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The ACST continues to organise superb club cricket events at fantastic locations across Asia Pacific since it was founded in 2000.

The Phuket Cricket Week comprises of the ICC Award Winning Phuket International Cricket Sixes and the Thalang International 7's (formerly known as the Kata International 7s)

The Sixes were first held in 2004, while the 7s made its first appearance in 2012. Both events have helped raise substantial sums through the kindness of its worldwide participants to assist in the next generation of Thais falling in love with the game through the Phuket Cricket Group's Junior Development Fund. The ACST would like to thank the PCG for their continued and invaluable support as the Phuket Cricket week continues to flourish.

All enquiries for anyone wishing to come along and make friendships through the game, whether as a team or individuals should contact the ACST Chairman, Michael 'Cat' Maher at mmaher.padmir@bigpond.com or by telephone on +61 407 385 481.

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Friday, December 25, 2015

2015 - Team & Officials Pen Portraits

2015 - Officials & Players Pen Portraits


We would like to thank all of the volunteer Officials who have offered to assist us for this years “Fun in the Sun” Phuket Cricket Week. Without these wonderful, dedicated and special people, an event like this simply cannot go ahead. Thanks very much everyone.

Ian “Reds” Liddell – Tournament Referee
Reds has a vast knowledge of this format of the game through playing and officiating at over 50 tournaments. He exudes calmness and ensures that the schedules and groupings go to plan.

Brad Tarr – Event Director
Brad is a veteran of this event, having been at the first ACST Phuket Sixes back in 2004. He understands the needs of all visitors and knows the tournament inside out.

Saurav Chatterjee – ACST Partner & Social
It’s always a pleasure to have Saurav’s warm nature at any event, but Phuket seems to bring out the best in our Kolkata correspondent; at day and at night!

Akarin Hiranpruecks – Local Co-Ordinator
When the ACST met and embraced Akarin it was like finding a million dollar signing. His input and hard work is absolutely invaluable in the staging of any of our events in Thailand. A lovely warm and generous man.

Wayne Morrison – Photographer, Team Co-Ordinator & Scorer
If you want to be caught on camera during a memorable moment, then Morro’s your man. Loves being at the ground during the day before getting stuck in to socialising and the music scene around Phuket at nightfall.

Trevor Warburton – Umpire
Trevor brings a wealth of umpiring experience to the event. He insists on standing in the middle as much as possible, while always on hand to offer help or advice to colleagues and players alike.

Rex Evans – Umpire
Another experienced and dedicated umpire of ACST events, Rex has continually developed back home in Perth to become a Grade ‘A’ official in the WACA competition.

Rob “Chops” Bernard – Commentator, Media & Umpire
Chops loves nothing more than talking and writing about the “greatest game” so the role of commentating and reporting roles fit him like a glove. A level 1 umpire back in the UK who will wring every last moment out of his visit.

Geoff Stearn – Match Official
Geoff is a kind man who has been to virtually all of our Phuket events. His hard, and often underestimated work, ensures that the sheets are in on time to ensure that the matches run to schedule.

Raju Seemant – Junior Programme & General Tournament Support
Raja has been involved with this event since day one, offering his help and assistance in the past to run the beach cricket, accommodating many of our visitors and now helping to introduce the next set of local youngsters.

Dixie Joy – Umpire & Groundsman
A man with a marvellous attitude who supplies excellent surfaces for everyone to perform on, and never seems to stop laughing. Dixie is great company and absolutely vital to the success of this wonderful event.

Mike Khan – Umpire
Mike returns once more to be part of the umpiring team. A man of great experience and a smile who simply loves being involved in Phuket.

John King – Umpire
John is now based in Phuket where he umpires for the PCG and coaches children. As a former boss of Cat at the Midland Post Office back in Perth in the 1970’s I’m sure he has a story or two to tell.

Deepak “Vikky” Mehra – Umpire
We welcome back local umpire Vicky once again to share his humour with colleagues and players. Always loyal to the event, Vicky has given the ACST valuable support over the years.

Imran “Batman” Idrees – Coaching and Cricket Gear Man
Imran is the go to man if you require any cricket equipment during your stay. Kind sponsor of our umpire shirts, Imran as ever will be seen helping out wherever is needed.

Margaret Butcher – Media & Tournament Co-Ordinator
It’s fantastic to welcome Marg back for her second consecutive year. She obviously enjoyed 2014! Cat’s partner will be putting her skills to good use to give the event the extra professional touch.

David Johnson – Media
David joins us for the first time to add to our media personnel from the Kata Group. It will be great to welcome him along so he can taste the magic and make his own friendships through cricket.

Tim "Socrates" Caimakamis – Scorer & Co-Ordinator
A huge welcome back to Socrates after a year off. Love the sport of cricket, enjoys a good time and has promised to keep us all honest. Great to see he will be back.

Jack Joy - Party and Ground Party Co-Ordinator
Jack is an outstanding young man and cricketer who’ll add lots of smiles just like old man Dixie! His role as party co-ordinator looks a perfect fit! We’re sure he’ll excel!

Nadine Krieter - Trainee Scorer & Party Co-Ordinator
Nadine will be travelling with her partner Jack again to enjoy all Phuket has to offer. It will certainly be an ACST first to welcome a German scorer to the team. We can guarantee that the party will be Wunderbar!

Amy Hynds - Physio
A warm thanks to Amy Hynds and her Partner Lois Bonomini for making a very special effort to be with us this year. These services are most valuable, thanks for coming and joining us.

Khun Andrew - Kata Beach Resort
Without this very positive and supportive person, the event simply could not go ahead. Always positive, friendly, helpful and ready to support with ideas, Andrew is a solid rock behind the continued success of this fantastic event. He is a big part of the future for the event.

Matty Scales
Coming from Perth, Australia and is a serious lover of the game of cricket. Matt has toured and played in the UK before and is very interested in coming along and supporting us for this event. He is also looking to help with the scoring, even though a new formal.

Bat 69 (Kolkata, India)

BAT-69 is a cricket team comprising of weirdo businessmen who have only one thing in common-‘Cricket’.  Business is a means of livelihood but cricket is religion. It’s easier to miss a business appointment than to miss a game of cricket. 9 to 5 we work and in the evening under lights from 6 to 9 we bat (after a few pegs of Vat-69) …hence we are called ‘Bat-69’.


Pradyumn; “The Chimp Master”
Popular as ‘Chimpu’ amongst his friends, he is the Coach and Captain of the side. Under his leadership no ‘monkey business’ is allowed in the team. He's the type of bloke you would want to have on your side. You don't have to like or dislike him. You have to respect him.

Vishal; “The Volcano”
This volcano is never dormant but always super active. When on the cricket field instead of lava it erupts ‘Sixes’. Timing is his gift. He has the ability to not only clear the ropes but even the stadium. Against spin, my god, he is really a murderer! One thing I'd love to have from his game is his ability to clear the ropes.

