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The Phuket Cricket Week comprises of the ICC Award Winning Phuket International Cricket Sixes and the Thalang International 7's (formerly known as the Kata International 7's)

The Sixes were first held in 2004, while the 7's made its first appearance in 2012. Both events have helped raise substantial sums through the kindness of its worldwide participants to assist in the next generation of Thais falling in love with the game through the Phuket Cricket Group's Junior Development Fund. The ACST would like to thank the PCG for their continued and invaluable support as the Phuket Cricket week continues to flourish.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2013 - Team Pen Portraits

2013 Team Pen Portraits

CBBs (Thailand)

The CBBs are proud to be making their 70th Tour to the very special 10th Anniversary Tournament at
this year’s Phuket International Cricket Sixes Tournament. Always huge supporters of this event and a
past Cup winner where this Cup Trophy is proudly now presented in the clubrooms. This clubroom is at the UN Irish Pub in Chiang Mai, north Thailand. CBBs will be entering 2 sides in this year’s Phuket
Sixes event.

Sixes Squad

Michael “Cat” Maher
Cat’s 69’er tour and a big one it will be. Enjoys this tournament a lot, especially playing on the Karon Stadium ground. Looking forward to this 10th year celebration party.

Jeremy Smith
This will be his 2nd CBB Tour and will be close to due Membership after this tour, who knows Tiny may see fit in Chiang Mai to use his Presidents powers and fast track his Membership Status? Loves a drink or three, so will enjoy this event a lot.

Brian “Flemo” Shaw
Flemo making a much welcomed return to Phuket for the Sixes. A proud member who has toured to many places with CBBs, the latest being last October to the Java Tour. Enjoys his cricket and played really well while in Java, especially at Baldys Ground.

Bob “Tiny” Phillips
CBBs third MEP (President) who has taken being a CBB to a whole new level. Is sponsored by every vodka company in Bahrain, attempts to share these strengths with all of those around him. Leads from the front.

Akarin “Proclaimer” Hiranpruecks
A Thai CBB Member who enjoys the opportunity to play some cricket with CBBs. An excellent ambassador for the club in Thailand, he manages to always be The CBBs cool when playing the games and while out on the field.

Raju Seemant
A CBB Tour Virgin, finally we the CBBs have managed to draft him into this tour. A Phuket local who loves a few drinks, enjoys cricket and is a very handy bowler. Has also been known to throw the bat at a few and get away with it.

Wayne Morrison
Come back to enjoy a place he holds dear to his heart. Has toured Phuket a number of times, loves the life style and good times which come with touring to Phuket. A keen photographer and always most keen to assist in tournaments.

Will “Alter Boy” Badger
The Alter Boy has really put in a hard pre-season for this years Phuket Sixes, firstly loosening up at the recent Kata 7s event. A gentle giant who can bowl fast and also hit the ball a Long Way. Still trying to take on Tiny when it comes to a Slammer Session! Will have a big impact in Phuket this year we believe.

Sean “Chow” Lewis
Another Phuket virgin. Where do I start with Chow “ are you having a bad day ? Did you Die ?? Sean (Chow) Lewis is renowned for being able to reciet the Hangover Movies 1 & 2 word for word , On the field don’t under estimate Sean’s ability as he can hit a ball and can also send em down at a reasonable pace watch out for the change up

Peter “Colonel” Sanders
Another Phuket Virgin The Colonel is a professional bean counter who make runs a quickly as he can add them up Pete will give every bar a nudge in Bangla Road but will run a mile if he sees a Python make of that what you will Lady Boys!

Scott “Cessnock” Maitland
Our final virgin of the team , Scotty is known for hitting a Big ball as running quick singles his not his thing, As a former Union front rower he can old his own against both blokes and booze but may be an easy target for the lady boys.

Scott “Snicka” Smith
Another Virgin to Phuket, Scotty is team expert in merging work and play being a hotel manager. He can wield the willow as well as he can pull a pint ... And is Lethal at Both, Sure to be an eye opening experience on his first walk down Bangla Road just follow the laughter to find him.

Tim “Arch” Bishop
Tim is a virgin to the Phuket tournaments what he lacks in Cricket ability he makes up for in enthusiasm. We the CBBs are happy there are no TAB outlets in Thailand as we would be short every game. Off the field Tim will likely be found propping up a Bar.

Sanjay Rathod
A long term Phuket Sixes supporter, will be making his CBB debut through the 10th Anniversary tournament in Phuket. Enjoys his cricket and is a very handy player. More an expert in diamonds and other such luxuries in Bahrain.

Dennis Bacon
Big supporter of the Phuket Sixes and is an on again, off again local in Phuket. It will be brilliant if Dennis can make it back to Phuket to join us the CBBs for this year’s 10th Anniversary tournament and to enjoy the party.

MG 7 Cricket Club (Kuwait)

Is a new team founded by Mahmoud Abdullah, better known as MG. Number 7 exists, because every year MG sponsors a 7 A Side Tournament, hence MG7. The team, in this tournament will consist of players whom are social and very serious cricketers. However, their talents will probably shine more when there is a slammer session in progress. So do invite them for that, they will not let you down, because they can DOWN few drinks easily, and go on the field straight after. Both MG7 and MG Warriors are sponsored by MG for this tournament, and both teams consist of different nationalities. However, that was never a problem because they are united under the banner of “Friendship Through Cricket“. They are here to defend their Title (Cup Winners – Phuket Sixes -2012)

Mahmoud “MG“ (Captain)
MG the Captain cool, whom frequently is been mistaken for “Al Pacino” or “Kevin Costner” not simply cause he’s Handsome but also for his great sense of humor. At 57 years, he’s still super sonic behind the stumps and would give any teenager a run for his money. He loves every bit of the Tradition that follows the slammer sessions, both as drinking or even being the hanging judge.

Faisal “Bhai”
This young lad is no stranger to Phuket , and on his first trip to Phuket in 2012 he ended being a Champion (Cup Wnner-2012). He can bowl fast and can open the innings. He is better known to help Johnny at the end of the night as he is also another teetotaler.

Usman “Boom Boom Afridi”
The new sensation in the Kuwait Cricket Arena, A very young lad his early 20’s & brings energy & youth exuberance to the team , he is super talented ….also know as Boom Boom Afridi amongst his friends …..Merciless for his big hitting ….This summer he brings some thing special to the “Phuket Cricket festival - 2013”…..watch out for this lad.

