 5 World Cups & recently blew 12,000 baht backing England to win the 6 Nations. A big fan of fast food, Whetts recently travelled to Khao Lak to endorse their new 24hr MacDonalds.

Patrick Cotter - Wales
The senior member of the team, 60 year old Pat is having something a youthful renaissance. He married last year & will become a father in October. Pat is best known for championing rugby on the island (he organises the Phuket 10s at this very venue each May) & for his charity work post tsunami for which he received the IRB Spirit of Rugby award.

Anthony Van Blerk - South Africa
Rude, arrogant, self important, one-eyed, over-opinionated - but enough about Naas Botha, Anthony is that rare breed, a nice South African. Spitting Image wouldn't have written that song if they'd met him. Winner of last years "Biggest loser, Thailand" TV show, Anthonys diet involved breaking his own jaw, then wiring in shut until he'd lost 15kgs. 

Jason Phillips - Australia 
Invited to play for the side by a captain worried about India-Australia international relations, Jason shaved his hair off after losing a bet in 1996. It never grew back. The shortest member of the team, Jason looks & bats a little like Sachin Tendulkar. No, not that Sachin Tandulkar, another one. 

Richard Folds - England
Arrived in Phuket last year announcing that he "can't bat, can't bowl & can't field". In the 12 months since he's done everything possible to prove himself correct. An absolutely dreadful cricket player, everyone is praying the other 6 players stay fit. Exceptional water carrier, however.

Baulkham Hills LOBATS (Sydney, Australia)

LOBAT is a team that plays in a competitive league in the northwest of Sydney - a suburb called Baulkham Hills. The team consists of mainly old boys that started their failed cricketing careers in the subcontinent. Team LOBAT's strategy is to make the lower order do all the scoring and the wicket taking, while relying heavily on the opposition to capitulate for no good reason.

Charuka Abhayawickrama is the team God father. All decisions are passed 
through him. He has been masterminding the team selection and strategy for the past 8 years. He also contributes with the bat and behind the stumps on the field. He is a Sri Lankan turned Aussie lad who gets batting tips from his two little girls and bowling tips from his little son. His favourite shot is the pull shot - first ball. His favourite way of getting out is forward defence and then being caught on the boundary. 

Aneesh Trikha, aka Rambo, is the team's hunter gatherer. His job on the team is to gather as many scalps as possible. He takes his job very seriously and often has to be restrained from trying to decapitate opposition batsmen. He's also known for spending time in the gym working on his biceps and calf muscles. Rambo is famous for bringing injuries to the game and can be counted on to have cramps in the calves about five overs into each match. His favourite ball is still a mystery. He can be found with a whisky in hand at the Phuket hot spots 24x7. 

Neshan Dias is the most experienced member of team - he older than the rest.  As such his job is to supply the refreshments. He loves to bowl but is never required to. His favourite shot is the forward defence which he hopes to master any day now. He is often seen talking to himself, giving himself coaching tips and the occasional reprimand. No one is quite sure who wins those arguments. 

Ricky Kapoor is the team mascot. He is always padded up and ready to bat any time and at all times. In fact he has been spotted at Phuket's Bannana club with is pads on. He's also the team's most noticeable fielder - in all places at once - and never where he should be. As one of the few young boys on the side, his harem keeps the team appropriately entertained. 

Rajitha Wijesekara is a seasoned veteran who is famous for sleeping through most matches he attends. Between his sleeps, he can be counted on to knock the ball around and baffle the opposition batsmen with his Wily off breaks. In his younger days he represented his school - Royal College - in Sri Lanka, but that was back in the 1950s.   Now-a days he represents the LOBATs. 

Arohit Trikha is the team's secret weapon. No one is quite sure what he does or doesn't do. What is for sure is that he too can be found with a whisky in hand 24x7 at all the Phuket hotspots. He is a terror on the streets during the local Songkran festivities with his water machine gun. He is even known to have an electrifying move that results in him flying backwards and falling flat on his back. Other than that it's not clear what he does.

