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The Phuket Cricket Week comprises of the ICC Award Winning Phuket International Cricket Sixes and the Thalang International 7's (formerly known as the Kata International 7s)

The Sixes were first held in 2004, while the 7s made its first appearance in 2012. Both events have helped raise substantial sums through the kindness of its worldwide participants to assist in the next generation of Thais falling in love with the game through the Phuket Cricket Group's Junior Development Fund. The ACST would like to thank the PCG for their continued and invaluable support as the Phuket Cricket week continues to flourish.

All enquiries for anyone wishing to come along and make friendships through the game, whether as a team or individuals should contact the ACST Chairman, Michael 'Cat' Maher at mmaher.padmir@bigpond.com or by telephone on +61 407 385 481.

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Monday, December 21, 2015

2011 - Team & Officials Pen Portraits

2011 - Team & Officials Pen Portraits


Ian ‘Reds’ Liddell
Reds is our Tournament Referee and will ensure the schedule runs smoothly and will be on hand to sort out any disputes. Reds brings of years of experience to the event both as an administrator and former player.

Mark Burns
In the past Mark has graced the arena with his Lamma CC team mates but this year steps into the role of Tournament Director while sending out reports to the media so the tournament is read about worldwide.

Saurav ‘Dolly’ Chatterjee
Dolly has put in many valuable hours of work to ensure all runs smoothly this week. He will be on hand throughout the week in many roles including directing the Beach Cricket Tournament.

Michael ‘Cat’ Maher
Cat will be around offering support throughout the week and generally making sure all our visitors are happy and enjoying their stay. Expect to hear his dulcet tones over the PA when commentating. Cat has worked tirelessly in the lead up to this event in his role as Team Co-Ordinator.

Rob ‘Chops’ Bernard
Chops will be carrying out a plethora of jobs throughout the week and in the run up to the event and will be most often found around the officials table assisting with the schedule and commentating.

Michael Way
As ever Michael will be doing the vital job of collecting the team sheets in prior to games with his usual efficient way. Please assist him in this important and vital role.

Rex ‘Slydog’ Evans
Rex is our Umpires Co Ordinator who has won awards in his new role since hanging up his bowling boots in his native Perth. He is always good for a chat and a laugh after play after having his reputation grow in the middle.

Burt ‘Budgie’ Baetsen
Budgie is back to cast his immense personality around the tournament. A decent veteran cricketer who enjoys his role and making new friends. Burt is a good tourist and fun to be around. Any bowler looking for sympathy after bowling pies may be better looking elsewhere!

Warren ‘Wokka’ Pugh
Good old Wokka will no doubt be on the motorbike with Fon recreating ‘On the Buses’ as Arthur and Olive. Once a fearsome opening bowler, Wokka now passes on his experience as a poacher turned gamekeeper.

Jeffrey ‘Rabbi’ Cohen
The umpiring community may well be joined by Rabbi, a kind hearted soul from Pattaya. A lovely gentleman who is always looking to offer a helping hand throughout the week.

Gary Johnson
Gary is an experienced umpire based in Penang who will use his years of experience out in the middle. Expect several mentions of the Collingwood Grand Final victory if socialising with Gary. A nice man who loves the Sixes scene.

Chris Felton
Chris travels out once again for his third Sixes in Phuket, once more full of enthusiasm and looking forward to officiating at the event that he holds dearly. Hopefully by the time you read this Chris will have qualified further with the ECB to move to more prestigious fixtures this English summer.

Susan Liddell
Susan is an experienced scorer both at our Sixes events and back home in Newcastle NSW. She thoroughly enjoys herself on tour and adds a lovely presence to the scorers table and keeps the rebels in check!

Tracy Walker
Tracy should be fine to be with us once again with her husband Max and son James in tow. Tracy is excellent at her job and often keeps the rest of us up to date with the overnight sports scores from around the world.

Daniel ‘7/11’ Way
Daniel will be on hand to make sure transport is running smoothly as well as sitting on the scoring panel, offering vital support. He will also be in charge as the zookeeper to our tournament mascot, Ranga.

Raju Seemant
Once again Raju will be giving valuable support to ensure the Karon Seasands Beach Cricket tournament runs smoothly as he has from its inception as well as offering local advice.

Val Cliff
We warmly welcome Val back and hope she has a wonderful time with us. We’re sure she’ll welcome the warm weather after a chilly UK winter. Val will use her many skills to assist throughout the week.

Supattra ‘Tookta’ Jarumoon
Tookta has assisted greatly in the lead up to the tournament and will be on hand to offer local skills as the week progresses. She will mostly be found downstairs at the stadium with her team refreshing everyone with her usual cheery smile.

Chade & Shayne Steenholdt
The brothers are back from to Phuket to once again take up the roles of groundsmen/curators from their Perth base. Both the boys thoroughly enjoyed 2009 as they did a fine job as well as starring in the Bowl Winning CBB SCs team as well as making lots of friends during their spell.

Will Badger
Big Badge will be generally assisting around the place with the beach cricket and offering much needed support wherever needed.

Carolyn Latter
Carolyn and her team will be around throughout the week following up the superb work undertaken by Kitten last year in raising money for the Phuket Cricket Junior Development Fund so the next generation of local kids can progress in the game.

Barbara ‘HE’ McHerron
Barb will be on hand once again to mend our aches and pains and the usual muscle injuries suffered by the usual array of sportsmen out in the middle! A really nice lady who has given the ACST and the Cricket Authority of Thailand many years of tremendous service as well as being a well respected member of the CBBs.

Steve Walker
Steve will be taking up the role normally occupied by Wayne Morrison who unfortunately can’t make Phuket this year. Steve will no doubt be winding up his roomie to the limit and making lots of new mates. A good photographer in his own right, don’t be afraid to ask him to take those special snaps!

In addition to these officials the team may well be joined by Tim ‘Socrates’ Caimakamis, Brian ‘Flemo’ Shaw, Bob ‘Tiny’ Phillips, Dan Brightwell, Kim Burns and Tony Pope to carry out various roles throughout their week. We offer our sincere thanks for their welcome assistance.

ADF Tigers (Malaysia)

After a couple of years in the cricketing wilderness, the mighty ADF Tigers hailing from the Malaysian state and city of Penang, intent on making a triumphant return to the Phuket Sixes in 2011.  The team consists of Australian servicemen who currently call Malaysia home, and our strike bowler, Johnny who is as Penang local as you can get.  The ADF Tigers Penang are very much looking forward to playing against, meeting with and enjoying the contest with all players and supporters in this great game that brings us back to Phuket.  Cheers.

Player profiles;

Andy Porter
Ports was born in England and attended the Garfield Sobers International School of Cricket. He graduated in 1988 and was voted the International Cricketer of Mystery for that year. Ports's most famous feat was hitting 7 sixes in a row off 6 balls - don't ask how he did it, he just did. He also once bowled a whole side out with his own bowling style of pace spin in one over. Don't ask him how it happened it just did. Incredible things happen when Ports get into the cricket 'zone', don't ask how they happen, they just do. Well they used to happen until the fatefull day that Ports lost control of his shopping trolley in Woollies and smashed head first into the frozen bearded clam display. He was buried for 3 hours beneath ice and bearded clams before they dug him out. Having suffered severe exposure while being incased in ice and beareded clams it affected his cricket ability and he no longer possess super cricket powers and now bats, bowls and fields like a 43yo that hasn't played cricket for 23 years with dodgy knees and questionable catching skills.
Oh yes - Father to Adelle & Chris.

Johnny Bamford 
The ADF Tigers most capped player with close to ten years experience in the Penang competition, Johnny has seen and done it all on the cricket field.  He will be promoted up the order from number 11 to number 6 for this fixture .  His gentle away swingers at an even gentler pace should prove too tempting for even the most out of sorts batsmen and at the Sixes we expect him to go for many.  Off the field, Johnny's a very likeable bloke and is sure to be entertaining you all with his good cheer and anecdotes until well after stumps. 

Richard Turnley  
Whilst he enjoys his career with the ADF, Tunnels will tell anyone that will listen that postings and time away from home have cost him from realising his full potential as a cricketer and posssibly a First Class call up.  A batsman originally from Melbourne, is starting to come into some form in the Penang T20 competition leading up to the Sixes, and is excited about playing cricket in his adopted second home of Thailand.  Expectations are mounting as his Mrs and possibly some inlaws will be at the ground to see if he walks the walk or just talks it up.

Richard Kohn  
Rich's cricket experience consists mainly of laying on the couch, hungover, watching the Boxing Day test. Initially drafted into the side as a specialist fielder due to his admission that he "can't bat, can't bowl", it quickly became apparent that he could neither catch nor throw. None the less he fills a hole in the field and when not swinging for the rope(and usually missing)  Rich does a half decent job running water to our batsmen.