Casino “Cas”
Do not ever gamble against CAS. All rounder, has so many different batting varieties, ground shots and sky ones that will clear the grounds with great ease. Has won many games single handedly. If you are a wicket keeper, you better be alert for stumping, his leg spin will definitely invite the batsman to step out of his crease. Very athletic the field with pair of hands like a bucket never drops a catch. Likes to drink and party too, so it is not that all gloom and doom.

Asim “Our Englishmen”
An extremely athletic, energetic as always in the midst of cricketing actions who prefers to open the batting, and bowls some part time spin or medium pace. An evergreen cricketer who only wishes to have a tattoo written in English some day (only if his slim body permits; hehe) He is ever ready to play the game anytime and anywhere. In the day light he enjoys keeping the Scorers busy & after dawn he confuses the bartenders with his extra ordinary English.

Patel “The Finisher”
Purely talented for anything that cricket has to offer (Be it bowling? batting or fielding & not to forget even Wicket keeping). It’s hard to describe Patel as a cricketer as he’s the busiest player on the field .He seems pretty calm & quiet by nature with a silent smile , but is a perfect game finisher.

MG Warriors Cricket Club (Kuwait)

MG Warriors Cricket Club is a part of the MG Cricket Club. It went from strength to strength and has won many trophies overseas in the past 3-4 years under the old banner “Skylark”. It Has the reached the semi finals in the “Phuket Sixes 2011” for the Cup Division, and ended up Runner up the coming year 2012 only to go down to Twin competitors “MG7” in the Cup Division. When team members of MG7 & MG Warriors get together, you will realize that they are loud, noisy, hard drinkers and party animals (domesticated one though).

Mewlyn “Alvin” (Captain)
A very dedicated cricketer whom will never say no to a game of cricket on a any day of the week. Don’t under estimate his size; he has easily hit fast bowlers out of the ground for sixes. And as for his spin bowling, he has claimed many big scalps. However, he is better known for his drinking sessions with MG. With these two around, you should definitely invite them for a “slammer session “. NO is not a word in their dictionary when drinking starts.

Vinod “Click”
You will see “Click “anywhere without his camera. He loves taking photos anywhere he goes. He is soft spoken, very polite with a baby face. But don’t be fooled. As a batsman, when he clicks he can easily score 50’s in no time, and as wicket keeper he is second to none. Has a very soft spot for Tequilas. So we will have to put a leash on him when the Tequilas are on the table.

Mandeep “Johnny”
Very reliable batsman especially when things are not going very well. He has many different shots that will baffle any bowler, fast, slow & spin does not make any difference to Johnny, he will go after the bowlers, no fear at all. Good bowler has taken 5 wickets for 8 runs, only last month. Although he is a teetotaler but he will join in all the parties and will take a very active role. His role starts when then it is time to go home; well we will need one guy at least to be sober and shows the way back.

Simon “King of the Swing”
S for Simon, S for Swing! A shy dude with a shy smile, popularly known as the “King of the Swing“ as he literally makes the ball talk when he is bowling offering plenty of swing. A safe and agile fi elder & no mug with bat either. He is not only busy sharing a joke, but will also share plenty of drinks.

Nadeem “Our- Entertainer”
A guy with a never say “NO” attitude towards any thing thrown to him, extremely cheerful, helpful & a total team player …. Funny & smiling as always cheering the team with a buzz, a talented off spinner with the old school “fighting the ball theory”, he loves challenging the batsmen …The Official Cheer Leader on Board.

Wasim “The wall”
A left handed wicket Keeper Batsmen, best known as “The wall” not for he physical structure, lol !!..But for his patience in the middle to grind the bowlers, very reliable and the “GO to Man” when the chips are down ….lets enjoy the little flicks & leg glances that suits the left hander’s the most.

Melbourne Super Kings (Australia)

Melbourne Super Kings was formed in 2008 when a group of friends who went to the same school or played against each other in Sri Lanka decided to use the weekend to catch to re-establish and maintain old friendships. In its short history, they have won 4 premierships and grown to 6 teams. In the fi rst year of playing together they managed to in a premiership in the B Grade One Day Competition held by Box Hill Reporter District Competition. They were immediately promoted by 5 grades to a 80 Over Competition. Over the last 4 years they have played in the final series in 3 of the years that includes 2 Grand Final appearances. The lower level teams have managed to win 3 premierships. We are excited to be involved in our first Phuket International Sixer’s. The team is represented by our loyal members who have helped the club grow.

He has been selected to Captain our inaugural participation at the Phuket International Sixers. Manoj is fondly known as ‘Rabbit’ for his ability to zip around the ground and run between wickets. If you see someone zipping around Phuket it most probably be him.

He has been selected as the Vice Captain for his all round abilities as a cricketer and entertainer. He lives in the flow. His careful strategic field placing, astute judgement of the ball is second to none. We expect him to make special guest appearances in many bars and night clubs during this tour.

Bowls and bats with utmost freedom on and off the field. In his inaugural year of playing with the Super Kings he blew the opposition away with his fast bowling and fast scoring batting to win the Club Championship. If you see a tornado blow through Phuket it will be attributed to Bahee.

Little Master ... Rishan has been groomed to take over the all rounder position in our senior team in the coming years. He is committed to building his physique. We expect him to win the iron man competition in Phuket during the tour.

Mr Cricket
Our new addition to the Super Kings Family. We are excited to see his raw talents shine through during this tour. He loves to bowl and bat while his throwing is known to break the keeper’s nose. If you see anyone training on the beach during our tour it will be him.

He has been selected to tour to encourage his passion for cricket. We look forward to witnessing no notable performances from him during the tour.

He is the most successful captain at Melbourne Super Kings with 2 Premierships in 3 years of captaincy of our Sunday team. He plans to find himself during this tour.

“Melbourne Super Kings thank It’s a Breeze Property for its continued support in building friendship through cricket”

Lamma CC (Hong Kong)

Lamma C.C. celebrated its 20th Anniversary last year. Situated off the coast of Hong Kong Island, Lamma is known for its “Bohemian” atmosphere, and the cricket team embody this spirit. We are often to be heard late at night in the bar musing on philosophy or serenading the locals with historical songs of victory.