Jagath Bandara is the most important member of the team. He is the manager.  He is known to drive a tough bargain and is famous for his diplomatic negotiation skills. He has been tasked with negotiating a path to the finals of the tournament. His fool proof plan is to hire a local taxi to get the boys to grounds in time  to see the finals.

Normanhurst Warrawee (Sydney, Australia)

The cricket club was formed in the Australian summer cricket season of 1926-27 and has a proud tradition and current membership of around 500 players competing from ages 6 to 71. Keen to continue our promotion of cricket throughout our community and beyond we are excited and honoured to be part of the 2010 Asian Cricket
Sixes. We have assembled a team of young and experienced cricketers to take on the challenge of the Phuket Sixes and eagerly await our first match. Be wary of the Team's awesome chant both on and off the pitch as well as late into the evening...

"Go NORMO!!"

Mike Griffin
Vice President

Our Team lead by our Captain Tim Griffin is:

Tim "Grif" Griffin (Captain)
Having played for the CBB's last year, Grif has come back with a Team from his local club to experience the atmosphere of the 2010 Asian Cricket Sixes. Known to hit one handed 6's his choice of weapon is a hand carved block of yellow box gum. A man who loves his cricket and socialising is eager to return to Phuket to carry on from last year's journey. In the evenings look for him in Rock City Patong playing some serious air-guitar.

Mike "Griffo" Griffin
Our Club's Vice President will be happy to put bat to ball or throw a few over the stumps when required. Off the field he will be found hovering around the pool bar or lapping up a Thai massage at the resort. A trip to the local Thai brewery is a must.

Cameron "Fluffy Bunny" Griffin
Cam is an up and coming player who is handy with the bat and ball. Having won their recent Colts U19 title, he's looking forward to experiencing the international scene at the 2010 Phuket 6's. His nickname comes from his favourite pair of slippers, which are sure to be lurking in the bottom of his kit bag.

Dirk "the Destroyer" Drieberg
Team statesman, Dirk has played cricket for more than 50 years and has an uncanny knack of dismantling a team with his wicked spin bowling. A very calm and cool customer who's always ready to take on any team, whether on the field or sipping a cocktail in the pool bar !!

Ryan "the Lion" Hobbs
Eager to pounce on any loose ball the Lion will tame any situation he encounters. Often known to cut his mane to create a look like no other, he's truly fearsome.

Jake "e" Hobbs
Jake is an up and coming young player who is handy with the bat. Jake is the youngest member of our Team however not the shortest standing at 6'1". Go Jakie!!

Catherine "Cleo" Griffin
Mike's better half and keen supporter of cricket, whether packing the lunch boxes or serving up the beers. As well as watching the cricket, she will be looking forward to relaxing by the pool, spending many hours at the resort spa and spending up big at the local markets and stores.

Dani "Poodlepops" Frickman
Tim's better half and also a keen supporter. However look out for her shopping for fake handbags in the flea markets. Made a name for herself at last years tournament at the gala presentation night, outbidding her partner at the charity auction and re-fashioning a chair as an ankle bracelet!

Janet Clarke
Dirk's better half and keen supporter of cricket. Janet is looking forward to relaxing before during and after the Phuket Sixes. Janet loves her cricket and will be a permanent fixture at all the matches shouting "Go Normal"
from the grandstand.

Phuket Natives (Phuket, Thailand)

This is not the first appearance at the Sixes for most of these guys; in past years many of them played in the curtain raiser for the Saturday evening 20/20 game.

All  born and bred in Phuket, and students at local high schools or colleges, the team includes some seasoned campaigners. Some have played once or twice in the Kuala Lumpur International U15 Tournament. They are fresh back from the National Youth Games (Petchabun, March 2010) where cricket was a demonstration sport. They all went to Thailand's first National U19 Cricket Tournament (Bangkok, November 2009), where they played hard and showed that they could party (responsibly) too. It was apparent they were ready to hit "the time" so they entered in Phuket's Island Furniture Cricket League. 