Scott Blakeley 
Coming from Australia's premiere cricketing breeding ground of Tasmania, you'd think that Scotty would be a top order batsman. However this left-hander, need we say more, is more accustomed to playing in the front row of a Rugby Union team. This is his first year playing for the Tigers and Scotty is still coming to grips with the fact that the cricket ball is smaller and rounder than the one he's been used to playing with up until now. What he lacks in skills on the field, he makes up for in the after match celebrations and therefore, rather disrespectfully, considers himself another Boonie in the making.

Dean Leck
Deano enjoys his cricket immensely but is under the illusion he can continue to perform as he did when he was 16. Convinced they have made the pitch longer over the past 20 years, a single is now a personal marathon!  Deano still manages to keep wickets for the ADF Tigers, which is a good thing if you have ever seen him bowl. 6's is not his game, as he prefers to face a few hundred overs before hitting out, however can be devastating square of the wicket if given the right ball. Competitive and still loves to win, Deano now places more importance on the beers at the end of the game.

Jason 'Skinny' Bremen  
As the new captain of a new-look ADF Tiger's line up, he is just happy to get the field placements right, that is, no two fielders standing next to each other!. He used to be 15kg lighter and at 186cm he could whip the ball down with the best of them, alas, weight and age caught up and he now settles for anything which is not a wide!

Corner Tigers (Islamabad, Pakistan)

Corner Tigers are a club team from Islamabad, Pakistan. Most of the players play the Sunday league for the club. Corner Tigers are actively participating in the ICL (Islamabad Cricket league) and have been regularly playing the Phuket sixes since 2005. This happens to be their 7th outing in Phuket. They have had the chance of winning the event once, out of the three cup finals that they have played. The Tigers win was on their debut.

Tigers love Phuket and keep coming back for a hunt. The year 2010 got the team very close to raising the cup yet again, but the Tigers hope that year 2011 is more promising.

Keeping up with tradition, Abbas an allrounder is another Tiger joining the team. Abbas is excited and looking forward for the tournament.  Humayun and Haroon the regulars, Osman Bashar and Mustafa are going to be participating in the sixes. Tigers are pretty happy that they also have some supporters in their squad. They hope Speedy and Abbasi to be lively cheer leaders.

A PIA pilot. Wants the ball to fly as high as he flies his plane.

An Orthodontist. Wants to fix the ball into the stands as he likes to fix teeth in the mouth.

Yet another PIA pilot. Dreams about cricket when ever he is not flying.

A travel agent, in his second consecutive sixes tournament  is motivated to raise the cup in 2011. 

A right hand pace bowler is going to participate for the 3rd time in the sixes, he just got married a week ago and is looking for some post marriage luck to show on the field.

A first timer for Phuket is a banker by profession and loves to bank on some square cuts and cover drives. He is an active member on the local cricket circuit in Islamabad.

Custom Cockatoos (Adelaide, Australia)

The Custom and The Cockatoos

Split up at birth the members of these teams have been wandering the dessert of life forever searching for their long lost family.  They have banded together in two groups, The Custom and The Cockatoos BUT when the teams join together, raise their glasses and are anointed with superpowers by the god Sambuca they become the invincible - CUSTOM COCKATOOS!

Introducing the ‘Custom Wines’ Teams

Jason “Hollywood” Kohlmorgen #23
The name says it all…action, suspense, romance and at times a little horror….and this is only in the bar after the game, you should see what happens on the cricket field! Whether he bowls loopy or straight at you he will be sure to surprise (particularly the wicket keeper!) As a world class sports writer he insists that his batting style has been greatly under rated (and the mirrors on the bat really are to help with his batting!!) Still the ‘Top Gun’ of the Cockatoos and just like all Hollywood stars, probably (ok no probably!) the biggest Galah.

Karen “Rolts” Rolton #21
Once the queen of the world of cricket, however, it all came crashing down shortly after being introduced to the ‘Custom Cockatoos’ and having her very own cocktail named after her (clearly all Hollywood’s fault!) Although we have introduced her to the meaning of life and the one true deity (you guessed it, the Sambuca God) Rolts still hits a mean cricket ball and is so handy with a golf club she has to use an alias, normally ‘Teresa Green’.  Dare we mention that she is even more competitive than Ratchet so look out for your roof tiles little man on the hill, the weather forecast is ‘raining cricket balls’!

Mark “(Not So) Fast Eddy” Thamm #8
The fastest man on earth over 22 yards (just ask him - well he would be except for the knee, the ankle, the old ball and chain…) still wields a mean cricket bat and watch out for the late cut (all timing and nothing to do with the fading eyesight I’m sure.)  Having taken on the role of coaching the legendary Port Adelaide Women’s cricket teams you too may smell the wafting scent of incense and the feint chants of guru, guru… but, as ever, this not so suave cricketing legend leaves most of us mere mortals wondering what bloody hell he is talking about most of the time. 

Sarah “Rah Rah” Thamm #25
Still the youngest and not so dainty of the team, poor Rah Rah is often adopted but always returned! Daddy has a shotgun so she is the Cockatoos nominated ‘responsible adult’ on our big nights out but don’t be fooled by her surfer chick looks and sweet smile – she has abilities well in advance of her years. The ‘sling queen’ of South Australian cricket, Rah Rah is a mean medium pacer (hold on if she is ‘Medium’ why does she bowl ‘Fast’ at Ratchet??) who often surprises the batsman with her wide variety of deliveries….Hey, if she doesn’t know where they are going how the hell could the batsman!!  Oh, and did I mention Daddy has a shotgun?

Rachel “Ratchet” Thamm #18 
Has shown up for a number of years but hasn’t played all that much cricket as, like Humpty Dumpty, she keeps going SPLAT!  Although she has the world’s best bat (three seasons old as but good as new!) Ratchet often looks like a chess board after being peppered by Rah Rah as she hasn’t hit a thing since hitting the jackpot with her husband Mark. Bowling talent is so prolific the organizers have asked her again this year not to terrorize this event so will reluctantly take up keeping duties!  Ultra (I mean ultra!) competitive and often referred to as Ratchet the Hatchet, don’t get in her way if things are looking like a win for the team, particularly if she has a bat in her hand and the hand is actually working… 

Cohen “2 Cool” Thamm #2
May be a late scratching due to an unfortunate sense of duty (where the hell did that come from?)  Always an excuse why the ball didn’t come off the middle of the bat, ‘2 cool’ does, however, terrorize batsmen with his long and fast run up.  It would be good if he could let the ball go at anywhere near the pace that the run up suggests, but the advantages for the team are that; often the batsmen fall asleep waiting for the delivery and (more importantly) he wears himself out during the game and is not such a hyper handful during after game celebrations.  Refuses to sweat as, you guessed it, that’s not cool.  

Nicole “Nic-Nic” Murphy #2
Nic is actually so quiet that we didn’t know she was on the team until we opened this magazine and saw that she was included.  Although she is happy to sit in the background and take in all around her just be aware that when bowling she is known as the silent (but deadly) assassin.  A note of caution, this brunette bombshell may be dressed in her Baywatch bikini and used as a distractive decoy in the beach cricket so watch out for the ice picks!…BUT make no mistake, this ‘quiet’ achiever is one to watch both on and off the field!

Blythe “Jiminy” Schembri #1
Don’t let her quiet and calm nature fool you, for just under the skin is a cool, calculating competitor who sits in wait for the opportunity to WIN! She packs a mean straight drive as well as a fast and nasty in-swinger. Her small size and diminutive Disney nickname, ‘Jiminy Cricket’ is just a cover for the wild child within – not one to mess with words Blythe has stated she is going to paint Phuket Town red, but only once she has finished babysitting RahRah. 

Trina “Treens” Rosenberg #55
Treens has decided to push out of her comfort zone and this is her first ever full season of ‘real’ cricket. Push herself she certainly has with her local South Australian team the Port Adelaide Magpies she has competed in all three grades and can now add an international appearance to her list of achievements in this monumental year.  Treens loves the back foot pool shot through mid wicket and the cockatoos are anticipating a number of 6’s into the stands because when she hits that little red thing it definitely stays hit!

Sonia “Alby” Mangelsen #60
Sonia is one of those rare people that has a true love of everything sporting.  The first to play any (and I mean any!) sporting completion from backyard cricket to hockey. Sonia has refused to waste a minute in Phuket and will live up to her name sake, Alby mangles by exploring the wildlife and attractions around Phuket including the monkey refuge (possibly looking for the Badger and the Ferret!)  She has been a stable influence for the Port Adelaide Cricket Club and the Cockatoos and luckily has refused to hang up the boots as long as her equipment is still in working order. We can only assume she is talking about her cricket gear! 

Tammey “PG” Snelling #4
Tammey is the Cockatoos’ international ring in this year, and has honed her cricketing skills by competing successfully with the UK fire brigade men’s teams before migrating to the sunny shores of South Australia (well it is sunny compared to the UK!) Her love of cricket rekindled not, as per popular belief, when she met Fast Eddy, but after witnessing the English men’s team spank the Aussies in the recent Ashes tour. Tammey is a steady right arm med pace bowler and forceful batter who loves nothing better than to smack one through the covers… although her true skill remains in her keeping abilities and she can be heard to greet every new batter to the crease with the words ‘Air Hair Lair’ (say it out loud quickly) translated roughly into Aussie – means ‘Hello”.  Once you get past the language barrier and the accent you will realize that ‘PG’ definitely does not stand for Parental Guidance!

