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The ACST continues to organise superb club cricket events at fantastic locations across Asia Pacific since it was founded in 2000.

The Phuket Cricket Week comprises of the ICC Award Winning Phuket International Cricket Sixes and the Thalang International 7's (formerly known as the Kata International 7's)

The Sixes were first held in 2004, while the 7's made its first appearance in 2012. Both events have helped raise substantial sums through the kindness of its worldwide participants to assist in the next generation of Thais falling in love with the game through the Phuket Cricket Group's Junior Development Fund. The ACST would like to thank the PCG for their continued and invaluable support as the Phuket Cricket week continues to flourish.

All enquiries for anyone wishing to come along and make friendships through the game, whether as a team or individuals should contact the ACST Chairman, Michael 'Cat' Maher at mmaher.padmir@bigpond.com or by telephone on +61 407 385 481.

We hope that you enjoy looking through the archives of this brilliant event. Look at the index page down the right-hand side and click on the year and feature you wish to see. Content will continually be updated. If you see an untitled image you can assist with, please get in touch!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

*Testimonials & Feedback*

Please read what our visitors to Phuket say...

2013 Post Tournament Reactions

Wayne Morrison: CBBs and Tournament Official

All in all I think it was a very good tournament with some fantastic cricket and players. I believe with that venue it can go from strength to strength and as long as teams are aware of the distance before they come and the transport arrangements, there should not be problems.

I had a great time! And well done to you for pulling it all off!

Craig Morgan: Pinjarra Cricket Club, WA, Australia
Firstly thanks to you and all of the ACST organisers on this year’s sixes, what an event it turned out to be, just a couple of highlights I thought I would mention;

The scheduling of the cricket to be at the ACG, what a fantastic venue it was to play at and to view cricket at for the spectators.

The quality of the cricket. I’m sure this had somewhat to do with the ground, but the teams were surely competitive so much so, we saw a bowl off in a semi-final.

The tournament non-cricket events. The opening party at O’Tools had some of the best non-Thai food that I have eaten at a buffet in Phuket.

The communication from the organisers was also a high point, I never really found that I was lacking in information.

PCC had a great time, we thought that we embraced the “Fun in the Sun” motto and made sure that we were present at all events and sponsor nights, plus we made sure that we had a few beers with all teams and organisers at various stages of the tournament.

So once again we thank you all for your efforts.

Ben Cooper: Lamma Cricket Club, Hong Kong
Thanks to you guys for putting on such a great event!

Trevor Warburton: Tournament Umpire - England
Cat, again many thanks for including me in a great event. In spite of the difficulties, you and the team pulled it off again.
Anthony Sinclair: St Georges River / Sydney, Australia
The ACG ground was great for proper cricket. Morro did a great job getting photos of each team and some action shots. The functions were well catered. The umpires did a great job. Nicki the physio was fantastic and there was always a queue for her services. The teams really got on well and the matches were played in the right spirit. I thought the grading and releasing of the draws was really fast and well done.

2010 Post Tournament Reaction
Russell: Curtin/Vic Park CC
"Congratulations on organising another successful 6ers tour.  All the guys thoroughly enjoyed it and we are looking forward to doing it again next year. " 

Chris Felton: Umpire 

"The whole ethos of what you guys do in arranging these events are precisely why one should always have a positive outlook. Great company , fantastic hospitality , like minded individuals of all differing creeds, colours, beliefs and expectations and usually a few beers too ..........

I have nothing but good things to say about my experiences with sixes and my Jenny could not believe just how very well organised and professional the whole thing was. She was expecting a few club cricketers to be having a swish about whilst getting as pissed as possible I think, despite what I had told her. 

She absolutely loved the whole thing mate. She thought the standard of cricket was very good, the sportsmanship of all involved was second to none and the camaraderie from all involved was just special. 

I would like to make a comment about the sporting way that everyone I was involved with as an umpire being the best I have ever experienced in any sports I have been involved in. This is testimony to you guys with the environment you create and of course the demeanour and manners of those taking part. Makes umpiring very much easier I can tell you and also much more pleasurable." 

Max Walker: Tournament Volunteer

"Great event, well organised as usual"
Daniel Brightwell: St Georges River CC 

"On behalf of all the boys we had a lot of fun and enjoyed the entire tournament its was really well organised so we thank yourself and all the boys involved in the running of the event." 