Vinay Sethia; ”Mr. Rooney”
Vinay is a dire hard fan of Manchester United. He swings the cricket ball like Rooney swings the football in a free kick and hits sixes like a goalkeeper takes a goal kick. When you see a side with him in the line-up, you know it is game on.

Shashank; ”The Sledge Hammer”
He plays cricket more with his mouth than his bat. The opponent gets depressed because of his sledging. They prefer getting out than tolerating his sledging. This Bengal tiger always has his tail up, ready to devour the opposition.

Aman; ”The Surraa Bowler”
This chap specializes in the “Surraa Bowling”. Surraa bowling is colonial term given to those bowlers who make sure that their balls reach the batsman in more than one bounce. A bomb is less dangerous than a cricket ball in his hand.

Karan Suri; ”The KamaSutra”
As the name suggests Karan is a master of all the positions of cricket. His field placing is impeccable and his stance is enviable. Commit all your sins when Karan is posing on the cricket field. They will go unnoticed because even GOD is watching him. 

Yusuf Chisti; ”Mishti Beasty”
He is as sweet as the ‘mishit doi’ of Kolkata but on the cricket field he turns into a ‘Beast’. He is a sweet timer of the cricket ball and is renowned for hitting big sixes.

Ravi; ”Life Support”
He is our greatest fan. To be true he is our Only fan. After the retirement of Ravi Bopara our Ravi also retired and now acts as a support system to the team.

Mungoorbada BushRangers (Northern Territory, Australia)

Team motto: “To meet and greet new friends through a Game of Cricket”

The 2015 PHUKET 6’s Cricket Carnival will be the VIRGIN tour of the “The Mungoorbada BushRangers Cricket Team”.

With a process that has taken Team Coordinator- Marcus Rosas two years to organise, the dream of introducing Indigenous Cricketers to the Asian Sixes Cricket Tour will be a reality come April 16th 2015.

The team has been picked from grass roots Regional Cricket Carnivals played in and around the Northern Territory of Australia, with the aim of this team tour is to “see cricket played at its best by some of the world’s greatest up and coming players”.

We take this opportunity to thank our valued sponsors of Mungoorbada Aboriginal Corporation and Roper Gulf Regional Council.

2015 Squad

Marcus Rosas: (capt/wk/#8) 
The face of the team. Has previously played in Chiang Mai with the Darwin Dilitants and Bangkok with the CBB’s is excited just to be able to bring the Bushies across to compete. No matter whether we score a win or lose by the largest of margins- he will have the biggest smile on his face to see the enjoyment he has helped create with his team participating in a International cricket tournament. “From little things- BIG things Grow”

Curtis (Trekker) Shadforth: (RH Batter/Bowler/#14) 
Has the fortune of taking a wicket with his very first ball in his very first match on Thailand soil in Bangkok last year (2014). Trekker will be called on to duplicate this with both Ball and Bat. A handy batter carrying his bat through the innings and has a mean skidder of a ball. Will be called on to handle some of the teams duties this tour, so he won’t have much time to go “Walk-a-bout”.

John (Shaddy) Shadforth: (RH Batter/wk/#2) 
Shaddy will be playing in his 2nd tournament, the 1st being Bangkok last year. Shaddy’s experience of touring will come in handy with this tour. Is a handy batter and moves between the wickets like a “Gazelle”. Is also a backup wicket keeper, when he is not “shouting drinks”.

Lewis Lampton: (RH Batter/Bowler #4) 
Tour Virgin: Sober Bob of the team. The team appreciates Lewis’s attendance at this tournament as he is our Great “Black” Hope. His current form shows that he is a quick run getter with the Bat. Has quick bat speed that can hit a ball to Never Never Land. The Bushies hope and pray he brings his “Game Face” or we may all be paying fines.

Timmy Simon: (RH Batter/Bowler #10) 
Tour Virgin: Every team needs a pranksters/joker and Tim is our man. Brought on tour for that specific role and to make the team laugh.  Has similar traits to Ben Cooper of the Lama CC so…. “If you don’t see him- you’ll definitely hear him”. Tim has only taken up cricket a few years back and in his own community of Robinson River he is in the final stages of completing the community cricket oval. A potential future team leader/captain and I am sure he will make his mark on you. Holds his own with the bat and ball and moves around the field like a “CHEETAH”…

Steven (Ando) Anderson (RH Batter/Bowler #5) 
Tour Virgin: The “Elder Stateman of the Team”, but has the fitness of a player half his age. Ando can mix it with the Best, whether it’s Cricket, Athletics, Bull riding or Boxing. A veteran of all playing regional cricket carnivals around the Top End of Australia over the last 20 years and now spends most of his time breaking in horses in and around his community. Looking forward to seeing Ando toss them balls around like he does with his Bulls/Horses.

Phill (horse/fish) Lovell (RH Batter/Bowler #9) 
I believe Phill has had an introduction to the sixes previously, so he is called on to show the Bushies in and around Phuket. I have been told that Phill was a handy cricketer in his day, considering he eats like a horse and drinks like a fish- hence the nickname. Phil like JM and Marcus will be vying for the spot of RESERVE for every game….”Well someone has to get the DRINKS ready!!”

John (JM) Marshall (Team Manager/ #12
JM has been around the sixes arena for ever, mainly Chieng Mai and to our appreciation, he is venturing over to PHUKET with the Bushies for our Virgin tour. Will be called on to sub if required, but is quiet happy watching from the sideline. JM will be in charge of the Fines and I am sure a few “SHOTTIES” will be on the cards as well. “Be AFRAID- Be VERY AFRAID”….

Galah CC (NSW, Australia)

The Galah CC originated in Country NSW by legendary President Allan Boyd. The Galahs are a group of Cricket Enthusiasts who travel the world each year playing against other Cricket Tragic’s. Last year’s Ashes itinerary saw them in Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Northern Ireland and England. This year’s Ashes tour in July/August sees them travel to Amsterdam, Iceland, Channel Islands (Guernsey, Jersey, Sark) and up to the Trent Bridge Test match. 

The 2015 Thailand touring team comprises the following participants.

Peter Dickey; (P Diddy)  
A Schno’z that has got marginally smaller allegedly due to the removal of Cartilage for use in appendage enhancement surgery. Likely to look a million bucks as he has the best dress sense on tour. Useful meado and middle order batsmen returning to the cricket arena after an extended hiatus. Always a single available when hit to him in the field as he would not risk dirt under his manicured fingernails let alone his whites. Played one of the great Galah innings in Malaysia when confronted with rising humidity and a sweaty jock. Hard to dislodge when set. After getting a bit of dirt on his big toe in 2013- spent 4 hours in a Phuket Hospital. Left the hospital with an unknown quantity of antibiotics- penicillin has been known to cure other “touring” ailments.   