Dylan “Dyl” Hiscock #69
Big Dyl is joining the Cockatoos after being headhunted by the Cockatoos international cricket reporter and talent scout, ‘Hollywood’. Dylan’s defining moment in cricket occurred when he took a magnificent one handed diving catch off batter Kieron Pollard of South Australia Redbacks and West Indies fame – a fine feat you might claim, however, Dylan’s catch was not actually on the field but rather in the crowd where he could only take the one hander as the other still contained his beer.  A handy skill indeed for the beach cricket though.  Several slow motion replays by channel 9 reveal that despite the interference of the Galah sitting next to him, not one single drop was spilt making him a Cockatoo legend!!

Julian “Durian” Blackwell #12
Still making us all look old and slow by running (really fast!) aimlessly around the field until someone tells him to stop (stop Forrest stop!).  His greatest talents tend to be in the bar at the end of the game or in some cases during the half time break. Although he has now decided what he wants to be when he grows up and has traded his orange socks for blue ones, he is still definitely not the nominated ‘responsible adult’ of the team and one wonders if he can find his Yuk Yuk that he lost last year…

Ashton “The Badger” and Brooke “The Ferret” Thamm – #0 #00
Still serving a one year ban the Badge and Ferret have been benched in the home city of Adelaide with Nana – oh, and they are NOT HAPPY Jan!!!

Falcon (Kuwait)

FALCON has been participating in Asian Cricket Sixes at Bangkok and Pattaya for the last three years. In 2009 FALCON was runner-up for the trophy losing a well contested final against Lanka Lions when a steady drizzle hindered their run chase. 

The popularity of the game of cricket in Kuwait amongst the expatriate population is amazing, particularly at the veteran level, despite the extreme climatic condition. The name FALCON comes from the iconic bird known for its enduring abilities. The FALCON team for this tournament is a mixed social team.

Siddhartha S. Roy, Captain
Bespectacled and pencil thin Siddhartha is a 20 years old student of Buisness Administration in the prestigious Christ University in Bangalore. He plays a lot of badminton in Bangalore when not playing cricket and hanging around in FORUM MALL. A keen photographer, he loves touring and is widely travelled. He is keenly looking forward towards this tour to play some enjoyable cricket and making some good friends.

Satyajit S. Roy, Vice Captain
Apart from cricket Satyajit’s hobbies include painting, photography and cooking. An energetic player on the field he prefers to be in the thick of action, while batting bowling or wicket keeping. During his schooling days in India was coached by the legendary Indian wicket keeper Kiran More in the finer art of this game. Having completed his schooling in Kuwait he is waiting to join his Engineering College. Prior heading westward Satyajit is looking forward towards playing some enjoyable cricket and making some good friends through cricket.

Pran Ranjan Gupta
At 13 is the baby of the side. However Pran is no stranger to this game having to judiciously balance his studies in DPS Kuwait and his love for the game. He is a right handed batsman and pace bowler. Having attended several cricket coaching camps in Kolkata he is looking forward towards testing his skills in this international environment. Having played in CAB under fourteen tournaments in Kolkata Pran dreams of playing for the Kuwait and Indian national cricket teams one day.

He flies for Kuwait Airways however his passion is cricket. A left handed all rounder he can hit towering sixes and can generate a nippy pace off the wicket. He is a regular player in the veteran cricket circuit in Kuwait. Soft spoken and immensely likeable he is likely to be a big hit with one and all both on and off the ground.

Asif Juzair
An astute businessman in Kuwait he generously devotes his free time for cricket. While not making money for his company he is busy hitting sixes for his team or generating support for this wonderful game in Kuwait. His hobbies include serious photography and aero modelling. Having played in the Bangkok cricket sixes he is looking forward towards meeting his numerous friends in Thailand. He is a right handed batsman and wicket keeper. Also known to bowl flighted off-break deliveries, which are very restrictive in this limited version of the game. Soft spoken and ever smiling he is the most popular person in the squad.

Sourav Roy
Based in Kolkata he works for a leading newspaper in India in the marketing segment. His keenness for this game is second to none. He is no stranger to Asian Cricket Sixes having played earlier in the Bangkok version last year with considerable success. He loves travelling and has extensively travelled all over India. He is looking forward towards a week of enjoyable cricket and meeting old friends.

Soumitro Roy
A bad knee prevents him from regularly playing cricket, which is his first love. Also known for commanding large ocean liners, which never ran short of beer! Apart from drinking beer will be the team photographer during this tournament. 

Gauhati Town Club (GTC) (Assam, India)

Captain M.K.Gogoi
A former Indian Airforce Captain, is now the General Manager of Food Corporation of India, NE. A sports enthusiast, he never misses a single opportunity to participate or organize any cricketing and cultural events in FCI. A run biker, he can be frequently spotted riding his “ENFIELD” (Indian version of Harley Davidson) round the city. He debuts this year in Phuket and after this, promises many more such.

Deep Bora
An Ex Ranji Trophy Player, he is presently working for NF Railways, a hard-core fitness freak. One wonder whether Deep runs more of the railway engine??  He never gets tired of getting himself “clicked” and has also tried his luck in some Assamese music videos, which are hidden from his wife.

Diganta Kalita  
A successful businessman, political leader in the making and an ace badminton player. He is a first-timer in the Phuket Sixes. Perfectly dressed gentleman for all occasions who never complains of a shortage of energy and spirit in the cricket field. His regular presence in all Guwahati DJ and Dance bars fuels his life for hectic political campaigns.

Devajit Saikia
An ex-Ranji player and a very successful advocate, he is the doyen of GTC Phuket Sixes team. Responsible to great extent for the recent overhauling of the GTC with a new modern Clubhouse, his untiring efforts have made it possible to launch the football academy in GTC (which is one of the first in the entire North-East).

Satyadev Goswami
The original ‘Whiskyman’ is another regular of the GTC team, who is a successful businessman. “KASU” as he is fondly called is a live-wire and at times becomes its dynamite. His hyper enthusiasm in the cricket field and also in the night life of Phuket is to be seen to believed.

Rajdeep Oja
A GTC Phuket Sixes regular, this cool dude businessman has a sharp knack for making business deals. A cinema freak, he has a record of watching 4 movies back to back in the movie-hall, but he still makes time for his favorite pastime “cricket”. He promises to take some rest in Phuket this after hectic political campaigning for his mother’s election on 11th.April.

Sanjiv Narain
An owner of a “TV News” channel, he was one of the first to launch a TV channel and the cable TV business in the North East. A hard core cricket lover, he employs budding cricketers, and never misses a chance to play along with them in various tournaments in Guwahati. He is widely loved by many celebrities of Bollywood and the reason is still a mystery!!

Sajjad Zaheer Hussain
A cricket Fanatic and a budding Entrepreneur, he sleeps with his bats besides his bed at night. An N.C.A. level B coach and an ex-Ranji cricketer his passion for cricket is just a fraction more than his passion for good clothes, accessories and great food.

Anuj Paliwal  
He is the whizkid in the team, well known as the man with “Third Eye” a reputed IT institution in Assam. Debutante in the Phuket Sixes, to check his cricketing skills but, he is a regular in the “Corner Kick” the GTC’s own pub in Guwahati to keep his spirit high. 

St Georges River/Souths Juniors United (Sydney, Australia)

St Georges River will be supplying several players to form a team with South Sydney Juniors Cricket Club this year. We offer a warm welcome to the South’s boys on their first visit.

South Sydney Juniors Cricket Club this year celebrates its 50th season. We are an intra-club of Souths Juniors Leagues Club in Kensington, NSW. Unfortunately, only 3 club members could make the trip to Phuket this year but we hope that number will grow in future years. We compete in the Moore Park South East Cricket Association in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and currently have two grades and two Twenty20 teams. We're here to unwind after a long season in Australia and look forward to making some new friends, playing some enjoyable cricket and having a few drinks on the beach along the way. 

3. Anthony "Sincas" Sinclair 
At 32 years of age, Sincas has amassed 4272 runs at 28.86 and 215 wickets at 21.12 for SSJCC in 202 games. Now 1st Grade and T20 club captain and primarily a wicketkeeper batsman, Sincas is looking to extend his international career after playing stints in Australia, England, Wales and Hawaii. Sincas is best known for his big hitting, trademark late cut (indoor cricket specialist) and sports photography skills. Sincas used to bowl offies before keeping duties and the chance to do less in the field came knocking. A veteran tourist with a healthy thirst.  

10. Greg "Simsy" Sims 
At 54 years of age, Simsy still opens the batting for the club's 4th grade side when required. Simsy is the SSJCC Club Treasurer and Official Bunnings BBQ sausage and onion turner on fundraising days. Not even a hip replacement can keep the smiling assassin from getting onto the field and digging in when the team is in trouble. A handy slipper who can also lob up some left arm spinners, Simsy is a likeable character you will want to share a beer or 10 with.

