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The Phuket Cricket Week comprises of the ICC Award Winning Phuket International Cricket Sixes and the Thalang International 7's (formerly known as the Kata International 7's)

The Sixes were first held in 2004, while the 7's made its first appearance in 2012. Both events have helped raise substantial sums through the kindness of its worldwide participants to assist in the next generation of Thais falling in love with the game through the Phuket Cricket Group's Junior Development Fund. The ACST would like to thank the PCG for their continued and invaluable support as the Phuket Cricket week continues to flourish.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2014 - Team & Officials Pen Portraits

2014 - Team & Officials Pen Portraits

Galah CC (Australia)

The 2014 Thailand touring team comprises the following participants.

Allan Boyd
King of the GALAH'S. Ex Publican and founding member of the Galah's. Al will bring experience and guidance to the junior members of the team. Al is always willing to have a chat or a drink.

Garry Rowe (C) (Jellydick)
A previous Galah tourist, commonly known as the dribbler of the team. Has no ability or skill. Talks a good game but delivers little. Will captain the team like a dodgy vindaloo and potentially could be drowned by his own squad.

Peter Dickey (Calvin)
A previous Galah tourist, Peter will look a million dollars best dressed cricketer in Asia. Always a single available when hit to him in the field as he would not risk dirt under his manicured fingernails let alone his whites. His idol is Calvin Klein. Known to play a few through the covers. After getting a bit of dirt on his big toe in 2012- spent 4 hours in a Phuket Hospital. Left the hospital with an unknown quantity of antibiotics - penicillin has been known to cure other “touring” ailments. Pete is a champion bloke who has supported this tournament over the last few years. Peter will not have a beer with you, because it is not dear enough in Phuket, it will have to be a Drambuie or a Cognac.

David Newham (Remote)
Has a red complexion-not from the sun, but from the sheer embarrassment of not having the ability to back up the diatribe that effuses from his lips. Still the current Galah Bachelor of the Year. Will be the cleanest man in Phuket. Known to bowl a maiden (or ladyboy) over. Has been known to be a switch hitter on or off the field. He’ll struggle to find the boundary because of lack of shot repertoire, and having all of the power of a remote Aborigi­nal prison settlement. Honestly, get out there and have a drink or a chat with him, one of the great blokes to be with. Like a good wine, he is one of natures finest.

Ben Watkinson (Coma)
Noted academic (KPMG Manager) with more degrees than wickets. Ben currently has nothing to offer the team. Ben may cause plenty of trouble with his bowling get­ting hit into airspace. CASA did determine that one of Watkinson’s deliveries could of led to the Malaysian airlines disaster.

Chris Alexander (Ivan)
Virgin tourist, Chris will endeavour to lift the skill of the squad, he will fail. Plenty of cricket experience, played many years of grade cricket with the Fairfield Club in Sydney. Has not held a bat in many years but as a divorced man, he has plenty of use holding something else. Chris has been known to have verbal diarrhea when discuss­ing his beloved Canterbury Chihuahuas in the NRL. Chris is a connoisseur of lady boy bars so if that’s your thing he can point you in the right direction. Was once a suspect in the Belanglo murders (that’s why his nickname is Ivan) until they realised he just loved running naked through the forest. Like Remote, he is one of a kind. Enjoy a beer with him.

Matt (Chicka) JONES
With is aboriginal ancestry Chicka Jones has made many aboriginal cricket sides, There are not many player sta­tistics as most matches do not get underway due to the pre match drinking and fighting.  It is Chicka’s Galah debut but he has played many years of cricket with Appin Cricket Club and Westerners Cricket. We are all looking forward to playing cricket with Matt and drinking with him until 11pm…………Then things Change.

Montagu Bay Sharks (Australia)

The Sharks are as happy as the proverbial pigs to be playing in the Kata 7’s tourna­ment. They are incredibly proud to be the first team ever to enter from “the island at the bottom of Australia” They are all cricket lovers who are looking forward to all that the 7’s tournament offers; as well as looking forward to experiencing each and every bar in the area and getting to know the other teams in the tournament.

Player Pen Portraits

Nathan “Gease” Geason
The bouncy spinner who looks like some­one from a boy band was a late inclusion to the touring party. He was brought in to show the international world the text book fielding technique that he is lauded for. Don’t be fooled by his kid sized clothing, he really is an adult.

Matthew “Carrot” Conlan
Carrot’s first time out of the country; he will be look­ing to prove his worth on this trip as his last players trip ended in “unfortunate” circumstances. If you want more info ask him. Or better yet, ask his team­mates. Nicknamed Carrot due to the juicy deliveries he dangles in front of the batsman, so batsman will need to take care when leaving their ground.

Lindsay “Linz” Roberts
Equally at home with either bat or ball in hand, Linz is easily the most competitive on the Sharks list; some might say suffers from white line fever. Once off the ground however, he, like all the Sharks, loves a beer and to sit around having a yarn about any­thing and everything. Coming off a great season and looking forward to his first trip out of Australia.

Steven “Rusty” Russell
The bearded member of the Sharks who loves to hit the ball hard and generally does it well. He is also surprisingly agile in the field; and never drops a catch, or a beer. Another of the Sharks who is look­ing forward to his first time away from Australian shores, although he has his team mates worried with his love of the elephant G-String.