Michael Way: PCDC Natives 

"On behalf of the PCDC boys, thank you for the opportunity to participate in the 2010 Phuket Sixes. Although they did not win a game they certainly enjoyed the experience, and some individual performances showed what they are capable of. Being young, and still fairly new to cricket, they lack the consistency that will come with more coaching, practice, and experience.

Taking part built their enthusiasm, as did the gifts of bats and pads to some individuals. It was generous of several teams to leave gear, necessary to replace some that is wearing out; also as we seek to expand the game around other Phuket schools.

Particularly useful will be a range of coaching aids (all new) which I discovered in one of the bags. Unfortunately I do not know which team donated them, but it was a thoughtful gesture, obviously premeditated and very much appreciated; a gesture of Friendship through Cricket."

 Grif Grif: Normanhurst Warrawee CC 

"On behalf of the Normanhurst Warrawee team, I am pleased to report that all our guys and gals had a fantastic time at their first Phuket Cricket Sixes Tournament. " 
Earl Brown: Pattaya CC 

A personal thank you from me for another fantastic experience! I wish I'd met you all years ago." 

Rosco: Rosco's Bar  

I had a great time with the lads and am looking forward to next years Tour and catching up with all the friends from the Sixes." 

Mark Thamm: Custom Cockatoos 

"The manner in which the ASCT staff conduct these tournaments is to be commended. The format and manner in which the cricket is played is a great leveller and therefore the enjoyment of each game is shared well beyond just the players. Whilst there may be better grounds there can be no equal to the atmosphere and fun had during the Asian Cricket Sixes Tour at Karon Stadium in Phuket."

Alexi Kohlmorgen: Custom Cockatoos
"Cricket, sun, friendships and cheap drinks - always a great week in Phuket." 

Karen Rolton: Custom Cockatoos, South Australia and Australia

"I have played my fair share of international cricket and didn't really know what to expect with the Asian Cricket Sixes Tour in Phuket. I had a fantastic time - an absolute blast, so many great people! A big thank you to ACST for the experience and the memories. See you next year."

Nicole Murphy: Custom Cockatoos

"I had a great time....we were welcomed and included.....just like all women should be in cricket."

Starsey Mayes: Custom Cockatoos

"The cricket was for a week but the friendships made will be forever."

Rachel Thamm: Custom Cockatoos

"Cricket sixes opens up the door of friendship around the world - something not to be missed!"

Jason Kohlmorgen: Custom Cockatoos

"I love Karen Rolton."
Charuka Abhayawickrama, Baulkham Hills CC, Melbourne, Australia  

"Once again needless to say that we had a bloody good time. Hats off to you and the team for making these kind of events memorable and fun. All the Baulkham hills boys had a wonderful time in Phuket. Surely we will be a regular feature next year too. Thank You." 

Grant Smith: President, St Francis de Sales CC, Melbourne, Australia

"On behalf of St Francis De Sales CC, we would like to thank you and your committee for one of the best weeks of cricket we have all enjoyed. The cricket was such a great experience for us and to give us players (Sanjay and Chris ) was more than we could hope for, two of the nicest people to play a game or have a beer with. We are already looking forward to next year, with the interest shown by other club members l can almost guarantee 2 sides." 

Tooky: PCDC Natives (Thai boys cricket team) 

"I met those kids on Sunday and a boy named Mac after he got a new bat from Imran's friend is practising everyday now and he is so proud with his new bat and carry around with him. As same Doung he got a new bat from Peter Davison. They want me to pass the big thank you to you and all ACST. They all enjoyed very much and already looking forward to next year!! Well done ACST fantastic tournament!!!!" 
Rajesh: Singapore Slingers 

"Thanks Cat for everything the tournament was awesome!"  

Gavin Hennig: Proprietor, Australia Bar + Grill, Kata

"I was very happy with the way things went with the event and for my business. It will be something I will be involved with in the future. That’s for sure." 

Barb McHerron: Tournament Masseuse

"Congratulations on the running of Pattaya and Phuket 6’s - fantastic tournaments both! Just loved the Pattaya event – congratulations big time! Also, Kitten, what an amazing job you did with your fund raising – you must be exhausted after all your hard work." 