7. Mark "Dowser" Dowsing
SSJCC's resident Pom, 32 year old Dowser has made an impact in 4th Grade in his first season with SSJCC as a handy all-rounder and excellent clubman. Dowser is a middle order batsman with a sliding inswing delivery style perfected on the green tops of Kent and possesses a safe pair of hands. Don't let the facade of an utter gentleman fool you, this man is here to play and to party!

16. Joel 'Sweet 16' Speechly 
The youngster is making his Phuket Sixes debut. Joel brings lots of confidence to the squad. His left arm mediums prove to be his best weapon but Joel will argue that his boyish good looks are his biggest asset. Watch out ladies! Joel likes to think he is St Georges River's Shane Watson, but there's certainly no Lee Furlong by his side.

11. Rebecca 'Boo' Gray 
The former NSW under 17's cricketer is looking to re-ignite her cricketing career and what better way that in the Phuket Sixes. Being the only female in the squad one may think Bec could be easily intimidated but she's here to mix it with the big boys. Some say she's the squads answer to Custom Cockatoos Karen Rolten.

17. John 'Ducky' Duxbury 
A new comer to the sixes format, Ducky is made for six-a-side cricket with his explosive hitting and sharp fast bowling. An aggressive cricketer on the field, off it Duck is sure to be right at home with the laid back lifestyle of Thailand, expect to find him mid-afternoon poolside laying back on a banana lounge sipping a coldie or two. Another débutante who believes being selected on this tour is his cricketing career highlight.

6. Lionel Singh
The passionate fast bowler is on his first tour of Phuket, Lionel will argue his strength lies with his batting in this tournament but his bowling will prove to be a handful no doubt for opposition batsmen. As a batsman Lionel possesses a very unique style, something you’d normally find on the tennis circuits as he’ll often try an overhead shot down the ground to score a bulk of his runs. His unique batting makes him something very interesting to watch.

Gold Coast Falcons Cricket Club (Queensland Australia)

A rag tag bunch of blokes hailing from the East Coast of the Land Down Under, the Gold Coast Falcons Cricket Club are mixture of Gold Coast natives and a select bunch of Mexicans from down south (Canberra to be precise). The team has a pretty good mix of guys with plenty of top grade district cricket experience but we also have a few fellas without a lot of match practise but plenty of experience when it comes to off field re-hydration rituals. The team comes with its own rent a crowd of 4 supporters who will be more than capable of sending a shout down to the players for a bit of encouragement. The team has been looking forward to the tournament for a long time and is keen to get in and have a go and meet some new friends through cricket and generally have a good time with an added bonus of hitting a few big sixes and taking a couple of “speckies” along the way. Special mention to the captain of our supporters Kayla “Shorty” Corlis and to Debbie “Debstar” Smith, Terry “The ATM” Smith, and Meghan “Meganaught” Smith for providing the boys with plenty of encouragement and hopefully plenty of cold beverages.

Zaac Latter “Zaaka” #00
The skipper of this classy side from down under, Zaac has played over 18 years of cricket which is pretty mean feat for a 25 year old. Not afraid to have a chat and belt a six (or at least try to but most likely getting caught in the deep), take a few catches behind the stumps (only because they wont let him bowl) and partake in general off-field shenanigans which he is probably better at than the game itself. Zaac is pretty much your run of the mill cricketer, loves a beer, the cricket and the atmosphere of a close game. Although watch out for some pretty neat glove work behind the stumps when he actually pays attention to the game and isn’t thinking about how good that Pad-Thai was he had for lunch.

Oliver Pitt-Thacker “Titt-Whacker” #13
One of the more enthusiastic members of the team, Pitt-Thacker’s cricket skills stem from lots of hard training from his days at a local boys private school facing plenty of balls and knocking over many middle stumps. Oliver started playing cricket when he was in grade 4 and soon realised it was something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He played in the top side all the way through school as a bowler, however desperation from the school coach saw him open the batting one day and thus an all-rounder was born. Well that’s what Oliver reckons anyway so at the top of the order he goes. Let’s see what happens. He has had about a year off from cricket now but is excited to start again. Has also had some time off from the girls so is excited to start again in that arena also.

Brendyn Rheinberger “Jutsa” #7
Brendyn, or “Junior” as he is more affectionately known has played 1st grade for the Southport-Labrador Tigers for 8 years, making his debut at the ripe age of 17.  He initially filled the boots of a bowling all-rounder being able to wag the tail from time to time with the bat.  These days he is becoming more of a batting all-rounder as his worn out and tired 25 year-old body can no longer handle the rough treatment bowling brings to the game.  Either opens the bowling or comes on first change depending on whether he is in the good books with the skipper, and bats from 6 to 9, occasionally opening when the opportunity arises or when the skipper feels like sending the lambs to the slaughter. Either way he gets in there and makes it tricky for the opening bowlers. At least for an over or 2 anyway… 

Ben Smith “Man Mountain”#10 
A relatively new player to the game, big and strong he may well be the dark horse, with some big hitting on the cards, if he can remember how to hold the bat. Skills obtained whilst being a long serving rugby player may well be transferable particularly in the fields of recovery and re-hydration. Quite the connoisseur when it comes to beer, Ben will be the team’s recovery coach, leading the team in their post-game arm bending warm downs. Has spent many hours on the nets, ducking and weaving “bodyline” attack from his little brother Lachlan.

Max Schroedl “Max Power” #86
Max is a 21 year an apprentice electrician and will certainly bring a lot of spark to the tournament. A bit of a greyhound as he can run all day and although he is completely new to cricket, being fit and strong, with a good eye he will be an asset to the team, particularly when the team runs out of power towards the end of their innings or if the lights go out in the hotel overnight. He has spent many hours in the nets and is keen and willing to learn, when he is not getting hit with the ball. Agent #86 is bound to create KAOS as he has very little CONTROL. Always good for a laugh watch out for some pretty special bowling and fielding from the young man.

Lachlan Smith “Rocky” #16
Little “Rocky” will be only just 16 when the comp starts but still brings a wealth of experience to the competition (even if it is experience with girls in high school). He dominates junior cricket but the big boys will be a different story and should be a good challenge for the youngster. Has a mean straight drive, (and left hook) and hook that will surprise many opponents as well as the Rock himself. He bowls medium pace, with a good turn of speed and bounce when the mood strikes him. He considers himself a slips fielder/keeper but couldn’t catch a cold so it looks like the outfield is where this young Italian stallion might be sent out to pasture.

MG7 (Kuwait)

MG 7 is a new team founded by Mahmoud Abdullah, better known as MG. Number 7 exists, because every year MG sponsors a 7 A Side Tournament, hence MG7. The team consists mainly of social players, whom will play hard on and off the ground. Their talent off the field will be better known when there is a “slammer session “. The average age of the team is in the late 40’s. The team comes from Kuwait having different nationalities, but this is not a problem because they are united under the banner of, “Friendship through Cricket “, and many hard drinks. Cricket is in their blood, so they are not there just to have lots of drinks, they are there also to give the strongest team a hard time. So watch out for MG 7.

Mahmoud the “MG” (Captain) 
MG is a handsome, clean looking Kuwaiti who could easily be mistaken for Al Pacino or Kevin Costner. At 55 years old, he is a very athletic wicket keeper who will make any 20-year-old wicket keepers feel ashamed. Steady batsman with beautiful ground shots. Don’t take him round the town if you looking to pick a date, because with his looks and charms you will lose the girls to him. And definitely don’t put a bottle of Chevas near him, it will say goodbye to you before you know it.

Melwyn the “Alvin “
A very dedicated cricketer whom will never say no to a game of cricket on any day of the week. Don’t under estimate his size he can easily hit you out of the ground for six. And as for his spin bowling, he has claimed many big scalps.  But he is better known for his drinking friendship with MG. With these two around, you should definitely invite them for a “slammer session “. They don’t know when to stop. Don’t be fooled, they will drink you under the table and walk straight to the next bar. 

Arun the “Arrow “ 
The Arrow runs so fast that Road Runner will be embarrassed. He’s a lovely person, always smiling, and better known for his drinking skills. He will try very hard to play some cricket between his drinking intervals. With him, Alvin and MG you better prepare a bigger bucket of Bloody Merry. 

Mandeep “Johnny “
Very reliable batsman especially when things are not going very well. He has many different shots that will baffle any bowler, fast, slow, spin will not make any difference to Johnny, he will go for them. Good bowler and has very safe hands when catches are going his way. Not much of a drinker, but will join the party. Well you always want one guy to be sober to look after the rest.  He has a sweet and kind way with kids so children love this guy, and he loves them.  Newly married, so hope he will not miss his lovely wife too much, and make his mark on this tour with the bat and ball. 

