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The ACST continues to organise superb club cricket events at fantastic locations across Asia Pacific since it was founded in 2000.

The Phuket Cricket Week comprises of the ICC Award Winning Phuket International Cricket Sixes and the Thalang International 7's (formerly known as the Kata International 7's)

The Sixes were first held in 2004, while the 7's made its first appearance in 2012. Both events have helped raise substantial sums through the kindness of its worldwide participants to assist in the next generation of Thais falling in love with the game through the Phuket Cricket Group's Junior Development Fund. The ACST would like to thank the PCG for their continued and invaluable support as the Phuket Cricket week continues to flourish.

All enquiries for anyone wishing to come along and make friendships through the game, whether as a team or individuals should contact the ACST Chairman, Michael 'Cat' Maher at mmaher.padmir@bigpond.com or by telephone on +61 407 385 481.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 - Pen Portraits

2016 Team Portraits

Galah CC (NSW, Australia)

Galah Cricket Club originated in Country NSW by legendary President
Allan Boyd. The Galahs are a group of Cricket Enthusiasts who have travelled the world playing against other Cricket Tragic’s. Last year saw them play in Amsterdam, Iceland, Guernsey, Jersey, Sark, and up to Nottingham. Next year’s tour see’s them travel and play in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. In total we have visited 38 countries thus far. Mick Cat Maher is a travelling member of the Galah’s having toured in 2015 to Amsterdam & Iceland, he joined us in 2013-Luxembourg, Belgium & France. The Honourable Alexander Downer (AC) is the Club Patron.

During the lunch break on Day 3, ABC’s Glenn Mitchell presented Allan Boyd, from the Galah Cricket Club, with the award acknowledging them winning the ABC Grandstand “Cricket Club of the Year”. Allan will be leading the Galah’s on this tour and leading the charge down “Machine Alley”

2016 Touring Squad

Peter Dickey
Answers to: P Diddy, Dickwad, Passout Pete, Fergal Sharkey
Recognisable by: His big…... personality
Detailed Analysis: A Schno’z that has got marginally smaller allegedly due to the removal of Cartilage for use in appendage enhancement surgery. Likely to look a million bucks as he has the best dress sense on tour. Useful meado and middle order batsmen returning to the cricket arena after an extended hiatus. Always a single available when hit to him in the field as he would not risk dirt under his manicured fingernails let alone his whites. Played one of the great Galah innings in Malaysia when confronted with rising humidity and a sweaty jock. Hard to dislodge when set. After getting a bit of dirt on his big toe in 2013- spent 4 hours in a Phuket Hospital. Left the hospital with an unknown quantity of antibiotics- penicillin has been known to cure other “touring” ailments.  

David Newham
Answers to: Spewham, Old Pork, Remote, Kid Rock, Newy
Recognisable by: Used car salesman.  Red complexion – not from the sun, but from the sheer embarrassment of not having the ability to back up the diatribe that effuses from his lips.
Detailed Analysis: With an ego the size of a starving man’s appetite, a lack of shot repertoire and all the power of a North Pole settlement, Newy represent’s little threat at the top of the order.  Accompanied by the fact that when sledged he shows the durability of Black & Gold toilet paper, a range of vocabulary to rival Marcel Marceau, the wit of a Funeral Director and the fortitude of a wet sand castle, it is a mystery why he still plays the game. Having shared a house with Newy many moons ago, we note the neat irony that as an older man he is often caught out pulling, yet as a younger man, he was regularly caught pulling before he went out.

Ben Watkinson
Answers to: Breakthrough, Blu tack, Watto, Benny, Coma
Recognisable by: His large toes nails
Detailed Analysis: Watto is actually aging very well, he’s becoming a more “rounded” cricketer every year. Breakthrough is perpetually mocked about his speed.  This remains a mystery because quite simply, he has none – running, bowling, batting, all done with the zest of a pensioner on a walking frame.  Rumour has it that he is a bit of a hit with the ladies because his plodding approach allows him to be on the nest for hours and hours without breaking a sweat.  A seasoned tourist who holds the team and the club together with his sensible approach to life. In the dozen days on this tour, the catchphrase “Thank God For Benny” will be heard 100 times.