David Newham; (Kid Rock)
Reflecting on previous editions, it is noted with shame the harsh words used to describe David. Red complexion attributable to the sheer embarrassment of not having the ability to back up the diatribe that effuses from his lips, an ego the size of an Ethiopian appetite, the shot power of a remote aboriginal prison settlement, when sledged he has the durability of Black & Gold toilet paper, a vocabulary range akin to Marcel Marceau, the wit of a Funeral Director, the fortitude of a wet sand castle, the resilience under fire of play-doh, about as enjoyable to have a conversation with as with a doctor who is in the middle of providing you a proctologic examination, the Shane Watson of Westerners cricket, at the Eels they call Chris Sandow the David Newham of Parramatta, the list goes on.... Still the current Galah Bachelor of the Year. A pre tournament warning has been given to Phuket locals to lock up their woman. Has scored a plethora of runs on the field for the Galahs including a candidate for batsmen of the tournament last year assisting the Galah’s in making the final. 

Ben Watkinson (Coma)  
Noted academic (KPMG Manager) with more degrees than wickets. From all reports Ben remains the fleetest of foot amongst the Westerners line-up. Despite the all round value Ben offers any team across each of crickets core disciplines, it is his extra-curricular exploits that ensure Ben is the first man selected in any touring party. His fastidiousness has now become almost farcical. It was firstly notable with simply his clothes and presentation that were immaculately cleaned, he then moved on to laundering money for sporting groups and various other undisclosed organisations. His distaste for dirt and grime then evolved into daily body-on-body soap scrubs to ensure that he is squeaky clean. Of course, the roll-over policy needs to be in full swing. His big toes are known to have their own postcode. 

Matthew Jones (Machine)   
Last years tour made Chicka a living legend. Has a Phuket alley named after him following many ventures and finding himself in hilarious situations. Put the call out to the boys to ramp up some numbers knowing the Galah’s have a month long European trip in July and Phuket may suffer. Played one of the great follickly challenged one handed sixes last year, and is known to sleep every 3rd day only. Will keep wicket (terribly) and open the bat with a green light from the Skip. 

Danny Eljed (Dancer) 
Danny is actually ageing well – he is becoming a more and more rounded cricketer every year.  Still manages to confound batsmen who face him for the first time and are at a loss to understand where the ball came from and how he managed to deliver the ball without falling over. Making his 1st appearance for the Galah’s and is sure to make his presence felt.

Shane Bulfin (Bully)
Looks just like Dickey except that he is taller, fatter, has less hair and is not as pretty. Another experienced cricketer, who might be likened to Mitchell Johnson insofar as the enormous gap that exists between their best and their worst cricket.  Can play some classic strokes but displays the patience of a young man who has just slipped his hand into a girl’s panties and not been slapped.  Paying $1.04 to be first to be red carded.

Chris Alexander (Ivan)
Often confused with fellow Galah - Garry Rowe, due to their rotund guts and constant 4 day growth. More often he is seen in Bangkok where he is very well known in Nana’s Candy Land Go Go Bar. Second year Phuket tour for Chris who when presented with a slowish half tracker last year played a memorable block. His illustrious run-up tends to panic batsmen but they soon realise his accuracy and pace are similar to a Chinese made B.B gun.

Hong Kong CC (Hong Kong)

The Hong Kong Cricket Club, founded in 1851, is the oldest cricket club in Asia. The Club has provided Cricket, Sports & Recreational activities to Members and the wider community for over 160 years.  The ground is set against a backdrop of the picturesque Hong Kong skyline and the immaculate outfield, combined with our square of top class turf pitches, offers quite a remarkable playing experience. In addition, players have the opportunity to benefit from one of Asia’s leading indoor facilities, ensuring each and every player has the opportunity to bring their game to new heights. The club has done a number of tours over the years including the UK, Australia, South Africa, China and most recently New Zealand and will be glad to add Phuket to the list.

Elliot Andrews “the Operator”
Leader by default, bowls and bats a bit. Brings big tournament sixes experience from the Guangzhou sixes where he was rated the 51st best bowler, an achievement he is very proud of. Will also hold the title of night captain.

John Rafter “Runs”
After a successful stint in the professional circuit in the UK, John has put fear into every bowler in Hong Kong. To say that his run scoring has been prolific is an understatement and does not do him justice. First time in a sixes tournament but seems to be able to adjust to any form of the game with ease. Definitely one to watch and looks great in a helmet.

Jon Bond ‘Bondy”
International man of mystery, no one has any idea of what he does….

Matthew Twomey “Silver Fox”
Well known in Hong Kong social circles and for getting a classy 40, has a lot of ability and expecting big things from him in this tournament. Best hair in the team.

Bob Bettridge “the King”
What can you say, this guy has done everything. The other surviving member of the Guangzhou sixes and regular HKCC tourist. “The King” is a leader of men and most will follow, looking forward to seeing what he can bring to Phuket on and off the field.

Matt Rafter “Matty”

John’s brother.

Lamma CC (Hong Kong)

Ben Cooper
Recovering from a broken leg - good man to pick out in the field.

"With their tanks and their bombs,
And their bombs and their guns.
In your head, in your head, they are crying...
In your head, in your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie,"

Brad Tarr
A Phuket legend - turned down the chance to play in the recent World Cup to make sure he's fresh.

"Livin' easy
Lovin' free
Season ticket on a one way ride
Askin' nothin'
Leave me be
Takin' everythin' in my stride"

Bruce Harris
Hailing from Perth, and arriving in Phuket to conquer Thailand one wicket at time.

"I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
And I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, Oh Lord
Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord, oh Lord"

Andrew Brown
A Lamma tour virgin and an ACST virgin. Please feel free to include him in all of your fine sessions.

"In west Philadelphia born and raised
On the playground was where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school"

Nilesh Jhaveri
A special guest from the Discovery Bay Silverbacks, he will be wanting to impress the illustrious Lamma CC fans.

"Pugh, Pugh, Barney Mc Grew, Cuthbert, Dibbell Grub
There, there, said the Mayor, that's that"

An unknown quantity and someone of whom you should therefore be very afraid.

"Everybody stutters one way or the other
So check out my message to you
As a matter of fact, I don't let nothin' hold you back
If the Scatman can do it, so can you

Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub, Yo da dub dub"

Lickie Lickie Downunders (NSW, Australia)

The team Lickie Lickie Downunders originated from a couple of mates looking to involve cricket as a get together. It's our first year testing the 7's cricket out and are hoping to make it an annual trip. With a few blokes with cricket ability and a few that don't even play cricket, it should be full of entertainment! Having this side sober for the first ball of the game will be our biggest battle. There a bunch of chronic gambling, beer guzzling, alcoholics!

Trent Cameron
The captain faces the task of not only rallying himself to the games he faces a near impossible task of round up his team of drunks to make it on time. That being said he will be sure to use his local knowledge to his advantage, as he was conceived only two blocks from the cricket ground at the family home.