Edward “EDO “
Edo eats and breaths cricket, so please don’t talk to him about anything else.  He recently had the LAZIC operation, and now his sight is so good that improved his bowling, he is one of the very few to claim a hat trick, which of course won the match for us. Although he comes lower down in the batting order, but that means nothing, he can score runs easily with his fluent shots.  Edo always gives 100% on the field and always there for the team, never puts himself first. However, he needs to improve on his drinking habit. 

Pillia “UNNI “
“Unni” is an all-rounder, but not in cricket, he can round off the whisky, tequila, vodka, beer and whatever is there. Very sociable person, hardly see him without a smile on his face. He can bowl and bat but not very keen on running, so run outs are always a possibility when he is batting. With “Unni “ drinking and cricket skills, the social team of MG7 is completed.

Skylark Cricket Club (Kuwait)

Skylark Cricket Club was formed in 1976 in Kuwait by some cricket enthusiasts. It went from strength to strength and has won my trophies in Kuwait during the past 10 years. The team is very eager to participate in this year’s six a side tournament in Phuket, and want to take the CUP back to Kuwait. All the players are young, willing, serious and capable. With the serious cricket also comes serious fun, they will not say NO to any function or drinking sessions. The average age is just below 30 years, so watch out for SKYLARK.  

Razzak the “RAZ “
You will forget about Boom Boom Afridi, after you see RAZ hitting the 6s. Young, 6-foot-tall, slim, well built, no wonder the balls will disappear out of the ground. When he bowls, you better have your helmets on, the ball will pass your ears so fast that you will not only feel the breeze but hear the ball whizzing past.  His only down side, being a teetotal, but is it. He is there to win the CUP, so he will need all his senses at all times. 

Casino the “CAS “   
Do not ever gamble against CAS. All-rounder, has so many different batting varieties, ground shots and sky shots that will go out of the grounds. Has won many games single handedly.  If you are a wicket keeper you better be alert for stumping, his leg spin will definitely invite the batsman to attack him, and he will miss for sure. Very athletic in the field has a pair of hands look like wicket keeper’s gloves, never drops a catch. Likes a drink and a party, so it is not all that bad. 

Asim the “Awesome “ 
Awesome, is a chain smoker, but when you see him run on the ground you will wonder, how can he do that, his lungs have to be all blackened with smoke. His teeth are so yellow that he frightens the pirates away. You will forget all that when see this guy bat and bowl. His actions are so elegant, that I can only describe him to one of the Waugh brothers. His ground shots are so perfect and his sixes are awesome, as his name. He can bowl spin and fast with absolute ease. A party man, and does not say no a bottle of whis…. or Vod….

Vinod “Click “
You will not see “click” anywhere without his camera, so is the name “click “. He loves taking photos anywhere he goes. Softly spoken, very polite with a baby face. But don’t be fooled. As a batsman, when he “clicks” he can easily score 50’s in no time and as wicket keeper he is second to none.  He has one big problem; he has a big soft spot for Tequilas. So keep them away, well it depends who’s side you are on.  

Avadoot “Audi “ 
Avadoot is better known as “Audi “  amongst his friends, a comedian by nature but don’t be lured by his funny face cuddly bear size. A perfect all-rounder, that any skipper would bet on. A skillful bowler with sheer pace, and even more dangerous with the willow in his hands. No ground is big enough for this lad as he believes in only one numeric digit “6“  when he bats. So you are in for a treat in Phuket, and you will be sorry if you are bowling to him.  

Simon the “Swing “ 
S for Simon, S for “Swing “! He’s a shy dude with a shy smile, popularly known as the “King of Swing “, as he literally makes the ball talk when he is bowling, with an unseen margin of swing. Safe and agile fielder and no mug with the bat either. He will always be busy sharing a joke even when he is on the ground bowling or batting.

PCDT Natives (Phuket, Thailand)

Phuket Cricket Development Team is back again this year. After having good run at last year’s National youth games where Phuket Boys bagged bronze medal. It was just the impetus needed to get boys more interested in the game, though some of the senior boys have completed their high schooling and moved on to universities but they are still pursing cricket and practice regularly under flood lights after finishing their daily chores. The boys are looking forward to put a good performance and also make use of the opportunity to be trained by likes of Trevor Chappell and Karen Rolton. We would also like to thank participants of last year’s Phuket sixes for making generous contribution towards youth development program. The team for this year is a mix of old faces and some new recruits

Phutanat Suriya (Captain) 

Sirikorn  Tangphan 

Artid  Keawlipon  

Artid  U-pama  

Somphop  Topong 

Somrak  Phansakul             

Taveekorn  Suttiprapha 

Yothin  Reangdee 

Chalerm  Pattanee 

CBB Postels (Chiang Mai, Thailand) & Perth Postels (Australia)

Once again Phuket will be graced with a Perth Postels and CBB Postels side. As ever the mantra will be to spread joy amongst our own squad and all involved at the tournament. As ever our group sees players come from far and wide to pose challenges for our selection committee to fit square pegs into round holes to try and assemble two happy and hopefully winning teams!

We guarantee that there will be laughs, slammers and flamboyancy abound. As ever we welcome everyone to come for drinks with us, especially if you happen to be playing us the following morning!

If you ever make it up to Chiang Mai, Thailand, be sure to pop into the Irish Pub there and check-out our Clubrooms upstairs and ask for Sandy.

Michael “Cat” Maher
Cat will be bowling his off breaks once again coming off a good season back in Perth. He will be on hand to offer a few kind words and plenty of anecdotes long into the night for those seeking solace. Surely the Aussies should be taking a look after the scattergun spin bowling selection policies during The Ashes?

James “007” Billington
00 is back after a year off and he’ll be ready for beers and cricket away from the chill of the London winter. A very steady competitor who’ll enjoy recounting The Ashes with his Pom clubmates.

Tim “Socrates” Caimakamis
‘In Cod we trust’ could be Socrates mantra as he escapes the cauldron of his establishment in Newcastle NSW to join his pals. A great tourist who’s one of the first to get stuck in if a job needs doing or the going gets tough.  Socrates will hopefully have some energy after what will be a gruelling ten days with his Warathai pals in Chiang Mai.

Brian “Flemo” Shaw
Yet another ‘go to man’ on tour. Flemo is great company and a reliable mate on the pitch. Full of energy and always looking for something to do, Flemo will pop up in all sorts of roles in between enjoying his down time to the full.

Bob “Tiny” Phillips
He’s back! Expect the Phuket business owners to set off a firework display in joy at Tiny’s arrival. A deceptive bowler with a variety of deliveries and the man to see if you like just a little socialising. Tiny is a man it’s probably best not to upset just before a slammer session! 

Rob “Chops” Bernard
Chops should be playing, much  to the joy of all batsmen. Loves touring and Thailand as a whole. Will look to avoid being the victim of his roomies’ ruses and team mates pranks. He will try to avoid letting the ball hit his pads when any Australian umpires are officiating after mentioning the 3-1 Ashes victory on occasions.

Graham “Half” Witt
We are hoping for an appearance from Half as he’s a very popular member of any touring party. He has starred at Phuket in the past with his Bounty Buccaneers but he’s also a loyal CBB. He should be just about have recovered from his Bangkok shopping trip with Reject and Co in time to be back to full fitness!

Stefan “The Priest” Vucens
It is a tough call to mark down The Priests greatest attribute. Is it hitting the ball long distances or his stamina around the bars at night? A fine cricketer who also chips in with his medium pace bowling while generally smiling his way through a tour.

Christopher Rees
A mate of Stefan’s from way north in Western Australia, Port Hedland, home of huge iron ore exports. Plays cricket in that town and from all reports has plenty of talent on and off the field. We look forward to welcoming Chris to the CBBs for this his first tour.

Chris “Felchy” Gray
Has been threatening to tour for many a year, finally we huge that he makes it along. Enjoys a good chat and laugh and we know he will be a huge hit and fan of this concept of the wonderful game of cricket. We will never ever forget that “A” Grade hundred!

Leon Ewing
All reports say he is more apt behind the microphone with his music, but from my prior visions of his batting, he is a pretty handy player. Cousin of Felchy, so who knows what he will bring us socially out and about for this tour.

Richard “Huey” Marshall
Brings with him a huge character and heart, hit some huge sixes with the CBBs in Hong Kong last December. Manages to enjoy himself big time when out and about and enjoys a dance or two with a microphone.

Ken “Taj” Acton
Taj is hoping to be at Phuket once again as are his team mates. He is a lovely calm man who enjoys touring to the full and chilling out listening to the music when not playing. A keeps wicket on the rare occasions that the bowlers get it past the batsmen and has his patience tested as his best laid plans fall apart once again.

Jim “Ming” Chaudry
Has a passion for the CBBs and touring all over the world to play this wonderful game. Hails from London and knows all about luxury cars, is ideal conversation at our many functions. Is a classic batsman who plays big shots when needed as well as handy off-spin.

Ian “Casper” Ellis
Ian is an enthusiastic tourist based in Pattaya who came along to the Sixes there last year and basically fell in love with it. He’s appeared at other tournaments since and gets stuck in with whatever needs doing. Oh for another 50 Caspers’!