Brad Tarr
The most dangerous man on Lamma. Spends a lot of time in a boat and therefore rumours of piracy follow him wherever he goes.

Mark Burns
A former Lamma resident, now gaining notoriety for respectability. Often to be seen with a
microphone at various Sixes events.

Ben Cooper
A quiet, retiring man, Ben is often to be seen observing the game with a detached, relaxed air. This is not always appreciated by his team-mates when he is supposed to be fielding.

Royce McDonald
A free-thinking radical, Royce started the Lamma finger-painting club, until an argument over an easel led to its burning down. Finger painting is now illegal throughout Hong Kong so Royce has focused his attention on cricket.

Simon Joyce
Simon is arriving in Thailand a week before the Sixes start, so his physical appearance and state of health are likely to be very different to how they are as I write this. Therefore an unknown quantity…

Jacob Latter
I believe this is Jacob’s first appearance for Lamma, though he was kind enough to donate his son to play for us last year. He will probably be wary of Lamma’s running between the wickets.

Hong Kong Blues (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong Blues was formed in October 2011. The main purpose of forming the team was for its team members to relive the childhood joy of playing cricket. Not long ago all of us were out of the door of our houses at a simple chance of playing some ‘gully’ cricket. We ran, we jumped, we fell, we celebrated; and came again the next day to relive the joy. Most of the times for fun, sometimes for personal or school / college / ‘mohalla’s glory. A new city, a new job, some money in hand, the hectic work schedule and the aimless weekends have taken away all the fun. The club, since its formation, has allowed all of its team members to relive that past glory and have something to look forward to come the weekend. But, its not all play and no work. Beware the opposition teams, come the crunch time, be assured, we all are gonna have our game face ON!

During the last 2 years, HK Blues performance can be highlighted as follows:

Bangkok Sixes, 2012 – Reached semifi nals out of 12 international teams.
Won 3 out of 4 league matches, and lost to Bangladesh team in the semi finals.
Cup Champions in HK Sixes, 2012
Plate Champions in HK Sixes, 2011
Challenge League 2011-12 season, Hong Kong, we were the runner-ups out of total 8 teams in the tournament.

Awais “The Child Prodigy” Mohammad
Awais, originally from Pakistan, is a student going to schools and a child prodigy. Whether bowling or batting, this all-rounder has the ability to win the matches single-handedly. We will not be surprised if we see him playing for Hong Kong International cricket team in few years and we are proud of playing this wonder kid in HK Blues.

Kartheek “The Perfectionist” Ponnuru
Kartheek, originally from Chennai, India, is an IIT graduate and working for a big investment bank in Hong Kong. The guys batting technique reminds me the Great Wall of India - “Rahul Dravid” and for sixes, he can change his gear to play with the strike rate that even “Virendra Sehwag” would be proud of. He doesn’t leaves his “perfection” in his bowling also and makes a batsman cry by putting the bowl at the spots which only a talisman can put.

Satyendra “The Toe Crusher” Singh
Satya, originally from Mumbai, India, now lives in HK, and works for a big investment bank. This 6 feet 4 inches tall bowler is a wholehearted performer and an explosive right-handed batsmen. Don’t go by his nice, gentle looks, because he is a smiling assassin, who can put the hurt on and crush the batsman toe with his impeccable yorkers.

Kos “The Southpaw” Vachhani
Kos, originally from Mumbai, India, is an IIT graduate and working for a big investment bank in Hong Kong. The only left-hander and the only spinner in the team, the guy can spin the batsman mind with his drifting leg cutters and top spins using his tall high arm action. When his gloves carry his bat, this multi-talented chap can knock out any bowler out of the ground.

Rishi “The Maestro” Srivastava (Captain)
Rishi, originally from the holy land Varanasi, India, has been in HK for last 4+ years working for an European bank. Guys’ batting technique is as solid as the great man himself, hence earning him the nickname, “The Maestro”. His only mantra in cricket is “attack is the best defense” and he will be looking to display his skills at the Sixes.

Rohit “The Terminator” Nambiar
Rohit, originally from Chennai, India, now lives in HK, and works for a big investment bank. He is a cricket fanatic and the greatest fan of cricket god “Sachin Tendulkar” as far as I know. No wonder he has named his son “Sachin” before he was even born. He is a perfect all-rounder who can swing the ball both ways and when he gets a chance to kill with his bat, he doesn’t play around, but goes on and “terminates” his opponent.

Soma “The Batsman” Nair
Soma, with a fundamentally strong and aggressive batting technique and cricket as his passion, loves the challenge to face new balls. Being one of the players of the day - orange cap holder in Bangkok Sixes 2012, he is a threat for the opposition. He is also a good wicket keeper and HK Blues is sure that this great “batsman” will lead the batting from the front again. Bowlers beware............any loose delivery to him and its GOING GOING GONE....!

 Pinjarra CC (Australia)

Located 80km South East of Perth Western Australia, Pinjarra has a proud cricket history. The club was formed in 1874 and is one of the oldest cricket clubs in the country. This is the first year for a dedicated Pinjarra side in the Phuket Sixes (some members have played in other combined sides) and the club has huge expectations. We expect to; 1. Drink plenty of cold beer 2. Sample some jungle juice (courtesy of WMFB) 3. Hopefully survive any potential rounds of shots with Dolly 3. Survive Bangla Rd 4. Make some new friends 5. Oh yeah, play some cricket and hopefully go one step further than the runner up that some of the boys got last year.

#23 Craig “Morgs” Morgan
The captain, now almost a Phuket local after 3 trips in the last 3 years. Morgs is known for being a pretty serious (that’s putting it mildly, Mr White Line fever) on the field, has toned things down as he approaches 40. After being promoted to open the batting at last year’s sixes Morgs enjoyed it so much he convinced his skipper at home that he should open the batting in a 3rd grade side, this worked well as it was only Morgs who seemed to get himself out after batting at a snail’s pace and making the paltry score of 26 after 35 overs! It is safe to say that Morgs will either score faster in Phuket, or sack himself as a batter.