The Sixes was instrumental in getting organised cricket off the ground in Phuket; it is fitting that a team of local boys are now able to take part in the tournament proper.

DuangSomrak Parnsakul

First 1 - Arthit Uppama

AonPongkit Manthong

Pao - Taweekorn Suttiparpa

Bank - Sirikhorn Tangparn

First 2Suttirak Maneereak

Best - Arthit Kaewliporn

Bill - Tawachai Nunthchat

Power Packers CC (India)

The list of players is as follows.

1. Mr. Rohit Tanwar 15 years from Madhya Pradesh 1st class cricket, 5 years in England county.

2. Mr. Vivek Rajdhan Test Player from Madhya Pradesh. 

3. Mr. C.P. Singh 10 years, 1st class cricket.

4. Mr. Sukhvinder Singh 20 years 1st class cricket.

5. Mr. Gurinder Pal Singh 5 years in England, 1st class cricket.

6. Mr. Sandeep Joshi 3 years in first class cricket.

Royal Maratha Cricket Club (India)

This 10 year old club has a an eclectic mix of members with a common agenda of enjoying cricket. The winner of the Phuket Beach Cricket in 2009 and several local tournaments including the NPL ( Nandos Peri Peri League) and the Bollywood Celebrity Sixes.

The Players

Dharmesh “The HULK” Keswani 

A massive power house and captain as much out of fear as out of respect. You don’t want to piss him off, on the field or off... and you don’t want to get into a drinking binge with him either. If you don’t know him, stay away... if you do know him, stay further away! Medium pace bowler with big hitting capabilities.

Vikrant “The WALL” Chougule 
As his nickname suggests, the WALL of the team. Technically correct batsman, whether its sixes cricket or test cricket. In his 25 year amateur cricketing career, no bowler has gotten the better of him... or so he claims!! A wine connoisseur and a food critic. Best cover driver in the team.

Rushang "Caveman" Patel
If Fred Flintstone played cricket, he would play it like this man. Wild with his swing and wild in his partying, this pint sized pocket rocket is sure to deliver the goods when it matters. Unfortunately we are yet to figure out what those goods are! A word of warning stay away from him in the mornings!

Sanjay "Baba, the ladies man" Mirani
The one man really looking forward to playing the sixes tournament as he apparently has tremendous hidden cricketing skills. Unfortunately he has been accused by the captain of being as about as useful as a one-legged man at an arse kicking contest. He wants this tournament to be about proving his mettle and scoring big! On and off the field!

Amit  “The Guju DESTROYER” Kamdar 
Not a defensive bone in his body, and we’re not just talking about cricket! Looks can be very deceptive, as is proof in his case. Whether he’s murdering a cricket ball or a chicken... its with the same aggression and passion... At your dinner table, on the cricket pitch or at the shots bar, watch out for him or you may get wet! Slog specialist pinch-hitting bat and a demon left arm pace bowler.

Abhiraj "Gajni" Barfiwala
Strong as the hulk, fast as the flash the man the Superman. His huge biceps or indeed the equally big midriff can launch the ball into outer space, so be warned the bowlers. He has been in serious training to improve his skills especially in the vital drinking arena!

Shiamikh 'Bhai' Patel
He is our main weapon. The "Symonds" of our team armed with a local Gujarati version of an American accent. U mess with him and you are asking for trouble. The harder or faster they come the further they fly. And he can more than hold his own on the drinking table too. We hope he turns up for the match instead of going ‘fishing’.

Singapore Slingers (Singapore)

Rajesh  “Big Mac”
(Double patty burger with secret sauce)
Rajesh has double the power of everyone on the team so she can easily hit double the boundaries compared to the rest. That’s the first layer, the second layer is Rajesh the bowler who can use that same power to knock a few heads off. Don’t worry, she’s polite, she’ll definitely say ‘sorry’.