Timothy “Bess” Bessell
The card player who knows when to hold ‘em, will be sure to be looking to find somewhere can place a wager or two. First time international traveller who is hoping a poker face is the same no matter which country you’re in. The left hand bat is also the unofficial team medic, with no actual medi­cal training.

Israel “Izzy” Symington
Izzy is a seasoned traveller who, along with Mit­tens, is being looked upon to guide the younger, greener travellers. A good batsman who is also able to bowl and keep wicket, but will really excel when it comes to socialising after the games as he is one of the best when it comes to chewing the fat.

John “Mittens” Mulligan
Tall batsman who has a pair of the safest hands go­ing around also has the uncanny ability to befriend anyone and everyone. Is equally at home talking world finances or recounting episodes of the Fam­ily Guy. Mittens is one of only two Sharks with any international travel experience; although whether this is of any use or not is yet to be seen.

Brian “Bruiser” Clifford
The skipper by default and also the team clown. Specialises in the social side of the game and loves nothing better than enjoying a frothy with the op­position after the game. He is considered an all-rounder as he is ordinary at both batting and bowl­ing. Odds on to be found singing badly in a corridor somewhere that he says has “good acoustics”

Wolfpack (Australia)

Wolfpack are commit­ted to a big fundraising effort for the Junior Develop­ment program for the Thai kids.

The Pack will be selling official team hats for AUD15 (450 baht) with all funds going to the program. Head to their team marquee if you’d like to make a pur­chase!

The boys have also pitched in, to make a special pur­chase of a club kit for the kids in the Program, and wish them all the very best with their development.

Will Badger
Everything about Will ‘The Alter Boy’ Badger is big – big feet, big height, big hits, big heart! The 7 year veteran of Phuket Cricket Week, Badge, otherwise known as the ‘Karaoke King’, is hoping to once again hit the high notes and go one better with the championship double in 2014.

Scott Maitland
A first timer in 2013, ‘Newy’ settled right in to quality on the field… off the field, grannies were grabbing his atten­tion! Not too partial to the local cuisine, he found great appeal in Russian and Scottish fare. An experienced all-rounder in every sense of the word, Newy will be sure to be leading the charge at the sponsors bars with rousing renditions of the Wolf Pack’s anthem.

Sean Lewis
Sean ‘Pops’ Lewis (not to be confused with his well known alter ego Lesley Chow) knows how to cook up the goods both in the lab and on the field. A quiet and unassuming bloke until he hits the Bamboo Bar, the alter ego comes out to play, much to the entertainment of locals and team mates alike. May be seen howling at the moon… You have been warned.

Tim Bishop
The 2013 Kata Group 7s was officially Tim ‘Elmo’ Bishop’s first ever competi­tive cricket match, and what he lacks in experience, he made up for with a mega-watt smile! AKA WingMan, this is a bloke you want alongside you in the trenches. Loves a punt, and may be found betting on insect races if he can’t log in to his SportsBet account! Phuket made a big impression on Elmo in 2013, and this year he has committed to a big fundraising effort for the kids of Thailand.

James D’Angelo
Where to start with James ‘Stretch’ D’Angelo… don’t confuse him with Billy Ray Cyrus, though he may be found nursing an Achy Breaky Heart after a couple of Hangover-esque nights sure to get the better of him! New to Phuket and the modified tournaments, he brings with him rock solid bowling form, this years stats were an impressive 39 wickets at 7.38. He did, however, take more wickets than post runs this sea­son!

Matt Jenkins
A 2013 Indoor Cricket World Cup rep­resentative alongside The Alter Boy, Matt ‘Jenko’ Jenkins is looking forward to his first Phuket experience. A very handy all-rounder, Jenko will be a great acquisition to the Pack as they strive to back up their Champions title.

Steve Hancox
Another Wollongong boy (3 of them grace the Pack), Steve brings a great edge to the Pack’s bowling attack. A bit of an unknown entity, this new addition to the Pack will no doubt have the team song memorised by the time he gets there, courtesy of Scotty Maitland’s mentoring!

Saurav Chatterjee
The Pack’s Indian brother, joining the team for the first time in 2014, Saurav ‘Sol’ Chatterjee (that’s Dolly for the CBBs!) will be sure to lead the charge on Bangla Road. Newbies beware… you WILL get Dollied! A very handy player, with one of his many skills be­ing the ability to back it up after a big night, Sol will play an integral role in the Pack’s quest to make it a cham­pionship double.

Alex Hegedus
Alex ‘Eggy’ Hedgus has left the serenity of Pinjarra for the unabashed mayhem of the Wolf Pack! New to the team, Eggy brings great all-round talent to the cricket field… sadly these talents end at the bar, and Tiny may wreak havoc at a Slammer Session!

Duncan Spencer
Sir Vivian Richards declared Duncan ‘Spanna’ Spencer the fastest white man he has ever faced… Ever. (Don’t believe us? Read it. Its in his book! Or download it on YouTube). A former Western Austra­lian State representative, playing alongside Justin Langer, Damien Martyn, Tom Moody, Brendon Julian et al, Spanna actually hails from the Mother Country and began his crick­et career at Kent… but we don’t hold that against him!

CBBs (Thailand)


Slavko Erak
Slav comes from Newcastle and newly named CBB Member. He is a good friend and always enjoys himself.