Kevin “Adam” O’Brien
Adam is a mate of Casper who also caught the bug at first sight for the CBBs and the Sixes scene. He had his fun in London and is now a relaxed ex pat in Pattaya. He will have half an eye on his beloved West Ham hoping their safety will add to his joy of playing.

Neil Eggar
UK bookies are setting odds on what date he’ll get home this year after the Icelandic volcano fiasco of 2010 saw Neil stuck with Chops lodging with Steve Walker in Bangkok long after the other players had departed. Neil will look to be at his enthusiastic best and having a little pray for the fortunes of Cardiff City at the same time.

Paul Lack
Has a passion for cricket and enjoys watching his beloved Hampshire from his balcony during the English Summer. Has been touring to the Chiang Mai Sixes for many years, but still enjoys some time at the beach afterwards. Paul has been a good friend of Cricket Sixes for quite some time.

Shayne Steedholdt
Shayne is the older of the two brothers who once again will be working with Chade to make sure all is well in the stadium and with the wicket. He definitely enjoyed his last visit as a player, curator and tourist. We know he will once again!

Chad’e Steedholdt
Chade is no stranger to Phuket having toured as a youth with Kent Street Senior High School and returning two years ago to do an excellent job on the stadium ground and enjoy some success on the pitch. He will be looking forward to his time off around the island!

Singapore Slingers (Singapore)

Rajesh “Big Mac”
(Double patty burger with secret sauce)
Rajesh has double the power of everyone on the team so she can easily hit double the boundaries compared to the rest. That’s the first layer, the second layer is Rajesh the bowler who can use that same power to knock a few heads off. Don’t worry, she’s polite, she’ll definitely say ‘sorry’.

Vadhana “Big Breakfast”
(Freshly scrambled eggs,sausage, crispy hashbrowns and toasted muffins.)
Taste of everything ‘in one person’, batting, bowling, keeping, and fielding...like Mc Donald’s its quality guaranteed!!

Jeraj “Double Chocolate Competitive Frappe”
It’s got double the kick! Jeraj is very cool headed and chilled out but this black belt kung fu panda definitely has the drive to win whether it is cricket, or any other sport under the sun. Competitiveness is his middle name.

Vicky “Hotcakes”
(Fluffy pancakes drizzled with maple syrup)
The sweetness oozes out of Vicky. She is the most helpful and sweet person on the team. However don’t depend on her sweetness in the field she can leave you burnt with a glare when she takes the catch at square. 

St Francis De Sales CC (Melbourne, Australia)

The club was formed in 1965 in Melbourne, Australia, starting with only one senior team, winning our first premiership in the season of 1967/68. We are now a club with over 320 members, we field 6 senior teams and 7 junior teams. On the 19 February 2011 we celebrated our 45th anniversary as a club, with a Dinner Dance/Ball with the guest list of more than 150 people there to join in the celebrations, the night blended perfectly into the early hours of the morning. Adding 3 more Premierships last season 2 senior and 1 junior, the current tally stands at 18 Senior and about the same junior.

Players this year are as follows,

St Francis De Sales Camels (Bahrain/Melbourne, Australia)

Captain: Mattthew ( MC ) Costello - Rookie 
Matt is our club Captain/Coach also Coach or one of our U/16 teams, very sharp opening bowler ( carrying a side strain but will be right to go in Phuket), big hitting middle order batsman. Had the honour last season of winning Best Clubman and The Dunny Seat  award a first at the club. Ready to dominate in Phuket in April. Been known to celebrate special occasions drinking large amounts of Vodka Red Bull and all other Ladies Drinks. Matt is really excited about the Phuket Tournament, looking forward to the social side of the trip but more the cricket.

Richard (Ichy) Eilers - Rookie 
Ichy has been a member of St Francis de Sales CC for more than 30 years, setting a club record in season 09/10 scoring 1197 runs with 8 centuries, no bowling attack is safe while he is at the crease, loves a drink, smoke an all around good bloke, looking to set a new record in Phuket of number of beers consumed in 12 days, will have many friends to help him achieve his goal.

Nick ( Mr Nick ) Eilers - 2nd Trip 
Mr Nick on his 2nd trip to Phuket Cricket Sixes, was the pick of our bowlers last year and pretty handy with the bat, eyes closed and swinging for the bulk of the time. Another year on working up in the mining town of Pannawonica WA, loves having a crack in all aspects of life. Looking forward to a game of cricket with his big brother in Phuket. Master of the nightlife.

Munish Rao
Munish is a very friendly a person, and has a great passion and respect for the game of cricket.  He’s a right handed opening batsman with strong hand eye co-ordination and can hit the ball a distance. Munish is also a leg spinner and also a good seam bowler. He enjoys playing cricket and since its his first tour to Phuket, he’s very much eager to be there and portray his skills.

Sanjay Rathod
Classification:   (Atrophaneura Sponsusbannus).
Natural Habitat: Indian native, introduced to South West Asia.   
Migratory pattern: Flies from willow grove to willow grove.       
Notes:  Gregarious; enjoys mixing with the other species.          
Sanjay is a fast medium bowler and opening batsman. He joined up with St Francis in 2010 after captaining the Cup winning squad of Bahrain Camels in 2009.

Darshan Vinnakota
Not a tour virgin anymore!!! Lethal bowler and specialist in hitting sixes over cow corner. Watch out for his moves at the banana club every night." 

St Francis De Sales (Melbourne Australia)

Captain: Joe (Joey) Rizzo -  2nd Trip                           
Joey captained the team in Phuket last year, solid opening bat, changed approach to cricket and has become a lot more aggressive, looking to dominate any attack Phuket can throw at him. One of very few St Francis players to never play in a winning premiership team, has coached a winning u/16 premiership team. Best work on the field done with his mouth, constant sledging of opposition players and team mates.

Chris (Panda) Rizzo - Rookie
A well rounded, solid opening bat, slow medium bowler, been known as the human thigh pad for many a season. Love’s a game of cards, played in the Aussie Millions at Crown Casino in January 2011. Hosts a weekly game at the club.  Has taken the occasional blinder in slips. Neat scotch drinker...

Greg (Tangles) Walker - Rookie
A senior member of the club, tall right arm opening bowler, been known to bowl many a maiden over, played in England last year for Ham and Petersham Cricket Club, nearing the end of his competitive career, looking forward to social side of trip. Never let a bird get in the way of a good pie.

Tom (Tommy) Robertson - Rookie
Tommy is the young gun of the team, full of confidence and a live wire. By the end of the trip everyone will know Tommy, Thinks he is a lady’s man and hoping to set a few records of his own. Handy batsman and part time bowler at training. You will always find Tommy where the party is at.

Matthew (Corn) Conboy - Rookie 
Corn is a steady opening bowler, been known to bowl the occasional bean ball, managed to get himself “ bowled off “ in last year’s grand final for too many head high full tosses. Party animal to end all party animals, has never heard the word stop, drinks until he passes out. Will be adding to his body art in Phuket.

Greg (BJ) Johnston - Rookie
A Western Australian, working with Mr Nick in the mining town Pannawonica, better known as Big Job.. Good all round cricketer and bloke.

Grant (Tweeka) Smith - 2nd Trip
Tweeka is a wicket keeper and lower order batter, last year played in Phuket as a spin bowler, watched the ball sail over the boundary on many occasions, will be putting on the keeping gloves this trip. President of the mighty St Francis De Sales CC. Likes to party with the young blokes and will have a fair crack in Phuket. 

Toorak-Prahran Cricket Club (Melbourne, Australia)

2011 is TPCC’s 4th year in the competition and the eagerness of the squad to return this year couldn’t be tamed! The mixture of fun, friends, competition and relaxation keeps us coming back! Coming off a stellar season in the Southern Districts & Churches Cricket League with each of the 5 senior XI’s maintaining top 4 spots all year, the Trakkers will be looking to keep this form going. But don’t look for too much energy out of this group – once the temperature hits 30, we start looking towards the next drinks break! 

Kristian "Buckets" Fahey (c)
The Team Captain for this year's tournament and for a very good reason - he'll be the most sober! More suited to the short form of the game, his lack of patience at the crease provides for some entertaining hitting! Will more than likely rally the troops from behind the stumps, mainly due to his inability to bowl dot balls! 

Darren "Hi-Ball Horatio" Bray
As the name suggests, Darren would be lucky to get 2 inches off the ground when a high ball gets hit in his direction! Just make sure you hit his way and you'll be safe! This wily character has a proven sixes record with a title in his first year at the tournament. (Caution: don't ask him how the Demons will go this year!) 

Shaun “Night Owl” Bray
The second half of the Bray brotherhood, Shaun makes his 4th appearance at this year's tournament. Normally of the nocturnal ilk, spectators will be lucky to see Shaun in the light of day! There have been many unconfirmed sightings of Shaun in previous years propped in one of the many Bangla Road bars in the wee hours. 

Neil "Pigeon" Gumley
One of the foundation TPCC players in Phuket, Neil is more known for his batting prowess but also holds his own with the ball in the shorter form of the game. But don't try to deflate Pigeon's heaving chest after he picks up a cheap wicket - just let him strut! 