Priya “Big Breakfast”
(Freshly scrambled eggs,sausage, crispy hashbrowns and toasted muffins.)
Taste of everything ‘in one tiny person’, batting, bowling, keeping, and fielding...like Mc Donald’s its quality guaranteed!!

Angela “Double Chocolate Competitive Frappe”
It’s got double the kick! Angela is very cool headed and chilled out but this black belt kung fu panda definitely has the drive to win whether it is cricket, tennis or any other sport under the sun. Competitiveness is her middle name.

Vicky “Hotcakes”
(Fluffy pancakes drizzled with maple syrup)
The sweetness oozes out of Vicky. She is the most helpful and sweet person on the team. However don’t depend on her sweetness in the field she can leave you burnt with a glare when she takes the catch at square.

Layanthi “Strawberry Milkshake”
Breakfast, lunch or dinner strawberry milkshake always tastes good and Layanthi is pro at many different sports. On the cricket field you don’t notice her moving as she is so smooth.

Dhanam “McSpicy”
(Spicy chicken burger)
Don’t let her size or smile fool you. This feisty little thing has attitude with a capital ‘A’. The lean mean bowling will definitely surprise you!

McDonalds is not advisable in large quantities. Also we do not endorse McDonalds.

St Francis De Sales CC (Melbourne, Australia)

St Francis De Sales CC, Was formed in 1965 in Melbourne, Australia, starting with only 1 senior side, winning our first premiership in the season of 1967-68.We are now a club of over 300 members, fielding 6 Senior and 7 Junior sides.

More information about club on website

Amongst the players attending the tournament in Phuket are as follows...

Captain...Joe (Joey) Rizzo  Solid opening batsman in B.Turf competition, hoping to hit his first career six in Phuket, and thinks he can bowl a bit, never seen him bowl an over in match conditions.

Nick (Mr Nick) Eilers Right arm opening bowler, Playing cricket in Pannawonica WA this year, like to have a crack when batting, looking forward to social side of tournament after spending the last 12 months in the mining town Pannawonica.

Gavin (Charlie) Davies  
Very social person and very social cricketer, plays in our One Day Team. Loves to have fun when playing cricket.

Grant (Tweeka) Smith  
Wicket Keeper and Middle order bat in the  later stages of his career, just loves the game and the social side.  Current President of St Francis De Sales CC 

We all are pretty excited to be heading to Phuket for the tournament... Let the games begin....

St George Telegraph (NSW, Australia)

The Saint George Telegraph shield side is an under 23’s side that represents the Georges River ST. George cricket Association in the NSW districts competition played monthly on Sundays. After getting to know players throughout the competition the first telegraph shield side was put together in the 2007/08 season and enjoyed two successful seasons, making the finals – only going down to eventual winners Camden in both. Players represent a range of clubs from the district including, Ramsgate RSL, De La Salle Kingsgrove and The Illawarra Catholic Club. As important as on-field results are, off-field are just as important through the many ‘Bonding Sessions’ in the Julios v Nerds competition. Golf events, barefoot bowls and boat races as well as other shenanigans are many features of the keenly contested competitions. Expect to see the famous bright pink socks of the Julios and Black socks of the nerds strutting around in the field in Phuket.


James McKeown # 31
J–Mac is a proud nerd and proudly wears his black socks on Sundays. A real Mr. Fix-it in the batting order – can bat anywhere opener right through to eleven.  J-Mac will agree that his best form is saved for off the field – always the last one to still be holding his beer after a big one, even if it is slumped in a couch nestling the beer on his ‘gut’ while passed out. Jim will tell you that it’s an art and take years to master.

Luke Shad # 99 
Luke ‘Shadisfaction’ Shad is one of the younger members of the side. Known as the captain of the Julios, Luke is often the last person to games, not because he is a late riser but because of the time it takes him to get his hair and appearance ready. Beneath his well-manicured cover lies the competitive heart of Steve Waugh, the batting ability of Sir Don and the quick reactions in the field of Ricky Ponting.