Chris Alexander
Answers to: Ivanko, The Great, Wolfgang, Local, Dadasan
Recognisable by: His movie screen forehead
Detailed Analysis: This is Chris’s 3rd year in Kata, however he already owns 6 houses, a fleet of Tuk Tuk’s and is a major shareholder in Nanna’s Candyland Go Go Bar. A handy number 10 batsmen in a 7 a side comp, Chris will lead the bowling attack. He has good pace and the accuracy of a North Korean made missile. He is a team apparel manager and always does a super job fitting the lads out.      

Harry Baxter
Answers to: Bax, “H”, CD (needs more than 5 tracks to hit the deck with ball in hand)
Recognisable by: His jolly laugh and ciggie in hand, famous Galah Father
Detailed Analysis: Looks just like Dickey except that he is shorter, fatter, has more hair and is not as pretty.

Another experienced tourist, who might be likened to Mitchell Johnson (see photo with his brother) insofar as the enormous gap that exists between their best and their worst cricket.  Can play some classic strokes but displays the patience of a young man who has just slipped his hand into a girl’s panties and not been slapped.  First time as a Galah on Thailand

Doug Webster
Answers to: Dougie, Bulldog, “Doogie Wowser” The Pointer
Recognisable by: being Chopper Read and Elliot Goblets love-child, also has a famous Galah Father
Detailed Analysis: First time Galah tour was July/August last year into Europe and beyond, he had so much fun, he got back last week. Showed plenty of potential in Jersey when he hit the winning runs, however is noted for his penny pinching. So much so, he padded up at the airport so as not to check his kit in. With wife-to-be carrying said kit, this will be a test like no other. Also first time as a Galah in Thailand.

Tournaments' Officials

We would like to thank all of the volunteer Officials who have offered to assist us for this years “Fun in the Sun” Phuket Cricket Week. Without these wonderful, dedicated and special people, an event like this simply cannot go ahead. Thanks very much everyone.

Ian ‘Reds’ Liddell – Tournament Referee
Reds calmness in sweltering conditions allows the event to stick to its timings and itinerary as his experience comes to the fore. Expect an even more relaxed Reds, since his dentist has become his new hero.

Brad Tarr – Event Director
Brad will be in Phuket without his regular Lamma CC posse, to ensure the smooth running of the event that he has put so much into since its inception. Batsmen beware; Brad could well be umpiring!

Akarin Hiranpruecks – Local Co-Ordinator
A lovely warm and generous man whose local expertise and knowledge continues to be a vital part in the smooth running of all of our tournaments. Akarin really is one in a million!

Wayne Morrison – Photographer, Team Co-Ordinator & Scorer
We are hoping that our regular snapper Morro heads down south after Chiang Mai. A fine cricketer and President of his club back home, who laps up every minute of the ‘Fun in the Sun.’

Trevor Warburton – Umpire
Experienced Trevor is a fantastic member of the umpiring team, who leads by example. He simply loves standing, and is generous in his time when discussing the game.

Rex Evans – Umpire
Good old Sly Dog is back! Rex’s reputation continues to grow in WA cricket. Always a pleasure to see the big man in Phuket; preferably in the middle rather than two wheels of old!

Rob ‘Chops’ Bernard – Commentator, Media & Umpire
Chops is relishing the chance to revisit this beautiful part of the world, meeting wonderful people and generally being involved in the greatest game.

Geoff Stearn – Match Official
Without the likes of Geoff, the tournament would simply not run in its organised fashion. A lovely kind man who loves the game and his visits to Phuket.

Raju Seemant – Tournament Support
Raju continues to do sterling work with the next generation of young players in Phuket and in his role with the Phuket Cricket Group. He’ll have his hands full this year as well all stay at his resort!

Anthony Van Blerk – PCG Assistance
Anthony has been of great help and assistance and lead up to the tournament, and I daresay we’ll be relying on his local knowledge throughout our time in Phuket!