#13 Boyd “blocker” Colgan AKA Biffa
A cricket tragic would be his best description with an uncanny ability for 20 ball ducks. Blocker currently equals the most ducks in a season for Pinjarra at 7 from 12 attempts. Run scoring with the bat is not his forte but with ball on the other hand, He has many a time been dragged from the attack for bowling opposition batsmen into career rebuilding form(he is currently awaiting a call from Cricket Australia). Blocker was originally asked to join the team as manager/scorer but due to inability to operate anything invented this century, whilst entering details he accidently entered as a player. Let’s hope he has boarded the correct flight.

#1 Shane (Dolly) Dalton
Dolly is a prodigal son of the Pinjarra Cricket Club Western Australia, with two stints spanning 10 years apart. A wicket keeper batsman with a compulsive slog sweep addiction that no amount of rehab or hours of net training could cure. He’s been lured out of retirement to produce mayhem and madness on the field and off the field. In his first tour overseas Dolly the 1 ManWolfPak is striving for team success and with the help of his teammates, getting home in one piece. As Dolly knows there is only room for one Dolly in
Phuket, he is going by the name 1ManWolfPak in Phuket.

#29 Shane “The Duck” Turner
Hailing from Gods very own country town of North Dandalup The duck is a veteran of the Pinjarra Cricket Club with over 100 games of cricket in the bag. All rounder who loves to hit big. A past captain and on his second international tour with the Pinjarra Cricket Club (hope your gut’s can handle this trip mate – ED). This is the first outing for the duck in a super six format he is looking to dominate on and mostly off the field!

#14 Brooke ”Creeker” Oldfield
The Creeker is the rookie of the team. Also from North Dandalup and just finished playing his first full senior year of cricket at the Pinjarra Cricket Club. Nippy medium bowler who loves to hit out. Accomplished fi elder who looks for the run out. This is the Creekers first overseas trip and first international cricket tournament.

# 19-Mark “Moods” Moody
First timer to Phuket, Hails from Pinjarra CC, Hasn’t played cricket for  over 15 years. Didn’t take me long to work out that a four step approach was more than enough to send
down a “dibbler dobbler” to see in amazement it soaring overhead like a J U M B O jet, managed to find myself an old railway sleeper and crafted it into a 3 ½ pounds piece of lumber that I call my BAT. Favorite shot is REVERSE SWAT or sweep.

# 66- Marcus ”Tanker.com 66” Gorman
Phuket Novice. Hails from Pinjarra CC. Plays men’s C grade much to everyone’s disgust, Having plundered 600+ runs in current season. Been a long time between drinks going back to 88/89 season scoring 400+ runs. Bit of a batter, bit of a bowler I’ll take what comes. Favourite shot would have to be the cross bat D R I V E through covers for 4, never hit a six on the on side. Cant pull or hook and Mum said “Don’t Bowl Short” !!!!!!. Can field a a bit, First slip specialist and capable have running to take a catch (Be gentle with Marcus as this is his first trip away from his wife in over 20 years, WMFB Marcus may need some extra JJ to settle himself down – ED).

#15 Alex “Eggy” Hegedus
On his first trip with PCC after only playing his first game of senior cricket a little over 2 years ago. Eggy is super keen to tour Phuket and make his mark in Thailand. Expect Eggy to always give his all, be it swinging from the hip and hitting boundaries, or swinging his elbow to tip some more bourbon down his throat.

St Georges River (Australia)

Back for a fourth consecutive year, the St Georges River side has some new faces with only three players previously donning the red and white. With 5 debutants, there will be plenty of initiation ceremonies off the field. Sol Chatterjee returns as the overseas player amongst the Aussies.

Staresy aka Ben Stares
Staresy is the last remaining player from the inaugural St Georges River side of 2010. Not even a couple of days on a drip in hospital last year from a dodgy meal could deter Staresy from returning for his 4th straight year. An aggressive opening batsman and pace bowler from the Randwick Petersham grade club in Sydney, who will lead the way at the top of the order for the St Georges River side once again. Once again, he is accompanied by his better half Danni, who is now his fiancĂ©!

Sincas aka Anthony Sinclair
Sincas is back for his third straight tour and has taken the reins from former tour leader and Umpire extraordinaire Daniel Brightwell who is off to England to watch the Ashes this year instead. Sincas has recruited some new faces to join the team this year from South Sydney Juniors Cricket Club. A keeper/batsman that we hope won’t have to bowl.

Sol aka Saurav Chatterjee
After debuting for the St Georges River side last year Sol was top priority in the player market and we’ve managed to re-sign him as our international player for another year. An elegant left handed top order batsman and finger spinner, Sol will draw on his many many years of touring experience to help guide the Aussies both on and off the field. The Phuket Sixes won’t officially start until Sol has rung the bell and the first team Sambuca shot is downed.

Banger aka Greg Scott
Phuket debutant Banger was in career best form on a SSJCC tour of Hawaii in 2010 and hopes to bring that form with him to another island paradise in Phuket. Dubbed Mr Hawaii after that tour, there are high expectations on Banger so long as the umpires allow his action and the bowlers go easy on him.

Laz aka Peter Lazaropoulos
Laz is another recruit from SSJCC on debut this year. Laz’s batting can be best described as Calypso and the Sixes format should suit him down to the ground. Laz travelled to Phuket last year with work and was very keen to return and play again this year. Will be one of the last out each night.. guaranteed.

Pistol aka Pete Argaet
Pete hails from Gundagai in country NSW and joined SSJCC a few seasons ago. A left arm seamer and handy batsman, Pete will be the youngest in the squad this year. Like Laz, a recent holiday to Phuket in 2011 wet his taste buds and he was very keen to return to the land of smiles. A country boy with a country boy thirst.

Mossy aka Alex Amos
Fairly new to the game. Coming from a baseball background he will be sending a lot to the straight boundaries. With his rocket arm and his at times unorthodox bowling technique, Mossy will be a big hit this year.

Wazza aka Warren Francis
A late call up and a debutant on his first Sixes tour. Comes into the side with an unknown cricket ability. Short games, big hitting and beers are sure to suit him...

Wild Men From Borneo (Borneo)

Well the boys are back in town to create their own fun in the sun for yet another Phuket Sixes Tournament. This year the WMFB will be packing two teams and a handful of supporters and of course the mighty jungle juice will make the daily appearance to bring joy and happiness to all.

The WMFB were not sure whether to include snorkels and flippers as part of the team kit this year or not after last year’s drenching at the hands of the rain gods. Hopefully this year they will be kinder to us.