2009 Post Tournament Reaction

Mark Ashman: Village Cricket Team (Phuket) 

“...thanks for a great tournament. We thoroughly enjoyed the company and competition. Well done as we all know it takes a lot of effort to pull an event off on that scale. We are keen to join some other events later in the year, maybe Bangkok and Philippines next year.”

Barb McHerron: Tournament Masseuse

“Many, many thanks for the great tournament – I especially enjoyed the very low level of injuries to contend with – mostly just grazes and hangovers! First tournament I have attended where I haven’t had to run onto the pitch to deal with an injury – being up the back of the grandstand, this was very much appreciated! Thought the final dinner was great.”

Chris Felton: Tournament Umpire (Shanghai)

“...thanks for the past few days in sunny Phuket. I have arrived back home in Shanghai, weary, sunburned with a mountain of laundry and some most wonderful memories. Thank you and your great team of people for all that you have done and continue to do to ensure that “friendship through cricket” is not just a motto printed on business cards... Long may it continue and I hope I’ll see you all again real soon.”

Sean Brierly: Long Dong Wongs (Hong Kong)

“From all of the HK LDWs, we wish to thank you and the rest of the organising committee for the success last week at the Phuket 6s. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and greatly appreciate the flexibility shown to schedule our games to allow us to get to Krabi. It was certainly a trip and holiday all of us will remember. We all understand the copious amount of work you all individually put in and we are all extremely grateful.
 We would also like to greatly thank the groundsmen for getting the ground into any condition to play in. I would have dreaded to think what it would have been like when first looked at!

We wish you further success with the remaining tournaments this year. We hope to make this a regular occurrence over the coming years.”

Bill Brown: Phuket Cricket Union

“Once again we thank ACST for bringing the Phuket International Cricket Sixes to our island. As ever, your organisation produced a very well-run, extremely enjoyable feast of Cricket, and fully justified your claim to give the participants ‘fun in the sun’, the more enjoyable in that the ‘Spirit of Cricket’ was alive and batting on throughout. I do not have the e-mail addresses of all your people and helpers, so would you please pass on our heartfelt thanks and congratulations to all concerned. Equally, I do not have the e-mail addresses of all the participating teams, so would you also pass on our grateful thanks for their travelling here and giving their time to reward us with such a memorable tournament. We must give special thanks for all your efforts at raising such an impressive amount towards our Youth Development programme. You can rest assured we will put it to the best possible use in promoting youth cricket. Many, many thanks.”

Rachel Thamm: Custom Cockatoos (Australia)

“What a great tournament! It was the first time for the Custom Cockatoos and the team consisting of 4 girls and 3 boys came away with the Spoon trophy – big cheers from the crowd for the orange team!! Now that we know how the game is played, look out because we will be aiming for the plate at least next year. Anyone with an interest in cricket should get to one of the Asian Cricket Sixes tournaments for a great time. Well done to everyone involved!!! See you next year.”
Neil Runcieman: Lamma CC (Hong Kong)

“Thanks to you Cat for an excellent tournament and congratulations for all the work that went into the organisation. I enjoyed the Phuket Sixes a lot, and hope to return with Lamma next year. With luck and a following wind maybe we’ll be able to do Chiang Mai, too.”

John Smith: Toorak-Prahan CC (Australia)

“Congratulations on running a great event. As it was my first time there with TPCC, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But you exceeded my expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the event. I’m already looking forward to next year.”

Sreekanth Bhavadasan: Bahrain Apsara Camels (Bahrain)

“On behalf of Bahrain Apsara Camels team members, I would like to thank you and other members of ACST for such a fabulous, well-organized event once again! It has always been a great pleasure for us “Boys from Bahrain” to visit Phuket and have a bit of fun in the sun.

Phuket Sixes 2009 will be a memorable and special one for us ‘cause we won our Cup title this time around. As always, very much looking forward for the next year... after all we need to defend our title and of course have fun doing so.

Once again we wholeheartedly appreciate the hard work and effort you guys have put in for this tournament’s success. Well Done!”

2008 Post Tournament Reactions

Tim Bignall: Entertainers Cricket Club (Wellington, New Zealand)

“This is a great tournament for Club Cricketers of all standards and certainly lives up to the fun in the sun motto for the tournament, also fun after the sun too! Ka kite ano”
Mohammed Zaheer, Etihad Airways Cricket Club (United Arab Emirates)

“On behalf of my management, team members and myself I would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to you and generously would like to let you know that my team had a great time out there in Phuket. The Phuket Sixes Tournament was a good platform for a young team like us to be known all around the world.