Logan Erak
Logan is the son of Slavko, a promising young player and talent. Part of the CBB youth policy, we hope a part of the CBB future.

Gary Foster
Always a pleasure to have Gaz with us, we look forward to his contribution and having a good time in Phuket at the 7s!

Bob “Tiny” Phillips
Bob is the CBB President and solid supporter of the club. Loves this event and always up for a vodka and all kinds of other drinks.

James Melon
A Warathai Player in Chiang Mai, hoping we can get James to play foe the CBBs in Phuket while enjoying the Fun in The Sun of Phuket.

Roy Guy
In same situation as James, is after a relaxed enjoyable time while in Phuket. We are sure he will enjoy the is­land and also the event generally.

Dixie Joy
Back again for another Phuket visit. Never a dull mo­ment when Dixie is around. He also will prepare the pitch again for this event, a man of many talents.

Michael “Cat” Maher
CBB Tour co-ordinator why has toured with the CBBs many times. Looking forward to meeting up with old friends again.

Raju Seemant
A genuine solid supporter of this event, fantastic to finally add Raju to the CBB fold. Scored his first 100 recently on Phuket, a solid contributor with bat and ball.

Ross Martins
Ross has been threatening to come to a CBB Tour for a long time no, finally the time has come. A fan of cricket, but not too sure how well he will go here. We know he will enjoy.

Wayne Morrison
A big welcome back to Morro who hales from the Nollamara CC in Perth. Is a very keen photographer who helps out with the event. Handy bowler and player generally.

Sedgwick CC SICCO's (Sedgwick International Cricket Club of Sixes) (Australia)

We welcome the blokes from the Sedgwick Cricket Club in central Victoria, Australia. The idea of creating a team to compete in this tournament originated last year in Vietnam when to of the founding members (Nathan Austin and Craig Lock) were in a bar (surprise sur­prise) where they met a couple of blokes that had previously played. The idea gained momentum back home and we quickly had 7 players ready to go. for a few of our players it is their first time overseas, so they don’t know what to expect. But rest assured the SICCO’S will come out swinging when the tourna­ment begins.

Nathan “Mr Cricket” Austin
Mr Cricket has been playing cricket for 3 years. His nick name has changed along the way to represent how many ducks he had for the season. first it was doughnut then it became doughnuts. It was not long till the boys had to change it again to Audi. Once he had 5 ducks it became Olympic. Finally Mr Cricket made some runs and since then he has tried to keep this name. He also bowls the occasional ball that will have the batsman bamboozled!

Craig “Penetrator” Lock
Just recently taking out our league award for the umpires vote, the Penetrator is in the best form he has been in in years. And yes, that is a lot of years as this player has had more birthdays than he has hair on his head. Penetrator is an absolute weapon when it comes to his bowling. he can Penetrate the wickets of even the most inform batsman!

Nathan “Santa” Bowie
Santa is new to the game of cricket, in fact he has played only one season. Coming from a tennis back ground his batting technique looks like he would be better suited to baseball. But don’t let his big slogging swing fool you because sees every ball as a chance to hit a home run (I mean a six). If Santa doesn’t “strike out” and we can keep him out of the bars, it will be like Christmas has come early for the SICCO’S

Greg “Pissa” Brennan
A veteran of the game, Pissa has been playing indoor cricket for about 200 years. 3 years ago Pissa finally ventured outside to play the sport he loves. This tight bowling, quick scoring fossil of cricket also enjoys time off the field where he runs our cricket clubs        can­teen. He inspires to be the best canteen manager in the league, and this is where he gets his other nick­name “Jude”- Who was a favourite canteen operator amongst cricketers in our league

Michael “Pup” Clark
Don’t panic.. this is not the same Pup that captains Australia’s test team, just the same name. And that is about all that they have in common! Pup is a bit of a comedian at our club, always telling a joke or tagging his mates on some facebook post. He has a really filthy mind.... But you will be filthy too if you let Pup get away with the bat as he can score very quickly. Pup is no mug with the ball either, always landing it on the spot.

Lucas “Hollywood” Baldwin
Never a hair out of place, this bloke will leave the op­position mesmerised with his beauty! (look out Lady Boys) Hollywood is always pulling off some amaz­ing catch that you would usually only see in the mov­ies and wow wee, this bloke can bowl too! Beauty runs in Hollywood’s family (eg. his mum) and this is why he also goes by the nickname of “Stiffler” - from the American Pie movies

Jordan “Moose” Ilsley
Just a huge brute of a boy, is our Moose. At only 19 years old, he is about 7 feet tall and has shoulders the width of a cricket pitch. other teams had will be hop­ping to get Moose out early because with his amazing strength he will take every opportunity to make every ball a six! His talents don’t stop there though because his bowling and fielding make any captain wish they had him on their team.

Rowdies (India)

The team have played cricket for long, some of us played club level cricket for years, together. Rowdies’ 2nd tourna­ment in Kata 7s.

Passion - Cricket, Thailand and beer is what brings us back together with few brilliant mates. Some of our mates look to Karon 7s as the only opportunity to get away from their wives & household chores. We look forward to bonding with other teams, hang­overs, fun with friendly banter, with quality & com­petitive cricket.

Player Pen Profiles

Nataraj Iyer, “Nattu”
Don’t get carried away with this infant sized creature, there’s a devil swingin inside. Just don’t ask any ques­tions, coz he’ll kill u wid dem! Irritatingly brilliant poser, awesome bowler & an awesome bloke...