This will be the WMFB’s 8th appearance at the Phuket Sixes and as usual it will be done in style. Just a quick note to thank our sponsors (We must thank the wonderful people who support a band of misfits with our uniforms and items to share as without them we would not be the WMFB).

Thanks to: Gold Security Group, Angus O’Tools, Vasey EHS Consulting, AE3S (Asia Eco-Energy Enterprise Solutions), Successful Projects, Fire Rescue Safety Australia, MYR Consulting and IFAP (Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention).

About the Wild Men From Borneo

The Wild Men From Borneo are a group of cricket lovers (or drinkers with a cricketing problem) who come together from many countries to play in sixes cricket competitions in South East Asia and generally have a good time in the process.

The first international WMFB team left the shores of Borneo (East Kalimantan, Indonesia) in 2005 to play in the Inaugural Phuket Sixes International Cricket Competition only several months after that dreadful day on December 26th 2004 when the Tsunami hit the region. The many teams that came along injected much needed cash into the local economy with a particular sharp increase in alcohol sales.

The Phuket Sixes is part of a series of competitions held around the SE Asian region (from Australia to China) organised by a dedicated group of cricket lovers and supported by the ICC and have done wonders for promoting and driving cricket as a sport into many SE Asian countries. Over the last few years players and non-players have come from many far off lands to play in Phuket for the WMFB, including Australia, USA, Switzerland, UK, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. There is a bond between them all and that is cricket and mate-ship. The WMFB look forward to playing in the sun again in Phuket in 2013 and meeting up with old friends and making some new friends.

Team History

In the beginning… on a not too distant island..

The Sangatta Cricket Club (SCC) can be found in the mining complex called Tanjung Bara approximately 17km from the town of Sangatta which is located 60km North of the equator on the east coast of East Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia.

The club has been in existence for some 15 years and includes its own grand stand, bar, nets and an cricket oval based upon the dimensions of the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) making it a fantastic cricketing arena.

In 2004, a team representing the Sangatta Cricket Club entered the Bali Sixes cricket competition and the touring spirit of the Wild Men From Borneo was born. The Sangatta team played well however did not win a match and ended up in the race for the wooden spoon. After some discussions with the other wooden spoon contended (who had also consumed too much alcohol and also did not want to play another game) it was decided the match would be decided on the toss of a coin. Before the coin toss occurred it was agree that the loser would become the wooden spoon winners and receive the spoon prize of 12 bottles of Bali wine (which of course no-one wanted) the winner of the toss would win the betting money (for more beer) and not have to taste the Bali wine. All that can be said is that much money changed hands and that the team from Sangatta did not have to taste that awful drop and then proceeded to drink away the winning amount with gusto.

Players for 2013’s “Fun in the Sun” are:

Captain Circket (Mark Stirling)
CC has returned for an eighth Phuket Sixes Tournament and hoping to make it through injury free this time. Looking forward to getting a few, knocking back some Jungle Juice and trying to avoid the wrath of the Fines Captain. Has been known to strike fear into the unwary and create devastation where-ever he goes (well…off the fi eld anyhow). As creator of the Jungle Juice recipe and overseer of the mix, be afraid, be very afraid.

Ginger Rash (Ian Farrar)
Returning once again for an ninth Phuket tournament, our Fines Captain and unleasher of havoc on the unwary as he and his trusty notepad will nail you for bloody everything and anything so he can get you to take a serve from the shot-box. Look out all who pass by a fines session and think they will go un-noticed..

Tuk Tuk (Ross Broun)
Back again for a fifth attempt at Phuket and should be in some sort of form; not sure what sort of form that will be but we are assured it will be devastating… His ability to leap over a downed team-mate in a single bound (to get to the bar) are the stuff of legend. Apparently he can spin a ball as well.. We are pretty sure it hit a stick on the pitch.. haha.

Snatch (Alan Jackson)
Snatch is back for a third campaign in Phuket and just loves watching Man U (get a flogging – YES!!!) Will finally secure a set of Long shorts rather than the short longs he has been provided for the last couple of years if CC get’s it right for a change. Caught his first fish in Phuket last year, let’s hope he catches a few things this year (on the field that is). Can handle a bat and gets the odd bit of turn with a ball. (Yes we mean Odd – haha)

Lucky (Alan Vasey)
Back for a second run in Phuket, the man they call Lucky will again be showing the team the way home. Devastating as a back stop and known as the creator of breezes when batting, Lucky will be looking to score a few this year and to build on last year’s performances. We await to witness Lucky’s strike rate.

Sir Les (Peter Weir)
Back to play in the Phuket Sixes and dish out some of his Sir Lesisms. Not one for holding back his thoughts on life the universe and everything Sir Les made many a new friend in Phuket with his cultural savvy. He knows how to get straight to the hearts of the local tuk-tuk drivers and leave them astonished and amazed and even learnt some new cultural shockers that the real Sir Les would be proud of.

Freebie (Bernard Schenk)
Returning to the WMFB team after some years lost in the wilderness of a working life, Freebie is back for a second shot at the Phuket Sixes. We look forward to see Freebie in action to see if he can notch up a few on the Freebie scorecard. He is pretty handy with a ball and sure to impress, we are just not sure who..

Bradley Mant
Manty has made many a pilgrimage to the Phuket sixes playing for Leeman Spartan but always had a secret desire to lift or is that lower his standards to play with the legendary WMFB. Known for being a quiet lad both on and off the fi eld (is that a chant I hear - Bullssshhh***tt, Bullssshhh***tt). Anyhow as a great wielder of willow and stump guard, great expectations of him were put forth; unfortunately it looks like Manty will be sitting on the sideline after some back surgery and will have to be contempt with downing endless beers and jungle juice with the echo’s of “toughen up princess” ringing in his ears.. (Still to be named but one springs to mind already…) We wish him a speedy recovery so can get back to dancing on the bar again..

Butthead (Maurice) and Beaver (John)
The lads from Angus O’Tools have been long term supporters and sponsors with the WMFB and continue to be part of the action and fun. Always handy with a supportive sledge and an ice cold cider. They have always stated they would like to be in cider and we believe the reprobates.. Is that a Dicken’s Cider we wonder.. We look forward to their great support again this year. Cheers.