Off the field your all arrangements were very good and it gave us all the opportunity to make new friends and mingle with people from around Asia, Australia and New Zealand. My guys were very happy to share the field with former cricket greats like Mr Trevor Chappell, Alan Mullally and Kenny Jackson.”

Dr Vipul Jain: Captain, Delhi Medical Association Cricket Club (India) 

“Thanks again for allowing us to enter the tournament and looking after us during that time. It was a fantastic experience and one we are looking to repeat again and again over the next couple of years. After all we have to try and defend our title (and a holiday in Thailand is not necessarily a bad thing!).”

“We are very grateful to you for making us a part of the cricketing extravaganza in Phuket. We enjoyed the cricket, your hospitality, the atmosphere and Patong to the fullest. It was a life-time experience for all of us, we would definitely like to be associated with you and ACST. Hats off to you all again!”

Saurav Chatterjee: Captain, Calcutta Cricket & Football Club (India)

“The CC&FC teams were delighted to be back for the Phuket Sixes after a gap of a year. The event was very professionally managed and the food was outstanding at both the opening and closing parties. It was fantastic mixing with teams from all over the world and breaking boundaries which might exist in our minds”

Rob ‘Chops’ Bernard: Perth Postels

“First of all can I just say how much I enjoyed the Phuket Sixes. The atmosphere was superb as were the event venues, while the Karon Stadium provided a dramatic backdrop to the matches. Every one of you organisers, co-ordinators and assistants deserve an immense amount of credit, both for the way the tournament ran and for the ambience and friendliness each of you created. To cap it all I found myself with a tremendous set of team mates in the Perth Postels. Thanks very much Cat for sorting that out for me.

As I have said already I think Karon Stadium is a superb venue. Its location is first class and the impressive grandstand adds to this. I thought the catering was first class, especially the pies! The Twenty 20 game was a spectacular event. The standard of play (with one exception) was superb. I’ve paid to watch a lot worse cricket. The opening night at the Green Man was a superb event. The closing awards evening was also outstanding in an amazing venue.

My aim is to do the full set of ACST tournaments over the next few years. You really do have a tremendous product in ACST. You can really take it as far as you want to.”

Dixie Joy: Curator & CBB Postels

“...I thought this was the best Sixes I have been involved with. Well done!”

Ian Harling: Captain, Lamma Cricket Club (Hong Kong)

“The tournament was great. The event ran smoothly despite the weather’s best attempts to disrupt it. There are all levels of teams to keep the rivalry keen and plenty of good people in them to have a drink and a very good laugh with. The social events were top class and for the families there is no shortage of things to do in Phuket.”

Iain Cockin: Bounty Buccaneers (Malaysia), Bowl Champions

“Just wanted to say thanks again for another great tournament, once again we we all really enjoyed the whole event. Thanks also for all the hard work and effort that you put in to this — we assure you that we all appreciate it a great deal.”

Martin Peters: Guinness Southerners (Thailand)

“Just would like to say on behalf of the Southerners, thanks for the well-organised and fun event. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely and we will certainly be looking to attend a few more of these events in the coming year. Please pass on our thanks to all of those that have worked so hard to organise the event, and also to those providing food and drinks throughout the tournament. An excellent 4 days, which will probably take another 4 days to recover from. One thing for certain, we will certainly be back in Phuket next year.”

2007 Post Tournament Reactions

Matthew Nicholson: Bounty Buccaneers Cricket Team (Malaysia)

“Thanks for another memorable 6s tournament — it was honestly my favourite one to date. The mix of guys in the Bounty team was perfect and we had an absolute blast from start to finish.”
Bill Brown: Official

“Once again, I enjoyed our Cricket 6s. Once again, it was the friendliest of tournaments. And this year you proved that the Phuket event on its own is quite capable of attracting great teams from far and wide to compete just on the island, without needing left-overs from other Thai sixes. Comments from the teams showed that they feel and hope it will only grow bigger and better, and they will be there to help. Many thanks for letting me join you again.”

Sandeep Soneja: Captain, Pocari CC (Bahrain)

“Many thanks from Pocari CC, Bahrain, we thoroughly enjoyed the tournament and did our best to contribute to the good and the bad-aspects! Look forward to the next edition.”