Andrew Evans # 26
Better known as ‘Ev’, Andrew is the Freddie Flintoff of the side – born for the six aside tournament, with his big hitting when batting and his lightening pace with the ball. Ev’s lucky number 26 which is also his playing number comes from a certain light entertainment game which involves a spinning wheel and ball, however that’s not the only spinning ball which he likes. When facing spin you can expect Ev to send the ball into tomorrow.

Sam Peel # 1 
Most definitely the right hand man to the captain of the Julios. Sam’s competitive nature lifts the boys around him in games and Sam never gives up in any situation. Sam is a really talented cricketer and will let you know how well he went through out a day’s play even if it may slightly be exaggerated. Sam does have a big heart and will charge in all day, not even the tropical heat of Thailand will stop him.

Brendan Woodbridge # 4
Woody is by far the team’s most SOLID player, a very handy all-rounder whose speed is his biggest attribute. If Brendan could be any animal he’d be a greyhound and with a name like redrocket you’d be foolish not to back him. Woody is one of the key figures for the Nerds who has one of the best jobs - getting paid to watch sport all day.

Ben Stares # 13 
By far the most talented cricketer in the side. Not only is ‘Staresy’ a great stroke maker and dominant batsman but his medium pace stump to stump bowling is just as important to the side. Ben is a typical Australian male, who doesn’t like fruit in his beer or in his diet and is most comfortable beer in hand laying back in the sun on a banana chair.

Zach Payne # 27
Muscles is a key member of the Julios side. Zach plays a flamboyant brand of cricket but unfortunately saves his best form for the nets. If Zach learnt to transfer this out onto the field he would be easily considered the next Sir Garfield Sobers. His chocolate all sorts’ style bowling - a bit of meds, heat and spin makes him one of the side’s secret weapons with the ball.

Daniel Brightwell # 87 
The Big red loves his cricket and plays the game hard but fair. He has created a formidable partnership with Woody nicknamed red force one opening up the innings and they hope to continue the Langer-Hayden like partnership in Thailand. Daniel is hoping to lead the boys to some success in the tournament as captain as long as off field efforts don’t affect this.

Corner Tigers (Pakistan)

Corner Tigers are a club team from Islamabad, Pakistan. Most of the players play the sunday league for the club. Tigers have been regularly playing the Phuket sixes since 2005. This happens to be their 6th outing in Phuket. They have had the chance of winning the event once, out of the two cup finals that they have played. Tigers love Phuket and keep coming back for a hunt. This time round there are two new tigers representing the team (Mustafa & Waqas). Both Mustafa and Waqas are cricket freeks. Haroon and Humayun have been regular and represented the club always. Osman is becoming a regular phenomenon too. Abid however has been committed too and can change his role as the team wants. From a hockey player to a bowler and now a keeper. All of us are cricket lovers and play cricket for fun. Introduction of the players is as follows:

A PIA pilot. Wants the ball to fly as high as he flies his plane.

An Orthodontist. Wants to fix the ball into the stands as he likes to fix teeth in the mouth.

An estate agent. Always worried about injuries as he gets worried when his buildings need repair.

Yet another PIA pilot. Dreams about cricket when ever he is not flying. 

A travel agent. Wants to make a mark as a sixes player. Always talking about cricket plans. 

Works for a tele communication company. May be links cricket as the best social event.

The Custom Cockatoos (Adelaide, Australia)

This will be the second Phuket Sixes tour that the Custom Cockatoos have attended.  Due to such a wonderful event in 2009 we have decided to bring along a male and a female team and come out with all bats blazing!  We still have most of the old main stay cockatoos coming along (unfortunately we can’t get rid of them as they are contracted to us – or is that us to them?!?!) BUT there will be a few regular cockatoos missing from the line up due to them being wuss bags – let’s face it this Event is much more important than a job or a (god forbid) a relationship!  We have attracted (conned) a few new members to join the team along with a well know Asian Cricket Sixes Tour personality.  All in all, the variety and diversity of the Custom Cockatoos remain and we are keen to live up to our recent Hong Kong award as displaying the Spirit of Cricket.