Aaron Jones
If we can drag this bloke out of the hotel buffet, he could be this side's X Factor. Only thing that will hold him back from a big tournament is chafe.

Scott Bird
The Big Bird has cricket royalty running through his blood. He is the first cousin of Bermuda cricketing legend Dwayne Leverock. High possibility being Aaron Jones tag team partner for the buffet. P.s Also nothing to do with cricket but has two very hot sisters!!! 

Nick Say
Gets a lot of zip on the ball from a man the same height as a Smurf. Loves to throw his little piece of willow at everything and anything. Is paying 1 to 1 odds of taking home STD's. 

Nick Price
Has only ever played one game of cricket, which was 6's. But don't let a bucket of juicy kernel chicken get between this man and the wickets, because he will chew them up and spit them out. 

Nathan Kent
The newly wed veteran of the side has vowed to share his vast experience with the youngsters in the squad to improve their games. The 59-year-old has vowed never to stop playing cricket while he has hair on his head. Judging from his photo he will be retiring next week. Nathan plans to return to Thailand after the 7's for his honeymoon with his new wife Trudy.  

Ben Lonergan
Outspoken all-rounder who likes to get things his own way out in the middle - or anywhere for that matter. He is looking to enjoy individual success during the tournament as he has announced his plans for early retirement from the game to patch things up with childhood sweetheart Amanda and start a family. If form escapes him though, a phone call to Mum and an early exit from the tournament wouldn't surprise. 

Jake Turner
The Sydney first grade left arm quick who sold his stolen car, most of his clothes and took his mums Thursday pay to finance this trip. Says he is looking forward to meeting new people throughout the tournament to talk about himself and educate people of his proud culture and maybe share a Metho and orange juice, hold the juice. 

Baulkham Hill LOBATs (NSW, Australia) 

LOBAT is a team that plays in a competitive league in the north west of Sydney - a suburb called Baulkham Hills. The team consists of mainly old boys that started their failed cricketing careers in the subcontinent. Team LOBAT's strategy is to make the lower order do all the scoring and the wicket taking, while relying heavily on the opposition to capitulate for no good reason.  

The players:

Charuka (Godfather) Abhayawickrama 
The team captain….on and off the field. All decisions are passed through him. He has been masterminding the team selection and strategy for the past 8 years. He also contributes with the bat and behind the stumps on the field. He is a Sri Lankan turned Aussie lad who gets batting tips from his two little girls and bowling tips from his little son. His favourite shot is the pull shot - first ball. His favourite way of getting out is forward defence and then being caught on the boundary.

Atif (Stifler) Bashir 
The team poster boy who after playing the LOBAT debut season in 2007-08, was poached by a cashed up club in Singapore. Stifler is renowned for his Hollywood lifestyle, long flowing looks and equally long bowling run up. Stifler will be reuniting with the LOBATs after 5 long years and no doubt yearning to take up the bowling attack from both ends. In his spare time, Stifler dabbles in the world of high finance and can be seen hob nobbing in elite circles around the globe. 

Chaminda (Wendell) Thirimanna 
Joined the LOBATs in season 2013-14, taking on the captaincy and leading the club to a premiership in his debut season. A big hitting all-rounder, Wendell is meticulous about planning and spends his entire off season strategizing. In preparation for his debut tour to Phuket, Dell has no doubt compiled team plans, opposition player analyses and key strategies….all of which shall be ignored by his team mates. In his spare time, Dell can be found tinkering with his camping gear and no doubt thinking about the season ahead. A true team man, Dell’s versatile skills will no doubt be relied up on heavily on this tour…both on and off the field. 

Nirav (Ravster) Goradia 
Debuted for the LOBATs in season 2007-08 and lead the team to a premiership in the team’s foundation year. After tasting success in his first couple of seasons with the LOBATs, Ravster decided to take a hiatus from cricket using up every excuse in the book for not turning up to games, young family yada yada yada……we all knew it was to protect his averages. He soon saw the error of his ways though and is back chucking down left arm pies every other week with the LOBATs. This is Ravster’s  maiden tour to Phuket and indeed his first away tour with the LOBATs.  

Ricky Kapoor 
The team mascot. He is always padded up and ready to bat any time and at all times. In fact he has been spotted at Phuket's Bannana club with his pads on. He's also the team's most noticeable fielder - in all places at once - and never where he should be. As one of the few young boys on the side, his harem keeps the team appropriately entertained. 

Lasith (Las) Waniganayake 
The youngest but perhaps the most mature member in the LoBaT squad, is a superb top order batsman with one of the best cover drives in the business. Renowned for his ability to pull off the most impossible catches in the outfield (and spill the easy ones), Las is also extremely handy with the ball off the long run. Not the most talkative member of the team (Rickster wins that one hands down) unless there is a posse of women in the crowd, Las has an incredible memory and can bamboozle his lesser team mates with facts and figures like no one else. A truly versatile team member, Las’ skills on and off the field will be called up on heavily during this gruelling tour.   

MG CC (Kuwait)

Friendship through Cricket

MG Cricket Club is a very popular and well known team overseas (Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia) and also in the Middle East, after they took part in the ACC tournaments held in Dubai.  The team was founded and is managed by the extremely passionate and cricket enthusiast Mr. Mahmoud Abdullah.

Every year Mr. Mahmoud adds a bit of flavor to his team every time when they play the Phuket Sixes tournament,  last year it was Birmingham Express “Murad Khan” Kuwait’s fastest bowler showcasing his talent as they emerged Champs in 2014, and this time around the Skipper Steps up the tempo to defend their Title by drafting his own team mate & Kuwait’s premier  batsman,  the exceptionally talented Master Blaster“ Amir Javed” who also happens to be Kuwait’s National Team’s T-20 captain.  Amir went bizarre with his hard and big hitting and snatching “The Man Of The Series” award in the recently concluded T-20 World Cup Pre qualifiers in Dubai.

MG Cricket Club as always brings TWO Teams making it a tradition of their own to enjoy the awesome hospitality in this part of the world & participate in the Phuket Sixes. They have an ever exciting Young bunch of Lads featuring as “KUWAIT EAGLES” & the Slammer Masters blending together as “KUWAIT HAWKS”.

Both the “EAGLES” and the “HAWKS” consists of players from different nationalities representing the MG Cricket Club back home in Kuwait. However, that was never a problem because they are united & are here to portray “Friendship Through Cricket “. They are here to entertain, be it on the field with the bat and ball or off the field with the slammer sessions.

MG Club enjoyed a fantastic 2014, lead by their proud skipper “MAHMOUD (MG) – Mr. Captain Cool”

Ø  Kuwait Tack XI Champions 2014 (Herschelle Gibbs, Scott Styris, Adam Hollioake, Aravinda de Silva, Upul Chandana , Azhar Mahmoud, Yusuf Pathan,)
Ø  Champions in Bahrain 7 - 2014
Ø  Champions in Phuket Sixes -  2014
Ø  Champions in Penang 6 - 2014

Trivia: - This year there are the “Khan Brothers” & the “Qureshi Brothers” playing, making it a unique feat for a pair of brothers playing in the same tournament for the same team.