Kailash Dayal: Umpire (Hong Kong)

“I have great appreciation and compliments to offer to ACST and all organisers for running the Phuket Sixes so efficiently. Not only the running of the tournament was so good, professional and smooth but also all the arrangements, like transport to the venues, food at the grounds, the functions and the most comfortable stay at Phuket. Many thanks to you all, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was a great event to be associated with.”

Sanjay Anugula: Captain, Shanghai Devilrays (China)

“Great tournament. With the organisation you guys are setting a high standard...”

Raju: Captain, Singapore Airlines Cricket Team

“Thanks to you for your great invitation to play in the great friendship tournament. I have played and officiated in so many international games, but I tell you from the bottom of my heart, I and my SIA cricket team, really really enjoyed this great tournament by meeting lot of friends, enjoyment, entertainment, welcome dinner, closing ceremony with dinner, it was really well organised. I and my boys are looking forward the to the next tournament.” 

2006 Post Tournament Reactions

Sultan Rana, ACC Development Manager

“On behalf of the Asian Criaket Council I would like to congratulate you and your team on winning the ICC Global award for the “Spirit of Cricket”.

I commend the efforts put in by you and your team. I wish you and your team all the best for future.”

Ganesan Sundarammoorthy: ACC Development Program Coordinator

“This is what the game is all about. Playing for a cause is always a worthy initiative and it brings a vast number of people together in celebration of the game of cricket. They are worthy winners of the ICC Award. The Phuket Sixes ensures an enormous impetus for cricket in Phuket and hopefully this initiative will soon spread to other nations that are being introduced to the game.”

Poonam Balani: Thai widow commenting on the efforts of all those attending and participating in the Phuket Sixes to raise money for charity

“Well done! May God bless you all.”

 Jenny Morgan: supporter & volunteer

“Congratulations to us all on a fine effort in Phuket last year for Child Watch.”

Chanky: Head Of The Umpires Panel (CAT)

“First of all, CONGRATULATIONS for your great success for winning the ICC Spirit Of Cricket Global Award. On behalf of the Cricket Association of Thailand Umpires Panel, I would like to thank for your kind support throughout the tournament, we really enjoyed umpiring the games & our stay during Phuket Sixes. We will continue our support to all of you for the betterment of Cricket in this region. Wonderful job guys.” 

Vaughan McClear: Vice Chairman, Cricket Association of Thailand (CAT)

“Over the Songkran weekend, I attended the Phuket 6s with the Southerners. This was a great event, well run and definitely was played and supported in the Spirit of Cricket. Great job guys and on behalf of the Cricket Association of Thailand, congratulations in winning the ICC Spirit of Cricket Award... a global award!

I would like to mention that three umpires from the Bangkok League were present and umpiring this tournament: Chanky, Shyam and Rana. All three umpires did an excellent job umpiring the games that were allotted to them. Very professional and especially they umpired within the spirit and the main reasoning for the tournament — Fun in the Sun.

As Vice Chairman of the CAT, I had several comments from people commenting on the umpiring. Umpires looking the part, umpiring professionally, all in time keeping within the tournament goals of having fun and enjoying the cricket whilst being competitive.

I take my hat off to you three for making the tournament that bit more professional looking but also for understanding the tournament goals and the players reasons for traveling from around the world to have “Fun in the Sun”.

See you again next year.”

Imran Idrees: Imran Sports International

“Congratulations on organising such a wonderful and successful tournament. You guys have been working very hard and you deserve the award from ICC. Really appreciate the effort and work you have done. Well done.”

Matthew Nicholson: Bounty Buccaneers

“Many thanks for sending these two photos through. I’m sure you have a multitude of things to do after the conclusion of another successful tournament. The fact that you spend time sending photos out to participants as quickly as this just reinforces my high opinion of you, and all that are involved in the Asian Cricket Sixes Tour. The ICC award for Phuket 2005 is nothing short of what you all fully deserve. Please once again accept and pass on my sincere thanks to you and all your colleagues for another memorable Phuket tour.”

Bill Brown: Tournament Official

“I enjoy a relaxed chat over a beer or six, and that is difficult in the hurly-burly of a cricket tournament. But it was richly compensated for by the attitude of the combatants. I often moan about the total loss of the sporting spirit as I knew it, in these money-grubbing days, but the friendliness and camaraderie of the players in Karon as I acted as sheepdog, reminded me of the days when I was playing rugby all those long years ago!”