Stephen “Calcium” Tanner
More known for his encounters with Tuk Tuk drivers and conspiracy theories, Stephen has a textbook batting technique more at home in District ranks. Don't let that fool you though, with his calcium deficiency, Stephen is more likely to break a bone walking to the crease than getting off the mark! 

"Rocket" Rod Whitehead
The number 1 ticket holder at TPCC for a reason - he's a hopeless cricketer! If he's not holding hands with his missus in the grandstand, he'll be swinging the bat in the opening pair or pushing through some gentle medium pacers. Would probably be more valuable in a mascot outfit! 

Jack “Cherry Pie" Reeves (debut)
Only just out of nappies, Jack makes his very first appearance at Karon Beach for his initiation into the Sixes format. Not really known for his bowling…….[awkward silent pause]…….not really known for his batting either - Jack makes up ground in the field with his rocket arm, quick feet and even quicker wit! A valuable inclusion into the squad! 

Chris "The Kiwi Colossus" Learmonth (debut)
Chris would seem more at home in the All Blacks front row, but don't let that scare you off! This gentle giant lets his aggression out with the willow in his hands. Hopefully he can keep his shots straight of the wicket this year and away from the Andaman current!

Dagangg Boyz (Phuket, Thailand)

“Dagangg Boyz”, formally know as Island Cricketeer from Phuket  have been participating in all Phuket sixes until the year 2009. In 2010 some of us were invited to be part for a team so named “The Karon Sea Sanders” Captained by “ Raju “ also known as Rajusaurus,  He had insisted “ Rishi “ to play for his team but as He  would reach the ground he would Make him sit on the stands and take pictures while the other members of the team were playing.. He stills royally laughs at what he has done. He has no idea what is waiting for him, shall the team meet face to face in group matches. 

Apart from the above, the hardcore passion for cricket and the Fun in the Sun drives us back to the tournament every year.

Team Players :

Rishi Sadarangani 

Sameer Khan

Jafar Ali

Manish Sadarangani  

Joshi Kumar

Anand Chand

Sonu Singh

Rocky Singh

The Karon Sea Sanders (Phuket, Thailand)

The Karon Sea Sanders, based at the Karon Sea Sands Hotel Swimming Pool & sponsored by the Karon Sea Sands Hotel return yet again to the Phuket 6s. We’d like to thank our sponsors, the Karon Sea Sands Hotel & recommend that if you need a hotel in Karon, then the Karon Sea Sands is a great option. Also, if you’re looking for a genuine Indian curry, the Karon Sea Sands Hotel Restaurant does a great one. It is located at the Karon Sea Sands Hotel – go straight through the lobby & the Karon Sea Sands Hotel Restaurant on the right. If you get to the Karon Sea Sands Hotel Swimming Pool, you’ve gone too far. Once again, we’d like to thank our sponsors, the Karon Sea Sands Hotel. Here’s the team, sponsored by the Karon Sea Sands Hotel:

Raju Seemant (Captain), India
On the run from the Indian government over an unpaid tax bill & a string of paternity suits, Raju Seemant (real name Kuato Quaid) holed up in Chalong a number of years ago & has started a new life as a hotel manager. Raju comes out of hiding once a year & throws the Karon Sea Sanders together from his very limited pool of friends, every year trying but failing to make more. He begins every game by tearing off his shirt & screaming “Start the reactor!”

Patrick Cotter, England
Owner of the largest dive boat in Asia & a trophy wife half his age, Pat has come a long way from a strict catholic upbringing in the grim northern coalfields. His father used to take him down pit as a two year old as he couldn’t afford a canary & Pat learned to play cricket with a fence post, a house brick & no pads, which goes some way to explaining his unorthodox batting style. As a 13 year old, Pat stowed away on a tramp steamer, ended up in Singapore & spent his teenage years as a rent boy. He is now Chairman of the Phuket Cricket Group.

Richard Desmond, England
Richard makes his eagerly anticipated return from a nasty finger injury sustained massaging his wife’s lovely new breasts in January. Like the good team-mates we are, the rest of us have been regularly visiting the Desmonds Paklok mansion in case Kay needs any more help in that area. The offending breasts will be on display this week at the Karon Sea Sands Swimming Pool, free entry to anyone who buys us a round of Sin Miguel Lights.

Richard Folds, England
You know that bloke from school who was annoyingly good at everything? 1st team rugby & cricket, pissed his exams, all the girls loved him, scholarship to a top university, county cricket & semi professional rugby player just for something to do at the weekend while building a successful business empire? You know him? Well send him over to the Sea Sanders, cos this bloke’s rubbish.

David Thomas, England
A home counties public schoolboy & big rugby fan, Dave was so distraught at his beloved England losing the 2007 World Cup Final to the Jappies, he has been claiming to be South African ever since. Dave doesn’t come out much these days as he’s saving up to buy his beautiful wife Moon a pair of ‘Kays’ for Christmas. A one time spinner who now thinks he’s a batsman, Dave is something of a reverse Kevin Pietersen without the stupid tattoos, the pop star wife or the batting talent.

Anil Rawat, India
The acclaimed chef has just returned to Phuket after triumphing at the 2011 Ramesh Powar Curry Awards in Mumbai. Anil won the Dwayne Leverock Award for his dhal – and you can sample it at Karon Sea Sands this week. The PCG player of the year is looking forward to getting the ball in his hands again & although he usually takes his first over to warm up, batsmen should be scared of his second. But this is 6s, bugger…..

Anthony Van Blerk, South Africa
An Award winning architect (The 1988 Duplo award for best Lego castle, Under 9 section), VB jumped at the chance to return to the Phuket 6s once more. Anyone who saw his bowling last year will wonder why he got asked again. The cruel have suggested it’s because the captain doesn’t have many friends, but the truth is that with Whetts rolling around on the high seas we’re hoping we can hide him at wicket keeper.

Mark Whetton, New Zealand
Mark, known as Scarfy to his friends (both of them) likes to spend his free time doodle bugging on oil survey ships. Well it’s not as stupid as bungee jumping. Scarfys wife Tookta is running the food stand downstairs, so please buy a pie or he’ll have to go back to work early for the overtime. Scarfy claims his cousin used to captain the All Blacks, but that’s not saying much given how inbred they all are down there - even some of the sheep are related to an All Black by marriage.

Leeming Spartan Cricket Club (Perth, Australia)


Once again the Leeming Spartans will return to Phuket compete in their favourite tournament of the ACST calendar. Usual characters and faces return with some new faces hoping to repeat on last year’s plate championship. I’m sure that patrons of the Andaman Seaview Hotel will soon meet us around cocktail happy hour at the pool and at numerous sponsors haunts in Kata and Patong.

#1 Brad “Manty” Mant 
A famous character of the Phuket Sixes tournament, made famous last year by having the same size shirt as tournament mascot “Ranga”, Brad will be sure to make himself well heard throughout the tournament.

#2 Graeme “Bondy” Bond
Another of the repeat offenders of the Spartans, Bondy returns again to once contribute very little to the scoreboards, and more so to the bar profits.

#3 Shayne “Herse” Hersey 
The tour virgin. A life member of the Leeming Spartans cricket club, Shayne comes to Phuket with the hope of finding a new wife. Shayne is well suited to the sixes format with a preference to the bar rather than training.

#4 Saurav “Dolly” Chatterjee 
This year Dolly has again changed sides in his quest to play for every team within the Phuket Sixes Tournament. Will suit well within the Leeming side, as generally found with them out in the early morning hours before a game. Will struggle with the early starts.

#5 Nick “Nicko” Leavy 
Another of the repeat offenders, Nick contributed very little to the Spartans during the summer and hopes to improve and push higher for selection next season by playing Phuket. Being roommate with Badge this year may also impact his performance at the tournament. 

#6 – Will “Badge” Badger 
A larger than life character of the sixes, Will returns again to look down on us all. Always carries an injury cloud into the tournament to soften everyone up. He will again look to contribute to the duck fund when batting.

Leeming Top Deck (Perth Australia)

The name really comes from the United Nations that makes up our side - India, Croatia, New Zealand, England, Australian and those from Newcastle.  We are the “other” Leeming side from Perth, Western Australia that is here this year.  A few journeymen from last year have returned with other like minded socialites including - 4 virgins, 7 drinkers and a chaperone.  Average age of plenty and average weight of even more, consumption is high on the agenda this year.

LINER – Cal Latter - # 67
The Matriarch of our gaggle.  Returns fully prepared for Shenanigans and the only one with the credentials to take on the Badger at the bar. Look out for her during the tournament as she is pulling on Kitten's boots to help raise money for the local lads!!!

LATTS – Jake Latter - #  4
Here to make sure Liner gets home each night, what can I say. (Might play a bit of cricket as well!!)