MG CC were the Cup Champions in Phuket- 2012, Semi- finalist in the Cup in Singapore-2011, 2012 & 2013, Runners-up in the Cup in Honkong-2012, Runners-up in the Cup in Phuket-2013, Runners-up in the Cup in Bangkok-2009, MG Warriors were the Spoon Champions in Phuket-2013, semi- finalist in the Cup in Phuket-2011,

Mahmoud Abdullah; “MG “(Captain Cool)
Popularly known as MG the Captain cool, who frequently is been mistaken for “Al Pacino” or “Kevin Costner” not simply cause he is Handsome but also for his great sense of humour. At 58 years, he is still supersonic behind the stumps and would give any teenager a run for his money. He loves his cricket & every bit of the Tradition that follows the slammer sessions, both in drinking or even being the hanging judge.

Amir Javed; “Master Blaster”
The exceptionally talented batting sensation in the Kuwait Cricket Arena, he carries both the Batting grace & the looks of the legendary “Hashim Amla”, he is super talented & a clean striker of the cricket ball…Merciless for his massive big hitting …. Amir also happens to be the T-20 Captain of the Kuwait National Team, he went bizarre with his big hitting and snatching “The Man of the Series” award in the recently concluded T-20 World Cup Pre qualifiers in Dubai. …watch out for this Lad.

Shahid Amin; “Boom Boom - Afridi “
Shahid  is lanky lad with very shy smile ….also known as Boom Boom - Afridi amongst his friends for his crazy shot selection as he only enjoys heaving, swinging, smacking & blasting the bowlers …..he believes in only one numeric number “6” when the willow is in his hand, he is more than handy with ball, bowling his thunderbolts. There is plenty of excitement when he is at the crease.

Umerhassan Khan “Mr. Serious”
Purely talented for anything that cricket has to offer (Be it Batting or Fielding). It’s hard to describe Umer as a cricketer as he is the busiest player on the field. He seems to be pretty calm & quiet by nature with a silent smile, but is a  perfect game finisher. He possess all the looks of  a Hollywood star would ever want …

Imran; “The Professor”
A supremely gifted cricketer, he is far too smart to outfox the batsmen with his left arm unorthodox spin & his mystery variations. The best Fielder on board with hands as safe as a bank safe deposit, his power packed batting only amazes the talent & skill this all-rounder possess. A few drinks bottoms up & we get to meet the English professor in him that preaches wisdom full of humour….

Mewlyn; “The Prankster”
A very dedicated cricketer but with a pocket full of pranks ; he is fun to have him around always joking &  full of life . He slams one handed sixes and as for his spin bowling it has more variations then the fingers on one’s hands. However, he is better known for his drinking sessions with MG, with these two around, you should definitely invite them for a “slammer session “. They can Party all night. He also happens to have a fetish to cook delicious BBQ while others enjoy feasting on it.

Ostine; (Roy) “The Rock Star “
Elegant as Mark Waugh (Batting Style) with the “High Handle Grip”  makes stroke play & batting look so easy, often mistaken as “VIN DIESIL “ for his hot looks & crazy dance moves … The only place you will find Roy is at the “BAR” when the bat’s not in his hand….Cheers.

Casino; “Cas “
Don’t ever gamble against CAS. This All-rounder has plenty of batting varieties, chicky dabs & skiers clearing the grounds with great ease. Has won many games single handedly. His leg spin is always a mystery. He happens to be the most talkative person cheering on the field. Likes to drink and party too, so it is not that all gloom and doom.

Unni; The Big Daddy “Our- Mentor “
A guy with a never say “NO” attitude towards anything thrown to him, extremely cheerful, helpful & a total team player, he ensures that the entire team proceeding are smooth & rolling …. Funny & smiling as always cheering the team with a buzz, a talented bowler but never plays, skilful Drinker tough always drunk, never to drop a catch (oops… I mean a bottle of Chivas thrown to him), he loves challenging the batsmen.

Murad Khan; “The Birmingham Express”
Popular as "Muri" amongst his friends, a comedian by nature but don’t be lured by his Hollywood - Tom Cruise Looks. A perfect Killer all-rounder any skipper would bet on, a skilful bowler with fierce pace but even more dangerous with the willow in his hands. No ground is big for this lad as he believes in only one numeric digit "6" when he bats. Let’s wait to see what's on show this summer. (Wasim Akram happens to be his role model).

Saifullah; “Mr. Dependable”
A Perfect All-rounder, best known as “The Hulk” without doubt for his physical structure, lol!!.. A Big guy who packs punch when he tonks the bowlers, very reliable and the “GO to Man” when the chips are down …. carries a big hitting reputation. Bowls with lively pace & the also have hands as safe as a shovel when is it comes to fielding ….

Wasim; “The wall”
A left handed wicket Keeper Batsmen, best known as “The wall” not for his physical structure, lol!!..But for his patience in the middle to grind the bowlers, very reliable when the chips are down …. lets enjoy the little Flicks & leg Glances that suits the left hander’s the most.

Nadeem; “Our - Entertainer“

A guy who is extremely cheerful, noisiest and very  helpful & a total team player …. Funny & smiling as always cheering the team with a buzz, a talented off spinner with the old school “fighting the ball theory”, he loves challenging the batsmen …The Official Cheer Leader on Board.

SICCO’S - Sedgwick International Cricket Club of Sixes (Victoria, Australia)

This will be the SICCO’S 2nd tour, after competing in the Kata 7’s last year where we surprised even ourselves on how competitive we were.

Only two founding members (Nathan and Craig) remain in the SICCO’S 2015 campaign as the rest of the players were scared off after a few incidents last year with lady boys, tattoo artists and diarrhoea.  So we have searched high and low for some of the best cricketers to replace our out going  players and when this failed we had to call on Phil & Daniel Berry and also some family members.

this year we plan to make our sponsor (Jagermeister) proud. Perhaps not on the field but off.  So come over, Share a Jager Bomb and say hello to a SICCO!


SICCO’s Co-founder and last years captain, where he captained the SICCO’S into the Semi final in the Kata 7’s. Back home Nathan has excelled more off the field than on this year in his role as club bar manager.  From Jagermeister shots to getting home around 6am, it is amazing that he has been able to play any cricket at all. Feverishly working on his “mystery” ball over the past few months, Nathan will be ready to come out spinning in Phuket.

Also a SICCO’s co-founder, Craig finished the 2013/14 season taking out the umpires vote as league champion.  We were all hoping that he would continue this form on our last SICCO’S tour. This was not to happen….. When given the chance to bat last year Craig made a golden duck after some great bowling from the Phuket juniors female captain, Took Krabi. Although Craig will be a dominate force with the ball, it would be a safe bet to say that he will play more Jager shots than cricket shots.