The Men's Team

(#4)  Gavin “GT” Turner
Following the success of the Cockatoos first visit to Phuket, Gav has jumped on board for his international debut and is coming along with the Cockatoos on their return visit to Phuket. He has been so keen to do well that he has lost a whopping 28 kgs through a tough fitness program and the fact that he didn’t like his first cockatoo uniform and wanted another one!  In any case, don’t think that as he is now half the man he once was, he can’t still hit a mean ball and we suspect he will put a few balls onto Karon Beach (if for no other reason than to annoy Hollywood!) Gav insists that he is a great all rounder and wants to actually ‘keep’ to his own bowling!  Not shy in telling anyone about his abilities look for him for a little chat…he will be the Bruce Willis look alike at the end of the bar. 

(#5)  Saurav “Dolly” Chatterjee
Dolly is a well know Asian Cricket Sixes Tour regular and has been contracted (ok conscripted!) to play with the Cockatoos following a late night drinking session with Jason in Hong Kong.  Dolly is well known for his insatiable thirst, his hard hitting and his hard loving, so Jason reliably tells us!  Maybe we wont go there…Dolly will certainly be a welcome asset to the cockatoos team and as the six player we all have our fingers crossed that he will show up or Gav may have to try to keep to his own bowling!  Dolly unfortunately misheard the Cockatoos motto of “Train Hard, fight easy” and thought that we said, “Play Hard, Party Harder”.  Oh well, close enough!

(#8)  Mark “Fast Eddy” Thamm
Although he is the doyen of the team it is nearly time to go to the old folk’s home as he is starting to smell funny. The fastest man on earth over 22 yards (just ask him - well he would be except for the knee, the ankle, the old ball and chain…) still wields a mean cricket bat and watch out for the late cut (all timing and nothing to do with the fading eyesight I’m sure.)  The ideas man of the team and would be a cricketing legend except for none of us have a bloody clue what he is talking about. 

(#12)  Julian “Durian” Blackwell
Julian’s first outing with the cockatoos was in Hong Kong, selected only after being reliably informed that he was a man of many hidden talents. Julian has opted himself in for a second run with the Cockatoos and now that we have seen all that he has to offer he no longer has any ‘hidden’ talents what so ever!  We have found however that we cannot simply get rid of him as he is one of the ‘those’ (contracted, conscripted – same same) players we spoke of earlier.  Notwithstanding this, he is a nice guy (we have to say that as it’s in his contract) makes us all look bad by running (really fast!) aimlessly around the field until someone told him to stop (stop Forrest stop!).  His greatest talents tend to be in the bar at the end of the game, or in some cases during the half time break. Let’s hope he keeps up the good work in Phuket or we may have to trade him for Brett Lee…

(#23)  Jason “Hollywood” Kohlmorgen
Jason’s second time around for the Phuket Sixes and hot on the heels of his individual accolades in Hong Kong…surely everyone is still wearing their Hong Kong medals?!?!  The name says it all…action, suspense, romance and at times a little horror….and this is only in the bar after the game, you should see what happens on the cricket field!  A good, medium pace bowler and a better spinner, Jason insists that his batting style has been greatly under rated (but we are not so sure!!) Often loosing track of where he has left his clothes, Jason is the original ‘Top Gun’ of the Cockatoos and just like all Hollywood stars, probably the biggest Galah.  He also should have read the fine print as he has been conscripted (oops I meant contracted) on his honeymoon – a brave, brave man!