Venkat Ramakrishnan, “Venky”
His wife refers him as second-hand, as his body is bruised everywhere, thanks to his awesome fielding. Gives every game his 100% and would do anything for Cricket. Dropped as captain due to SF loss in 2012 Kata7s and retained for 2014 only because of lack of players

Dhiraj Lulla, “Dhiru”
Only sensible player of the team we can think of, or maybe that’s before he got married. “Hez a keeper”, pun intended. He has an amazing hunger & commitment for cricket.

Charnmeet Singh, “Surdy”
Needs no invite to Thailand, cricket or a lively banter on & off the field. Can’t see the ball without glasses or a few JD shots. Can hit the ball a long way & an awesome bowler, if u can get him to the ground to play ;)

Karthik Viswanathan, “Kalu”
Henpecked husband and frustrated father, Kata7s is his annual runaway event from his exciting life. A fan­tastic all-rounder, on & off the field.

Nadar Thomas Raja, “Nadar”
If he bowls the speed he speaks, he would be faster than Brett Lee. Passion for sport just rides super high & a welcome addition to the Rowdies in Phuket. Ever smiling fantastic bloke on & off the field

BAT-69 (St. XaviersSchool Alumni, Kolkata) (India)

The Team

BAT-69 is a cricket team comprising of weirdo businessmen who have only one thing in common-‘Cricket’. Business is a means of livelihood but cricket is religion. It’s easier to miss a business ap­pointment than to miss a game of cricket. 9 to 5 we work and in the evening under lights from 6 to 9 we bat (after a few pegs of Vat-69) …hence we are called ‘Bat-69’.

Player Profiles

Pradyumn…“The Chimp Master”
Popular as ‘Chimpu’ amongst his friends, he is the Coach and Captain of the side. Under his leadership no ‘monkey busi­ness’ is allowed in the team.

Vishal … “The Volcano”
This volcano is never dormant but al­ways super active. When on the cricket field instead of lava it erupts ‘Sixes’.

Amish Raja…” The King”
Raja in Indian language means King. Amish is truly the King of Good Times.

Indrava…”The Sledge hammer”
He plays cricket more with his mouth than his bat. The opponent gets de­pressed because of his sledging. They prefer getting out than tolerating his sledging.

Aman…”The Surraa Bowler”
This chap specializes in the “Surraa Bowling”. Surraa bowling is colonial term given to those bowlers who make sure that their balls reach the batsman in more than one bounce.

Karan Suri…”The KamaSutra”
As the name suggests Karan is a master of all the positions of cricket. His field placing is impeccable and his stance is enviable.

In his size and shape he is an exact repli­ca of the great Sri Lankan cricketer Ra­natunga but since he lacks Ranatunga’s finesse in cricket he is lovingly called Tunga by his teammates.

Ravi…”Life Support”
He is our greatest fan. To be true he is our Only fan. After the retirement of Ravi Bopara our Ravi also retired and now acts as a support system to the team.

Desa Bangles (Malaysia)

The club was formed in 2011 in Johor, Southern Ma­laysia, and its founding member is Richard Tan will be competing at the 6s. DESA BANGLES are a truly multicultural club with players from all over Asia and even a few Brits. This is the first overseas tournament for the club and we are all looking forward to our participation. The club plays in a joint Singaporean-Malaysian league and also hosts touring sides from around the country and the rest of the world.

Richard ‘Tuppence’ Tan
Richard is one of the driving forces be­hind cricket in Johor. He is the founder of the DESA BANGLES club and works tirelessly to promote and develop cricket in the re­gion. He has also represented Sarawak in the Malay­sian Premier League. Richard is a gritty left handed opening batsman who can also offer a useful bit of tweak on Malaysia’s turning wickets. On my first meeting with Richard out in the middle he told me ‘When batting with me if you normally run two, it’ll be a single, if it’s a single don’t bother and don’t even think about running threes’, it was here he earned his tour nickname.

David ‘Twaheids’ Ross
David is a talented top order batsman who enjoyed a successful 2013 season which included his maiden century. Like Richard, Twa prefers boundaries to threes and is a purveyor of part time left arm orthodox. David is a right-handed batsman who proclaims to have the best pull shot in Scottish cricket, unfortunately how­ever his defensive strokes are not of the same calibre. Twaheids earned his nickname playing ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ with his family at Xmas when he failed to pass $100 by proffering that a camel has two heads.

Lord Harry Wills Esq.
Harry is a talented all-round sportsman who has only recently donned the whites for the first time since his schooldays. Despite his limited experience Lord Wills offers the Bangles some slippery medium pace bowling, enthu­siastic fielding and has a penchant for cutting bowlers of all paces through point. Above all else Lord Wills will bring some class and refinement to the DESA Bangles squad.

Paul ‘Quickdraw’ McCraw
Paul is a left-arm seamer with the ability to hoop the ball back into the right hand­ers. The highlight of his bowling career was when he took a hat-trick in the Scottish Premier League which included the wicket of Australian test batsman Ed Cowan. His early years on the golf course have shaped his batting style and he can regularly be found trying to loft 7-irons over mid-off for 6.