Or filthy, as he his kindly referred to by his Xbox, will be making his international debut with the SICCO’S this year. Phil is a serious cricketer with the ability to bowl left handed and bat with his right making over 3500 career runs. Phil teams up with his younger brother Dan to join the SICCO’S. The brothers are so close, they are each others greatest rivals. Outside of cricket Phil enjoys the consumption of liquor, acting a decade younger than his age, competing in an annual monopoly tournament and playing soccer with his local club.

Geoff convinced his wife to come over to Phuket to support the SICCO’S, he thought it would be a great excuse for a holiday… WRONG! What Geoff doesn’t know is that he will be a playing SICCO. Don't be fooled by his age because this “Hashim Amla” look alike will be like lightening in the field after having a knee reconstruction only about 10 weeks ago. So with his new knee Geoff should be ready to do some real damage with both bat and ball.

Wife of the legendary cricketer Nathan, Marita will be a vital part of the SICCO’S support team, aiding in the recovery of players from heavy nights OFF the field. Taking a no-nonsense approach, Marita brings a wealth of experience in telling people what to do.  Also known for her lust of shopping, it is hard to imagine Marita spending much time at the ground.… Phuket traders had better stock up!

At only 10 years old, Hunter is a SICCO in training. The SICCO’S number 1 supporter and drinks man is super excited to be on a SICCO’S tour with his dad and will be more than ready to hang it on the old man when he loses his wicket. Hunter love's his cricket as well as soccer, tennis, riding his bike and girls.

Gauhati Town Club (Assam, India)

Gauhati Town Club (GTC), is a 109 years old sports club from Assam, India can boast of its professional cricket and football teams, is now vigorously pursuing a youth development programme by running 5 academies in cricket, football, chess, taekwondo & swimming to groom young talents. Some of its evergreen player members joined ACST bandwagon in Sixes Circuit in Hongkong since 2004 and highlight of their journey is lifting of the Championship Cup in Phuket Sixes,2010 apart from clinching other titles in Bowl & Spoons. Back to the circuit after a hiatus of 2 years, to be a part of the “fun in the sun”.


Samarjit (Mamu) Neog 
A former 1st class cricket, a top corporate honcho in petroleum sector, now-a-day, prefers keeping track of fluctuating international crude oil prices than the cricket results & statistics. Great guy in round table conferences, be in board room or in a bar….beware, don’t pick up a debate as, he seldom gives up till he makes you agree to his point. Favourite pastime is organizing KVS Alumni Meets for reasons best known to him !!!!

Devajit (Lon) Saikia 
A lawyer and (mis) adventure lover, who also had a stint as a first class cricketer two decades ago, is a permanent member of GTC  team since it became a part of  ACST circuit in Hongkong in 2004 . Regular in 2 bars…in law court during working hours and other one,  most of the remaining part of the day….also a regular in Phuket Sixes and enjoys good times “on and off” the field.

Amarendra (Amar) Nath
Being a senior official of the Excise Department, regulates liquor affairs of the State, but yet to be part of the “whiskey team” …..still a hardcore fan of extra light beer…need to grow-up man !! Another regular since GTC’s entry into the Sixes circuit…bowls precariously slow to demolish any male batsman’s aggression and prowess…sheer deception is his forte. (only successful batter against his guile is Karen Rolten)

Dhrubajyoti (Bob) Pathak 
Another former State cricketer, instrumental in many victories, is an ace trekker in Himalayas, marketing strategist to sale ball bearing, lubricants, mixer grinder, insurance policies & ideas…you name it…he sells it in style & finesse . Turns into a complete entertainer once a guitar or  a willow or a ball lands in his hand.

Manoj Kumar Gogoi  
A hardcore cricketer who now holds a key  position in Food Corporation of India…taken out some time from busy schedule to be in Phuket, his second time. Before boarding the flight, ensured that the country does not starve during his absence…a cool guy who loves to be dipped in liquid, be it in swimming pool or in a crystal glass (no details plz)

Deep Bora 
A former first class cricketer , now  a full-time fitness freak and part time badminton, football player…also takes out some time to play cricket too…engaged by Indian Railways to man Guwahati Station and by GTC to entertain the team. Lastly, he cherishes some real good times in glamour  & modelling world (ask him personally for details)

Ram Kripal Gupta  
First timer in Phuket ,  a serious type character who dreams cricket day and night…fighter to the core in the ground ---- one of the  favourite coach amongst of the youngsters in GTC.

Navroze Munwar 
A lawyer, builder, sports organizer, social activist and what not….latest edition is cricket…coming  to Phuket  as part of GTC for the first time  and it will be a difficult for this fun loving handsome guy not to repeat. One secret..,,,had a very tough time at home in convincing  his better half to allow him come to Thailand without her.

Phuket Youth Development Team (Phuket, Thailand)

Once again the ACST is very proud to invite the future of cricket in Phuket along to compete and develop their skills. Over the years they have put in some fine displays to captivate our appreciative audiences.

For 2015 the youngsters will be captained by Khun Thaveekorn Suthipatra (Pao).

Khun Pao has been playing cricket for nearly 7 years now and has acptained Phuket team in National youth Games in year 2012 and 2013. In 2012 Phuket won the bronze medal. He will be assembling a side with the assistance of our good friend Raju Seemant.

We would like to thank all the participants of Sixes event over the years for making generous contribution towards youth development fund and donating equipment. From the kind donations the game continues to flourish on the island.

Sharifally Huzifers (Perth & Penang)

The man who made his mates promise to start a cricket team and the captain of the Sharifally Huzifers.  Doggie, or The Dog, is a swanky right hand bat – no 20-20 for this guy, he’s a test cricketer. He gets by in the field, and is a temperamental bowler.  The Doggie has a Doctorate in Aquaculture and works in the science of growing fish, we use him on tour to ensure we eat fresh fish and avoid food poisoning. Although he’s softened in his recent years, a couple of character jibes will stir something in this father of two, and like the most loyal of diggers he’ll be out there on the tins with you until dawn - just as he will in out in the middle.

The Champ
The Champ (aka Boss Genovesi) can only be described as a robot, made out of titanium and battle-hardened like a Terminator.  The Champ is a finely tuned machine who will run tirelessly between the wickets all day, and then be the last man standing at the bar come 6am. One of the defining features of The Champ’s game has to be his ability to pump up and get the best out of his teammates.  When the Sharifally Huzifers are on the pitch, The Champ’s calls can be heard from over 10 miles away, "C'mon Boss!! Yes Boss!!  Lift Sharrrrii-fallllly Huzzz-iferrrrrs!!!"  Should the Sharifally Huzifers be within a sniff of victory as the end of the match draws near, you'd always back The Champ to belt the winning runs.  Likewise, should a single lass be at the bar post stumps as last drinks are called, you'd always back the Champ to engage his charm and take her home.  And come the following morning, when The Champ has put in a memorable performance both on and off the field, he’ll be back on the pitch firing up his beloved Huzifers.