Dixie Joy – Umpire & Groundsman
Dixie will once again prepare an excellent deck down at the Republic Ground while umpiring at the ACG. A passionate man who loves life. The tournament owes his skills so much over the years.

John King – Umpire
John is now based in Phuket where he umpires for the PCG and coaches the kids. It’s fair to assume that John is looking forward to the event, judging by his excitement as the sponsors have been released on Facebook!

Deepak ‘Vikky’ Mehra – Umpire
We welcome back local umpire Vicky once again to share his humour with colleagues and players. Always loyal to the event, Vicky has given the ACST valuable support over the years.

Imran ‘Batman’ Idrees – Coaching and Cricket Gear Man
Imran is the go to man if you require any cricket equipment during your stay. Imran as ever will be seen helping out wherever is needed and offering sage advice to the next generation of cricketers.

Margaret Butcher – Media & Tournament Co-Ordinator
It’s fantastic to welcome Marg back for her second consecutive year. She obviously enjoyed 2014! Cat’s partner will be putting her skills to good use to give the event the extra professional touch.

Tim Caimakamis (Socrates) – Co-Ordinator & Scorer
We are hoping that Socrates will be with us in Phuket. A top bloke who’ll role his sleeves up and get stuck into any task he’s asked. An invaluable member of our team.

Taran Persaud – Scorer & Umpire
We are delighted that Taran will be joining us from Chiang Mai to enjoy the first stages of retirement. Taran loves our great game and is an ever willing assistant around the event with his wide range of skills.

Sudhir Tyagi – Scorer & Commentator
Sudhir has done so much for the ACST since he linked up to assist with Indian teams. He even added commentary in Hindi in Bangkok last October. A great bloke to have along.

Steve Owen - Auctioneer
Steve lives in the same block as Reds back in NSW and will be coming along for the first time, to enjoy the event and to assist with our auctions at our Awards Dinners. Welcome aboard Steve!

Simon Wetherell – Co-Ordinator
Simon has been of enormous assistance in the lead up to the event, and will be on hand to offer his assistance and local knowledge.

Khun Andrew - Kata Beach Resort
Without this very positive and supportive person, the event simply could not go ahead. Always positive, friendly, helpful and ready to support with ideas, Andrew is a solid rock behind the continued success of this fantastic event. He is a big part of the future for the event.

Rob Rigby – General Assistance
Rob is coming over from Hong Kong with Brad Tarr, who will no doubt utilise him to turn his hand to those all too vital jobs that always need covering.


#28 Charnmeet Singh, "Surdy" 
Needs no invite to Thailand, cricket or a lively banter on & off the field. Can't see the ball without glasses or a few JD shots. Can hit the ball a long way & an awesome bowler, if u can get him to the ground to play ;)

#33 Saket Chaudhary, "The Bull"
Wrapped around his daughters’ little fingers; 'the bull' for his affinity to charging & scuffling; and on the field 'Charge' he does! Cricket is not a game - it's his passion - it is his first and undefeated love says the accepting wife! Absolute gentleman on & off the field!

#10 Rohan Bhadgaonkar, "Boon"
Illegitimate Boon who can whack the balls out of the park. Mount Everest has lost a few pounds after his Nepal stint. Adds a new energy level to Rowdies. Drunkard to the core & unlikely to play after the 1st day shenanigans. Debutant with Rowdiez & Kata 7’s

#4 Nataraj Iyer, "Toe Crusher" 
Ever rising demands of this 90year old virgin has led all his energies focused purely on food, mainly Rajma Chawal. Highest per capita producer of nonsense in the world, apart from diving when not required. Humour & pace can be an asset to the team. Highest ducks in cricket history.

#10 Rakesh Shetty, "Rakkhu"
Tall, Dark, Handsome, lady killer, Selfie junkie, more than cricket he loves EDM, erstwhile tear away fast bowler who cancelled Ultra Miami for Kata 7’s, can be definitely be a game changer for us or for our opponents

#666 Shakeel Malpe, "Shaks"
No clue if he ever played cricket before, but has an addiction for giving vote of thanks. Absolute entertainer to the core & hope he recovers from his nappy changing expertise at Kata 7’s this time!!