The Virgins

Martin Stirling
The brother of CC finally makes his debut into the cricketing sixes world. Has not
picked up a bat and ball since… sh*t way too long to remember. Used to be able to bowl,
bat and field so should be interesting to see if any of that still remains in the system. Made his first trip to Phuket in 2012 and has still not recovered. Always quick with a joke and loves a drink or ten. Should be able to keep up with the WMFB standards, but we shall see..

Mark Reghenzani
Regger’s hails from the wilderness of Kalgoorlie along with Lucky. A keen sportsman and known to give anything a go as long as there is a beer at the end of it.. Regger’s still plays the odd bit of cricket and has smacked a few runs here and there. The first time he heard of the WMFB he blurted out “I’m in..” Regger’s.  Doesn’t mind a few and is Mr Sociable… basically talk to anyone if they stand still long enough. A great laugh and will make the WMFB tour a great place to be.

Glenn Hack
Glenn has been to Phuket with Manty’s team before (correct me if I’m wrong Manty) and was drawn to the dark-side when the rest of the Spartan’s decided life was more interesting in Perth watching the grass grow…. Glenn is obviously not like that so when fun called he knew where to go. “I think I’ll go join the WMFB to find out what life is all about”… great move matey…

Greg O’Day
Goog’s is a long time player for Wanneroo Cricket Club and was known to chuck down the odd thunderbolt in his day and knock up a few runs. First time for a sixes competition and for the WMFB and Phuket so lets hope the bolts are not for the dunny. Known to like a beer or ten so should have no trouble sliding into the WMFB scene.

Geoff Currie
Geoff, a recent relocation to Bangkok from India has now managed to stop the head wobble so we should have a better chance to focus on the ball and we should be able to work out if he means yes or no. A great sense of humour and keen cricketer he should fi t right in with the WMFB. Geoff states he is looking to try some of the legendary jungle juice potion.

Paul Piper
Paul wandered past the WMFB tent with his mate Jim Jeffries last year and got stuck there downing jungle juice and getting fined. He enjoyed the experience so much that he decided to come along and do it again as a supporter of the WMFB. Most welcome to our humble tribe. First fine for the tour will be for non-players just sitting around and drinking… haha We are expecting great wit and sledging from within our own camp.

Jim Jeffries
As Paul’s partner in crime last year he too has succumbed to the magical powers of the jungle juice and decided to come and support the great WMFB. Doesn’t like to drink MUCH!!! And occasionally blurts out a great line. Know to be the quiet and softly spoken type (in his dreams) Jim should liven up the days of
toil in the field for the team… More JJ please (that’s Jungle Juice…)

Corner Tigers (Pakistan)

The Great Cricket Legend Imran Khan dubbed his team the Cornered Tigers in the famous 1992 World Cup, 2004 saw the rebirth of the Corner Tigers when a bunch of friends formed a cricket club by the same name. The team in its fi rst outing won the Lighthouse Phuket Sixes 2005, Phuket, Thailand. In the year 2006, 2010 & 2011 the Corner Tigers reached the finals without losing a single encounter. In 2011 the team lost by 4 runs in a tightly contested rain affected Final. The Corner Tigers are the only club team from Pakistan who has ever won a club cricket sixes tournament internationally. We take pride in partying hard, playing good cricket and playing it cool in the hot Phuket Sun. We bring smiles, spin, pace, sixes and mad cricket skills from the Cricket Passionate Pakistan.

Haroon Shahid Qazi (Hungry Tiger)
A Professor of Orthodontics and has been playing cricket since childhood. He hits the ball miles. He was named Player of the Tournament in Phuket 2005 & Player of the final in 2010. Cricket relaxes him and he is looking forward for fun in the sun. When not at the Karon Stadium, you will find him at Tigers, Patong.

Humayun Malik (Thirsty Tiger)
His job actually is to fly planes. Cricket has been his favorite sport. He loves to bowl fast and hit the cricket ball as far as possible. Humayun wishes luck to allthe teams participating. He hopes for real fun in Phuket.

Raza Akram (New Tiger)
He is diehard cricket enthusiast. Phuket Super Sixes is what he wanted to participate since long. Raza has grown up playing street cricket and club cricket in Pakistan. He has a passion for Pakistan Cricket because he feels some of the most exciting cricketers come from the streets of Pakistan.

Asad Nadir (Party Tiger)
This is Asad’s first trip to the sixes. Mainly coming to party and enjoy the great city of Phuket. Born with a bat in his hand Asad wants some fun in the sun and that includes raining sixes.

Salman Shah (Smily Tiger)
Loves to bat and swing the ball. Phuket conditions are ideal for him. Captained the under 19 Islamabad region in his youth. Missed the selectors by not showing up at the nets. Don’t take him lightly, as he has something very special in him.

Waqas (Wiki Tiger)
Young blood. Pilot by profession. May be he finds better things to do in Phuket then to play cricket & fly planes. The party season will start for him in Phuket and it’s time for him to brush up his special social skills! Especially when it comes to greeting and vague acquaintances whoselast name he just can’t remember!

Osman Bashar (Big Bash Tiger)
This is Osman’s fourth outing to the Phuket Sixes. After losing in the semi-final and two consecutive finals, he is hungry for a win this time around! He’s threatening to retire this year but then again he’s been threatening to retire every year. So the challenge of Phuket keeps beckoning, amongst other Phuket attractions! Watch out for some quick pace from the big guy

Southern Stars (Australia)

Tour Manager: Wayne Bemrose
Well this is the time of the year were you get butterflies in your belly, yes it’s that time for the Phuket international sixes, this my 3rd year involved in the tournament and I just love it. We have a few new faces in our team this year and I am sure we will be competitive. I am looking forward to seeing all our friends from all over the world congratulations to Cat and all the organizes for all your hard work. Job well done. Enjoy the friendly games.

Team Manager: John Mayer
John is from Bendigo Victoria. Father of Grant, very friendly guy great to see father and son enjoying time away together.

Captain Brocq – Robertson
Explosive bat who loves to smash the bad ball, from Shepparton, Victoria. Make sure you have a chat and a beer with him, he loves his horses.

Taylor Dunning
Small little man, text book batsman, from Shepparton Victoria, who loves a good time. I hope I can get him up in time to play.