Boss Johnson
Aka Boss Johnson, Jon Dellabosca, Bosco Dellabosca or whatever you want to call him - this State Prosecutor is big in every way.  Big in personality, big in size, big in drinking and big in voice.  Just a big name all round really.  If you are trying to figure out if Boss Johnson is at the pub – no need to worry, you’ll hear him upon approach (he is the only Huzifer to have been evicted from a pub for being too loud). Likewise, his booming voice when in the middle has also caused numerous run-outs on neighbouring grounds when his shouts of ‘yes!’ have been heard afar.  Like most of the Huzifers, Boss Johnson last played cricket when he was a teenager. But if the big man gets under one, you’ll know sure about it. She won’t though, until it is too late, for he is silky smooth.  Boss Johnson is obsessed with his hair. Boss Johnson is hetrosexual.

Babs (Beels, FatFD, Big Red).  What can we say about the Huzifers most intriguing character? A delightfully smooth opening bat with a square drive that would make Matthew Hayden bar up. Inspired by the great Pavarotti from an early age, Babs will be knocking sixes into the upper register with the same ease as his operatic hero. Babs is the sort of bloke that will go missing in action for months, but somehow always mysteriously rock up to big events, like a tour of duty in Phuket.  He loves fruity beers, fur jackets, and anything unusual.  Who knows, Babs may even find his very own Miss Sarajevo here in Phuket, just as the fat lady begins to swing. Watch out.

Cat’s nephew Jeremy is a Metallurgist who lives in Perth and joins up with the Huzifers for Phuket. A smart guy, loves a good time socially and has a good brain to enjoy his company cricket wise. A steady bowler and good fielder Jeremy enjoys life and will fit in with his new pals.

Olly is flying in from Jakarta to give the Huzifer’s a European touch. The Dutchman works in the gas and oil industry and loves and knows our great game. Olly’s Dad is a cricket tragic and has toured the world playing cricket. Also as a diplomat, Olly saw cricket and his Dad play all over the world.

Southern Stars (Victoria, Australia)

The Southern Stars under Wayne Bemrose return to Phuket for their fifth appearance from rural Victoria in Australia.

This year’s side is led once again by Justin Triffett. He will be ably supported by Ron Elliott, Skinny Neary, Jake Wright, Hayden Smith and wild card Gazza from the All Star Bar. The team will be managed by Simon Cowell!

Our support team girls are Ranee, Kiera and Trish.

Good luck to all teams. And safe travels. 

The Wild Men From Borneo (International)

Well we are back and this tour will be a special tour as it will be 10 years since the first WMFB team hit the shores of Phuket and created our very own lunch box legend. This time we are trying something different – Kata Sevens. Bugger… we have to field and bat for an extra over… we struggle with 5 overs as it is.. It might turn out to be just too long between drinks of the Jungle Juice.
Again our sponsors have shown great support to the cause and dipped deep into their pockets to ensure the legend of the WMFB lives on.
We say thanks to: Gold Security Group, Angus O’Tools, AE3S (Asia Eco-Energy Enterprise Solutions), M&M Walter Consulting, Successful Projects, Fire Rescue Safety Australia, MYR Consulting, Vasey EHS Consulting, Aluframe, Handling Systems Australia and Castlerock Investments.
Players for 2015’s Kata Sevens and 10th Anniversary WMFB Tour are:

Captain Circket (Mark Stirling)
CC is back again no more to say..Older wiser and should know better by now. Sitting on the sideline is probably the best position for CC to be in, watching with beer in hand.

Ginger Rash (Ian Farrar)
Yep he’s back too. Hopefully he doesn't get lost on a diving expedition before the competition starts. The infamous Fines Capt is much needed to keep law and order during the fines sessions. The bugger doesn't miss a thing.. (except on the field).

Snatch (Alan Jackson)
Snatch is back again to show us how to rock n roll. Bottled water in one hand tobasco sauce in the other. Knocking them back like there is no tomorrow. Is there nothing this Wild Man can’t do.. Bring it on says Snatch.

Sir Les (Peter Weir)
Padding up for the 4th time for the Wild Men and set to again take the Phuket night life on and conquer it yet again. Steady by day, flash by night. With his knack of dealing with the locals, impressing them with his cultural savvy and his ability to party long into the night, Sir Les is fast becoming a self-made legend.

Tuk Tuk (Ross Broun)
After failing to get to Phuket last year the Tuk Tuk is back in 2015 for another WMFB tour and ready to send down those spinning grenades and hopefully score a few as well. Welcome back Tuk2 I am sure the Fines Capt will bring you up to speed from last year with fines.

Dora The Explora (David Reynolds)
Finally after years in the wilderness one of the original Wild Men From Borneo is back to make an appearance. Dora was the CC for the very first tour of the official WMFB. Welcome back DTE we look forward to you discovering new and unusual places for us to visit to drink beer.

Cutter (Luke Richards)
The Cutter is back after many years of self-exile and a shit load of nagging from CC to get his arse into gear and get himself sorted. We look forward to the woosh of the willow when he is bowling and the crack of the stumps when batting, or have I got that round the wrong way Cutter. Good to have the man back for the anniversary and back in the WMFB team.

Scarface (Jeff Butler)
Scarface is back again for a second run in Phuket after slipping on the mat last year when batting pulling a leg muscle (which muscle did you pull???) The big man is back to showcase his talents, both on and off the field and have a great time. Where Scarface is from three is most definitely a crowd but in Phuket that will be just getting the party started.

Icepack (David Dickson)
The legendary Icepack is returning for another go at Phuket as well as the cricket. Great fun on and off the field with an acquired taste for the mighty Jungle Juice. The big hearted bloke is usually found behind the stumps but in sevens and sixes he becomes a devastating bowler often finding the middle of the bat with the occasional surprise ball. Watch this space to find out what that is as we are still waiting several years later…

Legendary Support:

Beaver (John), Butthead (Maurice) and Miami Vice (Brendan)
The lads from Angus O’Tools are again back to support the WMFB. We look forward to their company and knocking back a few pints of beer and cider. I hear they have ordered in the New Zealand cider on the market called Cumin hot on the tail of last years Dicken’s. Last year there was a cameo appearance of Butthead on the field (actually sprawled out on the field). With the way things are going that may be required again this year. We are also hoping that Miami Vice makes an appearance this year.

Soup Dragon (Paul Piper)
A welcome back for the Soup Dragon who again has travelled a long way with his mate Ewok to support and party with the WMFB and partake in the downing of the mighty jungle juice. The quiet party animal keeps things moving along at a steady pace whilst trying to maintain some decorum (which I must say is a hard thing to do around the WMFB) and keep an eye on his drinking buddy and stop him getting out of hand..