#69 Karthik Viswanathan, "Kalu"
Henpecked husband and frustrated father, Kata 7’s is his annual runaway event from his exciting life. Fantastic all-rounder on & off the field.

#007 Jeetendra Wadhwani, "Bond"
Another henpecked husband who just needs an excuse to visit Thailand; doubt can bat or ball to save his life, but he might a few balls out of the park if pissed off by his wife ;)

#23 Venkat Ramakrishnan, "Venky"
Retained for 2016 only because of lack of players. Absolute waste of a bowler, anything below 33 runs in an over will win him a MoM.

Katherine BushRANGERS (Northern Territory, Australia)

Team motto: “To meet and greet new friends through a Game of Cricket”.

They’re BACK….Yes, The BushRangers return to Phuket THAILAND for their 2nd trip to compete in the Asian Sixes Cricket Tour Phuket Sixes and Kata 7’s cricket carnival. They return also under a new and permanent name; the “Katherine BushRangers”

Again, the team has been picked from grass roots Regional Cricket Carnivals played in and around the Northern Territory of Australia, with the aim of this team tour is to “see cricket played at its best by some of the world’s greatest up and coming players”. We return to PHUKET, THAILAND with a new bunch of players, who are keen to mix it with some of the carnival best teams and to see some of the wonderful sights, Phuket has to offer.

Firstly, we take this opportunity to thank our valued sponsors of Darwin Airport Resort, Jawoyn Association, Kalano Association and Roper Gulf Regional Council for supporting us through this venture.

2016 Squad
Marcus Rosas: (capt/wk/#8)
The face of the team. Is back again, and looking forward to catching up with old friends, but looking forward to meeting new friends as well. Again, no matter whether we score a win or lose by the largest of margins; look for the person with the biggest smile on his face, as this will be him. Marcus is back for his 2nd stint with the BushRangers, but his 4th stint participating in the ASCT, previously having cameo performances in both Bangkok and Chang Mai.  Opposition teams can expect to see more of Marcus out in the middle this year, not necessarily with the bat and ball but definitely around his waistline.  Is hoping the BushRangers can go one better this year, but, if not well he’ll have fun trying. A happy go lucky chap this Marcus is- always has a smile on his dial and a song if anyone can sit down long enough to listen to it….Trust me…MOST Don’t…

Curtis (Trekker) Shadforth: (RH Batter/Bowler/#14)
Trekker as he is known by in the ACST will be back to his best pestering ways…oh and he may be back to play a bit of cricket as well...Trekker will be called on to duplicate his 2015 form in this carnival with both Ball and Bat, after taking “Player of the Tournament” honours last year in the Kata 7’s. A handy batter who can bat through an innings once he gets his eyes in and has a mean slider of a ball when bowling. Trekker has this uncanny business of getting under everyone’s skin…BUT…for some unknown reason, they all look for him to enjoy his company…. Trek loves playing the game but better still, he loves to catch up with all teams for a beer or two after the day’s cricket. Trekker is on his 3rd trip to Thailand, so he will be called on to handle some of the team’s duties this year …..BUT…I have my DOUBT’s…

John (Shaddy) Shadforth: (RH Batter/wk/#2)
Will be playing in his 3rd tournament. Shaddy’s experience of touring will come in handy with this tour and his navigation skills are second to none. When one is lost, call on Shaddy to get us out of trouble. Loves to ring BELLS, so if you are looking for a round of drinks, stick close by Shaddy, because he is our expert Bell ringer…. Is a handy batter and a backup wicket keeper, whilst on tour but Shaddy has been known to keep a low profile on tour….but I am sensing that the teams that know Shaddy best, won’t let that happen this year..

John (JM) Marshall (Player/Team Manager/ #12)
JM was instrumental in introducing me to the World of Sixes Cricket a few years back..…and he has been around the sixes arena for ever, mainly Chiang Mai and to my appreciation, he is venturing over to PHUKET with the BushRangers. JM has announced he will be gracing the playing fields this year and is not available to sub.  A very reliable medium pace bowler in his day and can hold his end with the Bat. JM will be in charge of the Teams Fines and I am sure a few “SHOTTIES” will be on the cards as well. To the new kids on the Block…“Be AFRAID- Be VERY AFRAID”….