Mitch Younger
Big hitting batsman and handy bowler, from Mooroopna / Shepparton Victoria. A quiet young man till you let him out then you might not get home to very late.

Grant Mayer
Bowler and handles the bat well from Bendigo Victoria. A family man who loves a beer and a smoke, a good mate to have a chat with.

Dillon Aspland
A very slippery left arm bowler, but not so good with the bat. From Ballarat Victoria. Loves life and a beer and a good time. Well done for bringing your partner.

Matt Longwill
Loves to bowl, can’t bat but has a big throwing arm from Ballarat Victoria. The love of his life
is daughter Mollie. Matt loves a beer and a good time and is very friendly.

Philip Sanders
Friendly little man from Melbourne, the twin brother to Danny Devito.

Simon Cowell
This is the third year Simon has been on this trip, girls please take note Simon is a wealthy bachelor
looking for love. Simon is from Shepparton Victoria and loves a beer and a good time.

Bec Harker
Bec is from Ballarat Victoria and is Dillon Aspland’s better half, Bec is our rub down girl… NOT. Bec will mix it with the boys loves a beer and a good time. Have a great time Bec.

Enjoy the friendly games and safe travels to all.

From Wayne Bemrose, Southern Stars.

The Sydney Silverbacks (Australia)

The team consist of six old, tired, never have been, who have played Sydney club cricket in Sydney’s South-west Camden region for many years and have in the twilight of their cricketing careers swaggered into Phuket to have a bit of fun in the sun. The minds are keen but the bodies may not hold up to the tough conditions of late nights and hot days in the sun chasing the red ball!!!

Shayne Bell – ‘Belly’
Has been trying for many years to muster the troops to head over to the Phuket Sixes tournament…it’s only taken 6 years but it’s certainly a case of better late than never! Can view the boundary as good as anyone (over 40 that is!) just struggles finding it. Loves Thailand, loves cricket and is ideally set to finish his playing days in the Land of Smiles.

Andrew Frame – ‘Framey’
A very sound park off-break bowler from way back, and certainly capable and correct with bat in hand, Framey (or Norweb to his long time mates) comes out of the starting gate strongly but needs the blinkers on to keep him from side tracking to the nearest bar. Guaranteed to throw up a few pies and may even bowl a few too! Being his first trip to Phuket, Framey’s biggest challenge won’t necessarily be the red ball, though chaffi ng could certainly well be!

Matt Lyons - ‘Spacey’
A Picasso portrait of Kevin Spacey the actor, Matty is a very attacking and complete batsman, especially when practicing in the mirror! Being an aging team to say the very least, we are banking on this somewhat younger batsmen to get amongst the runs…if not, the Thai curries will certainly help him out! Late start to pre tournament training may see Spacey struggle in the heat!

Dennis McFarlane – ‘DMac’
Also affectionately known as Door, DMac is a self proclaimed express bowler who loves to keep batsmen guessing as to when the ball will actually reach them! Capable of bowling 140 km's per hour …if he was able to borrow 60 km’s from Brett Lee! Well known for his speciality ball ‘The Crab’, DMac can also rack up a few runs in quick time, though in a somewhat unorthodox fashion!

Gordon Molloy – ‘Gordo’
Also known as Rash, Gordo is well known for his big hitting and occasionally takes the field to connect with the red ball as well! The resident jester of the team, Gordo is well past his prime, but land one on the dime and it suits him just fi ne! Once a tear away quick Gordo these days resorts to leg spin minus the spin!

Darren Woolley - ‘Dazzlar’
Quiet achiever, slow on the start but quickly gains ground especially in the race to be first to the bar. We have high expectations for Dazzler in the land of smiles to not only sample every bar, but to actually get on the pitch...

Matt Bell & Jayden Woolley ‘Team youngsters’
Great young up and comers! Guaranteed to be the Silverbacks harshest critics, sledging their dads at every opportunity. The next generation of the Sydney Silverbacks. May be called upon to back up the team when players go AWOL in the pool bar or succumb to injury.

Team Supporters:

Jacqui Bell, Jodie Burke, Michelle Woolley
All partners are long suffering cricket widows. Tagged along to support the Silverbacks in their first Thailand + cricket tournament, although will probably spend more time shopping than watching cricket. Are sure to hurt the hip-pockets of their partners and make the most of their time in Phuket.

Smiths Medical Sloggers (Australia)

Smiths Medical is a leading global provider of medical devices for the hospital, emergency, home and specialist environments. Our products are used during critical and intensive care, surgery, post-operative care during recovery, and in a series of high-end home infusion therapies.

We offer 12 of the most respected and easily recognisable brands within our portfolio: Portex™, Medex™, Deltec™, Level1™, Pneupac™, Wallace ™, CADD™, BCI™, Jelco™, Medfusion™ and Surgivet™.

Smiths Medical employs some 7,500 people, with manufacturing concentrated in the US, the UK, Mexico and Italy. Most territories are serviced through wholly-owned local sales and distribution companies.

Smiths Medical is part of Smiths Group plc, a FTSE 100 UK based company. The Smiths Medical – “Sloggers” are diehards from our Asia Pacific Region based in offices in Australia
(Sydney), India (Mumbai) and Singapore (Singapore):

Michael Griffin “Griffo” (Captain)
Finance Business Partner ANSEA based in Sydney, Australia. This is Michael’s 2nd Phuket cricket 6’s tournament having last played here in 2010 with a team from his local Sydney cricket club. Known as Griffo he is our Captain and leads a team from his employer Smiths Medical. He has gathered cricketing diehards from our Asia Pacifi c Region based in offices in Australian (Sydney), India (Mumbai) and Singapore (Singapore). Griffo is also joined by his brother Tim (Grif) who has played in several Asian 6’s events and his son Cameron who also played in 2010. Griffo is a keen all-rounder.

Tim Griffin “Grif” – (Director at Addison Technology Pty Ltd)
Known affectionately as Grif, Tim is an avid supporter of the Asian Cricket 6’s Tour having played with several teams over the last decade or so. Grif is well known for his socialising (mainly off the pitch) and is usually the Last Man Standing at the end of the evening. Grif is a keen cricketer and will tend the stumps as our wicket-keeper.