Ewok (Jim Jeffries)
Great to see our mate Ewok back again. The great Ewok managed to get roped into playing a game to cover the loss of Capt Circket last year. There is not much this guy can’t do. Dances on tables, smokes artificial cigarettes, plays for the WMFB, party’s till the sun comes up. What more need I say…

Maddog (Nick Ashbrook)
Unable to play in the Sevens but coming along for a few days to assist with the WMFB warm up sessions in preparation for the cricket. Unfortunately Maddog will not get to bowl a maiden over as he will be heading off prior to the start of the cricket.  

Budgie (Burt Baetsen)
Also making an appearance prior to the Sevens event as support for the WMFB 10th Anniversary year and get the team focused on the right things and ensure the team are in peak condition. Unfortunately will have to retire before start of play and head back down under.

Drambuie (Nigel Van Cuylenburg)
The legend is making a return to the WMFB stomping ground to catch up with the team before the competition. Unfortunately he too will not get the chance to make an appearance on the field of play as he will also have to head off back to Burma. I am sure he will make sure the WMFB team have their party rhythm sorted prior to leaving.

Narayanganj Club (NCL) (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Narayanganj Club is one of the most ancient social clubs in Bangladesh. It was originated from the European Club, which was established in 1893 by European citizens. Europe came to Narayanganj for their business and used this club for their recreation.

Since then the fame of this club has been spread day by day in the country and abroad. The club has been known as Narayanganj club since 1947, and a few years later the club was listed in the Joint Stock Company.

The club is utilised for recreational purposes as well as various sports such as Cricket, Football, Table Tennis, Pool, Swimming and so on. In 2007 we participated in the Hua Hin Sixes in Thailand for the first time, where we became the champions in the masters.

The following year, in 2008, we participated and finished as runners up. In 2010 we participated in the London Sixes, becoming champions. Most of the former national team players of Bangladesh still play for the Narayanganj Club.

The following are details of former Bangladesh nation players:

Faruque Ahmed
The former Bangladesh captain, he played 28 ODI’s between 1988 and 1999, and has recently been appointed as the chief selector of the Bangladesh Cricket Board for his second tenure. Faruque was a right hand middle order bat. Although he was mainly a No. 3 he could also open the batting when necessary. His ODI debut was against Pakistan at Chittagong in 1988. His highest ODI score was 57 against India, which came in 1990 at Chandigarh. He was made Bangladeshi captain for the 1993-94 season, retiring from cricket after the 1999 World Cup.

Athar Ali Kahn
Athar is a former Bangladeshi cricketer. A tall, technically correct, right handed batsman standing at 6 feet 2 inches tall, he played 19 ODI’s scoring 532 runs at an average of 29.55, with a highest score of 82. Throughout the 80’s Athar played as a middle order batsman, batting mainly at 4 or 5. Later, encouraged by the Indian Test cricketer, Mohinder Amarnath, Athar started opening regularly for Bangladesh. He was a slow medium pacer taking six wickets in ODI matches. He is Bangladesh cricket team's national selector and a cricket commentator.

Khaled Mahmud Sujan
Khaled is a former Bangladeshi cricketer. A medium-pace bowler and middle-order batsman, he played international cricket for Bangladesh from 1998 to 2006, captaining the team from 2003 to 2004. Mahmud retired from international cricket in 2006, scoring a respectable 36 in his final match. He served as the assistant coach of the Bangladesh national cricket team and is now the manager of the team.

Naimur Rahman Durjoy
Naimur played 8 Tests and 29 ODI matches for Bangladesh. A right arm off spinner, Rahman was a member of Bangladesh's 1997 ICC Trophy winning side. He became his country's inaugural Test captain when he led Bangladesh on their Test debut, against India in 2000. Rahman took 6 for 132 in India's first innings, including the wickets of Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly. He is now a Member of Parliament and also the Director of the Bangladesh Cricket Board.

Jahangir Alam
Jahangir played in 3 ODIs from 1997 to 1999. An opening batsman who could keep wicket if necessary, Jahangir Alam was ideally suited for one day cricket. Now he is the Head Coach of the Narayanganj Cricket Academy and also Director of the Narayanganj District Sports Association.

Tanvir Ahmed Titu
Tanvir was a Bangladesh and first class cricketer who played as a right handed middle order batsman and medium pace bowler. His career came to a halt when his father was seriously ill because he had to take over the wheel of the family business. After 10 years away, Tanvir has returned as an organiser of cricket. He is the General Secretary of Narayanganj District Sports Association, Member Secretary of Bangladesh Cricket Board and Executive Member of Narayanganj Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Arman Hossain Jewel
Arman is a former Bangladesh cricketer, who played first class cricket as a left handed middle order batsman and also a very renowned left arm off spinner who took lots of wickets in his day. He is a member of NCL and also on the Executive Committee of the NCL Sports and Outdoor Activities Committee.

Arifuzzaman Tipu
Arifuzzaman is a former first class cricketer who played as a right handed middle order batsman and right handed off spinner. He is a member of NCL and also on the Executive Committee of the NCL Sports and Outdoor Activities Committee. He was also an Executive member of Narayanganj Yarn Merchant Association.

CBB’s (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Michael ‘Cat’ Maher
A Life Member of the CBBs, Cat takes great pleasure from playing for the CBBs while on tour. He really enjoyed the success that the CBBs had on tour in Phuket last year, and no doubt the fun will continue this year.

Jack Joy
Jack was Player of the Tournament at the Kata 7’s two years ago, so we offer him a big welcome back for 2015. He hits the ball a long way and will no doubt enjoy the wicket that his Dad Dixie prepares for this year.

Dixie Joy
A cunning CBB player who knows the game of Cricket Sixes very well. Keen to repeat the back to back success after last year’s positive year on and off the field. Will also have young CBB Levi here with Susie.

Osman Basher
Normally a Corner Tiger from Pakistan, but joining the CBBs as his team cannot make it. Osman is a good mate who will be making his CBB debut. He’s really looking forward to enjoying Fun in the Sun again.
Louis Bonomini
Returning to CBB colours after a success with the team in Bangkok last October. He made a big impact that tour and is a big asset to the CBB team for the complete tour.

Ross Broun
A self confessed cricket tragic. He says that he now bowls medium paced leg spinners. We hope that he lands them this year, as he will be a handful if he can.

Tim ‘Socrates’ Caimakamis
Rumour has it that Socrates is making a return to Phuket after a couple of years off. A CBB committee member and a huge asset to the side.

Wayne Morrison
Morro enjoyed captaining the CBBs so much last October that he will be joining us again in Phuket. Bats, bowls and fields well and compliment a handy side.

Seemant Raju

We are hoping that Raju will make appearances for the CBB’s during both the Phuket Sixes and Kata 7s events. Always a good laugh and a brilliant Phuket local.


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