R & D – Taylor Phillips (Young Philby) - # 20
Being the youngest in the team, a key inclusion this year aimed at chasing the balls around the field that the old blokes just do not have the capacity to do so. The idea of a free trip to Phuket was all to inviting.!! Spent 2 seasons playing with the Poms…while over there, all he learnt was how to down pints, cope with the English weather and chase English women. Can be handy with the bat, and yes the young lad turns 21 the week of the tour!!!

CAPTAIN FROTHY – Paul Phillips (Philby) # 7
Don’t let his big size deceive you, is very handy with the ball. Will cut through any batting orders with his unique in-swingers. Will also cut thru any bar with his unique elbow swings.  Father of Young Philby. (R & D) and our most experienced player.

SKUX – Dallas Eparaima - # 23
With more vowels than The Price is Right game show, The Skuxxx as he likes to be known (note the triple X) delivers some cow corner specialties that wouldn’t be out of place in the fields back home in NZ.

THE ORIGINAL – Todd Lavender - # 01
Whilst the name Lavender might conjure up sweet smelling delights, it is highly unlikely these will come from Todd.  With his shadow (The Imitation) in the wings who knows what might occur at the Bazaar in the early hours.

THE IMITATION – Rob Blazevich - # 10
So much does the nick name tell the story, he couldn’t even come up with another number.   Returning from retirement to play in his first winning grand final over the summer, The Imitation or Croation Sensation might be just casting his own spell of Phuket Magic.

MR SQUIGGLE – Craig Aitken - # 19
Looking for a cool change in weather upon arrival into Phuket after having spent the past 2 months in the jungles of Africa.  Although another year on, still manages turn a 3 into a single.  Mr Squiggle may be without his chalk and set square, but will have his drinking boots on this year.

St Georges River Telegraph (Sydney Australia)

The St Georges River side is a group of current and former under 23’s players that represent the George’s River ST. George cricket Association in the NSW districts Telegraph Shield competition played monthly on Sundays. The first Telegraph shield side was put together in 2007/08 season and enjoyed two successful seasons, making the finals – only going down to eventual winners Camden in both. Players represent a range of club’s from the district including – Ramsgate RSL, De La Salle Kingsgrove, The Illawarra Catholic Club and Kingsgrove Cricket Club. The St Georges River Cricket name is now used solely for the ACST tours and all players are proud to be wearing the red and white of the district in each game. While on-field results are important, off-field sessions are just as important to team bonding and the mate ship that’s been created throughout the side. 2011 is the second Phuket sixes tour for the squad, with many more tours hopefully to come.

#26 Andrew 'Ev' Evans 
The big hitting all-rounder is looking to repeat his form of the 2010 Phuket sixes that saw him make the Australasian Twenty20 side. Originally ruled out of this year's tournament due to 'pay' disputes with cricket administration, Andrew has been thrown a lifeline and is looking to show off his big hitting which last year saw him clear the stand on two occasions. However, don't expect Ev to get stuck with the Sherminator on this year's trip.

#1 Sam 'Abbott' Peel 
Named not after the speedo wearing opposition leader Tony but young NSW all-rounder Shaun for his similarity in 'sharpness' (with the ball). Sam's back injury could however force him don the gloves this year. But it's been his batting that's been a big hit recently and given the opportunity Sam will be on the chase - generally off the field with the Swiss ladies. Sam will be looking to go back to back with his form in this department.

#31 James 'J-Mac' McKeown 
The big striker is back in Thailand for his second tour and he's hoping that in 2011 he will finally get that opportunity to bowl a ball on foreign soil. If you’re looking for J-Mac you'll no doubt find at his favourite watering hole - Rosco's, chewing the fat and necking a Heineken or two at closing time. Jim brings lots of off-field experience and is looking to emulate his 2010 Phuket form.

#87Daniel 'Brightez' Brightwell 
Is hoping that this year's tournament will get him out of career worst form with the bat. Some will question his inclusion in the side but when you're captain I guess it's not an issue. Daniel is hoping his Darren Lehmann style darts will secure his spot in the side. While on-field form is at a career low off-field form is expected to peak in the bars of Patong.

#99 Luke 'Shadisfy' Shad 
If you are lucky enough to be around Tiger Bar after 2am most nights, you'll fully understand why his nickname is Shadisfy. His unforgettable and unique dance styles are hard to miss from this Julio. Luke on his second tour took some convincing to be a part of the trip but a few beers under his belt and he was on the plane. While Luke is a batsman he is really trying to establish himself with the ball this year, he is hoping he will finally be taken seriously with the ball.

#13 Ben 'Staresy' Stares
The left hand opening batsman proved a big hit in the 2010 Phuket sixes tournament. His highlight was his 30 not out off six balls and as a result Ben became an important cog in the St Georges river side.  Ben’s explosive hitting is important to getting the side off to a good start in games. His bowling is similarly as important as was seen in last year’s Twenty 20 game, bowling with plenty of control at important times.

#5 Daniel 'Apo' Aplitt – the only débutante in the St Georges River side, Apo is expected to bring a freshness to the squad. A specialist batsman with lots of experience in rep sides, Dan says the Phuket sixes is now his biggest challenge yet. A fine catcher and fielder, Dan is confident his bowling can trouble the opposition. A great team player Dan is confident that he can provide assistance on and off the field, particularly down on Bangla Road.   

 The Southern Stars (Victoria, Australia)

We are a group from the Goulburn Valley which is a small rural town North East of Victoria, a leisurely 2 hours drive from Melbourne.

Our team members come from Seymour Shepparton and Cobram. We have gotten together over the last six months

Our team manager is Wayne Bemrose; a keen sports nut, non drinking, happy go lucky bloke.

Our players exist of:

Shaun Downie
Known as “Mr Cricket” in the Goulburn Valley area. Loves a beer or ten or twenty. Shaun is an all rounder on the field and very handy with the bat.

James Daniel
Dairy farmer, opening batsman, all round good guy.

Jarrod Pink
No relation to Pink! All rounder, loves a beer and a chat.

Damien Murphy
AKA Damo and Mr. Casual-Nice bloke loves a beer, handy with the bat.

Jarrod and Damo are hard workers on our Vic Railway Line.

Tim Brett
Mr Laidback- loves cricket and football loves to drink and chat all night. Master builder by trade.

Simon Cowell 
Assistant Manager. He is a well known soccer player in the area. Loves to party, loves a beer, next contender on Farmer wants a Wife! Runs his own business, would be a good catch with plenty of money LOL!

We also have two beautiful trainers- Brogan and Tammy. (Tammy girlfriend of James, Brogan girlfriend of Shaun). Great to have them on board- top chicks!

We are looking forward to meeting all players and officials at this tournament, and wish all the other teams good luck. P.S you are going to need it! LOL

To Michael “Cat” Maher- we would like to thank you for your help and support.
Thanks to Janelle at Escape Holidays for all your patience and help.
Our motto for this tournament is “Go hard or drink more beer”.
Have a great tournament.
Kind regards
Wayne Bemrose
Team Manager for Southern Stars Australia.

Willetton Crows CC (Perth Australia)

The Willetton Crows Cricket Club is an amateur cricket club from the southern suburbs of Perth which currently field four sides in the South Metropolitan Cricket Association (SMCA) - in Second Grade, Fourth Grade, One Day B Grade and One Day E Grade.

The Crows will be celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2013...

Crows Players Highlights

Rich Oliver (The Geeza)
The Geeza as he is known comes out to Australia each year and has played for the Crows for three years. An exciting, left handed batsman, Rich is a great fielder and compliments his cricket skills with his exploits at the Burrendah Tavern on Saturday nights in the Karaoke Bar belting out a Robbie Williams song

Rob Sims (Simsy/Simo)
The old man of the Crows! Second on the all time run makers list and second on the all time wicket takers list for the Crows suggests that being second is something that comes naturally. Known for his electric pace between the wickets it was once estimated that Simsy can cover the 100m sprint in 52.5 seconds (wind assisted). Simsy has also been known to have a cold beer on a hot day just to be sociable.

Benny Hills (Hillsy/Julia)
Being the youngest member of the group isn’t always easy but Julia has fitted in well at the Crows and has been able to show improved skills in all the essential skills required to be a Crows player, bowling, batting and scooter riding. A skill that is very much a requirement in Asia and which will be put to the test on the streets of Phukett.

James Della Bonna (Croc/Della)
Known as the “croc” for his crocodile jaw snapping style of catching Della is a big man with a big laugh. Lots of the ladies will warm to this big guy. In fact there may be several children at the airport to greet him from previous visits to Thailand and the call of “phor” (father) could ring out from multiple groups when big Del gets off the plane.

Carlos Dos Santos (Dos)
Big hitter, quick bowler, good looks, the guy has it all. A favourite son of the Crows, on and off the field and a really top bloke to boot. Dos is looking forward to taking the competition by storm during the day and the bars by night. Look out!!!

Allan Chellew (Chewy)
The Crows party man.

Luke Kenna (Kenno)
Quick bowler, great fielder with the ability to hit big sixes when it counts.
Known to enjoy a good time Luke studies hard at uni where he is studying to be a brain surgeon. An obvious extension of his fast bowling abilities.


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