Jon JTC Riley
Put back those ropes for PE teacher and gym bunny Riley. Whether he’s bowling or batting, there’s a good chance that the nut could be sailing over the boundary. Riley is a fierce competitor who will give his all on the field and is most likely to be found in his down time at the side of the pool oiled up in his speedos, yes you read correctly, speedos.

Sufyan ‘The Pro’ Ali
Just the mention of his name sends shiv­ers down the spines of Malaysian bats­men. Sufyan is a genuine quick who employs a deadly combination of swing, seam and subtle changes to pace to terrorise his oppo­nents. The Pro is also a committed fielder and can clear the ropes with ease if the mood takes him.

Southern Stars (Australia)

Well I am here for my 4th year and cannot wait to arrive in Thailand to catch up with all you cricket nuts.
We have a new team this year and I wish them all the best, thanks to Cat and all his team for all your hard work this year.

Wish all players and supporters all the best for our time in Thailand, safe travels, Wayne Bem­rose.

Now our team, all this team is from Country Victoria our captain is Justin Tiffitt from     Wan­garatta, Scott MacNamara from Whorouly, Ronnie Elliott from Whorouly, Jake Wright from Rochester, Matt Longwill from Ballarat, Simon Cowell from Shepparton, Ranne Wilkinson from Whorouly our nurse and rub down lady ‘Not’ lovely lady partner of Ronnie.

All our players love a chat and a beer, and hope they meet and enjoy all you cricket lovers.
PS. Where is my wolf pack shirt badger LOL, Breaking news I am shattered to here Manty will not be joining us this year least it will give my ear’s a rest.

Wild Men From Borneo (Borneo)

Shit is it that time again already.. Phuket sixes time that is. Well again the WMFB are back for another crack and to see if they score a few. They will no doubt be mixing up the special brew of Jungle Juice each day to key themselves going.

Again there will be two Wild Men Teams but the sec­ond team will be looking to bring in a couple of extras to make up the spots left by some team members who have had to drop out due to wallet injuries. We welcome all to come and acquire a taste for the magical powers of the Jungle Juice and its healing powers as it removes pain and suffering. i.e. after a few you can’t feel anything and you don’t give a toss..

Again our sponsors have shown great support to the cause dipped deep into their pockets to ensure the leg­end of the WMFB lives on.

We say thanks to: Gold Security Group, Angus O’Tools, Vasey EHS Consulting, AE3S (Asia Eco-Energy Enterprise Solutions), Successful Projects, Fire Rescue Safety Australia and MYR Consulting.

Players for 2014’s “Fun in the Sun” are:

Captain Circket (Mark Stirling)
CC is back again to try and have some fun in the sun. It is CC’s 9th Phuket sixes tour. Shy retiring type of guy who can make a batch of Jungle Juice that will knock your socks off.

Ginger Rash (Ian Farrar)
Returning once again for an tenth Phuket tournament – enough said – glutton for punishment is all I can say. Feared amongst his peers for his notepad and pencil and wearing a silly fines captain tracksuit in 40 degrees.

Snatch (Alan Jackson)
Snatch is back for a 4th campaign in Phuket. Just loves tabasco with almost anything – even water. A patient bat and fairly reliable for some runs. Made a go at wicket keeping last year so a good all-rounder. Nailed a catfish on the fishing tour last year and is hoping to play a round this tour (golf you dirty mind­ed people).

Sir Les (Peter Weir)
Back to play in the Phuket Sixes for a 3rd round. A stayer in on and off the field as quite often the last man standing. Sir Les is a cultural sensitive guy known for his subtleties when dealing with life.

Freebie (Bernard Schenk)
Back in Phuket for a 3rd WMFB tour. Doesn’t mind a sip or two of jungle juice to get the day going. Not bad with a ball or bat and has been known to bowl a maiden over now and then, mind you the odd one does slip through to the keeper.

Icepack (David Dickson)
New to the Phuket sixes but has had two tours to the Singapore sixes. Can bat a little, bowl a little and field a little. Steady on and off the field and a handy guy to have on tour with his magic remedies and fix me ups, usually for himself.. Ice please….

Scarface (Jeff Butler)
Also new to the Phuket sixes tour but came onto the Wild Men scene last year in Singapore. Known to be a bit of a thinker when it comes to cricket, clearly demonstrating this in Singapore when he copped one on the scone whilst in full flight of drinking off the field. Scarface is expected to lift the scoring rate on tour and will finally get to taste the real WMFB Jun­gle Juice.

Matt B (Ting Tong)
TT as he is affectionately known is back for a 4th WMFB Tour to Phuket. Known for his ability to party hard and have a great time he is always good fun on tour. Hailing from a distant land where people get fix­ated on the arse of a Princesses sister.

Beaver (John), Butthead (Maurice) and Mi­ami Vice (Brendan)
The lads from Angus O’Tools have been long term supporters and sponsors with the WMFB and con­tinue to be part of the action and fun. Always handy with a supportive sledge and an ice cold cider. They have always stated they would like to be in cider and we believe the reprobates.. Is that a Dicken Cider we wonder.. We look forward to their great support again this year. Cheers. 

The Supporters

Anuj Puri (Noddy)
He’s back… What more can I say. Two years ago Noddy burst onto the Wild Men scene in a burst of…. Wait a minute.. sorry… that should read… went out to bat had a drink and went to sleep.. again.. Hopefully this year he can stay awake long enough to reach the crease and swing his bat. We look forward to Noddy’s great wit and humour and great moves dancing on the bar..