Bruce “Brucy Love” Harris: Nollamara Turf Cricket Club, Perth, Western Australia

“What can we say? Nollamara’s first international tour of ANY kind, let alone sixes, was   fan-bloody-tastic. I was impressed by the way you guys ran the show and even under a little pressure, (lights, re-fixturing morning games etc.), you never lost the plot and soldiered on. What a great week and a great tournament. We met players from all over the world and the atmosphere was electric, (if not a little bit blurred). We are now in discussions to do it all again next year and don’t be surprised to see the Nolly Boys front and centre in 2007.”

Darren Burns: Formosa Spartans 

“Look — great tourney. Loads of fun. You guys just get better each time!!”

Graham Witt: Bounty Buccaneers

“On behalf of the Bounty Buccaneers & Kudu Bar Cavalry I would like to extend our warmest thanks to you for inviting us to play in the Phuket 6s again. The organisation was up to the standard we expect and is only comparable to the Hong Kong Festival from my experience. The weather was excellent and the pitch played well throughout, both an improvement on 2005. The outfield is no drama, looks shabby, plays fast, but hey high scores is what it is all about.

We again brought home some silverware coming 2nd, this time in the Spoon. Some say it was actually 26th but we don’t believe them!! The Bounty Buccaneers targeted the spoon drawing on our depth of skill in both batting & fielding. I attribute the success to our great team spirit & total dedication to the task at hand.

The lads all had a great time and the general consensus is that ‘We will be back.’”

Mike Speed: Kelawar CC

“Many thanks for organizing the event, please pass on our thanks to all your team members who did an excellent job. We certainly had a great time, the format was superb ensuring all the teams got plenty of cricket and the camaraderie was second to none.” 

2005 Post Tournament Reactions

Kenny Jackson: South African pro-cricketer

“Congrats on a helluva fine event. I have travelled to many sixes and other cricket events over the past 15 years and it is testimonial to your hard work that not in a million years could I have guessed that the Phuket Sixes was only in it’s 2nd year... It is only a matter of time before you, as tournament directors, will have the unenviable task of having to turn teams away as you will have reached capacity.”

HSBC Bank International Limited

“Thank you very much for the work you put into organising HSBC sponsorship for the Phuket Cricket Sixes. We’re delighted the event went so well and that the event was such a success.”

Brian Jacks: corporate ambassador for Lighthouse International Property in Thailand.
Brian Jacks is an ex-Judo Olympic medallist, British & European Champion and ‘Superstars’ champion. He achieved Olympic Bronze and was British Champion in 1972, and won European Gold in 1970/73. He was also British ‘Superstars’ Champion 1978/79 and European ‘Superstars’ Champion 1979/80

“It was a fantastic four days at the Lighthouse Phuket Cricket Sixes. I was particularly impressed with the organisation. The cricket was of a high standard, while at the same time played in a great spirit. I thoroughly enjoyed it, met lots of new friends and really had a great time, thank you very much.”

Trevor Chappell: ex-Australian Test cricketer

“...the whole tournament was good, the 20/20 under lights went well and was an enjoyable experience for all that played. I enjoyed the tournament very much, all the functions were well done, the final night being extremely good.”

Raj Oja, Gauhati Town Cricket Club (India)

“Let me congratulate you and your entire team for a stupendous and fabulous job done in organising a PERFECT TOURNAMENT in Phuket. CONGRATULATIONS to you for putting up such a great show, a show with no hiccups and glitches. It was for the first time I have participated in any form of Sixes cricket outside India, and I should say that it was the most exhilarating time I had in my life (till now of course).

I should say that, you need to be applauded for what you have conceived — that is to ensure that everyone you had come to participate in the tournament had a time of their life, be it the tournament itself, the hotels, the service at the hotel or the lovely gathering at The Green Man Pub. HATS OF TO YOU and your team for making us feel ‘Out of the World’ and also being such a great host.

I also found that you ensured all the teams and members who had come there to participate were not made to feel aloof, lonely or unwanted. You had time for all of us. To come and have a conversation and to know first hand from us whether we are enjoying, or if our rooms were ok, etc. The same goes to all your team and the organizers.