Greg Kemp (Kempy) (RH Batter/Bowler #6)
Tour Virgin: After 10 years in retirement, Kempy is back having a go. The song; I see Red, I see Red, I see Reddd relate to Greg, as when you see him you will know why. From old school, he still plays with his old reliable 1930’s Grey & Nicholls bat. Loves the shorter version of the game and is a steady opening Bat and a fiery middle order Bowler, who can still send a ball down at his age. Here’s hoping Kempy has a great tour - as these carnivals are made for guys like him.

Dwayne (Warnie) Pearce (RH Batter/Bowler # 5)
Tour Virgin: Dwayne is our very first player from Alice Springs, and was asked to join the team from the recently held Imparja Cup. Fantastic to have Dwayne join the team this year as we are hoping that more guys form the Centre, will jump on board with these carnivals next year. Can tweak a ball on any surface, is a back up wicket keeper and holds his own with the bat……we are hoping he too has an enjoyable tour as I reckon Phuket cricket hasn’t seen the last of Dwayne…

Fine Legs (Singapore)

Vicky (Hannah)
Shane Warne in the making. If the ball would only turn. Hit countless boundaries but still looking for her first 6. Off the field Vicky is extremely friendly bubbly and approachable. Favourite batsman is David Warner.

Rajesh (Dianne)
Rajesh is the hardworking and headstrong girl of the team. Full of power and all in to have fun on the field and off. She may look small but capable of getting the ball out of the park.

Sean is the unbottled Cricket specimen of the team. Phuket sixes will be the first tournament he will be competing in. Don't underestimate his Super powers. Absolutely fun to be around.

Gunalan loves Phuket... Island hopping in Phuket, I'll be there. Shopping in Phuket, I'll be there. Food in Phuket, I'll be there. Cricket in Phuket, I'll be there. Oh wait I don't know how to play Cricket. That's alright you could come be a part of our Cricket family. Will be the one off field cheering us on. :)

Thanks for your support.

Cricket Club of Dibrugarh (Assam, India)

CRICKET CLUB OF DIBRUGARH is a prominent club of Dibrugarh, Assam established on 01/04/2015 and Situated at Dibrugarh the Tea capital of India.

The sole objective and aim of the club is to hunt new talents of Assam and help them by all means to become professional cricketer's.

The club had a lot of activities in the past year, out of which the sounding one was the organisation of the 1'st JKM TROPHY OF EXCELLENCE in Dibrugarh Assam which has been recognised as one of the best tournament's in entire Assam.

The club consists of many 1st class, zonal and state level players.

So Cricket Club of Dibrugarh is very much eager and happy to participate in the upcoming Phuket six a side cricket tournament from 14th April 2016 onwards.

Regards from all the members of Cricket Club of Dibrugarh.

Southern Stars (Victoria, Australia)

We have a new look team this year with a relative new bunch of lads.  We are all looking forward to a great competition and meeting new players and our old mates from past competitions.  Wish everybody safe travels to and from the tournament.  Our team consists of:

Manager – Wayne Bemrose
Assistant Manager – Simon Cowell
            Craig Hodgetts
            Wayne Hodgetts
            Blake Sheather
            Elliot Sheather
            Ozzi Ramage
            Lachlan Hadden
            Rod Meloury
            Dale Chandler
            Dylan Aspland – Captain

Our rub down medical staff are
            Chloe Dunham
            Janelle Moorby
            Michelle Meloury

This is the seventh year the Southern Stars will be taking part in the Phuket International Cricket Sixes. Our cricket team is from country North East Victoria and is represented from five different cricket clubs.  Thanks to Cat Maher for all his hard work and patience to ensure we have a great travel arrangement to and from the tournament.  We look forward to seeing you all.

Southern Stars Manager

Wayne Bemrose.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie
Oi, Oi, Oi

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