(#88)  David “Maverick” Threlfo
David makes his living playing with a pole between his legs as an Australian Naval Aviation Instructor (Helicopters) and we are only hoping that he can actually play cricket, although we doubt that very much!  Just like his Top Gun alter-ego his greatest claim to fame is writing checks that his body can’t cash, although it is interesting watching the results.  He may need a second bottle of body oil at the beach cricket but be warned, whatever David does he does with flare and enthusiasm which tends to make up for any lack of finesse. With more personalities than a schizophrenic superhero just pray that he leaves ‘Mr. Competitive’ at home!  Whatever happens on the field, be sure that he is one to definitely have a drink and a chat after the game. 

The Women's Team

(#2)  Nicole “Nic-Nic” Murphy
Nic is actually so quiet that we didn’t know she was on the team until we opened this magazine and saw that she was included!  Although she is happy to sit in the background and take in all around her just be aware that when bowling she is known as the silent assassin.  When batting, stealth is the name of the game with young Nic as the run rate tends to escalate rapidly when she is on strike.  This has nothing to do with the fact that she actually pays off the scorers before the game to add a few more runs onto her column!   This ‘quiet’ achiever is one to watch both on and off the field and don’t stand between her and a designer clothing bargain or else!

(#9)  Kate “Krusher” Rush
Just when you thought it was safe to get back on to the playing field along comes Kate “The Krusher” Rush (or as her team affectionately refer to her, “CupKate” – sorry Kate!) for her second international tour with the cockatoos.  Don’t let the body piercings fool you she is actually a softy at heart and is more than keen to compete in her first Phuket Sixes event.  Her cavalier batting is only surpassed by her wayward bowling style which is designed to confuse the batter (and works well on her own team as well).  Has promised to tone down her after game activities and take on a more  senior playing role now that she is a veteran but doesn’t have Grandpa looking out for her this trip and will probably turn up to the games supporting another piercing, Tattoo or hairstyle (please god, no). 

(#18)  Rachel “Ratchet” Thamm
Has played for a number of years but, if it wasn’t for all the edges, could still sell her bat on e-bay as a new item – hasn’t hit a thing since hitting the jackpot with her husband Mark. Banned from bowling for 12 months due to knocking out the batter two nets away, will have completed her sentence and will be available for bowling duties in Phuket.  Ultra competitive and often referred to as ‘Ratchet the Hatchet’, don’t get in her way if things are looking like a win for the team (particularly if she has a bat in her hand).

(#21)  Karen “Rolts” Rolton
We were hoping to get away with playing Karen under an assumed name but the rest of the cockatoos are just so impressed that she is coming along that we all want to brag that she is playing with us.  As a former ICC cricketer of the year (2006) and just recently retiring from International Cricket as the Australian Women’s Cricket Team Captain this will definitely not be Karen’s first International tournament.  She may need a ball or two to get her eye in and the hang of the Phuket Sixes tournament but with a little luck I think she can learn to keep the ball in the stadium!   

(#25)  Sarah “Rah-Rah” Thamm
The youngest and not so dainty of the team. Don’t be fooled by her looks and sweet smile – she has abilities in advance of her years.  Following her performance in Hong Kong she has attracted the eye and taken the South Australian Women’s Cricketing Community by storm being selected to the Freeman / Rolton academy of excellence and has recently  participated in her first Australian State Representative Team. Rah Rah is a mean medium pace bowler who often surprises the batsman with her wide variety of deliveries and when she hits the ball its stays hit.  Guru Imran (Woodpecker) has also seen the skill quality in Sarah and has taken her under his wing providing sponsorship to assist her climb up the ladder.

(#69)  Starsy “Mazey” Mayes
Starsy can never be accused of hiding her abilities up her sleeve and once you witness her on the field you will understand why.  In order to get that little bit more power from her bowling and to intimidate opposition players when batting she rolls her sleeves into a muscle shirt to display those pulsing biceps. She is the recipient of many awards but the one she is most proud of is from her finishing school, The Swiss Ladies Academy, and is the “World’s Best Shopper’ Award. A shy and delicate flower, she sometimes indulges in a bit of light hearted sledging in the true Australia style….well she actually starts with the sledging as she crosses the line to commence and doesn’t stop until she reaches the bar on her return.  A tip for all opposition will be to bring along the ear plugs, oh, and did we mention she is Shane Warne’s twin sister….