Paul Piper (Soup Dragon)
A great fan of the WMFB (actually one of our only fans.. hehe) is most welcome back to cheer one, heck­le and party with the WMFB. Soup Dragon will again find bliss in the world of Tom Yum, Jungle Juice and beer whilst watching the cricket magicians at their craft, oh and the Wild Men of course.. Nong Krub… Tom Yum Goong Mak Mak Korp Kun Krub.

Jim Jeffries (Ewok)
The ever hirsute Ewok is noted for being one of our other fans.. (see we have at least two..) and though mostly quiet lets rip the most cutting remarks when you least expect them. Doesn’t drink any more these days, actually he doesn’t drink any less either so fits right into the mold of being a model WMFB.

The Virgins

John Croysdill
John is travelling with Soup Dragon and Ewok from the same land of perverts as Ting Tong just to come and watch the likes of us and drink Jungle Juice and beer in the sintering sun of Phuket, which is on the other side of the planet.. Actually I know sweet FA about John except he must be either a) crazy like Soup Dragon and Ewok; b) very sad and lonely and have no friends; or c) a great judge of character and knows where the best team is playing and the party is at… I hope the right answer is C… haha

Mount Compass Cricket Club - “The Bulls” (Australia)

The Mt Compass Cricket Club was established in the 1940’s. Situated 50 km south of Adelaide, South Australia, the club plays in the Great Southern Cricket Associa­tion.

Traditionally a very strong club from a township of no more than 800 people, generally punches above its weight division with representation in all association sides, and is normally playing finals in most grades the club enters teams into.

Player Profiles

Shane Brown
Perhaps the best bloke in a bad bunch, he has been able clinch back to back A Grade Premierships as captain - and doesn’t stop telling everyone he meets. Like Michael Bevan between the wickets, has run a 9 and a 5 in consecutive weeks, and has never recov­ered. Handy with the bat, which is just as well be­cause he is hopeless in the field.

Mark Nash
This is a man who doesn’t mind a trophy or two! Maybe one of the best cricketers to ever chuck one down the pitch (and I along with Daryl Hair suspect he does actually chuck them) has captained a num­ber of A Grade sides to Grand Finals, but could never bring home the silverware!

Shane Holme
A groundsman’s nightmare due to his “beautifully smooth” run up to the bowling crease, known to some as “The Lord of the Dance (think Michael Flatley). Also known as Showbag - if you have a quick chat with him over a beverage or two, you will find out why! Showie considers himself an international cricketer, as he represented his school in the West­minster 3rds against the Crusaders in New Zealand. We suspect he cut the oranges for the team. It will be an absolute miracle if he manages to play the tournament without what he would describe as a major injury!

Josh Hicks
Not sure what Hicksy hits harder, a short ball on leg stump or the bar after the game. Hard hitting left hand batsman, and slow right hand bowler. Definitely one to watch - during the game and after!

Paul Barrett
Known as “Little Boy”, he is probably the most styl­ish leaver of the ball Mt Compass has ever produced. Is able to work the ball around the field in a man­ner which is sure to increase the run rate (run rate required that is!)

Payton Roocke
One of the most promising junior cricketers and foot­ballers Mt Compass produced in many years, how­ever injury and overseas work commitment’s have prevented him from representing the Mount in many years.

Jeff Crosby
Currently recuperating from a knee reconstruction, he has to be one of the most underrated and dependable bowlers currently playing for the Mount. Bowled ex­treme pace as an under 12 junior cricketer, but never kicked on.

Robert Martin
The serious member of the team, like Geoff Boycott, Marto places a high value on his wicket. Perfectly suited to this form of the game.

Storm Chasers (International)

The Storm Chasers are a multi-national team of crick­eters, making their debut in the Phuket Sixes, who spend more time in front of a keyboard then they do at the crease. The team, led by captain Steven Mapes, have a range of past cricketing experience and are based in Berkshire, just west of London, England.

Sponsored by Horizon International Cargo, a world­wide independently owned Supply Chain company, and WebEquator, a global web solutions provider, the team was formed by former Phuket Sixes player Hardeep Kapoor. His suggestion of entering the tour­nament was received positively and the team started training hard. Several battered and bruised months lat­er, the energetic, enthusiastic and effervescent Storm Chasers hope to entertain players and spectators alike whilst enjoying the Phuket Sixes experience.


Steven Mapes

Hardy Kapoor

David Mapes

Siva Ganesamoorthy

Ferozz Khan


The Sharifally Huzifers (Australia)

Through countless drinking and sparring sessions the world over, The Sharifally Huzifers have been a team for the last 15 years without even knowing it. The Phuket Sixes is finally the platform to which the talents of these fine men will crystallize as a united front, and brings together players from Hong Kong, Port Moresby, Penang and Perth. Watch out for sparks both on and off the field from this team as they attempt to begin their climb up the rankings of the Asian Cricket Sixes circuit in Phuket.

Curtis “Doggie” Lind (c)
It is no surprise the captaincy duties of the Sharifally Huzifers have fallen on this man’s shoulders. He is the only member possessing any resemblance to a sense of responsibility. Although don’t be surprised if this rapidly fades once the sun goes down. Curtis is a sucker for any delivery that could be smashed through the covers, and will not be wasting any of his (expanding) energy reserves on quick singles in Phuket. Skippering the Sharifally Huzifers may well be the crowning glory of The Dog’s cricketing career, provided he manages to get his team on the field. 