Having participated in the tournament this year, I have no doubt in my mind that I’M THERE NEXT YEAR AND THE YEAR AFTER AND...

It is worth mentioning that the matches were played at the right spirits, which is to ‘PLAY THE GAME FOR FUN.’ (Well almost all of them, except us, ha...). Yes, the tournament became much more competitive towards the finals, and why not. Once the teams, who had fun initially during the group matches, also wanted to WIN the CUP. So I guess a bit of competitiveness was well expected.

The hotels were absolutely great. We stayed at the Karon Sea Sand Resort. The rooms were big, great bathroom, the swimming pool, and of course the staff were more then helpful...” 

Peter Davison: Manager International Services, Phuket International Hospital

“On behalf of the Phuket International Hospital I would like to thank you all for organising an outstanding event. We look forward to the 2006 event and you can be assured of our continuing support.”

Graham Witt: Kudu Bar Cavalry (Malaysia)

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the experience we had in Phuket last week. We all had a ball. Coming back having made a final was something we didn’t expect. Coming back with medals for coming 2nd was a surprise too!! Keep us informed of any upcoming games that may interest us.”

Geoff Nothard: Kudu Bar Cavalry (Malaysia)

“If someone would care to tell me where I was from Thurs to Sun, I would love to get some feedback!!!!”

Iain Cockin: Kudu Bar Cavalry (Malaysia)

“Beer too cheap — that’s why we lost...”

Matthew Nicholson: Kudu Bar Cavalry (Malaysia)

“Many thanks again to you and the rest of the crew. The Kudu Bar team and supporters all enjoyed ourselves immensely... and can’t wait for the next tournament!!”

Dave Nightingale: Kudu Bar Cavalry (Malaysia)

“...a very big ‘thank you’ for a thoroughly enjoyable week in Phuket. It was definitely the most fun I have had in years!! Nok (my wife) and little Nikita also say thanks as they had a ball too!!”

Mark ‘Scarfy’ Whetton: Secretary, Phuket Cricket Union

“...everyone had a great time at the event so well done... Everyone in our team will certainly be back next year for more!”

Mark Molinari: Blythswood CC and Singh Sabha Barking FC (UK)

“Once again we had ‘fun in the sun’ (even if a few of the guys had better fun at night). On behalf of Raj and the rest of the guys thank you for a great week of fun. We are already counting down for next year (if we are invited back)”

Raj Boparai: Blythswood CC and Singh Sabha Barking FC (UK)

“On behalf of Blythswood CC and Singh Sabha Barking FC, I would like to thank you all for inviting us back to participate in the 2005 Phuket International Sixes Tournament. We thought it would be hard to beat the experiences and fun had by all of us in 2004, but thanks to your wonderful efforts, this was achieved with great success and we eagerly look forward to next year’s event.”

Haroon Qazi (Captain): Corner Tigers (Pakistan)

“Indeed it’s been a very nice experience me and my team had in Phuket. We got to meet a lot of good people, and got to play good cricket and that’s what we were thinking of. The hotel was great and everyone there was very sweet. We had never thought of winning, so winning at the end was icing on the cake. Hope to c ya in other Sixes if possible but surely in Phuket again.”

Ian “Reds” Liddell: Cricket Fanatic

“This year’s tournament was a huge success and shows how determination and hard work can shine through in the end. A huge thank you to all the organisers, players and sponsors. This Tournament can only move forward from here, as the venue and atmosphere is alive and vibrant.”

Ian “Chucker” Harling: Lamma Cricket Club Tour Captain

“The Lamma team thought it was an excellent tour and all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thanks to this, I know that as soon as we mention another tour, they will be the first to put their hands up. I thought the organisation was excellent and the apparent smoothness of the tournament (from my point of view!) was down to your work. Of course I know about a lot of the very hard effort that goes into making a tournament like this a success with Brad, Mark, Kim and Kevin in our Club. But especially to you ACST guys, very well done.”

Kevin Bishop: webmaster & tournament official (Hong Kong)

“I just want to say a very big thanks for getting me to Phuket and putting me in such a lovely room for the event. Really enjoyed the whole thing, as I know everyone did. Unbelievable organisation, as usual. Absolutely thrilled just to be a small part of it. And Kim, thanks for nursing me through the scoring — you were a kingpin as ever. Just relax, you guys, and chill out for a couple of days — you’ve certainly earned it.”

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