Cameron Griffin “Cam” (University student studying towards a BA Commerce at the University of Western Sydney)
This is Cameron’s 2nd Phuket cricket 6’s tournament having last played here with his Dad in 2010 with a team from his local Sydney cricket club. Best known as Cam he is a talented batsman and also handy with the ball. You can count on Cam to be hitting several 6’s and (now that he is over 18) joining his Uncle Tim in post match celebrations.

Dipesh Vora “Dipesh” (Dipesh is our local Finance Director based in Mumbai, India)
He is a very keen cricketer and follower of the IPL and Indian test team. He is handy with the bat and ball and quick on his feet. Dipesh is also a keen shopper and will be seen haggling for bargains with the local vendors in the streets of Patong, Karon and Kata.

Sohil Bhimani “Sohil” (Sohil is our Regional HR Business Partner based in Mumbai, India)
He is a very keen cricketer and follower of the IPL and Indian test team. He is handy with the ball and jumped at the chance to play cricket in Thailand. Sohil is a true gentleman and a great asset to the team. Pervez Maleque “Pervez” (Pervez is our key Service Engineer based in Singapore) He is a very keen cricketer and follower of the IPL. He is handy with the ball and keen to play any form of cricket. Pervez is extremely excited about joining our team and will thoroughly enjoy every moment playing cricket in Phuket.

Galah CC (Australia)

The 2013 Thailand touring team comprises the following participants.

Previous Galah tourist, Garry Rowe (C) ( Rowman)
Commonly known as the Garden Gnome on speed. Loves a punt as much as he loves cricket. Uses the TAB as therapy for his long suffering ADHD. Talks a good game but delivers little. Will captain the team like a dodgy vindaloo and potentially could be drowned by his own squad. He will make “Mutiny on the Bounty” look like a fairy tale. Expectation from his team – “zero”. Has been known to take a wicket or two in his career with his “frog in a blender” bowling style. Former Representative Player who has played League Cricket in England and Grade Cricket in Sydney.

3rd tour to Phuket, Ross Beasley (VC) (Roscoe) Previous Galah tourist
Ross is the Senior Galah on tour. Batsmen/Keeper. Has travelled with the Galahs extensively and enjoys all facets of Galah touring. Just as comfortable behind the stumps as he is behind the bar. Noted social planner of previous Galah tours and is well versed in the art of conversation and inebriation. Outstanding Country Cricketer. Has played First Grade Country Cricket and League Cricket in England.

4th tour to Phuket, Peter Dickie (Dicnob) Previous Galah tourist
A Schno’z that has got marginally smaller allegedly due to the removal of Cartilage for use in appendage enhancement surgery. Likely to look a million bucks as he has the best dress sense on tour. Useful meado and middle order batsmen returning to the cricket arena after an extended hiatus. Always a single available when hit to him in the field as he would not risk dirt under his manicured fingernails let alone his whites. Played one of the great Galah innings in Malaysia when confronted with rising humidity and a sweaty jock. Hard to dislodge when set. After getting a bit of dirt on his big toe last year spent 4 hours in a Phuket Hospital. Left the hospital with an unknown quantity of antibiotics- penicillin has been known to cure other “touring” ailments.

2nd Phuket tour, David Newham (Remote)
Has a red complexion-not from the sun, but from the sheer embarrassment of not having the ability to back up the diatribe that effuses from his lips. Still the current Galah Bachelor of the Year. A pre tournament warning has been given to Phuket locals to lock up their woman or lady boys. Has been known to be a switch hitter on or off the field. Will struggle to find the boundary because of lack of shot repertoire and all of the power of a remote Aboriginal prison settlement. Honestly though a solid cricketer with bat and ball. Remote has played A Grade and Representative Cricket in Sydney. Has scored a plethora of runs on the field for the Galahs. President of the Westerners Cricket Club in Sydney.

2nd Phuket tour Ben Watkinson (Coma)
Noted academic ( KPMG Manager) with more degrees than wickets. Known throughout the Camden Cricket Association as an extraordinarily gifted athlete with the ability to turn a match (not the ball). Will be seen by many (probably the local hospital or police) as the wild man of the touring team. Did upset tournament organisers on day 2 last year by vomiting on a good length- blamed the food not the 50 beers he had. Ben currently has nothing to offer the team however may cause plenty of trouble with his slow nude nuts (that’s him getting changed not bowling)

Wolfpack (Australia)

Will (Badge) Badger
A regular at the Phuket tournaments for the last 5 years and can be found leading the Charge at all the Bars in Bangla Road and can be found with his partners in crime Tiny and Dolly. On the field Badge is known to hit a long ball and depending on his hangover can send them down when he wants to.

Tim (Arch) Bishop
Tim is a virgin to the Phuket tournaments what he lacks in Cricket ability he makes up for in enthusiasm. We’re happy there are no TAB outlets in Thailand as we would be short every game. Off the field Tim will likely be found propping up a Bar.

Sean (Chow) Lewis
Another Phuket virgin. Where do I start with Chow “ are you having a bad day ? Did you Die ?? Sean (Chow) Lewis is renowned for being able to recite the Hangover Movies 1 & 2 word for word. On the field don’t under estimate Sean’s ability as he can hit a ball and can also send ‘em down at a reasonable pace watch out for the change up.

Peter (Colonel) Sanders
Another Phuket Virgin,  The Colonel is a professional bean counter who make runs a quickly as he can add them up Pete will give every bar a nudge in Bangla Road but will run a mile if he sees a Python make of that what you will Lady Boys!

Jack (George) Joy
Not his fi rst tour of Phuket, he is a bit of a Burglar back home, racking up the stats in the lower grades. Phuket is the stopover to sharpen the skills on the way to England to fleece the sheep in club cricket.

Scott (Snicka) Smith
Another Virgin to Phuket, Scotty is team expert in merging work and play being
a hotel manager , He can wield the willow as well as he can pull a pint ... And is Lethal at Both. Sure to be an eye opening experience on his first walk down Bangla Road; just follow the laughter to find him.

Scott ( Cessnock ) Maitland
Our final virgin of the team, Scotty is known for hitting a Big ball as running quick singles his not his thing. As a former Union front rower he can old his own against both blokes and booze but may be an easy target for the lady boys.

Dabanng Boyz (Thailand)


Rishi Sadarangani (Captain)

Seemant Raju

Sameer Khan

Sami Ulla

Manish Sadarangani

I Ahmad

Firoz Khan

Paresh Borkar

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