James “Gregorian Hyphenshaft” Wilson
What a tale in the making. Gregorian Hyphenshaft famously lost a Sixes match two years ago by bowl­ing an undisclosed number of wides in the final over. Do not get too confident against Gregorian’s bowling arm however, it’s been through a grueling 18 months of cross training lifting beers, smokes and skirts, in Hong Kong. Make no mistake, the longer the tour goes on and the later the nights had, Gregorian Hy­phenshaft will punish you, until he is renamed by formal ceremony, ‘The Wolf of Phuket’. In future years many will reflect on the remarkable rise of skinny fragile Gregorian Hyphenshaft - how could a man not capable of lighting a gas oven in fear of the flame, and not capable of travelling without both facial day and facial night cream, and his tweezers, rise to become ‘The Wolf of Phuket? If, after a series of his ugly bouncers, you are not being haunted by his adolescent ghost in Phuket International Hospi­tal, the man and his scars may reveal all to you, just before sunrise.

Mark “The Champ” Genovesi
Born and raised in sunny Perth, Mark’s passion for cricket began at the tender age of 7 when, for his birthday, his Father gave him two precious gifts; a Gray-Nicolls Scoop Heritage, and a copy of ‘The Barking Spiders Live: 1983’ by Cold Chisel. Clearly Mark was being put on the path to pursue one of two things; a baggy green or musical greatness. By the age of 17, it was becoming clear that the only stroke-play Mark was particularly good at was terribly in­appropriate and usually conducted in his bedroom late at night while watching VHS recordings of the Nutri-Grain women’s iron man series. The possibil­ity of a few days in Thailand pursuing friendship through cricket is hugely appealing to Mark. He will be bringing the same Scoop Heritage to Phuket that his Father gave him decades ago. His teammates are hopeful that he will hit his first ever boundary on this tour. It would be a great achievement for Mark, and hugely satisfying for his mates.

Peter “Big Whitey” Bednall
Peter will tell you that there are only three truly great things to come out of Tasmania; Ricky Ponting, Cas­cade Premium Light & himself. Having packed his kit bag for Perth when he was 15 years old, Peter attempted to play cricket for his high-school, one that was famous for producing world-class Cricket­ers. Unfortunately, Peter’s passion for the bat & ball fell away as he progressed through his Law degree. He always attempted to put runs on the board, but it was a game of a different nature; cherries, balls and maidens became increasingly important to him, for reasons unrelated to cricket. Currently a resident of Papua New Guinea, Peter is travelling quite some distance to participate in the competition, such is his love for the game and his love for his mates. “The Big Whitey” is the largest member of the Sharifally Huzzifers by mass, something that his Samoan in-laws are immensely proud of.

Johnny “Bam-Bam” Bamford
Bam-Bam Bamford hails from Penang and is a vet­eran of multiple tours. This “fish-monger to the stars” is as slippery with the new rock as his air-freighted AAA grade Norwegian salmon that is consumed by many in The Pearl of the Orient. Bam-Bam Bam­ford’s outswinger will officially not work until he had downed a pint of the amber liquid, so he should be absolutely unstoppable in Phuket. Bam.

Etihad Airways (UAE)

Renish Nadakkaparambil Abdulkhader
Healing guru’, this guy will not give you a second chance. Silent Assassin with the ball. Effective player- Rarely beaten.

Sreekanth Bhavadasan
Mr Skillset’ The most skillful player in the team, excellent batsmen very composed and busy making runs. ’’lord of the runs” also likes to keep wickets. Once he is in the ball is out.

Chirag Bipinkumar Bhatt
Mr Surprise ‘extremely vocal holds team together, he means ‘business’ on the field, ’beware of the terminator’. A brilliant all-rounder. east or west Chirag is the best.

Mohammed Zaheer
Trailblazer’ leads by example, The man behind the scene and success, loads of expertise” better watch out”.fabulous wicket keeper.

Kohinoor Mohammed Zanoon
Silent killer’ he is a slow poison, hope you are lucky if he misses the target with the ball. speaks very less but his bat talks. 

Jawad Qazi
Mr Shot gun’ don’t under estimate the power a skinny lad. He can stop a truck load of balls, very agile smart cricketer. A stylish left hand batsman.

Qazi Mohammad Azam
Mr Thunder’ man with a vision on a mission, perfect all rounder, he roars with the bat ,and fires the ball like a bullet. Yes!!! Size matters.

Sohail Anjum Khan
The murderer’ make sure the boundaries are big coz, he doesn’t hit small, dangerous man knocks bails and toes is a “Massacre” wear you helmets till the end.

Faizan Mohammed
The supersonic’ stop him if you can, his aggression will sting you like a bee, and his passion has no match. Go Aussie!!!!

Rahil Abdul Khader Sada
Mr Hostile blizzard’ Very skillful left hand, has contributed a lot of character to the squad. The knight rider with magic fingers!!!

Sanket Nayak
Commando’ the willow is his weapon, will show no mercy, can rip the opposition apart, the explosive match winnner.finishes the game quickly to party hard. Here comes your nightmare.