Official Mascots

(#0)    Brooke “Brookstar” Thamm
(#00)  Ashton “Ashie” Thamm
 Brought along for their ability to distract and annoy, the two cheer squad members will wreak havoc when least expected.  Remember that Brooke and Ashton could be lurking anywhere, although Ashton will probably be somewhere close behind Karen.  We highly recommended that you don’t feed them as they have been known to bite.  Brooke, a cute little blond 8 year old, is on her way to being the next head of the United Nations and could talk an Eskimo into buying ice – no refunds, you’ve been warned!!

Keelin “Robert” Murphy
 A student of the Midvale School for the Gifted, Keelin at 16 has finally decided to put the books away and come to Phuket with us to see what all the fuss is about. Actually having the event in Uni holidays was probably the real reason.  Was very disappointed to hear that this involved watching cricket!  Will be on the lookout for a shopping companion but suitors be warned, both Dad AND Mum wield a mean cricket bat.  

Phuket Miracles Women's Team (Phuket, Thailand)

The Phuket Miracles team is a surprise package. It is captained by Kru Took, who coaches the Phuket Natives. The team includes teachers and university students from Phuket, along with a few imports. They are Phuket's first women's cricket team, but with a few promising youngsters coming on at junior level, there should certainly be more to come.

The Wild Men From Borneo (Borneo)

Is it that time again?? Oh well…..Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to Phuket we go, swinging a bat so loose drinking Jungle Juice Hi Ho Hi Ho….  We’re Back…..  The Wild Men From Borneo are once again about to descend upon the lovely island of Phuket.

Again sponsored by Angus and Arfur O'tools the boys have barely scraped a team together due to the impact of recent economics and as such many of our players became unavailable. We will just have to have a drink for them and they can get fined next time.

Players for 2010’s “Fun in the sun” are:

Captain Circket (Mark Stirling)
This is CC’s 6th consecutive Phuket Sixes Tournament and is looking forward to chilling out for a week and possibly throwing around some willow and actually may even make some contact with the ball this year.

Ginger Rash (Ian Farrar)
The legendary Fines Captain will make a full return this year after a half arsed job last year when he had to up stumps and leave. Lucky for the WMFB Maddog came along to fill in the role. Ginge will be out in all his glory this year and may actually hit some run or is that get the runs.

Tuk Tuk (Ross Broun)
Back again for a third attempt at Phuket and bowling a maiden over on the famous Karon wicket. Tuk-Tuk has been practicing on getting the ball to not spin off the middle of the bat for six.

Back Door (Jason Van Cuylenburg)
With the team in spirit.

It is with heavy heart that we also mention a fallen comrade. Backdoor passed away on 10th October, 2009 and he is and will be greatly missed by all the WMFB and those who knew him. We will have a drink for you matey.

The Virgins

Niels Steeman
This will be the first time Niels (a skydiving Dutchman) will actually see a game of cricket, never mind standing the middle of one. We wish the big fella well. If he connects it will go a long way, if he bowls it will go a long way. Either way his cricketing career will go far. We are not sure if his skydiving skills will be required however we never know. Good luck matey.

Alan Jackson
Another tour virgin, Alan a Liverpool supporter through and through will grace the green (well we hope they are green) fields of the Karon stadium in his WMFB debut. Willing to give anything a go we managed to sucker him, sorry talk him into playing for the WMFB as a possible chance of tonking the willow in Thailand.

At the time of writing we had several players who had not yet committed to playing so stuff them they miss out on being in the pages of history for 2010 and the Wild Men From Borneo.

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