Santosh Mangali
Mr full toss’ holds the bat like a baseball, hard and mad hitter, No field setting is required as the ball only goes out of the park. An innovative hitter.


We would like to thanks all of the volunteer Officials who have offered to assist us for this years “Fun In The Sun” Phuket Cricket Week. Without these wonderful, dedicated and special people, an event like this simply cannot go ahead. Thanks very much everyone.

Ian “Reds” Liddell: Tournament Referee
Reds knows this very short form of the game of cricket very well. Always showing confidence with his decision making availability, he also always re-assures teams things are done properly.

Brad Tarr: Event Director
Brad has been with us from the very first Asian Cricket Sixes Tour (ACST) in Phuket. He knows and understands the needs of everyone when they visit Phuket for this “Friendship Through Cricket” event.

Saurav Chatterjee: ACST Partner & Social
Saurav will only be with us for a few days of the Sixes this year because of his increased work load. Always a pleasure to have him with us and we can be sure that the party will be on while with us.

Akarin Hiranpruecks: Local Co-ordinator
The amount of background work which Akarin does is unbelievable. He is always planning and actioning the many challenges which we face holding an event such as this in Phuket. We have huge respect for this most generous man.

Wayne Morrison: Photographer
The man with the eye, in all situations. A huge welcome back to Morro from “out bush” in Australia. Will not be with us all of Cricket Week, but will be keen to make up time by the time he arrives.

Bob “Tiny” Phillips: Commentator and Scorer
Tiny is back with his witty remarks and interesting comments. Always ready for a good laugh, enjoy a quiet drink or two, but always very keen to help us out at this event which is special to him.

Toni “Cougar” Maher: Scorer
A huge welcome back to Phuket to Cougar, after a few years away. Back in an area where we need her most, scoring. Previously involved with Chiang Mai, Phuket, Hua Hin and the SALT Sixes, she is back dedicated to ensure all is done well. Of course Cat’s lovely sister as well.
Geoff Stearn: Match Steward
Welcome back to Geoff to another Phuket event, after being at pretty much all events. Always with a smile and a word of encouragement, as well as having good ideas and suggestions.

Raju Seemant: Beach Cricket and general tournament support
Raju is a man who will always help out with this Phuket tournament since year 1. Organises the Beach Cricket, but also helps wherever he can to assist making the event a real success.

Gary Foster: Match Steward
A regular to the Sixes circuit lately, always keen to help and to support the events. Loves the game of cricket and really enjoys himself when it comes to being away in Thailand. Welcome back!

Dixie Joy: Groundsman and Umpire
For those who know Dixie, we know that determined “can do” attitude, always welcomed and needed at this Phuket event. Also a ball of laughs, watch out if you have never met Dixie!

John Whetton: Scorer
A Phuket local who helped us with huge effect last year with scoring. Learnt the skill very well and will be all the better for it this year. Brother of our very good mate Scarfy, he is always positive and helpful and a joy to be around.

Tookta Supattra: Catering and pre-event help
Tooky has been helping us in so many ways for a long time. Be it catering, pre-event arrangements, advice and ideas, there is always a smile for us throughout.

Will “Alter Boy” Badger: Social Co-ordina­tor
Master of all trades this year, Badge and his main aim is to create a very positive party atmosphere around this year very special 11th Anniversary Tournament at this wonderful new ground. If you have any ideas for Badge socially, please do not be shy in letting him know. A Gentle Giant, Badge is very approachable and a very nice person.

Nicola Cooke: Sports Physiotherapist
It is our absolute pleasure to welcome Nikki back with us again to Phuket Cricket Week. Has a wonder­ful ability to be able to fix all of the aches and pains during the tournament. A kind hearted lovely person and it is an honour for us to welcome her again.

Trevor Warburton: Umpire
A loyal, dedicated and hard working umpire who aims to always achieve top quality work. Trevor in­sists to umpire as much as possible and really enjoys to challenge. Has been helping us here in Phuket, in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Hua Hin for many years.

Rex Evans: Umpire
What a rise through umpiring ranks in Perth, from Level 1 to now be a regular “A” Grade umpire in WACA Grade cricket. Like Trevor, Rex has been a dedicated umpire for us at ACST in many various tournaments we are involved with.

Ian Locke: Umpire
We are again honoured to welcome Ian with us for the Phuket Sixes event. A regular Sheffield Shield and BBL League umpire who umpires all over Australia and the region. He has enjoyed the past 2 years so much in Phuket that we are very happy to welcome him back again.

Mike Khan: Umpire
Again Mike will be umpiring for us in a tournament where he has assisted in early days. He has pretty much been with us since day 1 of the event. Always has a smile on his face, simply he enjoys the tourna­ment and being a part of it.

John King: Umpire
Old boss of Cat’s at Midland Post Office in the 1970’s, wow did he teach Cat a thing or two?? Is a local PCG Phuket umpire and also Coach of local children. Is enjoying cricket in Phuket and is very welcome to again be with us in 2014.

Deepak “Vikky” Mehra: Umpire
Vikki is another local Phuket umpire who has always shown us huge support and loyalty. Always enjoys umpiring and prepared to have a joke with the players and fellow umpires.

Imran “Batman” Idrees: Coaching and Cricket Gear man
Batman is again with us after many years helping the ACST in many different places. Also willing to help, be in umpiring, playing, coaching or helping.

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